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  1. Same time as WWE SummerSlam

  2. Put it back a week

  1. IWT Money in the Bank obviously didn't coincide with the same time that WWE MITB occured, and personally I felt that it didn't feel the same having it at a different time.

    Should we move SummerSlam back a week (so it's a week after WWE SummerSlam) to give more time or keep it as it is now (the same time as WWE SummerSlam)
  2. This goes along with my question in the Rate MITB thread FYI guys
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  3. We need build. I'd be all for IWT zoning into having it's own big events instead of just using the WWE ones.
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  4. Summerslam week is 11th to 17th which gives 3 weeks worth of build. I think that's enough imo to build
  5. Well it seems "put it back a week"is what the (majority of) people want. Just want to make sure you guys realize this means we will have an Uprising coming up REAL quick, like the week after next week.
  6. This is another issue. 3 weeks IMO is plenty of time. People saying we need time to build, if you can't get a build done in 3 weeks then what difference is another week going to make.

    It's creating double the issues (moving SS back and then having only 2 weeks for uprising (and those 2 weeks also include booking the show, getting everything sorted) it just seems illogical tbh.)
  7. Yeah, I see your point there, but the only other option is dark matches until SS. What about that option guys?
  8. What's bad about that? It creates build
  9. I didn't say it was "bad" per se. Some of the IWT'ers might though. That's all I was asking. Either way, it doesn't matter much to me (other than the planning that will have to be rushed for a show).

    Like this X-div tournament - @Nickelodeon - was that meant for SS or is the FINAL match against you meant for SS?
  10. Ah yes about that match, 8 people in it is waaaaaaaaay too much. 4 people max @Nickelodeon

    8 people is about 40% of our current roster in terms of active competitors.
  11. Well we did get 2 active competitors back for it in Jwab and Trevor. At least they expressed interest in being in it anyway.
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  12. I say put it back a week, more time to prepare and for build.
  13. Well we have 5 right now in that, I'll let you guys decide how that should work.
  14. Well what kind of a tourney is it? A tiered one? A free-for all elimination style? How were you planning on it going down?
  15. I was planning on it just being rounds, similar to the playoffs in sports
  16. Like the MITB matches?
  17. No not MITB matches, as in there is a bracket and people are assigned a number. Similar to the IWT Title tournament from last year.
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  18. No, I think playoffs in sports are more of the "tiered" tournaments. 4 people face off in 2 matches and the 2 winners face each other. So you would HAVE to have either 4 or 8 people
  19. ^Yeah that
  20. I was thinking not that, but how it works in the NBA and NHL. Where it's a bunch of 1 on 1 matches, winners advance to face winners. I can make an example bracket if you wanna see what I mean