IWT SummerSlam - CrayJ Lee vs Shadoxicity

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Who's your winner?

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  1. CrayJ Lee

  2. Shadoxicity

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall... and is for,
    the IWT Undisputed Championship!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here​
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.​
    -Promos will last until 7pm Eastern USA on 18th August and there is​
    no limit on how many promos you can write in that time.​
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours and close at 7pm Eastern USA on 19th August​


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    Dat Kid comes out with a big smile on his face as he walks to the stage, spinning his cane in his hand. He slams it down on the stage and looks around out the crowd.
    You sad sad sad bunch of idiots. I feel sorry for you all, because tonight is the end of today and the beginning of tomorrow...and savages, no pun intended Danielson, like yourselves will not get to see it. The rotten scum of the city of Los Angeles will now drown in the cesspool that it has created, that YOU people created! It's the same cesspool that the so called "talent" in the IWT locker room will drown in!​
    Victoria Parker I made you an offer earlier today and you decided, like the egomaniacal bitch you are, to put your face on the biggest screen in a 1000 mile radius and decline my offer. Do you understand who you are dealing with?​
    Dat Kid's smile goes away in an instant
    NO ONE DECLINES AN OFFER FROM ME! I am the IWT! I was here when the sun rises and I will be here when the last hand is raised in that ring! This company runs through me and I'll be damned if I let someone like you be a benchmark in this companies history!​
    Look at what you represent! You're a scheming little whore that has done nothing but stab people in the back to get where you are. You want to claim you're at the top of the IWT? You haven't got that right. I earned it by getting my ass whooped for 3 months and learning how to throw some blows until I was finally able to become the #1 ass kicker in the IWT. You on the other hand have not! You got to where you are by riding on the backs of others, myself included.​
    In fact the only reason you're champion is because you suckered me in to a triple threat match with rules that were advantageous to you​
    ...You wanna know the reason you're STILL the champion? It's because I'm not on the roster to take it from you and I know you know it. ...Ever since you got that title, two shits could be given about it and I will not have the IWT Undisputed Championship become an irrelevant strap of gold!​
    This is my company! Fuck whatever Jonathan thinks, I run this show from the ground up and if I say you're not going to be champion, that's what's going to happen!​
    ...Victoria Parker, do you want to know what the end of your career sounds like?​
    Making his way to the ring representing The People of Tomorrow, The soon to be first ever IWT Undisputed Champion of the Woooorrrrld......​
    Dat Kid pauses for a moment to look at the crowd while he slowly raises his cane to the entrance way
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  3. *The arena turns into a shade of gold,a spot light forms among the stage,and, Suicide's theme hits*​
    *Suicide comes out to the stage,basks in the spotlight,holds his title up high and slowly makes his way to the ring*​
    *Suicide lets off a signature smirk before speaking*
    Suicide: "Thanks for that painfully truthful introduction Kid. You know,for far too long there's been two main champions,two main belts,and, yet only one spot light. Today that ends,after tonight I will have to share the spot light with no-one. Let's face it,no-one else but myself deserves the spot light more. Especially not my opponent...she claims to be a true champion that the IWT deserves. What kind of true champion celebrates a disqualification win against this company's biggest ignorant piece of trash? What kind of true champion dips their "ink" into the company pen? You see,Victoria is the furthest thing from a true champion. A true champion is dedicated to their craft,a true champion wouldn't sleep their way to the top,a true champion is a man like myself. As a true champion I will carry this company on my back for the foreseeable future. So many people here promise that they will bring change to the IWT but few people actually do anything about Well,being the man to carry this company I will be the first person to harbor change around here. These changes are not for any of you pathetic parasites in the crowd or the cowards in the back. Heed the words I say and take notice of myself. After tonight I will be the IWT's first Undisputed Champion and as the Undisputed Champion things will finally get better around here. So,come on Victoria,let's see what you got.​
    *Suicide awaits Victoria's response*​
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  4. As always, I’m placed in matches against imbeciles and people who are downright unworthy of breathing the same air as me. However, it is my duty to display my superior talents and prove once again that I am the very best in this company.

    You see Suicide, unlike you, I don’t need somebody to come out here and represent me. I need no introduction. I have made a name for myself without sleeping around with superstars or having to be carried by anyone. Dat Kid of all people should know that I don’t need to be carried by anyone. If there’s something I want, I’ll fight and do whatever needs to be done to get it. When I was in tag teams, I made everyone look better, even your precious manager. No one knew what to expect from the ambitious, unpredictable Victoria Parker. It doesn’t matter to me if someone ends up being collateral damage, because at the end of the day, my success is much more important. And when I’m successful, the entire company wins. Why have the same old, cookie cutter wrestlers when you can have a superstar like me, like no one has ever seen before? I don’t need alliances to be successful. None of my tag team victories got me this IWT title – I did that all on my own. It’s really not my fault that I had to be the one to come and show the fans what a real wrestler and competitor looks like.

    I know it scares all the men in the back to see a woman holding a title that’s been traditionally held by men. Thanks to Rodrigo getting his nose in my business, I got a triple threat match with the two men I had the most history with. If I can beat and destroy two men that had the most evidence and most to gain from a victory against me, what can you possibly do to me? Just like the rest of the IWT, you’re just grasping at straws. You have nothing concrete and nothing unique to offer to this company. All you are is one of Dat Kid’s projects who he’s hoping will be successful. If you’re successful, then it reflects well on him and then he can live vicariously through you and your success. I didn’t need someone to hold my hand and describe the ins and outs of this business. I figured it out all on my own. I’ve fought and used my superior intellect to get to the very top of this company. I don’t give a damn if you like my methods or not because the opinion of others doesn’t concern me. I don’t have the interest nor the time to concern myself with people who don’t matter. What does matter is this title.

    *Victoria holds up the IWT title

    My ambition and conviction will always remain the same. I came to this company to be the very best wrestler and competitor this company has ever seen. I’ve defeated past and present champions and will continue to do so for the duration of my career. A feeble man like yourself and your low-life manager could never break someone like me. Once this match is over, I will still retain my title and show everyone again what true superiority looks like…and that there’s still no one who can touch me.
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  5. *Suicide lets loose a small chuckle*​
    First of all,to ignore what I say and go on a long drawn out boring rant about yourself is quite hilarious. You are too idiotic and self absorbed to pay attention to the slightest things aren't you? Second of all,while your words sound strong they hold no value because what you say is false. You didn't get where you are by yourself. Everyone knows while you were in the tag team division you were carried. You're partners Kid,Rodrigo,and, Wood Warrior were your superiors and you as well as these nonsensical "fans" know it. You clung onto them with your precious little life until they had enough of you,when they dropped you what did you do? You moved right to the General Manager Jonathan. You used him to get you booked in high profile matches and eventually he even got you the title you hold today. So congrats,congrats on using the right people to become a champion.

    *Suicide pauses,smiles,and, slowly claps before continuing*​

    We're both the top champions of this company but we're different in every way. While you started out in this company being carried I started out defeating champions. While you clung onto people and slept your way to the top I wrestled my way to the top. You manipulated Jonathan into getting you that title and I merely let Kid along the ride while I got my title. Our ascension to were we are now makes us different. It makes me the superior champion. It makes me the top asset in this company. Most importantly,it makes me person who takes home the bigger check at the end of the week. You can say I'm just grasping at straws but as far as I'm concerned I already have all of them and you're the one trying to take them from myself.

    *Suicide holds up his IWT title*​
    I am this company's legitimate world champion. I came here after conquering every other promotion out there and I entered the IWT to take my place at the top. You're career,it ends tonight. I am anything but a feeble man and I will prove that by beating you tonight. Once this match is over and the dust has cleared I will be the one with both titles raised and there's nothing you can do about it. ​
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  6. How cute, you want to air out my dirty laundry. Go right ahead, I’m not ashamed of my tag team past. There’s certainly some of it I could have done without. For one, my most recent partners of Woodwarrior and Rodrigo thought it would be cute to go their separate ways and try to recover what’s left of their individual wrestling careers. Rodrigo most recently found out that he wasn’t cut out for the IWT title and is back in the tag team division with Sackfist. Woodwarrior on the other hand, is still trying to get back to his former glory by being with Anonymous. Just like your pitiful manager, Woodwarrior is going to find out what happens to a man who crosses me. There’s a greater likelihood you won’t end up with your face broken and your spirit even more demolished when you’re on my side than when you’re against me. I’m not the kind of woman you’re accustomed to and that’s how I like it. I’m not the woman waiting hand and foot on their man, standing in the kitchen waiting to find out what to do next. I’m a woman getting things done without being asked, getting her hands dirty, and getting the work done that no one else is cut out to do.

    Either way, the tag team division helped me get noticed. If it wasn’t for me, Rodrigo and I wouldn’t have been #1 contenders at last year’s Wrestlemania. With my tag team partners, I put in the work and that title was around my waist all thanks to me. They all think once they get away from me all of their problems are solved. Dat Kid and Rodrigo all thought they could have the top titles in the company and finally have everything they wanted. Well, the jokes on them isn’t it? Woodwarrior is going to be the next one to feel like a pathetic moron. Without me, all of these ‘men’ are nothing. I made them into something to pay attention to…now they’re just a waste of space. I was a champion the moment I stepped foot in this place and nothing’s going to change that.
  7. Voting open!
  8. Good set,may the best person win CrayJ Lee.

  9. Thanks you too
  10. Great match there. Good promos. Went with suicide cause I thought he was fresh. I think VIctoria mentions too much this "Im a woman". But great match anyways
  11. OOC: Sucks I can't vote, but that was really good I believe Victoria had that one won though but a little, Suicide gave a good effort.
  12. You can. You've had at least 1 competitive match in IWT. Vote ahead :)
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  13. And it isnt a big deal, I mean, the IWT has PPVs once a month. And this forum is pretty addictive. You can have 100 posts in 2 weeks. Easily. That rule isnt a big deal
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  14. Nice,thanks... lol If I'm actaully the tie breaking vote,I'm gonna shit bricks cuz i've only been around for 2 weeks
  15. You've read the match though, so it's cool. It's based on this one match, not anything before it
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  16. Holy shit 6-6? This is a lot closer than i imagined.
  17. Ugh, I have literally no idea who to vote.
  18. 30 minutes left..still tied:rollins: