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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for, the X Division Championship!
    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here​
    -There is no rule on who stars. Whoever gets their promo in first can start!
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.​
    -Promos will last until 7pm Eastern USA on 13th August and there is no limit
    on how many promos you can write in that time.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours and close at 7pm Eastern USA on 14th August​

  2. Farooq makes no hesitation in coming out as soon as the match is announced. The crowd gives him a mix reaction of cheers and boos as he comes out. He comes out through the crowd, making his way towards the ring. "Introducing first, from Houston Texas, he is the X Division champion of the IWT, he is Farooq!" The announcer said as Farooq hopped over the barricade. He was in his ring gear, black tights with black boots with green linings. The X Division championship was over his shoulder as the announcer handed him the microphone.​
    "You all know about me, I am the X Division champion of the world, the first United States champion, the last Hardcore, European, Cruiserweight, and Million Dollar champion, the Public Enemy, the all knowing eye, Farooq! Now tonight, I fight three rookies, not weak rookies though, not ones like a certain Gohan that whined and complained to gain the spot here, these are the few that fought to get access to this match, and for that they do have my respect." Farooq said as the crowd gave him a pop of cheers.​
    "That doesn't mean though, that they deserve to leave with the X-Division championship. You see, while many people here in the IWT didn't expect me to beat the IWT Champion Victoria, and I did not, I still put on a match of a lifetime. I walked out of that match, on my feet with no problem walking to the back. Victoria though, she needed help leaving the ring. Sure she won the match, but it's a suicide win for her. Her body was destroyed, but I regrouped and am coming stronger."​
    "Nobody is safe from the eye, and I've analyzed all of you. Joey, you like to recap and then destroy an opponent while boosting yourself up, it's how you beat Sackfist. You reminded him how you left him in the middle of the ring, you boosted yourself by reminded everybody you defeated Adam, then yo go on to talk abut how you deserve to be in the X-Divsion match and not Sackfist, which the formula worked, it got you the win, but it also showed me how you fight."​
    "Dazzle, you don't keep your eye off of the prize, which is the attitude everybody needs. You go in, tearing your opponent down from the start, which is what I saw from your match with Jake Woods. You had the most upbeat confidence, and with that you claimed the victory because you didn't let your opponent rest, you used what you could to keep him down. There is always an opening though, the more you attack an opponent, the more they get used to the pain. Until then, they can overpower the pain and push you away, and just those few seconds of rest, gives them an idea, it gives them time to think and to formulate a plan. Once you try to attack again, it's to late. You've fallen into the trap."​
    "David, you come in with one thing, and one thing only. To win. Regardless of what your opponent has been through, no matter how big, no matter how small, you go in headstrong. Not bad, it's actually interesting. To see someone who has a low class reputation here in the IWT to have so much hunger, he attacks like a king. Although, what happens when you try to punch a well solid brick wall? You can't break through. No matter how much you punch, no matter how much power you put in, going in without a plan will cause you break open your bare hands, and there you have 2 choices. Walk away, or die in front of the wall."​
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  3. *Joey Bryant's new music hits and he walks out to cheers. He makes his way down to the ring and stands a couple feet away from Farooq.*​
    “Well… my time to shine, right? Farooq you must be a little underwhelmed with who you’re facing tonight! You got basically 3 new guys. Myself, I’m not too new. My record here is 2-0-1 so I still have yet to be defeated officially. I arrived here, I beat Adam, then I tied with Ben Dover, until I finally continued to climb, beat Mr.Mid-Card Sackfist, and make my way to this match. David is in a very similar situation. He had to qualify for this match as well but I don’t believe he’s defeated the kind of talent that I have. Lastly, there’s B.Dazzle. He has quite a bit of hype surrounding him but not at the level I’m at. So Farooq if I were in your shoes I’d be thinking two things. 1. I have to defend my title in a fatal four way match, which sucks. And 2. I’m facing a bunch of newbies, which is good. But no matter which way you want to look at this match, there’s simply going to be one outcome and no matter who that is I’m sure will deserve it. Farooq you are the only veteran in this match, and I know you have accomplished more than all of us combined in your time here. You clearly have the advantage and a lot of people are probably behind you. The 3 of us are at a disadvantage and let me tell you why.”​
    *He pauses and paces in the ring before raising the mic to his face again.*​
    “Every time someone new comes into this company, they’re looked at as inferior and I can understand that. With school starting soon let me make a comparison to that. It’s basically like the Seniors at a High School or College looking at the freshmen as fresh meat, younger, inexperienced. That’s what you’re thinking when you look at us but I’ve explained to Adam and Sackfist who are both pretty experienced here that I am not just the kid down the block. Let me reintroduce myself, I am Joey Bryant, and I am the man that’s going to take that title off of your waist.”​
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  4. *B.Dazzle makes his way down to the ring.*

    B.Dazzle: Listen, I respect everyone in this match. You guys are some of the best IWT has to offer, but you aren't as good as me. I am called the future, but that isn't just a title, it's the code I live by. I work my ass off every day to prove to everyone here why I am the best rising star in this company. Winning the X-Division title would mean the world to me, for it would show that all my hard work has finally paid off. I need this win more than anything. You guys may give 100 percent each match, but I give more than that. I give my body, my career, and my life. This is what I have dreamed of, and I will damn sure make it a reality. The future is here, the future is now, and the future is me. I'm sure you guys have bright futures ahead of you, but it won't be on the level that mine is going to be. After tonight, that X-Division title is going to find itself in possession of greatness, and I am talking about me.
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  5. “We’re the best IWT has to offer? *He chuckles* Give me a break. Maybe Farooq is, hell maybe I can put myself in that class, but no. There is much better talent here than you. The future is here, the future is now, and the future is you? Since when did you turn into John Cena? The future is here, in this ring I agree. The future is not now, the present is now. And for you to say that the future is you is a disgrace to me because I’ve stated numerous times, I am the most real rookie that IWT has ever had. You talk about giving your body, your career, and your life? Homie, I’d understand if you were giving your life for something you actually have a chance at winning but taking those kinds of risks in a match like this is pure stupidity!”​
    *He pauses and laughs again*​
    “I mean that’s like me giving my life in a backyard wrestling match, it’s going to mean nothing for you. Farooq let me go back to you, unlike how I thought this was going to go, you actually have some sort of class and respect for us new guys. You want to see how we do and you might even consider us a challenge. You gave us the option of walking away, or dying in front of a wall well not to sound like a Jerichoholic but I’ll break those damn walls down to get to that title. Corny as it is, I deserve this more than people think. I stated when I debuted I would make my impact right out of the gate and have I not done that? You tell me.”​
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  6. B.Dazzle: So it's pure stupidity because I put my body on the line for something that I enjoy doing? I put my career on the line every night to entertain the world, and to prove that I am the best. The fact that you are mocking someone who tries his hardest, means you must not try at all. That's why you shouldn't be the champion. Excuse me for wanting to win a title, and get a taste of being a champion. I didn't think that was so wrong. Trying your hardest to win a championship is what adds another level of prestige to a it, and proves that you are worthy of being called a champion. You're the realest rookie? That's a joke. The only real thing you are, is a real pompous jackass. I don't mean to be the one to throw out the cheap insults, but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Me saying I am the future isn't a disgrace. If you want to be the future, then you prove it. That's what I have done since I walked into this company. The present is now, but not for long. As soon as I win, I am taking this company into the future. I haven't lost yet, and I will damn sure not lose now. I say the future is now, because it is. I am the future, and you are just another path block on my way to proving it.

    B.Dazzle: As for you Farooq, I respect all that you have done. You have won numerous titles, and will go down as one the of the bests. You fight with class, and have shown respect to all of us, even for the some who talk a bunch of crap.

    *B.Dazzle looks at Joey.*

    B.Dazzle: Farooq, that championship is coming to me, because that's where it belongs. It's time you stepped down from your reign, and let the true star of this companys future shine bright like he should.
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    *David slowly walks to the arena with almost no expression*​
    David: All the hypocrites and low life's In this match actually make me laugh. We got a man named Farooq, where he has been in IWT for a very long time, his ego is just too big and can't except the fact that he's a cancer. Farooq says I walk like a king when I have such a bad IWT reputation and class, but guess what? I am a fucking king! I am the King of IWT and no matter how long you stay in IWT and lick your wounds after every match you have, it doesn't matter because all that's going to happen to you is you withering away into dust. You might be a "legend" in IWT, but soon you'll just be as irrelevant as every one here in IWT that stands against The Cure.
    We got a man called DKJames where he is a "fan favorite" he is loved by everyone. Nothing DKJames can do is wrong, and you want to know why...because every single fan, every single person who isn't part of The Cure is a plague. Just like DKJames and all his ass kissing fans and friends.
    Now I move on to B.Dazzle, who? Oh yeah, a man that doesn't deserve shit he gets, a man that has absolutely no personality and honestly, I don't know how a cancer like him is even allowed in IWT, not to talk about this match.
    Now, I've heard so much trash talking from my fellow opponents, I've heard WAY too many to even fathom what they would do to win this match. And I heard even more boo's when I came down to this ring. But you know what? THIS IS MY FUCKING RING! I am the dark horse in this match and I'm the man every one just hates and that's the way I fucking want it to be. I'm not fan favorite, I don't pander to all these fans like a "normal wrestler" is supposed to, but you know what I do? I get the job done! I told everyone FailFace was going to be my first victim, and where is he now? He's buried 6 feet under, because of ME! And during that match, he said something about going against the likes of Farooq, of DKJames, or Alkaline, and of Dat Kid. Immediately he said that, I chuckled, because in all those "greats" he faced, none of them could pull the kill switch like I did! I know this is going to get lots of heat, but I am BETTER than everyone in this match. The Cure is the best faction in IWT. And soon you will all realize it! Soon you'll all realize that IWT needs to be saved from people like Farooq, like DKJames, like B.Dazzle, and like every single person who has tried to hold The Cure down. We are the Cure that you have to follow to get, we are the cure that humanity has been looking for since the beginning of time, we are the Cure to diseases, to plagues, and to injustices in IWT, and trust me when I say this... We are just getting started. I am just getting started, and till we are dead, we will not rest till we rid IWT of this plague running around the aroma. The Cure can't be stopped, and its dominance only begins tonight, when my fellow brothers in The Cure take care of their own business, I take care of mine by killing 3 people who have the plague. Farooq, DKJames, B.Dazzle, tonight I'm putting you guys on notice. Because it doesn't matter how long you've been in IWT, every "great" thing must come to an end. And this is all of your end, after this... all you will be remembered for are those plagues who were used as my personal bitches!
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  8. ”You know what? I’m sick of hearing about the fucking cure. You call this your ring David, that you’re the king of it. You call us in this match a plague; well let me tell you what a real plague is. A Plague is a deadly, infectious disease. Is that really what you want to be calling your opponents? Something that’s going to kill you? No. The Cure has been a thorn in everyones sides here since your debut and I was shocked that you joined. Farooq may see something in you that you have a lot of potential but let me tell you something, I don’t. I think you’re just another fucking punk kid from the Cure that wants to take over IWT. People before you have tried and they have failed and you are not better than everyone in this ring. The Cure is not going to heal this plague that surrounds you in this ring, no. The cure is going to be stopped and crushed by this “plague” until you all finally realize you are not wanted here.”​
    *He points to Farooq as he continues.*​
    “This man holds the title that we’re all striving for, right? Well how about you do it with a sense of class and respect. Everyone else in this match has seemed to be getting along just fine but you come in with your overrated entrance and those first words you spoke. “All the hypocrites and low lifes.” Huh, nice. Looks like you just described the Cure. You guys talk about purifying this company and taking over your own way but you don’t stand a chance at winning that title. You’ve won one match, congratulations David. You don’t deserve to be in this match nor do you deserve to win it.”​
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  9. David: "What was actually pretty funny DK. Good job, once again, you prove that everything I've said is right. You tell me what a plague is, when those are what I've been talking about all along. The Cure is bulletproof, we can't be killed. We are immune. Theeeeen you say we have been a thorn to every ones side since joining IWT, no shit! We didn't come here to be friends and sing happy songs, we came here for business, to win titles, to win matches, and to make people like you our personal bitches! I don't give a shit if you don't see potential when it's right in front of you, I don't care if IWT creative don't think I am good enough to hang with "greats" because I am in this match, aren't I? I was told to face Failface, and if I win, I'll advance to the x-division title match. That's exactly what I did, I won! In fact, I destroyed Failface. You say many people have tried to take over IWT but failed, tell me which faction came to IWT and called out the person who started all this? That's right, no one! The Cure is better than all other factions, and soon you will believe that!"​
    *David looks at Farooq then back at DKJames*​
    "You use the word "respect" very loosely, you tell me to have "respect" for the man that holds the title we are all striving for. The first words I spoke weren't describing the Cure at all, but maybe... just maybe I should have picked another choice of word. "Sell-out" because everyone in this match is just a sell-out! You, DKJames are a man that panders to the fans, that does everything just to please the fans so you can get an easy win, while The Cure handles their business and completes everything they say they will do. Then you proceed to saying I've only won 1 match, and I don't deserve to be in this. Well, if I recall correctly, our World champion won "1 match" before he was handed the world title shot. It doesn't matter how much matches you win in this company, as long as it is one that matters. I won a match that mattered, and that is why I am in this match. That is also the same reason I will win this match...​
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  10. B. Dazzle: I don't care about the cure. What I care about is winning the X-Division title. David, we're sellouts? No, you're the sell out. You sold out to join the absolute stupidest stable I have ever witnessed in my life. You say the Cure is immune, but let's see how immune they are to the ass kicking of their lifetime. I know great potential when I see it, and you don't have it. Joey has it, Farooq has always had it, and I damn sure know that I have it. I said I respected every man in this match, but I forgot about you. I don't respect you, because you haven't earned it. I know that you're going to say that I don't either, but I'll get that respect one day, and that day is today. I am here to win a championship, not to listen to you talk about the faction you're apart of. If you think anybody cares about your one win, then you're wrong. We don't care about you, and we don't care about the cure. It's time you stop talking about how great you and the cure are, and start talking about what's really great. What's great is the ass kicking that is oh so close to be handed to you, but it's not going to because I have more class and respect than that.

    B.Dazzle: Joey and Farooq, I am glad I am in this ring with you guys because beating you guys would help me achieve everything I have ever wanted. David, beating you does nothing for me. All I see in this ring are two credible wrestlers, and a guy who joined the cure just so he can be a somebody when he is really a nobody. You destroyed failface? congrats. That was in the past, and this is the present. In the present, I will win the X-Division title, and in the future I will still be a champion defeating every man who dares step in my path.
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  11. David: I honestly think that was the most STUPID thing I have ever heard. In all the things you said all you came across as is a hypocrite. You said I sold out to join "the stupidest stable you have ever witnessed" while in actuality, I have always been part of The Cure. You need to look up the word "Sell-out" and have a reason to say it instead of just saying it cause I called you one. You basically said the same thing Joey said, you said I have no potential. You said you are in the ring with 2 greats, and you said you don't respect me. Well congrats brother, you definitely aren't the only one, and you definitely won't be the only one. I don't need your respect and admiration that you so much strive for with these fans. You may not care about me, or care about the Cure, but I didn't ask you to. In fact, I don't want you to, because that's going to be YOUR down fall and everyone else's in this match.

    *David looks at Joey and Farooq, then looks back at B.Dazzle*​
    In this second portion was the most stupid and hypocritical part of them all. You believe I "joined the Cure to become a somebody when I am really a nobody" yet you are involved in a team with one of the most irrelevant people in IWT, Shannon. My win against FailFace might have been in the past, but my win tonight is the present. I am the FUTURE. And in this future, there will be no space for you, B.Dazzle.​
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  12. B.Dazzle: The future has room for me, because I am the champion of the future. I am the next big thing this industry has ever seen. I aligned myself with Jake because we both agreed that this company needs to find the right people to lead this company, and the right people are guys like me, like Shannon, and hell, even Joey. The future doesn't need you, and it won't have you. You're going to be in the past, because that's where you belong. You are not going to win, and neither are the other two men in this match. If I have to destroy my body to prove to everyone that I am future greatness, then that is what I will have to do. I don't need to strive for respect and appreciation from the fans, because I know I have already earned it. Thinking these people don't matter is what's going to send your career into obscurity. After tonight, you'll just be another guy. Joey, you'll just be another guy, and Farooq will be a former champion. I will be the X-Division champion. I will bring this title to the future with me, and have the greatest reign in championship history because that's what I need to do. If I can't accomplish that, then everything that I have ever done or said will mean nothing. This is the biggest night of my life, and I am damn sure not going to let any of you stop me from achieving my goals. All of you are looking at the future, and are seeing the next great thing in life. I will win this match, not just for me, but for the people who never had the chance to accomplish their goals, and for the fans who deserve better than what they have gotten over countless years.
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  13. Farooq chuckled as he watched them fight about. "I hear the same thing from each and everyone of you, saying that your time is now, saying that you all deserve the belt and that my time has expired. Although I do wonder, what proof that you have that any of you are better or that my time is up? I am still here, I am still fighting and putting 100% into every match, and have been fighting high class workers, unlike the rest of you, excluding Joey Brant who I can say defeated somebody here who was decorated."

    "Although Joey, you may have defeated Sackfist, you were tied with a rookie by the name of 'Ben Dover', which I'm sure many of the fans understand that joke, and the only other victory you received was Adam, who might I add had to attempt cheating to nearly win the tag team championships. Sure a draw isn't a loss, but it's not a win either, and if you are not first in the IWT, then it is similar to the rules of Nascar, you're last."

    "As for you David, sure I'll play the part of cancer, but don't think of yourself as a cure. Think of yourself as the same too. You call yourself and your team the cure, but it's all blasphemy. You all come into the IWT, and continue to spread. Continuing to attack the strong of IWT and trying to bring each person down and weaken them, just like the sickness of cancer. It's humorous how you call yourselves the 'cure' as if you were Saviors of the IWT, when in reality you play the part of the devil's advocate. You may cure IWT of a disease, but the side effect to the medication brings on a stronger sickness that eventually kills the body."

    "Dazzle, of course you want to win the X-Divison championship, it's the belt of the IWT, it's what we all strive for, but just because you want it, doesn't mean you will receive it. Why do you let the Cure get to you if they are so 'stupid'? I think me and the entire IWT can see that David has been getting under your skin for the entire match. While I have called him out, it doesn't mean I am taking their insults the same way as you are. Until you can calmly set your feelings aside and then return the attack to another opponent when they fight you, I don't think you deserve this championship. You don't have the record worthy enough of holding this belt, you haven't beaten anybody credible enough, and you are just not ready.
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  14. OOC: I beat Aids and Alkaline in a tag match. Does that not count?
  15. OOC: I dont usually count TT matches, plus it's all IC no need to take anything personal.

  16. I know. I didn't mean it in a personal manner.
  17. David: Oh, but that is where you're wrong my friend. Since day 1, the Cure has said they will kill off all the plagues in IWT. We have no problem being the bad guys. We have no problem being the ones to take charge over all and get the job done. You said everyone in this match has said "Their time is now" well nope! I never said my time is now, I simply said I was going to win. I have never spoken any lie, Farooq, everything that comes out of this mouth, whether it's good or bad, is the truth. The truth is that I can look you straight in the eye and tell you that I don't respect you, because I don't. I don't respect anyone of the cancers in this company that you so happily play. You were right about a few things though, B.Dazzle does care about The Cure, because I'm in his head, and one thing that I admire about you (not respect) is that you can turn the mind games of your opponents off. That is the one different you have between all the other members in this match.

    As for you, B.Dazzle, I actually find the propaganda you are spewing quite funny. You think you lead IWT into a new age, when there is nothing the least bit relevant you have done here. The Cure have made an impact, while you align your self with guys that aren't going to take you to the top, but are going to drag you to the bottom. You have "respect" and that is the one that will always hold you down, and that is the one reason you have held back in this match. I don't hold back, because I only have 1 gear. Which is go. Unlike all of you guys in this match that talk so much about respect.
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  18. "Destroy any plagues? From what I've seen, Aids is still running around like a maniac, now he has just obtained a briefcase. Perfect is still here with the Intercontinental championship, Rhodes and Sackfist are still around, and are even challenging for the tag team championships. Brit is still here, even though it feels like her period has not ended yet. Jonathan is well....Jonathan. Gohan is somewhere backstage, probally in the bathroom trying to figure our how to use a roll of toilet paper, but he's still here. I don't care much about you all being the bad guys, I really don't. What I do catch humorous is how you claim to eradicate the plagues in IWT, when in reality you all band together hoping to succeed in a company where none of you would catch attention on your own. You're not here to cure anybody, you're here just to show up each and every match, and attempt to win like everyone else. Your motive is a lie, and so are you."
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