IWT SummerSlam - Tag Title Match

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Who's your winner?

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  1. The Cure (JwabTV and Eddy335)

  2. MrSackfist and Rhodes

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall... and is for the TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!

    MrSackfist & Rhodes vs The Cure's JwabTV & Eddy335

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last until 7pm Eastern USA on 15th August and there is
    no limit on how many promos you can write in that time.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours and close at 7pm Eastern USA on 16th August


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  5. *Jwab and Alias make way to the ring*​
    -Theme of the Cure-
    *Jwab grabs the mic*
    Jwab: So, we meet again. But the only difference this time is that George isn't here. And Rhodes may or may not show up. Sackfist, I thought we cured you. I had no idea that you were still corrupted by the rest of IWT. I didn't think that me and my man Alias right here *points to Alias* Would have to beat you 2 again. Honestly. But this time, we have a chance to cure both of you finally. You see old man, We have watched you time & time again beat countless men. That was years ago. That was when Rhodes was in a diaper. Which he probably still is. But Rhodes, there is some mystery behind you. I have always wondered why you never showed up.....BUT....I think I know the reason. Truly, you were scared. You were scared of how being cured would feel like. It feels wonderful, Rhodes. You would love it! It's a second chance at life. You can rewrite the wrongs that you have delt. Second chances. Everyone deserves one except the few that deny it. *Laughs a little* Please, don't deny it.
    *turns his attention back to Sackfist*
    Sackfist, if I were you. I would accept it also before we have to force it onto you. You've been doing this for years now. You never gave up. You just kept going. And we are allowing you to take a break, Old Man. We are allowing you to jump up and live! But if you deny this....you will regret it. If we have to force it. We're gonna make it hurt. And from personal experience, you won't like it. When our Leader found me. I denied the Cure. I didn't want the Cure. I wanted to keep living on the street. Doing drugs. Fucking hookers. Living the "Thug Life". But then he showed me the light! And we recruited. He found George. I found Alias. And we kept on expanding from there. Like one huge web. Like a Family Tree. Starting from the beginning and reaching out to more and more every second! *People with Cure shirts cheer!* Look at them Sackfist. They are begging for our help. You can help save them! Cure them! Be young. It's your chance to redeem yourself. This is one of the grandest stages of IWT! This is Summerslam, baby! *Crowd goes wild at the mention of Summerslam* This is the perfect backdrop for you to tell the story of how you got cured!
    *Crowd starts going wild*
    And to all of you. We are taking over. We have orders to cure all of you which was our original plan. We won't fail you. Just like earlier when George cured Alkaline. I'll tell you some facts. We're walking out of here Tag Team Champions. We're walking out of here WINNERS. We are walking out of here.....heroes. We will have cured your corrupt. But this is only the beginning. The Cure is walking out of here, Champions.
    You are Cancer. We are The Cure.
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  6. Sackfist's theme hits

    Sackfist walks out to the ring mic in hand

    "So we are here again, Sackfist & maybe Rhodes vs The Cure, and once again we have the same old track "Cure this, cure that" But it is nice to have a little remix in of me being an 'Old Man'. I have been here for sometime, and have held a few titles in my time here. You came to me and demanded I give-up, I'm a has been, well I interpreted it as this, last time we faced off, I stood in the squared circle and faced off the Cure. I lost, I admit that, but I find it strange. (Strokes chin) why would the cure come to me moments after a tag team championship match, involving myself was announced. Well lets look at the changes, in our beautiful little 'equation'. You see the only variable that has changed is George is not in your corner, and because George basically is the Cure, and you guys are his back up dancers. You tried to push me out because you know I am the threat in this match, not Rhodes, if he is to show up.

    Sack turns to JwabTV

    Let me tell you something, I maybe an old man to you, heck I am Master Roshi in IWT. Whether or not Rhodes comes to contribute to our 'tag team', I plan on winning those belts and proving that you aren't the cure, but a disease here in IWT that needs to be eradicated from this company.
  7. *Alias nonchalantly picks up a mic with an intense appearance in his features. He remains silent, until a few seconds later where he mutters a few words*​
    Here we are, all of us, all of us vying for one common goal. The tag team championship. All of us battling like a bunch of wolves fighting and clawing for one common thing. But you see, this connotes much more for The Cure. That common goal we're fighting for isn't enough for The Cure. We've pointed this out so many times, are here to ERADICATE people like you who run their mouth off straight after we beat them and also have no notion of what they say and/or cogitate; that is if they even do cogitate. We are here to cure the ignorance and the unintelligence of the IWT cretins like yourself. And it's only getting started for The Cure. Trust me, it's going to get interesting.​
    *Alias sinfully lets out a loud laugh*​
    Sure, haha, we've been on an exalted winning streak, but that......that has served for no purpose. You, Adam and Nanorah still use delusive terms to describe yourself such as the ''best'', the ''future'', the ''great'' upon the aftermath of embarrassing yourselves against us, The Cure. Our calculated and well thought out words and actions have done nothing, absolutely NOTHING! Which is why, this tag team title match is the most meaningful one of our lives! *slow-paced voice* Our impact has gone unnoticed around here it seems, but The Cure know that the tag titles hold the key for our peril to be recognized here. That makes us more motivated than ever! Because The Cure are fixed in curing IWT, and we vow it. The Cure holds the key to success.......join it.​
    You are the cancer, we are The Cure.​
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  8. "What you call stupidity, I call perseverance. There isn't a single person in IWT that would pass up an opportunity at championship gold, well except WoodWarrior & Victoria Parker who ditched the tag titles. As Rhodes hasn't showed his face here yet, and I doubt he will. However that would be a major blow to you wouldn't it?"

    Sackfist gets up close to Alias

    "If I won the titles solo, what would that do for the cure, if 'Old Man' Sackfist beat a bunch of newbies. That would be a major setback for you both, but there is one thing that really bugged me in your 'speech'. You stated that myself like Jacob Colton & Adam Hawk, refer to myself as the 'best', the 'future', the 'great'. I cannot vouch for Colton or Hawk, but I would never be that arrogant. I have never referred to myself as the best, the future of IWT or the greatest in IWT. There is a reason I call myself 'Mr. Mid-Card' because the best people in IWT are main eventing the PPV's, they are challenging for the IWT Championship."

    Sack steps back slightly

    "I have dedicated myself to the mid card division, because I see myself as someone who can always improve, still has a few things to learn. When I get my opportunity in the main event, that will be when I deserve it. Is that how the cure operates? Puts words in peoples mouths and cure them? Sounds to me like your popping too many pills. Your proving to me and everyone else how much of a struggle this is for you. You try and scare off the threat and then spout blatant lies about them. You caTll your self the cure and spout your slogans, your rhymes, but you know that a faction is only as strong as the weakest link, and It looks like I am facing two links that are rusting away, that know their weakness so they result to backstage warnings and lies".

    Sack looks them both over

    "You both to me are a joke, I mean you've done nothing to make an impact here. George has done a thing or two, but you two, are nothing more than henchmen, and having you as tag team champions would be a major hinderence to IWT, a downfall I plan to prevent by being the Tag...Team...Champions. With or without Rhodes!"
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  9. I underestimated you, Sack.....I really did! I mean, I really really REALLY underestimated your sheer and utter delusion. ​
    Listen, the news flash here is that The Cure have no worries about beating you up one more time. Believe what you want, live in your midst of lies, go ahead and believe your very petty stuff, ponder what you will about the happenings in our match, because none of that has IMPORTANCE. The only thing that is important in this scenario is The cure, and I'm not egotistical or nothing - it's just the damn truth. We swear on the bible, the holy disgusting bible, that we will come out victorious. ​
    *Alias lets out yet another dastardly laugh*​
    It's funny how you call us newbies, when we are part of that decreasing minority who want to work hard to achieve success. We've worked harder than half of this excuse of a roster. But that was when The Cure recognized that hard work only gets you nowhere, NOWHERE! Then, me and Jwab realized it was time to take action. Take action on that increasing majority who get stuff handed to them for being a bunch of idle dunces. We initiated The Cure, we recruited suitable members who wanted to join and help to cure the very contagious disease that is ignorance, and here we are. Tag team title match. ​
    Long story short, we are not newbies, we are hard working, whether we be good guys or bad guys.​
    Moving on, I'm so sorry for referring you to what them idiots call themselves. It's just so hard to keep track with how many people act like they're in a herd of sheep. I'm the best this, I'm the best that. Pathetic. Another reason as to why The Cure came here, the simplicity of IWT. Thankfully, you people don't know who to work your mind properly, which results in easy victories.​
    Hate to break the news to you, Fist, but once this match is over and done with, there will be no more of you. Start forgetting about those opportunities in the main event scene, because they will just affix themselves along with your long list of lies. The Cure are gradually taking over each division. David has just won his first title, we WILL win the tag titles. And hell, George already deserves to be the World Champ already!​
    Really strong words on how you think The Cure functions. We have not spouted blatant lies. We don't put words in anyone's mouth, we just simply attempt to help them reason their mind much more astutely. We have no weaknesses, if so, when you've found them, they've already been cured. We also have no alleged weak link, we're all as equally good and cunning as each other. So as far as I'm concerned, all the things you've just ''spouted'' are complete lies.​
    A joke, ha, a joke. Can't you find a better insult? Because that for us means definitively nothing, especially since we are on a hot winning streak that ironically commenced straight after our victory against you. That's right, you. Mr. Sackfist. And once again you prove your lack of knowledge when you say that we are George's henchmen. We brought this man to sanity and brought him here over in IWT to help our quest in curing absent-minded people like yourself. We aren't his henchmen, and he's not ours. Once again, we're all equal in The Cure. ​
    Contrary to what you say, our championship victory will not result in the downfall of IWT, instead it will be the uprising of the IWT. And we don't care if Rhodes is with you or not.​
    You are the cancer, we are The Cure.​
    *Alias drops the mic and glares at Sack with his infamous sadistic sneer*​
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  11. *Rhodes comes out to a major pop, rides to the ring and grabs a mic*

    Thought I wasnt coming? I'm sorry to be late. This Make a Wish kid wanted to have dinner with him and I couldnt say no.

    For two months, TWO MONTHS, I've been at the bottom of the roster, waiting for my opportunity. I've asked Kid and Jonathan thousands of times. -I just want to wrestle- No matter with who or against who but I just wanted a match. And I finally got one, in Los Angeles!
    *Crowd cheers *(Cheap Pop)

    Then I was told that my mission was to team up with Sackfist, to face the Cure. The stable that has been running for a couple of months now.
    Yeah, this Dr. House wannabes.

    *Stares at The Cure*

    This guys, call themselves the Cure. The problem is, that nothing here needs to be cured. When something works alright, dont touch it. When something isnt infected. Dont cure.

    This guys came here from "another company" a couple of months ago, and well. We all know the IWT is the real league. The only company out there that can be taken in a serious way. The only company with REAL WRESTLING. But when they got hired, they couldnt stand the fact that this league was either too good for them, or they were simply jealous of been in an inferior league. Come on guys, look at the company where you can from and look at this one. You call yourself a wrestling company and all you do is to play WWE13 at backstage. In fact, many of the guys who worked for that company before coming here. Have never ever returned. But you did. You were here and there. You claimed you were the Cure but all you wanted was to actually infect the IWT. And you did it. You, a couple of your "Brothers" and that Georgie came here just to hurt us. That worked. But you arent Jesus *Turns to the camera* Right Brit?, you arent Dr House.... Probably, the only guys that need to be cured are you. Too much anal sex might lead into AIDS.

    Now, once you have taken this company seriously, all you have tried to do is to play with the numbers. You are 2 in the ring. But when the time has come, you will be 5 or 6. Dont know how many rats are part of your stable. But, this time, me and my partner, will have the support of all the roster in the IWT. Because this isnt only about 4 members. This is a war between companies. And I'm sorry to say that I wont let members who dont feel the IWT as part of their lives, win a title. But there's always hope. Whenever you finish studying medicine (You're studying medicine right? Otherwise, would you know how to stop a cancer?) you can always come here and become one of us. Like Adam, Suicide, even your "Leader" Georgie did. Becaue face it. You were red hot when you started. But without the numerical factor, you are just like any other stable. Weak.

    Jwab, your idol is a faggot who made a name of himself by screwing someone. Couldnt expect less from you, while you Antonio. As Sackfist said, you're a joke, people like you make Spain hated. You're nothing but another faggot.

    What is sad, is the fact that my partner didnt believe I was going to show up. But here I'm ready to win this shit. Ready to disinfect the IWT from The Cure. At the biggest party of the summer. Is time to send back the Cure to the place where they belong. The IWT is too big for you. And we are full house. Too much talent.

    You are the Cure. And you have AIDS.
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  16. Your winners by 10 votes to 3, and NEW IWT Tag Team Champions... Eddy335 and JwabTV!
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  18. Another Cure win.
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  19. *After the match, Alias and Jwab share a swift hug in the ring and grab the tag team titles. The glare at the crowd with a crafty smirk now that one of their goals have become a reality. Jwab and Alias proceed to stand together and shout in unison: You are the cancer, we are The Cure. They head outside the ring where Alias approaches a camera and exclaims out loud: We just took care of one of the cancers, and there's MUCH more to come, believe that haha. They continue to walk up the ramp and head backstage out of sight*​
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