IWT SummerSlam - Crayo vs Aids

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Who's your winner?

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  1. Crayo

  2. Aids Johnson

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here​
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.​
    -Promos will last until 7pm Eastern USA on 17th August and there is​
    no limit on how many promos you can write in that time.​
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours and close at 7pm Eastern USA on 18th August​


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    *The arena darkens. The crowd begin to murmur amongst themselves in anticipation. Dark smoke appears from the stage arena, with a White bright light in-between in the shape of a man. Music suddenly plays.*

    *The white light begins to disappear. The smoke travels through the stage area down the ramp, approaching the ring. The white light reappears inside the ring; the crowd begin to roar. The music stops.*


    No longer need I introduce myself to you all. You know me as Incognito, and the more intelligent individuals in the audience acquire the knowledge to know what I am going to do tonight. In normal circumstances, this is the part where the opponent who appears first bores you in an attempt to enlighten you about his near-future plans regarding his opponent. I am not going to speak about the waste of space I am sharing my presence with tonight - not yet anyway - instead, I will talk to you all directly.

    I may not watch TV, participate in media, or read magazines, but I see everything, and I know everything. The general consensus I have felt amongst you watchers at home is confusion. *Incognito pauses for a second. He then lowers the tone in his voice* Why? Why would he face Aids Johnson in his first match? My answer - put as simply as possible - is that I have to. No, not by rules I am bound by, not by physical threats, but because no one has found the answer to removing the presence of Aids Johnson; a figure nobody wants around, a figure so many people are tired of; some call him the biggest bitch in the industry. Unfortunately, not everyone possesses the sheer power and thought-process like I do, and I had to step out from the shadows to commit to my primitive chore of this era. Yes, I am merely treating this as a chore, the same group of chores adolescents do to earn money from their parents to spend on alcohol on a Friday night. Now onto my opponent.

    This organisation possesses talents that have been here from the very beginning, and have acquired themselves as legends. Talents like Senhor Perfect. Aids Johnson likes to pretend he is in that class, and it speaks volumes how languid and decrepit this organisation is that someone like Aids Johnson has been allowed to stick around unharmed while being the most persistent aggravation-source on the planet.

    I will predict exactly what is going to happen when Aids Johnson graces us with his predictable, yet still annoyingly whiney presence. His music will play, the crowd will boo, few hipsters will cheer in an attempt to gain a level in society. Aids Johnson will grab a microphone, explain to us how good he is and how bad I am, or telling us that he's better than us; he will cut corny jokes that nobody laughs at, or jokes that are so poor that people laugh to put a stop to the embarrassment. He will project his monologue in the most repetitive fashion; explaining his erratic past or telling us how he is better than us. He'll cease to acknowledge his many defeats, but choose to remember his fluke victories, and then tell us how he is better than us. Let's see how accurate I am.

    To summarise from this opener, I am here to end the plague.


    *The dark smoke dissipates, the lights return to their normal state, the crowd see a light version of Incognito for the very first time. You see him wearing a dark robe with a ripped baggy hood. The hood hangs over most of his forehead. You barely see the end-strands of his dark hair over his eyes. His arms and legs are all covered by his robe.*
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  3. Damn I thought this was going to be personal.

    4/10 opener Crayslow
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  4. OOC: IIRC we have three promos to write? Or more. Why would I waste my ammo going first? Noob.
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  5. Aids Johnson isn't going to ease in like some sort of chump

    yo DJ spin that track
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  6. *liked for Maiden
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  7. Try to limit the side chatter, it takes away from the promos imo.

  8. [​IMG]
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  9. An eruption of pyro goes off, as Mystical George walks out to the stage area to a crowd pop, followed not far behind by the remaning members of the cure. Aids Johnson walks out slowly seconds later, briefcase in hand. Aids stops to throw up a middle finger salute to the IWT universe, empowering them to let out a belting *boo* that it cuts off the announcers momentarily. Aids slowly walks down after, talking as much shit to the fans as he possibly can before finally walking past the rest of the cure, and into the ring. He stops in front of Incognito, laughing as he begins.

    You know, when this whole IWT thing doesnt work out, youd be one hell of an announcer for me. So many kind words, it almost makes me ashamed to only be able to smile, and nod my head in agreement. We all know who i am, but who are you? Incognito, the 8th member of the IWT to come out to smoke and shadows. Incognito, another member here to "stop Aids Johnson," and i see it all as a lucid dream. Honestly, I'm not sure what is real, why i need to fear you, or who you really are. Tonight should be the perfect night to let the world know who you are, and yet we both are spending our times talking about Me. The real question is, what does the IWT universe think?

    *Fans chant Incognito*

    That's right, I think the world would want to know more about you, incognito. However, you spent your whole promo just to talk about me, and let's be serious, why wouldnt you? It's true, i am the greatest IWT champion in company history, it's true i beat senhor and it's also true i will repeat the same things over, and over, and over again, because as i add notches on my future championship belt, where would i be without my amazing past? I am proud of what i have accomplished here, i think the problem is it sometimes feels like i have too many.

    You speak about how i am a disease in this company, how i've earned my name, and how so many people cannot stand me being around. You're probably expecting me to talk about how i've been cured, and the story will change only momentarily, until my ego gets the best of me. We can talk about me, all you want, but i've yet to understand why i am supposed to fear YOU. You lurk in the shadows, bringing out shadowy figures to beat me, stopping what could have been my moment of glory. The moment i deserve, and the moment anyone wearing gold fears the most. Face it, i'm relevant whether you, or any of your so-called IWT heroes like it or not. I'm not going anywhere, and this match only proves once again how much i matter. You're welcome.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Promos extended until 12pm mid-day UK time, 7am EST due to Aids being incompetent at following a time guideline.
  12. Aids Johnson ?@ is this true?!
  13. I think what he means is, he posted the shit at 3:30 am my time, and i have a job.
  14. wow Jonathan you fucking suck
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  15. [​IMG]Damn you UKfags and your stupid time zones.