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Who Won?

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  1. Mark Knight

  2. Paul Ravana

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  3. Corey Marcus

  4. Kelsey Taylor

  5. Lilith Young

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  6. Arno Frye

  7. Louie Aldo

  8. Ryan Davis

  9. Gav the Chav

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  10. Participants only (others will be suspended)

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is a battle royal where the winner will compete for the IWT Television Championship!

    @Blind vs. @PJ Ibarazaki vs. @C.M. Shaddix vs. @Black Wizard vs. @impactking vs. @Botchie Botcherson vs. @Gambino vs. @Ryan Davis vs. @Gav in da BPL!

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -The first promo must be posted within 24 hours.
    -There is a 1 promo limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension

    Please don't post during the match. If you need to post an OOC post,
    it needs to be important, short and be in a Spoiler.​
  2. The lights in the arena are suddenly cut, causing the building to fall into complete and total darkness. A low murmuring begins as the crowd is unsure what to expect.

    A warning klaxon and an air raid siren begin playing through the arena. Green and purple lights begin flashing to match a drum beat until...."LOOK OUT". The lights continue flashing throughout the arena as Kelsey Taylor slowly makes her way through the curtain to a mixed reaction, some of the crowd knowing who she is and others seeing her for the first time. Clad in purple and green latex, a long tattered vest with spikes on the shoulders, and a black spiked gas mask, she walks to both sides of the stage, glaring down at the fans. Microphone in hand, she wastes no time stomping her way down the ramp and sliding under the bottom ropes. Walking to the turnbuckle on the right side opposite of where she entered the ring, she climbs up and stands on the second rope, pulling her gas mask off and shaking her hair. After a moment of standing and watching the crowd, she jumps down and walks to the center of the ring until her music stops and the lights come back up.

    Say hello to the Goddess of Ultraviolence, bitches!

    She holds both arms out to the side, soaking in a mixed reaction of boos and low chatter amongst the fans before continuing to speak.

    I've read your dirtsheets, I've seen your forums, the question on everyone's mind is "Where'd she go? When is she going to debut in IWT?" Well the answer to that is now. My crusade, my warpath, my Reich is now going to take over IWT with force. Anybody who knows who I am knows I carve a warpath wherever I go, leaving a pile of broken, bloody bodies behind me. And IWT will be no different. The revolution takes no prisoners, and will drown anyone who gets in the way in a sea of blood. I was furious at first when I learned the first thing I'd be doing after signing was competing in some stupid battle royal for a shot at some undercard title nobody cares about, someone of my caliber should be debuting against someone worth a damn. But I'm going to look at this as an opportunity to display exactly what I'm capable of and just how much blood I'm able to spill to you drooling idiots, and I'm going to use this battle royal to send a message to everyone in the IWT locker room, that they either need to stand in my way or they're going to get an up close and personal lesson of just how unfriendly I can be.

    Laughing to herself, Kelsey begins pacing back and forth in the ring for a moment, looking over at the stage and then surveying the crowd once again.

    Not surprised to see a couple of familiar faces in this match though, I figured some of the weak, sniveling talent...if you could call them that, of NGW would run away here to try and support their pathetic lives once I put them out of a job. I remember Paul Ravana, dude thought he was some kind of badass because he knew some Muay Thai or some bullshit like that. The only thing I ever saw him do was get folded up in a gauntlet match and tossed to the side. I know the Youngs as well, I remember Chris Young talking about all of his time in Japan and all of his hardcore experience, but he never amounted to anything and now he's on the sidelines. But I'm talking more about Lilith here, always did want to beat her pretty little face in while she was standing outside the ring cheering her husband on through his failures, and now I'm going to get to do that. You have a high opinion of yourself with all the supposed training you two have done, but your training isn't going to matter once I throw you out the ring like another piece of common trash.

    Looking at the rest of these wastes of skin in this match, we have what, this dude Arno Frye who came in talking about how he was all about the arts until he got some sense knocked into him? I've painted a lot of canvas red in my time, maybe I'll stomp your head into this mat and show you my style of art. And I'm surely not impressed by some fuckin' guido like Louie Aldo, who is probably more concerned about scuffing his shoes than winning a match. Mark Knight thinks he's going to spook everyone out, talking about his "Organization" and his contracts. Hell, who knows? After they see me beat your ass, your Organization might come looking to grab me up. Corey Marcus? Dude doesn't even look like a wrestler, looks like some douchebag you'd find at a show for some shitty hardcore band. Gonna knock this kid's lights out in a second. Guys like Ryan Davis and Gav? Complete garbage who don't even deserve to be in the same ring as the Goddess of Ultraviolence. But in the end, it doesn't really matter who is in this match. IWT is my playground now, and I have a tendency to break my toys. So at Summerslam, get ready to learn the meaning of violence

    Kelsey forcefully throws her microphone down and leans back against the ropes for a moment, laughing as the feed cuts out.

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  3. The arena swells into a dark shade of purple as the sounds of rain echo throughout. At 0:34 Arno Frye walks out into the SummerSlam arena. He stops at the top of the ramp and blows a kiss toward the crowd.While moving to the rhythm of his theme he continues straight to the ring and enters keeping his eyes on Kelsey. He wrestles a microphone out of his jacket pocket and holds it as if its a glass of wine. He motions for his music to stop.

    Blah...blah...blah blah, all that chit-chat gonna get ya hurt lady. No one cares where you came from or what you did in that're here now and unfortunately for you on your first night you've been thrown into wolfs den. Shame too because you * stares in her eyes;licks lips* you're are real work of art. Something akin to the Mona Lisa--but none of that matters tonight...

    Frye fixes his jacket with his attention fully on Kelsey as the crowd gives him a mixed reaction.

    You and the six other obsolete nimrods are in my way,Artist Block as I call it, I have a legacy to create a PICTURE TO PAINT and here is where it starts. One-by-one you 7 will fall. The first will be Louie Aldo, for he is a botched work that must be trashed, the second*points at Kelsey* is you Kelsey for I have my own revolution to start, the third is whichever Young makes the poor decision to step in the ring, the fourth is Corey for is simply a pawn, and the others...well no one cares about the others. After all the gathering of 8 hateful warriors can only have one victor--the most hateful, rotten, despicable of em' all...

    Frye laughs and wipes his face with his left hand.

    ...Me. And I will not let this battle royal be another ruined artwork, I will make something beautiful.

    He walks closer to Kelsey but she isn't phased. He fixes his hair and a dawns a sleazy smile on his face.

    And when this is all said and done with...maybe, just maybe,I'll hang you in the gallery!?Along with the other six of course, how's about it?--

    Frye is interrupted by the music of another Battle royal competitor.
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  4. As the music starts the lights dim out walks Lilith Young as she stands on stage with her arms out at the spotlight centers on her.
    She starts to slowly walk down the walkway keep her eyes on the ring as she rocks her head to her own theme as she climbs onto the top rope before jumping into the ring staring down Arno and Kelsey. She asks for a microphone and after she is handed one she rests in one of the corners as she speaks.

    That's all nice Arno you talk and talk and just like every "Artist" out of some hole in San Francisco you're nothing but some hipster who is begging to get beat down a notch. You don't have a chance in hell at winning this battle royal and if any "hanging" is going to be happening it's going to be you after this chick kicks your ass and eliminate you from this match.
    Do you want to talk about art Arno? Well, I see a painting of the future where my arm is raised over the broken bodies of everyone else in this match first will be you Arno and then one will fall one by one like the nothings you are.
    I"m the Vixen of Destruction and your destruction is coming very soon.

    Lilith Then turns her head slightly and points at Kelsey as Lilith's face changes to a devilish grin as she get's out of the corner and walks around the ring shaking her head.

    Kelsey aka The Second Fiddle.
    Sure you held the title,sure I held some respect for you unlike everyone else in this match but that all goes out the window now.
    I have put in my all since leaving and unlike when I was at ringside this bitch comes out in full force!
    Now I will not lie Kelsey back in NGW I looked at you as the end all be all of the women's wrestling world *laughs* now I see you as a stepping stone to my rightful place inside this ring, the place I belong.
    And as I walked out here I saw something I thought I'll never see...*Lillith Stands face to face with Kelsey.* doubt, I see doubt in your eyes.
    Like a little girl who hides from the monsters under her bed.You know why I'm not scared of you? Because I Am the keeper of a "demon" that man you called a failure he gave the power to stand up to you and as long as I remove you from this battle I will have proved everyone wrong.
    You were like everyone else lost and full of doubt and then you were "saved" and became a Goddess of Ultraviolence like how I become a Vixen of Destruction but unlike me, where is you "savior " now Kelsey huh where is "He?" Oh right, he is gone never to be seen again like the dust of a past storm or the blood of a past war it's me and you those other are just a bonus when I end the run of the goddess of violence and take my place as the goddess of darkness once again.

    Lilith Backs away from Kelsey as the sense of displeasure grows inside the ring and Lilith with a grin on her face returns to the corner she was in before spinning the microphone in her hand and winking at the camera.

    Paul Ravana A man I have only seen once and he failed at Prisoners of Winter maybe he has improved but that is highly unlikely and I know he will not win so he is not of concern to me.
    So you trained in muay thai big deal I don't care. You used yo call yourself a monster and you and your bro Louie Aldo who is like a dude my sister in law used to date and I beat his ass back to the shore like that punk and now these bros think they can walk in and take over?
    No way all you have to do is mess up their hair and they run back to get a 500$ haircut that looks more like San Fernando than Jersey.

    *Laughs* But joking aside these guys are going to team up and try to be the last two..newsflash boys that never works.
    And it's just a matter of time before that neon green turns blood red maybe all that gel will stop the bleeding.

    Lilith Jumps onto the top rope and lays out on top.

    Now does anyone care about anyone else?
    Now If I was a betting woman I would put my money on Lilith Young and trust me you'll be walking out of Vegas a winner baby! So when you fall to the ground and finally get back to reality and see me standing over you, you will finally find out how it feels to be defeated by me. I'm here to stay and I'm here to be the most dominant woman in IWT and no one is going to stop me.
    Where did you think you all could go cause everyone already knows I'm winning this!
    No one believed in me besides Chris and I get to show the world who I am and none of you losers are stopping me as
    Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people and my darkness is now seeing blood red.

    Before Lilith could go on she is interrupted by the music of another Battle royal competitor.
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    As if on cue, Louie Aldo bursts through the backstage curtain to a very...lukewarm response. Despite the fans' apparent lack of support for Louie (and even more for his theme), Louie is not phased at all and struts down to the ring with all of the swagger he possesses. Louie's nonchalant behavior is very contrasting to all of his competitors and their serious demeanors. The three of his eight opponents who are standing in the ring look on at the insolent pest in annoyance. Louie just bops his way down to the ring until he reaches the base of the ramp. This is when he lifts his mic and begins to speak as he enters the ring.

    Louie: Y'know, I was gonna wait a lil' bit before I came out here and to talk to all of yous at once. But damn, I couldn't wait any longer to come out here to introduce myself to you two ladies.

    Louie hops into the ring and shuffles his way past Arno, not even acknowledging his presence as an opponent.

    Louie: 'Scuse me, Arnie.

    The crowd reacts positively to Louie's inadvertent disregarding of Arno. He slides up next to Lilith and attempts to put his arm around her, but she isn't impressed.

    Louie: Yo, Lilly. I know you got ya boy Chris and whatever, but why not come on to the back with me and I can show you how Young I can make you feel?

    Still unimpressed, Lilith shoves Louie's arm away, to much of the crowd's disdain. This doesn't hurt Louie as much, though, as in one motion, he makes a smooth transition over to Kelsey Taylor, who just stands there stone-faced.

    Louie: So, Mrs. Superviloence, how about you and me get outta here and I can show you how violent my game is, bada boom?

    Kelsey, like Lilith, is far from impressed by Louie's game. To much of Louie's chagrin, his ego has been shot by two women in the span of seconds. Ego destroyed, Louie leans in the corner of the ring and begins mumbling to himself angrily. After a moment, he pops back up, and his normal attitude is back.

    Louie: Eh, it don't matter. I'm sure the twos of ya will come around at some point. But, tonight, it ain't about how many dimes Louie can pick up. No, it's about the Television Championship. Even though I've only had one match, I've proved that I'm able to beat some ass. In fact, I think it was your ass that I beat Arnie.

    Louie turns to Arno Frye.

    Louie: Don't you come out here and start flappin' your lips about how you're the best artist in the world when you ain't done nothing yet to prove you're anything but a loser. Your Magnum whatever still doesn't exist, and you're still a loser. And onto you two ladies. Lilly, where is your man Chris? He was the baddest man in Japan, but where is the proof? Alls he's done is lose since he got here, and I bet that you will just make him ashamed to be married to you. And Kelsey, you stormed out here and have the balls to say that I ain't impressive? Look at me baby, what ain't there to be impressed by?

    Louie flexes his right arm, very content with how he looks. Some women in the crowd cheer, but Kelsey is still unimpressed by him.

    Louie: Eh, you'll smarten up one day. Stop worryin' about all that blood and maybe I'll show you some other type of fluid, you know what I'm sayin'?

    Louie: Let's not forget about the other guys who'll be tryin' hard to beat ya boy. Imma be facing Corey Marcus, a dude who probably spends more time whinin' to himself than practicing to actually fight. There's Mark Knight, who's gonna be going night night after he tries to step to me. Ryan Davis ain't gonna be seen after I finish with him. Some dude named Gav, like, what the hell kinda name is "Gav" anyway? Sounds like your momma hit the bottle a bit before you popped out, you know what I'm sayin'? The only dude in this match who even stands a chance against Louie Aldo is my bro Pauly Ravana. This dude is nothing but a badass, and me and him are gonna get rid of every single one of you fools, and then he an I are gonna Bro Down and figure out which one of us is the winner. So all of y'all can-

    Louie is finally cut off by the grating music of the next competitor of the battle royal.
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  6. (Corey made tweaks to his entrance)

    *Lights go out, silence for about 5 seconds*

    *Fans begin cheering for Corey, When the music starts a dim blue spotlight goes on the stage to reveal Corey Marcus sitting in a chair looking down, the mini trons display the colorful words Corey usual has in his promos in the happy place, at 0:27 into the song Corey, gets up kicks the chair and a pyro goes up as the arena lights up, Corey walks around the stage as he seems to have some people's attention from his work in recent weeks, an IWT crew member passes him a microphone, Corey stands on the ramp as the music cuts off, he's wearing usual ring attire as well as a Blink-182 tank top along with a snapback with a bandana under it*

    Well isn't this the Devil's Party in this ring isn't it? Everyone is sitting in the ring rambling on as their body's fade slowly to gray. I would love to tell you guys everything will be fine tonight but that would be wrong. Tonight at this party we are having, the only thing all of you are going to hook up with is the floor mat right by the ring.

    *Corey walks up by the side of the ring, looking at the mat, then he looks up at everyone*

    Okay, I suffocated on my last match at Vice. So? It was the Grand Prix Champ! As far as i'm aware if you are talking about the "new" star power in this match who has got their name flowing through the veins of IWT, the first name that should come to your mind is Corey Marcus. I'm one of the few guys here who has easily got his name in the sunlight while the rest of you are... or will be... lost somewhere in the fog. You need to light your lanterns, but first you must figure out how to light the match.

    *Few more cheers, Marcus enters the ring*

    I can talk a lot about everybody in this battle royal, the first name that comes to my mind is Gav. He's made it, he's been to the top, but he never "changes", the dude has worn the same exact shirt labelled "my character" for years, and from the time this shirt has been in the washing machine and the dryer, it's shrunken to a size where it barely fits him, so word of advice Gav, it's time to buy a new shirt. Then we have people in this match like Kelsey Taylor here, well? I'm still counting and it's been way more than one second, my lights are still on. Now for you and Lilith, I've never been too fond on hitting women. But I will and you wanna know why? Because I am contractually obligated to knock you senseless.

    *Some fans laugh while most cheer to that remark*

    Another name I wanna make remarks about is Ryan Davis. I'd like to congratulate you for getting out of the dark after being in there for so long. And I find it quite some mystery how you didn't go blind from being in there for so long. Good luck though, you'll be surprised how fast my career is going right by yours. As for everyone else like Louie, Mark, Arno.... well I'm just gonna say I had no idea Dylan Gray had kids.

    *some of the crowd goes "OHHHHH*

    It's not easy making a name for yourself guys, lines have to be drawn if you wanna make it far. I never stay in the same spot because I never stop moving. That's the big contrast between all of you and me, you all move but you all keep making stops. One day you will stop and you'll fall, and i'll look away with a big smile on my face as I keep going. And don't think once you get back on your feet your second life will look up, next thing you know you'll be on your way down.

    *Corey gets rid of his mic, gets ready*

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  7. The lights on the arena all start to fade out. Soon the sound of Five Finger Death Punch starts playing and after the first 20 seconds play, Paul Ravana walks to the ring. He’s wearing a casual attire of a black tanktop, towel, and a pair of grey shorts, with the spotlight directed at him. When the chorus to his entrance plays, the lights to the arena go back to normal as Paul heads inside the ring, microphone in hand.

    “Let me go ahead and say that this little party you guys seem to be having is a leaving out its most important guest. I don’t like being left out. But I also don’t like it, when you start this party off by trying to trash talk over me.”
    Paul directs his eyes at Kelsey and Lilith

    “I know who both of you ladies are, and I personally don’t give a shit about why you're here. Usually I would start talking about how I hold no punches against women, but I consider myself an equal opportunity ass kicker and kicking woman's ass is just as important as kicking men’s ass.”
    Paul now has his eyes on Corey Marcus and Arno Frye

    “Oh hey, hey, I know you. I’ve heard about you, your the guy who got his ass kicked, a couple of weeks ago, am I right?”
    Paul directs his gaze now on Corey Marcus.

    “And you, who the hell are you?”
    Paul has eyes on Arno Frye after that remark. But before Arno could respond, Paul quickly changes the subject.

    “I hear a lot of talking backstage about how I was a mistake to sign or how I don’t deserve to be anywhere in IWT, well frankly I don’t give a single FUCK about what anybody backstage, anybody that writes reports and articles about IWT, or what you people in the ring have to think about me. You think by trash talking, by trying to write off my inexperience as a wrestler as an excuse that allow yourselves to think you actually have a SHOT against me? Well frankly I thought Louie Aldo was the biggest idiot in this entire ring, but it seems like I’m wrong because every single one of you are some of the most, idiotic, recklessly dumb individuals I have had the misfortune of facing directly for the pure, simple, fact that you think that you actually have a chance when up against Paul Ravana?”
    Paul starts laughing in this almost, psychotic matter that startles just about everyone inside the ring except Louie Aldo, who just giggles and attempts to fist pump Paul. As he’s about to do it though, Paul grabs his wrist.

    “Don’t touch me Aldo.”
    Louie backs off, still having a small grin on his face. Paul also has a small grin, but with a more devious intention to it.

    “You see, the most important you all need to realize, is just about every single one you here are all footnotes for Paul Ravana. If you think have a chance to step up against me, do it right now, and I’ll make sure you won’t even make it Summer Slam. Oh but I kid of course, nobody actually has the right mind to go one on one with me, unless they want an early retirement. But I digress.”
    Paul changes his malicious grin into a dark, soulless, gaze upon the ring.

    “I can tell you all that at Summer Slam, your all getting your fucking head ripped out of your body from one single elbow to the face. I can tell you all that at Summer Slam, you won’t be in a match, you’ll be in a massacre against Paul Ravana. I CAN TELL YOU ALL that no matter how many “big moves” any of you all make, all it takes is one Night’s End, just one, hell, one Dragon Slayer, to knock your lifeless body DOWN! But you know what?
    Paul throws his towel out and rips his tank top off.

    “How about I do all of these things right now!”
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  8. *The arena lights completely fade out.*

    *As the song heightens fire bellows up from both sides of the ramp, illuminating the darkened stadium. Mark proceeds to make his entrance to very little reception. He climbs up the steps, steps over the ropes, and sizes up his opponents.*

    Knight fixates on Arno, and then snatches the mic from him.

    "Shut up. Just listen. Normally my intent would be to come out here and fufil a contract, but that is no longer the case. I look at each and every single one of you, and nobody would even be worthy of having their names being put to a piece of paper. However, none of that matters. That past life of mine is over. I shan't deign to inform any of you why, mainly because anybody with a functioning brain can look back and see the events that led up to my departure.

    However, just because I no longer have any affiliation with my former employers doesn't mean that I cannot compete here. That simply is not the case, as unfortunate as it is for you. I stand here in front of you today a liberated man, a man who is unchained. But as free as I may be, I still have shackles on me.

    They come in the form of each and every single one of you opposing me tonight. It holds me down, keeps me from reaching my true potential. So in order to move onwards a free man, I must break the chains keeping me right here.
    It is a daunting task to say the least, but if I can break the links keeping me tied up, then I can break the chains themselves. All it takes is a little bit of pressure.

    That's what separates myself from all of you. Now you all have these in-depth, thought out cliches that you choose to mold yourselves after. Ones that either cater to the fans, or make them want to rally against you in spite. And as thought out as some of them may be, they lack the simple pressure it takes to really get the job done.

    Sure you can paint, have an incestuous family with six brother-cousins, throw parties on the Jersey Shore, kick somebody's head off, be a depressed kid who listens to Secondhand Serenade, or a chick who tries to act harder than Gav's dildo that he wants to stick up Ryan's ass. But can any of you really stand there and look each other in the eyes, and tell them that you're going to go right through them... and actually mean it? Well I can.

    You may not know me, you may try to take me lightly, but by the end of this I will prove just what I am truly capable of. I will break you, but you will not be able to witness it. The only thing that any of you see by the end of this, is darkness."

    Mark forcefully gives Arno his microphone back.
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  9. Ryan Davis' music hits as the fans begin to cheer. He walks out in a similar attire he usually wears, except this time the color scheme is blue and orange to fit with SummerSlam. He is followed by Miss Elizabeth and Jeff. The trio stops on the stage, looking down towards the ring filled with Ryan's opponents for tonight.

    Ryan: Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you for joining me tonight.

    Both Kelsey Taylor and Corey Marcus look as if they're going to respond to Ryan until he cuts them off before they can speak.

    Ryan: I wasn't talking to you losers in the ring. I was talking to the fans.

    Ryan and his squad of two walk down the ramp and enter the ring, claiming their own corner of the ring.

    Ryan: You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Kelsey, Corey, Arno, Lilith, Louie, and.....well those are all the names I care to remember. Nonetheless, shame to all of you!

    Ryan's opponents looks at one another, confused as to what Ryan is talking about as he continues.

    Ryan: Look at this, look all around you. You're in an arena filled with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of fans....of future professional wrestlers and you come out here and do this? Are you serious?!

    Ryan takes a moment to step back and look at both Elizabeth and Jeff and quietly talks to them. He looks a bit confused and irritated.

    Ryan: So you want to teach the future generations of this industry to come out on a huge show like SummerSlam and talk about "parties" and trying to hit on the women in the match? I know I'm just now getting familiar with what respect is, but even I know none of you are showing any respect to yourselves, these fans, the guys in the back or even me. You people are making this battle royal into a joke. You're making it into a joke to the point where I'm now embarrassed to be apart of it.

    Ryan pauses as he looks angrily to each competitor individually.

    Ryan: And I shouldn't be ashamed to be in a match at SummerSlam, even more so that the winner gets a shot at the Television Championship! Does that mean a damn thing to any of you?

    Ryan looks at Kelsey and begins to smile.

    Ryan: Kelsey, I'm so glad you could make it. And I'm so glad you were able to come out here and call me a piece of garbage that doesn't belong in the same ring as you. Truly fantastic words from a truly forgotten, washed-up has-been. While you've been laying around pretending you're the baddest bitch around, I have been proving I am the baddest bitch around. I am the man who beat Nick so badly that I changed his entire perspective on how he wrestles. I am the man who gave Michael one hell of a fight and I am the man who is going to pick you up for the Burning Hammer, drop you right on your head and knock you unconscious, and eliminate you from this match showing you that all you are is hype.

    Ryan looks over to Arno Frye and could barely contain a straight face.

    Ryan: Arno Frye, you're quite the artist. And that's why you'll appreciate the work of art I'm going to make in mere moments with how fast I eliminate you from this match. It's going to be faster than how fast people forget your matches when they're over.

    Ryan: And Lilith Young, the one who should be the most ashamed of all of you here. You come out here and make this match into a joke, talking about San Fernando haircuts, haha. You're quite the comedian, Lilith. But, I don't see any reason to laugh right now when a Television Championship match is up for grabs. I don't know guys, am I supposed to be taking this match lightly? I mean, it's only a championship match right? It's not like that's why we're all here right? Well, I can only speak for myself, the rest of you seem like you're more interested in talking about seeing each other in the past than actually winning this match.

    Ryan: That's where I differ from the rest of you. Instead of reliving the "glory days" with other competitors and acting like that matters now, I'm more interested in actually doing something. And tonight, at SummerSlam, I plan on doing something: making history. I'm going to win this match and get a Television Championship match and move on to bigger and better things in my career like I've been doing since I came to IWT, while all of you are going to be in this same exact match next year. You all will be stagnant, and that ladies and gentlemen, may be the biggest joke of them all.
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  10. *Gav the Chavs music begins to play as gav makes his way out to the ring wearing his new shirt. Gav grabs a mic and enters the ring them begins to stare down each competitor in the ring then blows a cheeky kiss towards Kelsey Taylor. *

    (Gav the Chav) Now then you cheeky little ****s. Have you all missed me? Fucking hell a lot has changed since i was last knocking around here. It feels good to be back where i belong.

    *Gav walks around the ring staring at each competitor before stopping and pausing for a moment when he gets to Kelsey Taylor.*

    Holy shit is heaven missing an angel? Because i think i have found her. Kelsey you are fit as fuck. I would absolutely annihilate you. I would love to take you back to my flat and smash your back end in. You won’t be able to shit for a week. I bet your the kinda girl who loves it rough. I bet you also during foreplay pull out a giant dildo and shove it up some poor lads arse until he screams. Thats ok babe Gav likes it dirty too maybe gav can come by this playground of ultraviolence of yours and we can get to know each other better.

    *Gav walks over towards Corey Marcus and begins to address him.*

    Now Corey you disappoint me. Let me explain why. You see unlike all these other cheeky ****s who know who there dealing with. You know exactly who i am and what i do and still you disrespect me like a proper cheeky ****. But i do kinda agree you see when IWT was on the up and this place was buzzing. Gav took his eye off the ball and was busy doing some crazy shit in France scrapping with all the dirty horrible russian scum. Then gav stumbled back here drunk and high on crack cocaine expecting the same trick to work. But i was awful everyone had stepped up there game and i had been left behind in the past. But now is the time for redemption Gavs sorted his shit out and now gav is gunna knock everyone of you cheeky ****s out and go on to win the IWT television title
  11. Sorry guys been slowly working on it all day got it up now though

    Also just realised gavs been censored now :(
  12. Good stuff boys.

    And girls.
  13. @THG?: Alias Antonio
    @Hym: Jack Forté
    @Nickelodeon: Nick
    @The ReagMaster: Reagan Cole
    @Jacob Fox: Schizo
    @King B: Declan Zanotto
    @CBK_15: Jack Lux
    @Ring Rust: Perceval "Rusty" Donohue
    @Drag: James Dragon
    @rydogg: Braeden Cross
    @Kylojo Ren: Scott Fargo
    @Ovaldinho: Luis Ovaldhino/Lord Lee
    @Indy: Danny Jacobs
    @AfricanScatMahn: The Scat
    @B1skit: Cousin Eddy
    @Forrest OAKADA: Leo Taylor
    @Chrxsiie: Raine
    @TheTNHMaster: Chris Kaizer
    @Ellis Sullivan: Johnny Thunder
    @KevinJamesFan: Ronnie S. Huxley
    @Dylan™ : Guernica
    @Big E Rection: Evander Amos
    @RedDwarfTechy: Brandon Pain
    @TheWUKMaster: The Blackfire
    @Aurtle the Turtle: Rio Nakayama
    @NLSuplex: Ivy Hale
    @Jet Starr: Slate Bass
    @TheFrostyBlur: Tyson Storm
    @Electro: Darius LaVonte

    Read and vote!
  14. All of you had some good promos, but Louie Aldo is the GOAT
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  15. My vote was down to two people, with a couple of you guys almost pushing your way into those ranks and some strong showing all around, but I have to go with Kelsey because I felt her promo was great all around and gave a good taste of how her character works. Intense, arrogant, and cold-blooded. Great job to all of you guys and really gives me motivation in my match with Reag tomorrow.
  16. I really enjoyed Wiz's promo. It was quick and really established her character. The contents were also very interesting. Otherwise, everyone did great. This match was great.
  17. I want Participants only (others will be suspended) to win, personally
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