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    LIVE from Chicago, Illinois' Allstate Arena...IWT Presents...The 3rd Annual IWT Summer Slam!

    Scott Fargo (c) vs. Chris Kaizer for the IWT Universal Championship -
    Chris Kaizer announced his ambitions for the Universal Championship upon his return to the IWT. Scott Fargo spat in the face of the IWT, The Grand Prix World Tour, and the IWT Universal Championship. Chris Kaizer has set out to take the Universal championship, and set out to re-establish himself at the top of the food chain. Will he be the Comeback Kid or will Scott Fargo prove himself to be a champion?
    Wednesday, August 24th
    @TNHOffical @Kylojo Ren

    Aids Johnson (c) vs. Luis Ovaldinho w/ Lord Lee for the IWT Championship -
    Aids Johnson has proven that his win over Alias Antonio wasn't a freak miracle by defeating Michael, after Uprising. But he may be facing a dark horse challenger that can end his title reign and prove his medal against one of the greatest competitors in IWT history. Luis, with the guidance of former IWT Champion, Lord Lee, made it to the dance by winning the IWT Tournament established by the former champion, Alias Antonio.
    Wednesday, August 24th
    @Aidsey Amore @Ovaldinho

    Schizo (c) vs. Cousin Eddy -
    Schizo established himself as a force to reckon with by becoming the inaugural champion of the rebooted IWT Television Champion, but he may face a different monster. He faces the upcoming star, Cousin Eddy, the Skullshore Beast attempts to ascend to the top of the mountain and kick Schizo off the ladder. Who will climb the next rung? Who is the real workhorse?
    Tuesday, August 23rd
    @Jacob Fox @B1skit

    Nick vs. James Dragon in a Steel Cage to determine the #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship -
    James Dragon was one of the men that attacked Nick. Nick who has been there to support Jack Forte, another target of the Bullad Club has found himself wound up against the Bullad Club's end of punishment. They duke it out, for a chance at the Intercontinental title.
    Tuesday, August 23rd
    @Nickelodeon @Drag

    Guernica vs. Christian -
    Christian makes his return to the IWT against one of the brightest young stars in the IWT. Will Guernica make himself known or will Christian prove that he hasn't lost a single beat since taking up Commentating? Guernica who debuted at Uprising intends to showcase his skills against a veteran. While Christian, who was the first and last World Heavyweight Champion, intends to showcase his skills against the new generation.
    Monday, August 22nd
    @Dylan™ @CM Punk

    Michael vs. Danny Jacobs -
    Michael's campaign to rid the IWT of all "animals" begins with Danny Jacobs. He has accused The Big Guy of orchestrating the finish of the biggest shock in recent IWT history. Will Danny Jacobs shut Michael up or will Michael successfully silence the Big Guy?
    Sunday, August 21st

    Reagan Cole vs. Ivy Hale -
    Reagan Cole is set to retire and has chosen the debuting Ivy Hale as his final opponent. Reagan Cole was once a jobber, who scratched and crawled to a title shot. He has passed through many obstacles. But will he get passed the newest signee under the IWT? It's going to be a war, but thank you Cole.
    Sunday, August 21st
    @The ReagMaster @NLSuplex

    Adam vs. Rio Nakayama -
    Adam has returned to fight Scott Fargo, a former friend of Adam's. Instead of facing Adam, he has chosen to nominate his Bullad Club brethren, Rio Nakayama to face Adam, instead. Rio sets to teach Adam a lesson while Adam seeks to dodge this obstacle in hopes of facing Scott Fargo, down the line.
    Saturday, August 20th
    @Adam. @Aurtle the Turtle

    Jack Lux vs. Braedon Cross -
    These two have been feuding for the better part of the Summer, and they will attempt to end their feud in one last battle. Who will come out the better man? Rumor has it that the man who comes out has big plans awaiting him.
    Friday, August 19th
    @rydogg @CBK_15

    FTJ Memorial Battle Royal for a shot at the IWT Television Championship -
    IWT has set out to determine the newest stars and give them their shot at gold. With a mix of veteran blood and new generation wrestlers, this match is sure to be a staple of IWT.
    Thursday, August 18th
    @Blind @PJ Ibarazaki @C.M. Shaddix @Black Wizard @impactking @Botchie Botcherson @Gambino @Ryan Davis
    @Gav in da BPL!

    George vs. Alias Antonio -
    George will be making his first appearance since IWTMania II and intends to shut down Alias Antonio. George left with a Loss in his record, and intends to get his redemption against Alias Antonio, who recently lost in a shocking upset against Aids Johnson. Will George make the miracle happen or will Alias Antonio begins his slow ascent to the top of the mountain, once again?
    Wednesday, August 17th
    @THG? @Mystical George

    Jack Forté (c) vs. Bishop for the IWT Intercontinental Championship -
    In what's considered to be one of the most anticipated IWT bouts in history, Jack Forte and Bishop throw their shaky brotherhood out of the window as they seek to do battle for the IWT Intercontinental Championship. Bishop and Forte have bled together but are willing to end eachother's careers for the right to be called the Real IWT World Champion. This is battle of titans, and a battle of worlds. Bishop puts his career on the line, while Jack Forte is willing to sacrifice his Hall of Fame induction for the sake of this battle.
    Wednesday, August 17th
    @Shadow @DK James
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  2. Card is 1000% better than the last IWTMania, but will it deliver? Find out when WUK tells you on Under The Ring!!
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