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  1. LIVE from Chicago, Illinois' Allstate Arena...IWT Presents...the 3rd annual...IWT SummerSlam!

    *Pyro shoots off from all four ring posts, as the theme-song blares through the PA system. Pyro shoots up from the stage and taps off with a massive explosion of colorful pyro. The camera begins to pan across the crowd as they cheer and scream in hype.*

    Sven Stevens: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to IWT SummerSlam! My name is Sven Stevens and with me is former IWT X-Treme Champion, Jwab!

    Jwab: Yes, it's Jwab here and ready for the show. I was bumped off the card, after being screwed over. I decided to choose this position. Unfiltered, undefined and front-row!

    Sven: Exactly! Front row for action, which includes the return of Chris Kaizer against the IWT Universal Champion, Scott Fargo!

    *Graphic for Chris Kaizer vs. Scott Fargo*

    Sven: The long awaited Chris Kaizer and Scott Fargo's first major defense of his IWT Universal Champion!

    Jwab: Let's forget about that match, and talk about the match that I deserve, Aids Johnson vs. Luis Ovaldinho for the IWT Championship!

    *Graphic for Aids Johnson vs. Luis Ovaldinho*

    Sven: Luis is determined to follow in his mentor's footsteps and claim the IWT Championship from Aids Johnson.

    Jwab: No matter who wins this match, they will be a bonafied star, and I'll be in their future, as well.

    *Graphic for Bishop vs. Jack Forté*

    Sven: Bishop has his career on the line against Jack's hall of fame ring and the Intercontinental title!

    Jwab: Bishop, the goof, he has his entire life on the line for a B-Class title. Any title that has Jwab in it's ranks is the true title.

    Sven: Can you stop? Anyways, I'm getting word that we are set for our first match! One of the most anticipated matches, ever...Jack Forté vs. Bishop!

    Jwab: I've never had the pleasure to meet Mr. Jack, but he retired one of the titles I made famous. I should be able to get it back, right!?

    Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall, and is for the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship! However, if Bishop doesn't win he will be forced to retire. And if Jack Forté fails to retain, not only will he lose his title, but also his Hall of Fame ring!

    Blue and pink smoke engulfs the stage as the never before heard theme reverberates throughout the arena. Jack's titantron kicks on to a positive reaction, and an array of strobe lights pierce the mixed fog. Forté enters through the entrance curtain as the song picks up, for what my be his last night as the Intercontinental Champion and Hall of Famer. He's met with a gracious reception. Jack slaps the hands of the fans as he makes his way ringside, slides underneath the ropes, and waits for things to simmer down.

    The lights in the arena all begins to flash blue and white as once again a different theme plays over the arena speakers. The crowd gives off a mixed reaction as they realize it is still Bishop that is about to come out. The lights sync up with the song and it plays for about 40 seconds when Bishop slowly walks out onto the stage wearing his usual ring gear but he's wearing a shiny jacket that looks like it's covered in gold. He stands at the top of the stage and stares down Forté for a moment as the song blasts over the crowds mixed reaction. He slowly walks down the ramp and never takes his eyes off Forté until he rolls in the ring.

    Announcer: Announcing first, the challenger. From Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 222lbs... THIS. IS. BISHOP!

    Announcer: And now, announcing the champion. From Sin City, Nevada, weighing in at 1180ls: he is the reigning, defending, Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion. JACK... FORTÉ!

    Jack hands the referee his title, and Bishop hands him the Hall of Fame ring. The referee shows both of them what they're fighting for before handing them off to the ringside crew, and then signals for the bell. RING! RING! RING!

    The two immediately lock up, trying to overpower one another. Jack quickly weasels out of up, and rolls up Bishop for a pin. The referee counts:

    And Bishop kicks out with ease. Bishop quickly snaps to his feet, and is met with another roll up for Forté. The referee counts again:

    Bishop kicks out before the referee can hit the canvas. As soon as Bishop gets up for a third time, he knows what Jack is aiming for. Forté is met with a huge closed fist from Bishop that just sends him ass first to the mat. Jack doesn't have any time to respond as Bishop just pounces on him and starts throwing haymakers left and right. Bishop is able to land quite a few good blows, before Forté is able to block them. Bishop keeps trying to get past his guard, and the referee ends up breaking them up.

    Bishop is met with boos, and he flicks the crowd off whilst smiling. He yells to them: This is your hero!? I only see a lil fucking bitch! As he continues to soak in the hatred Jack once again rolls him through, and lands a swift kick to the head.(ala Gargano) Forté starts to stomp away at Bishop again and again, with no remorse. The referee separates Jack from Bishop, and he's met to a more mixed response. Forté eggs Bishop up as he's making his way to his feet, and he edges closer. Bishop quickly captures Jack by the waist and nails him with a belly to belly suplex! The second Jack gets up he's met with an arm drag that sends him rolling outside of the ring. Bishop climbs the turnbuckle, awaits Forté to get into a good position, and nails a crossbody! Both of them now laying outside of the ring, and the referee commences the count.

    At the eight count Bishop is able to roll inside the ring, but quickly rolls back out to restart the count. Bishop picks Jack up, and rams him into the steel steps. He stops, looks around the crowd, and just starts laughing. Bishop picks Forté up by the head, puts him in the suplex position, moves closer to the barricade, and just waits. Bishop smiles and hits his pattened finisher, the FOH(Truth or Consequences), over the barricade! Bishop laughs, and gets Jack back into the ring, and quickly goes for the pin. The referee goes for the pin:




    And Bishop lets Jack's head up, breaking the count! Bishop quickly takes his belt off of his khaki pants, wraps it around his fist, and starts nailing Forté's head with it. A cut appears on Jack's head, and blood starts trickling down. The referee quickly tries to break Bishop away, and threatens to disqualify him. Bishop takes it off, gives it to the ref, and looks back to Jack. He then focuses back on the ref, and nails a German Suplex on him! Bishop knowing that he cannot be disqualified without a conscious referee, goes and retrieves a steel chair. He sets it up, and attempts to pick up Forté, but is met with a low blow. Jack quickly takes advantage, and puts Bishop into a Full Nelson lock. He inches towards the chair, lifts Bishop up, and slams him through the chair with a modified HiJacked!! He slides the broken chair out of the ring, and attempts to wake up the downed referee to no avail. Forté signals for another one, and the referee runs down a couple of moments later. Jack goes for the pin and the referee counts:




    Bishop kicks out!! Forté in shock quickly goes for another pin, and the referee counts once more:



    And Bishop kicks out yet again!

    Jwab: Nobody has ever kicked out of Jack's finisher! I mean I could've but still, it's insane.

    Sven: Forté is gonna have to come up with something big if he hopes to retire Bishop tonight!

    Jack goes to the closest turnbuckle, and slowly climbs it. Before he's able to launch off, Bishop meets him with dropkick to the knee which throws Forté off balance. Bishop climbs the turnbuckle and puts Jack's head in a suplex hold, lifts him up and nails a top rope brainbuster!! Bishop doesn't wait and actually goes for the pin. The referee counts:




    Jack kicks out!! Bishop visually angry now, picks Forté up, and nails a spinning powerbomb! Bishop is met with a loud negative reaction, and he soaks it up. He starts to laugh and makes a gun taunt with his fingers, points it at Jack, and pretends to shoot him. He slowly picks Forté up and puts him in the hold for his T-Bone Suplex. Before he can hit it, Jack is able to push him off, and nail a roundhouse kick that dazes Bishop. Forté grabs hold of Bishop, and signals the end. He nails the Small Package Driver!! His legs connected for the pin. The referee goes for the count:




    But Bishop kicks out!! Jack without haste transitions behind Bishop and locks in the Dragon Sleeper! Bishop struggles, and tries to escape. However, he simply cannot find a way. After moments of being locked into the hold, Bishop starts to fade. Seemingly lifeless the referee calls for the bell!!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...and STILL IWT Intercontinental Champion...JACK FORTÉ!

    Sven: Bishop refused to give up, with so much on the line he'd possibly rather die than to cave in to Jack! What a commendable performance from Bishop, he has won me over. It's just horrible that tonight may be the last we ever see of him.

    Jwab: Yeah man, I gotta give props to Bishop. I probably would've done the same thi-- no wait, I would've definitely been on the other end!

    Everything remains quiet for a few seconds, and then Jack's theme kicks on.

    The referee hands Forté his title and ring, and he clutches onto them. Jack looks at Bishop as he gets to his feet, and he inches towards him. Forté just stares at Bishop, and then picks him up. They stare each other down, and Jack leaves him the ring. Bishop standing by himself is finally given a standing ovation.

    Sven: We barely have time to register what happened, I've been informed that we are ready for George vs. Alias Antonio!

    Jwab: I didn't see George backstage, but maybe he will surprise me and everyone else by actually showing up!

    Announcer: The following contest is an Ironman Match!

    *The titantron starts showing the match graphic to Alias vs. George, resulting in a ginormous pop from the Brooklyn IWT faithful. A match that has been brewing 3 years in the making. The leader of The Cure vs. The most successful member of The Cure. Mentor vs. Protege. Cure vs. Cure. Facade vs. Reality. A video package displays itself on the screen with Lord Have Mercy by Schoolboy Q playing in the background. It starts with all The Cure signing contracts individually, but then specifically focusing on George and Alias, then moving to their debut, focusing on Alias being behind George as a metaphor that he played second fiddle to George. It shows their brutal attacks on the IWT roster, their matches, the introduction of Aids, George's losses to Senhor and Kid, and all of Alias' title wins, then shifting to a face-off between the two at the very dissolution of The Cure. Alias spits at George and George walks out smirking. The package ends with an ending side-by-side shot of George leaving the IWT arena for the last time and Alias making his way into it.*

    The rowdy crowd continues to cheer once it's finished as The Cure's original song hits the PA System, no one is seeming to come out though.

    At the 1:00 mark, Alias' old theme song starts playing to a mild pop this time. However, you can hear sections of the crowd starting to chant "A-LI-AS!" countered with "GEORGIE BOY!" chants.

    Announcer: Introducing first, from the slums of Barcelona...ALIAS ANTONIO!
    At the 1:00 mark again, Alias' contemporary theme song finally comes on through the speakers, garnering a HUGE pop this occasion for the former IWT Champ. Smoke and lights arise from the stage floor as Alias finally comes out. He already seems prepared and full of ceaseless passion and energy as he lets out a primal scream and a surprising smile, looking ready to take on the man who has always been on the back of his mind for 3 years. Alias is sporing his usual attire but with "ALIAS VS. GEORGE/CURE VS. CURE" written all over his camo shorts and his cut denim jacket. The self-proclaimed leader of the New IWT takes one deep breath, looks up to the ceiling, shakes his head, and enters the ring biting his teeth. The music cuts but the chants remain, forcing a smile out of Alias. He asks for a mic.*

    Announcer: Introducing second, from New Jersey...DAT...KID!
    The crowd erupts with the announcement! 0:00 the sound of the ticking clock is heard, the lights flash white every so often revealing the darkened arena. 0:21 the man who stood at ring side is shown dancing by the fire, when the lights go out you can see his face paint glow in the dark and with each flash of the light more people show up next to the man by the fire, acting strangely as if possessed. Soon the darkened stage is filled with streaks of glowing figures until 0:56 when the stage lights up for the final time. Dat Kid stands in the middle of where the fire once was, around him are the bodies of those who called him here. Dat Kid wearing white and gold tights, stares daggers through Alias. Kid steps on the bodies as he makes his way to the ring. The crowd chants "Holy Shit" at the Triple Crown Champion and Hall of Famer. Kid suddenly bolts towards Alias, sliding into the ring and stopping a few feet away from Alias, looking him dead in the eyes.

    Alias and Kid are face to face, ready to swing at one another. The ref pulls tries to pull them back to their corners but they keep coming at each other until they finally get in their corners.

    The ref quickly rings the bell.


    Alias walks towards Kid, but Kid skips around Alias limberly. Kid is talking shit to Alias that is being censored on tv. Alias holds a hand out for a test of strength. Dat Kid stops moving around Alias and looks at his raised hand. Kid doesn't move but the ref urges for the competitors to start.

    Kid reaches for Alias- Kid slaps Alias across the face and shot echoes throughout the arena. The becomes very vocal as Alias looks back up at Kid. Kid flips off Alias and Alias charges towards him. Kid is about to roll out of the ring, but Alias hits him with a baseball slide sending him hard into the barricade.

    Kid quickly fights the pain, holding on to his ribs as he runs away towards commentary. Alias follows after Kid and rushes towards him and - is struck right in the head with a steel chair that Kid pushed the announcer out of. Alias is still on his feet wobbling, but Kid strikes Alias again with the chair, bending it on his head. The ref calls for the bell. Dat Kid however keeps wailing on Alias with the chair. You can see welts starting to form on Alias' back as he hits the ground.

    The ref climbs out of the ring and grabs the chair, yelling at Kid to get back in the ring.

    Announcer: 1 point Alias via disqualification.


    The ref tries to check on Alias, but Kid throws him back into the ring. The ref argues with Kid to stop, but he ignores and turns Alias over for the pin. The ref refuses to pin until Kid yells at him. 1....2....Alias kicks out.

    Kid is silent as he holds his hands on hos waist, kneeling beside Alias. Kid slaps hom gently on the face and smiles, he steps away from Alias. The ref takes the opportunity to check on Alias. Meanwhile Kid loosens a turnbuckle, throwing it into the crowd.

    Kid turns around- Alias at full speed runs at Kid and hits him a knee to the face sending the back of his head straight into the turnbuckle. Alias rolls Kid over and goes for the pin. 1...2...3!

    Announcer: 1 point Alias via pinfall.


    Kid isnt moving as the ref checks on him. Alias sits on the opposite corner getting himself together. Kid starts to come to. You can hear the ref asking him if he can continue, but Kid either is ignoring or can hear him as he attempts to crawl out of the ring.

    Alias stomps over and grabs Kid's legs, but Kid hangs on to the bottom ropes. Alias kicks Kid in the chest and Kid releases the ropes. He gets to his knees, only to have Alias shove his face with his foot. Kid leaps up from his knelt position and jumps in the air to hit Alias with a hard slap across the face. Kid rolls out of the ring. Alias is pissed and immediately ricochets off the rope and jumps on the top rope towards kid for a springboard meteora, but Kid manages to hold the weight of Alias and throws him right into the crowd.

    Kid slowly goes over the barricade and drags Alias by his hair further into the crowd. Alias gets to his feet but Kid hits him with an open palm to the face, Alias returns with an elbow. Kid hits him with another open palm, another elbow by Alias. Eventually their strikes become uncoordinated and it's reckless swinging until Kid can no longer take another hit and stumbles away. Alias comes charging at Kid but Kid kicks him for a low blow. The ref cant see it because they're behind the standing crowd and he's counting in the ring. Kid grabs a Spawn mask from a fan, shoving the fan on his ass. He puts the mask on Alias. The ref has reached the count of 6.

    Kid runs towards the ring and a second later Alias runs behind him not having time to take off the mask. Kid runs past security and points to Alias who is running towards the ring. Kid hops the barricade and slides into the ring. Alias tries to follow but is taken down by security as he approaches the barricade. By the count of 9 Alias is handcuffed by security and being escorted out of the arena. Alias is screaming at security to tell them he's a wrestler, but- 10!

    Announcer: 1 point Dat Kid via count out


    The ref is about to go check on Alias but Kid pulls him back in the ring and demands him to start counting again, so he does. Alias is taken backstage where cameras follow and security takes the mask off Alias just before he's put in a police car. The officer realizes this and so does security. The camera cuts back to Kid sitting on the too rope and the ref is at a 7 count until sirens are heard and a police car bolts into the entrance way. The cop hurriedly opens the door and Alias runs towards the ring in handcuffs, having no time take them off. The refs count reaches 9 as Alias slides into the ring. Alias gets to his knees- Dat Kid runs towards Alias, jumps off of his knee, and hits a flying big boot right to Alias' face, Shining Warlock! Kid quickly goes for the cover. 1...2....3!

    1 point Dat Kid via pinfall.


    The officer runs to the ring and starts to unhandcuff Alias, but Kid big boots him, sending him out of the ring. Kid goes after the officer trying to find the key, but the ref has it. Alias is uncuffed. Kid picks up the officer and yells at him for the key- Heaven Pressed Send! Alias comes flying outside the ring with a Swan Dive, landing on Kid and the officer.

    Alias throws Kid into the ring Kid tries to run away again, but Alias is right behind him, flying at him with a torpedo kick, Kid trips and falls, sending Alias' torpedo kick to the ref. The ref hits the exposed turnbuckle hard. Kid goes to grab Alias but is kicked in the face from a grounded Alias. Kid takes a few stumbles back.

    Looking at the clock on the tron Alias decides to set Kid up for the psycho driver. Kid spits black mist into the eyes of Alias and Kid frees himself. Alias is standing in the middle of the ring blinded and Kid circles Alias as silently as he can. He looks at the clock that now has 5 minutes left. Kid slaps Alias in the back of the head, alias swings as misses. Kid hits Alias again, Alias misses his backhand. Once Kid realizes Alias cant see him he walks by him casually into the opposite corner.

    Kid runs at Alias with a big boot, but Alias flips Kid into a suplex, sending him down and twisting him in mid air for Bitch Boy, Sitout Tombstone Piledriver. Alias goes for the cover but he hears nothing. Alias wipes the mist from his eyes to realize the ref is out.


    Alias gets up and drags Kid onto his shoulders. He parades Kid around the ring until he nails the psycho driver in the middle of the ring. The ref is still out, but another one runs out and quickly counts 1...2...3!

    Announcer: 1 point Alias via pinfall.


    Kid is out Alias has presumably beaten Kid and raises his arm up in victory as he leans against the turnbuckle until-

    Announcer: 1 point Dat Kid via disqualification.

    The ref who was out had come to and declared Alias kick to him intentional. Alias argues with the downed ref, but not for long realizing there isnt much time left. Alias turns- Dat Kill From Jersey! Kid nails Alias with a springboard big boot. Kid goes for the cover.


    The ref counts 1...2....kick out! Alias kicks out. Kid can't believe it but he doesn't have time to think. Kid lifts up Alias as quickly as he can and hits him with Aids Johnson's move, The Brain Buster.


    Kid goes for the pin 1...2...3!


    The bell rings...

    The refs argue about whether or not the pinfall counted.

    Announcer: The final results are Alias Antonio 3, Dat Kid 4. Therefore the winner of the iron man match, Dat Kid!

    Kid scrambles to his feet laughing.

    Kid: i told you! I told you Alias!

    Alias is rolled out of the ring. Kid's smile turns sour as he bolts out of the ring and knocks out both refs with haymakers. Kid drags Alias up on the apron and facing camera side, he ties Alias' arms in the ropes. Kid walks calmly down the stairs to Alias' feet. The crowd knows what's coming. Kid swipes Alias' feet off the apron so that he dangles by his arms. Alias has been crucified on the ring ropes. Kid doesn't savor the moment, he just walks away and the refs quickly place Alias back on the apron and try to get him free from the ropes. Kid exits to the backstage area.

    Jwab: I'll be the first to say that I've been loving this SummerSlam already! Much better than last years, that's for sure.

    Sven: There wans- uh... anyways we are set for our 8 person FTJ Memorial Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contender for the IWT Television title!

    Announcer: The following contest is the 1st annual FTJ Memorial Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contender to the IWT Television Championship!

    *All 8 competitors are standing in the ring, awaiting their introduction*

    Announcer: Introducing first, making her debut, the self-proclaimed Goddess of Violence...KELSEY TAYLOR!

    *Kelsey raises her arm as the crowd boos her.*

    Announcer: Introducing second, making his return to the IWT...PAUL RAVANA!

    *Paul steps forward and smirks before stepping back.*

    Announcer: Introducing third, LOUIE ALDO!

    Louie steps forward with a big smile on his face. He does a small dance and backs back up.

    Announcer: Introducing fourth, the wife of Chris Young...LILITH YOUNG!

    Lilith, uninterestingly, steps forward and looks around at the crowd. She steps back and doesn't care to keep eye-contact with the camera.

    Announcer: Introducing fifth, the mysterious...MARK KNIGHT!

    Mark steps out of line and stares with no expression, at the camera.

    Announcer: Introducing sixth, COREY MARCUS!

    Corey stays in line, with a glare in his eyes.

    Announcer: Introducing seventh, the self-proclaimed Future of the IWT...RYAN DAVIS!

    Ryan steps out of line and, somberly, looks around at the crowd.

    Announcer: Introducing eighth, the hardest kunt alive...GAV THE CHAV!

    Gav steps out of line, to a massive pop. He raises his hand and smiles, but backs back up.

    The ring announcer is barely out of the ring when the fighting erupts. Kelsey attacks Paul Ravana, Lilith attacks Ryan Davis, Gav is being triple teamed by Mark Knight, Arno Frye and Corey Marcus, while Louie rolls under the rope and sits on the steel steps, hiding behind the ring post and laughing. Lilith clobbers Paul with a pop-up Enziguri that drops Ravana. Kelsey changes her attention and focuses on Lilith Young. She grabs her by the hair, as Lilith screams in pain. Kelsey taunts her but Lilith hammers her in the gut with a series of 3 elbows. She follows up with a suplex on Kelsey. Kelsey rolls to the side of the ring, as Ryan attacks Lilith before she can recompose herself. He punches her and throws her off the ropes. She rebounds and reverses with a super kick that sends Ryan tumbling to the mat. Lilith walks over to Kelsey and begins a ground and pound, meanwhile, Mark Knight has begun to attack Arno Frye and Gav is in the corner delivering stiff jabs and haymakers at Corey's expense. Gav backs up to the opposite corner and charges Corey, but Corey does a back body drop over the ring post. Gav lands really hard on the outside, with a thud. Gav has been eliminated! Corey looks outside the ring and laughs. He turns his attention to Mark Knight. He clobbers him with a forearm to the head and leans him on the ropes. He lifts one leg over the rope and attempts to pull him out. On the other side of the ring, Kelsey has recovered from the attack and charges Lilith. She squashes her against the turnbuckle. Lilith crumbles to the mat. Kelsey is red, with anger, and lifts her up by the hair. She hooks her and hits a Belly-to-Belly out of the ring! Lilith has been eliminated! Kelsey begins to taunt in the center of the ring when everyone turns their attention to her and ambushes her. Ravana clobbers her with punches, while Knight lays kicks. Suddenly, Louie Aldo runs into the ring and grabs Paul by the head and throws him over the top rope. He hangs on and balances on the apron. Louie looks at him and hits a dropkick. Paul Ravana has been eliminated!

    Sven: Look at this chaos! Gav, Lilith and now Ravana have been eliminated!

    Jwab: Haha, I love it!

    The ambush has thinned out as Knight began an attack on Ryan Davis, Corey Marcus continued attack Kelsey and Aldo has began fighting Arno Frye. Arno hits a combo on Aldo and throws him into the corner. Arno attempts to shove Aldo out of the ring, but Mark Knight turns his attention to Arno. He grabs him and hits a snap suplex on him. Louie walks over to Knight and tells him to help him toss Arno out of the ring. They grab Arno and toss him over the rope. Arno fights back, hard, but he loses the bout and lands on the floor. Arno Frye is eliminated! Mark walks away as Aldo celebrates. Kelsey's lip is bleeding as she regains her stamina under the bottom rope. Ryan Davis is dazed from the beatings and wanders into the center of the grimey mat. Corey shoves Ryan into the ropes, but Ryan rebounds. He runs at Corey and hits a clothesline. Corey lands hard. Ryan screams as he powers up. He grabs Corey by the hair and launches him over the top rope. Corey refuses to let go, Ryan looks at Corey and runs off the ropes. He dropkicks Corey in the kidneys. Corey is eliminated! It's down to Louie Aldo, Ryan Davis, Mark Knight and Kelsey Taylor. Kelsey attacks Ryan Davis with a Leg Lariat, out of nowhere. Ryan Davis lands hard. Kelsey locks on a Dragon Sleeper. She applies the pressure. Ryan Davis struggles for around 40 seconds, but ultimately passes out! Kelsey lets go and stands up. She drags Davis to the center of the ring. She struggles to pick him up but screams and is able to get him to lean on the ropes. She walks over to Ryan and simply pushes him over the ropes. Ryan Davis has been eliminated! Kelsey walks over to Louie Aldo who is brawling with Mark Knight. She clobbers him with a Discus Elbow to the neck. Aldo stumbles to the side. Kelsey begins beating on a seated Mark Knight. Aldo recovers and charges Kelsey. He grabs her by the neck and throws her over the rope, on the opposite side of the ring! Aldo believes he threw her out! He walks over to a bloodied Knight and begins to hit a punching combo before hitting a clothesline that sends Mark over the rope! He has been eliminated! Aldo raises his hands in glory as sweat pours down his face. He thinks he won, when Kelsey rolls into the ring and stands up behind the celebrating Aldo. She hits a Spinning Roundhouse that sends Aldo over the top rope! He stays hanging on. Kelsey walks over to push him off, but Aldo drags her by the hair, onto the apron. They begin a fight and suddenly Kelsey delivers a Bicycle Kick that slams Louie Aldo off the apron! Taylor has won it!

    Announcer: Here's your winner and #1 Contender for the IWT Television Championship...KELSEY TAYLOR!

    Kelsey raises her hands in victory as sweat pours down her face. Her face is red with anger, exhaustion and pain. Aldo regains his composure and realzies his loss. He begins to slam the mat in anger. Kelsey looks around the ring, where bodies lay. Some are awake and others are out-cold. She laughs and poses again! She walks out of the ring and up the ramp, as the others are helped out as well.

    Sven: What a debut and match for Kelsey Taylor!

    Jwab: It isn't easy to impress Jwab, but she just did.

    Sven: Well, we are set for the 3rd and final match to end the grueling rivalry of Braedon Cross vs. Jack Lux!

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is the final match in a Best of 3 series!

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Phoenix, Arizona...BRAEDON CROSS!
    Braedon walks out to some cheers and boos, and sternly walks down to the ring. He signals for Jack to come out.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Los Angeles, California...JACK LUX!
    Jack runs straight into the ring!

    Jack slides into the ring and charges Braedon but is met with a massive Bomaye that knocks him out! Braedon goes for the cover - 1...2...3! Braedon gets it!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...BRAEDON CROSS!

    Braedon stands up and looks at the camera with a pout. He walks straight towards the camera and bounces off the ropes, with his chest. He pounds his chest and leaves the ring. Referees come down to check up on Jack, who is just regaining his composure. He is helped out of the ring.

    Sven: What the hell!

    Jwab: Braedon just knocked out the man that has held a win over him. What a joke! Haha!

    Sven: I must say that was really unexpected. Anyways, we are set for the return of Adam against the Bullad Club's Rio Nakayama!

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Kobe, Japan ...RIO NAKAYAMA!
    The Bullad Club theme loudly blares to an almost as loud symphony of boos. Onto the stage comes Rio Nakayama, smiling as he does. When walking down to the ring he snatches a Chris Kazier sign from a fan, he takes some gum he was chewing from his mouth and smudges it on the sign before handing it back. The fan instantly throws it at Rio's face whom retorts by picking it up and throwing straight back, it looks like the bickering is about to continue as the fan prepares to lauch the sign again but a Security Guard steps in and snatches the sign straight out of the fans hands, causing Nakayama to cackle loudly. Upon reaching the ring he takes a few seconds to take the negative fan reaction, even pressing his hand to his ear as if to challenge the now ravenous crowd to be louder.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from London, England...ADAM!
    Adam Burke bursts out onto the stage to a good reaction from the crowd, arms in the air he signals to the crowd. He paces back and forth on the stage and turns around to the tron, he stares at his name on the screen and smiles. He turns around and the smile is gone, eyes focused directly at Rio, he storms down the ramp like a man on the a mission and climbs onto the steps. He turns around again and stares out onto the crowd raising his arms again, another mild reaction. Burke climbs onto the top rope and jumps down into the ring. He storms into the face of Rio

    Adam and Rio charges each other but Rio gets the upper-hand quickly with a snap STO. Adam squirms on the ground as Rio steps ontop of Adam and begins to punch, elbow and stomp his face and torso. Adam rolls away but Rio comes after him. He hits him with more Elbows. Adam's cheek is cut, but Rio continues the attack. Adam gets to his knees and tackles Rio to the mat. He begins laying forearms onto Rio, but Rio gets to his feet as does Adam. Adam runs at Rio and hits a clothesline. Rio quickly stands up and charges him again, and is hit with another again. Rio stands up and hits an arm drag but Adam quickly stands up. Rio hits a crossbody that lays Adam down for the count - 1...2.. - Adam kicks out! Rio stands up and hits a springboard senton. He lands hard onto Adam's mid-section. Adam rolls around and kicks his legs while Rio smirks and admires his work. He stands Adam up in the corner and runs to the opposite side. He charges him and hits a spear. Adam falls to the mat again with pain.

    Sven: He may be in danger.

    Jwab: It's Adam...I mean...He's always in danger.

    Rio stands Adam up, again but Adam begins his attack. He hits a punch that knocks Rio back. Adam climbs the turnbuckle and hits a Missile Dropkick that floors Rio. Adam goes for the pin - 1..2..- Rio kicks out. Adam grabs his gut and stands up. He stands up an armbar. Rio screams to escape, but can't. He squirms but Adam increases his leverage and pressure. Rio moves his leg over and squirms, slightly, to the ropes. Adam breaks the hold as Rio rolls away, grasping his arm. Adam walks over and stands Rio up. He brings him to the center and kicks him in the gut. He runs off the ropes and hits a massive Curb Stomp. Rio seems to be out, and Adam goes for the pin - 1..2...- Rio kicks out! Adam stands up and starts arguing with the referee, Rio sees this and pushes through the pain to attack Adam from the behind with a Full Nelson Backbreaker. Rio screams and measures Adam, signaling the Golden Reign! Adam stumbles to his feet and slowly turns around. Rio hooks Adam and hits the Golden Reign! He hooks for the pin - 1...2...3! Rio won it!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...RIO NAKAYAMA!

    Rio rolls out of the ring with disgust in his eyes. He spits at the ring and walks up the ramp. Adam regains his composure and sits up. He seems teary eyed, but rolls out, somberly. He disappears behind the curtain.

    Sven: A hard fought battle on both ends.

    Jwab: Happy for Rio...

    Sven: C'mon, Adam clearly put in the fight!

    Jwab: He didn't win Sven! I can see why Christian quit. You suck balls.

    Sven: Okay, okay. We are set for the debut of Ivy Hale!

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Parts Unknown...IVY HALE!
    The unfamiliar theme song of Ivy Hale plays for the first time in IWT, signaling her arrival as the lights of the arena turn a blood red. Ivy Hale soon makes her way out and she seems unusually happy. With an unsettling grin on her face, she walks down to the ring. She doesn’t look at the fans, who are either boo her, or remain silent, uncertain of what will come, and she tilts her head as she stares at the ring. She makes her way on the apron to hang upside down from the ropes before entering the ring.

    Sven: Making her debut, she's broken Reagan's leg, and verbally assaulted him.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Essex, England...REAGAN COLE!
    One spotlight appears on the stage and Reagan is already seen in the top of the ramp, surprisingly. And the thing that is also surprising is that nearly all of the crowd are cheering for the man who is about to leave. Reagan is wearing a Joseph Diamond t-shirt and black and blue pants and with no theme song, he stares at Hale. He makes his way down and enters the ring.

    Ivy and Reagan coincide in the center of the grimey ring mat as they stare off. Reagan's size advantage is on clear display, but Ivy shows no fear. Ivy lands the first strike with a slap to the face, Reagan flinches back and charges Ivy, but she reverses it into a Hurricanrana. Reagan quickly stands up and leans on the ropes, and applauds Ivy's skills. Reagan adjusts his pants and walks over to Ivy Hale, who is staring down Reagan. Reagan extends his hand out in a Greco-Roman knuckle lock challenge. Ivy, cautiously, extends her hand but Reagan swerves her, hitting her with a gut kick and hits a Twist of Fate, that floors Ivy. Reagan goes for the pin - 1...2..- Ivy kicks out. Reagan sits up and looks at Ivy with a slight grin. He stands up and walks over to Ivy's leg. He stomps her ankle, over and over again. Ivy screams in pain, but Reagan doesn't let up. He wrenches her leg, and contorts it. She screams and pounds the mat in pain. Reagan scrunches up his face, as he puts more pressure on her ankle. Ivy Hale begins kicking Reagan in the chest, with her free leg. The weak kicks, allow Ivy to squeeze through the loosened hold and roll out of the ring. She grasps her ankle while Reagan recomposes himself. He walks out and kick Ivy's ankle again, and again and again. Ivy is defenseless with the pain taking over. Reagan throws Ivy back into the ring, and drags her to the center. He locks in an Ankle Lock.

    Sven: He is vicious, exacting his revenge on Ivy's ankle!

    Jwab: He has that Ankle Lock, locked in!

    Reagan stands up and wrenches the lock while Ivy shrieks in pain. He has the hold lock in, for around 35 seconds before Ivy reverses the hold. She tucks her neck and launches Reagan, tumbling, into the turnbuckle. Reagan lands, face first, and Ivy stumbles to her feet. She grasps her ankles but charges up. Reagan is sitting in the corner, holding his nose as Ivy begins to limp and run towards Reagan and hits a single leg dropkick. Reagan and Ivy are both out on the mat and the count begins. Ivy makes it up at 6, but can barely walk. She leans on the ropes as Reagan makes his way to his feet. Reagan walks over to Ivy and hits her with a gut kick. Ivy leans down, where Reagan hooks her arms and hits a double under-hook suplex. Ivy lands with a sickening thud. She clutches her back with a wince and Reagan stumbles over for the pin - 1...2..- Ivy kicks out, yet again. Reagan sits up and grasps his chest, as sweat pours down. Reagan stands up and lifts Ivy up, by her hair. Reagan hooks her and hits a Russian Leg Sweep. Reagan doesn't spend any excess time, and climbs the turnbuckle. He signals for the Queens Cross flying headbutt. He jumps, but Ivy lifts up a fist and Reagan lands mouth first on the fist. Reagan falls, sickly, to the side of Ivy!

    Sven: Oh my god! She just bashed Reagan in the mouth, and probably broke her own hand!

    Jwab: I've innovated in many ways, but I'll give credit, not even I have attempted that!

    Reagan seems knocked out. He is laying, face down, on the mat without a motion. Ivy stands up and slaps her ankle. She limps towards Reagan, and lifts him by the hair and stands him up in the corner. She reveals his split lip and bloodied mouth, possibly, missing a tooth. Ivy hits three forearms, and bites Reagan's forehead. Reagan begins to scream as Ivy smirks, among a face of agony. The referee pushes Ivy off of Reagan, but Reagan uses the moment break to charge Ivy, with anger. However, Ivy reverses it and lands a Lou Thesz press and begins to headbutt and forearm Reagan, in the process. Ivy steps off of Reagan and backs up in the corner and awaits Reagan. As Reagan stands up, she attempts a Halestorm, but her ankle buckles before she can get any elevation and falls to the mat. Reagan stumbles over to Ivy, but Ivy attempts to scurry away. However, Reagan grabs Ivy by the hair and lifts her up, she slaps and punches to get free but Reagan is able to hit a Swinging Neckbreaker. Ivy is laid out and Reagan climbs the turnbuckle again. He jumps and hits a Queen's Cross headbutt. Reagan clutches his forehead as Ivy screams in agony. Reagan gets to his feet at the 8 count, and signals for the Fire of Cole, and stands Ivy up for it. She however is able to land a forearm that makes Reagan flinch, Ivy waits for Reagan to turn his back and when he does, she locks on The Never-Ending Nightmare Dragon Sleeper. She screams as she wrenches the hold and Reagan squirms, but fails to escape and begins to tap-out. Reagan has submitted!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...IVY HALE!

    Sven: What a match! This was a slaughter, that anyone would want to have it be their retirement match.

    Jwab: There was things that I've never seen, and made my jaw drop. And being Jwab, that rarely happens.

    Ivy rolls out of the ring and sits on the apron, as a referee comes out to help her out of the ring. She limps away while the referee supports her. Her music fades away and the crowd dies down, but Reagan is still laying in the middle of the ring. He is staring blankly at the lights, and wiping the blood off his mouth. He pushes his hair back and wipes the sweat under his nose and gets up to his feet. He flinches in pain, and stands in the middle of the ring with his hands on his hips as the crowd arises, once again. They cheer and clap as Reagan stares at the crowd in defeat. He is panting while the gallon of sweat glistens in the bright lights. The crowd begin chanting "Thank you Reagan!" as Reagan looks down and finally he takes a slight bow, but clutches his back in pain, while doing so. He somberly walks out of the ring and walks up the ramp while the the camera slowly fades to the crane camera and shows the silence of the arena as Reagan, fades behind the curtain, for the last time.

    Sven: Reagan has had one hell of a career, here in IWT. He has decided to retire from active IWT competition, and we hope he has a bright future elsewhere.

    Jwab: Retiring is always hard, but at least he had a good match.

    Sven: Anywho, on to more up-lifting matters. We would want to thank Theo Chinara and Craig Hardy for IWT SummerSlam's official theme song, Champion.

    *The lights in the arena begin flashing around as the SummerSlam theme begins blaring through the arena*

    Jwab: Jwab isn't too high on this theme, but it's a theme. Anyways, I'm getting word from the guy in the truck that we are set for Michael vs. Danny Jacobs

    Sven: Danny and Michael have a history that dates back to 2014, where Danny took Alkatrz from Michael's The New Generation. They've had a heated couple of weeks, including verbal assaults and physical assaults!

    The video begins with Alkatrz attacking Michael at the orders of Danny Jacobs, and flashes forward to late 2015 where Danny Jacobs lost the X-Division Championship to Prince Balor and Michael claiming that Danny will never let back into the IWT. Fast forward to Michael's inflammatory comments on Danny Jacobs and the attack on Michael. The video ends with Danny standing over an injured Michael.

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Salt Lake City, Utah...DANNY JACOBS!
    Danny Jacobs walks towards the ring to a big sound of boos, ready to do battle with a former IWT World Champion, Hall of Famer and current General Manager of IWT, Michael. He looks to the ground as he makes his way to the ring. He seems intense, maybe more intense than ever. He walks his way towards the ring and prepares.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Chicago, Illinois...MICHAEL!
    Michael slowly steps out onto the stage. Michael is wearing red leather pants, kickpads and elbow pads. His hair is slicked back and his beard is cut down to his chin. There's all but 1 spotlight on the center of the stage. Michael walks directly into it and looks around at the crowd. He begins his way down the ramp with the single spotlight following him. He is met with cheers and boos alike. He slowly climbs the stairs and makes his way to the bottom-left hand corner and wipes his feet on the apron. He steps up onto the turnbuckle and poses with his hands up, as the spotlight fades into flashing red lights and an army of camera flashes. He steps down and enters the ring.

    Danny rushes Michael and hits a Lou Thesz and begins to wale on Michael, with fists. Michael squirms away and stumbles to his feet and backs up to the corner. Danny charges again and attempts a splash, but Michael rolls out of the way. Danny hits his chest on the turnbuckle and rebounds, holding his chest in pain. Michael runs off the ropes and hits a dropkick to Danny's knee, that drops him down to one knee. Michael stands up and hits a roundhouse that knocks Danny to the mat. Michael stomps Danny into the mat and scurries up the turnbuckle. He signals for a 450 Splash, but Danny jumps up to his feet and runs towards Michael. He punches him in the face and knocks him off the turnbuckle. Michael falls onto the apron, and bounces onto the mat, below. Danny spends little time and follows him out. He stands Michael up and clinches him and hits a Belly-to-Belly on the mats. Michael lands with a sickening thud, as does Danny. Michael clutches his kidneys as Danny scrunches his face in pain. Danny gets to his feet, at the 6 count and throws Michael in. They both get in at the 8 count. Danny catches his breath and walks over to Michael. He stands him up in the corner and hits a series of 10 chops. Michael stumbles down to the mat, holding his purple chest and screaming in pain. Danny walks around the ring with a smirk on his face. Michael scurries over to the corner and lays on the bottom turnbuckle. Danny walks over to the parallel corner and hits a big boot to his face. Michael is, seemingly, knocked out. He is laid out, slouching on the bottom rope.

    Jwab: He just kicked his face off! Haha!

    Sven: Michael is being dominated by Danny, tonight. With his past injuries, this may've not been the wisest choice.

    Danny adjusts his singlet straps and walks over to Michael, but before he can get his hands on Michael, Michael jumps forward and kicks Danny in the knee. Danny collapses and screams in pain. Michael circles Danny with a smile on his face. He points to his head and spits on Danny. Michael gets into Full Mount and begins to pummel Danny with vicious elbows to the top of the head. Michael stands up and gets off of Danny and walks over to his hurt knee. He lifts his leg up and kicks the backside of his knee, 3 times over. He hooks the hurt leg and turns him over. He cinches in a single-leg boston crab. Danny winces in pain, as Michael locks in the pressure. Danny begins crawling towards the ropes, and after a minute of attempting, he finally does. The referee gets to a count of 4 before Michael releases the hold and backs up per referee's orders. As soon as the referee turns to check, Michael charges Danny and sits on his chest. He lands a dozen elbows to Danny. The referee threatens to disqualify Michael. Michael puts his hands on his hips as he pants. The referee turns to check on Danny, but Michael swings the referee around and hits him with a roundhouse that knocks him out! Michael spits on the referee and shoves him out of the ring, using his foot. He turns around as is met with Danny Jacobs. Jacobs hits a Flatliner! He hits his finisher and covers Michael. However, the referee is out and there isn't another one. Danny starts waving for a referee to come out, and when one finally does he starts the count - 1...2..- Michael kicks out!

    Sven: What the hell! He had the damn match won! Michael may've just screwed Danny out of his win!

    Jwab: Shut up Sven. The referee was interfering with this match. He deserved to be smacked.

    Danny stands up and takes down his singlet straps. He lifts Michael to his feet and leans him on the ropes. He flings him off the ropes and hits a pop-up Flapjack. Michael clutches his chest. Danny attempts to stand Michael up, but the slow movement allows Michael to recover. Michael elbows Danny in the gut, and sends Danny into the corner. Michael backs up to the opposite corner, and charges Danny. He hits him with a corner dropkick. Danny falls to the mat. Michael stumbles up the turnbuckle. He is pouring in sweat. He struggles to balance himself, and, accidentally, allows Danny to catch up to him. Danny punches Michael, and gets the upper-hand. They've shifted sides as Michael is the one with his back towards the mat. Danny hooks his arms and signals for a Super Tiger Bomb. The crowd gasps, as Danny attempts the move, but Michael struggles away. Michael hits a back body drop and throws Danny to the mat, with a thud. Michael jumps and hits a Moonsault. He goes for the pin - 1...2.. - Danny kicks out! Michael looks at the referee in despair. Michael stands up and signals for the Head of State shining wizard. Danny gets up to his knees, as Michael runs off the ropes. Before Michael can get any elevation, Danny hooks Michael and hits a vicious flatliner! He goes for the pin - 1...2...3! Danny wins!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...DANNY JACOBS!

    Sven: What a match! Danny has proved his medal, once again!

    Jwab: Meh.

    Sven: What is your problem?

    Danny gets to his feet and raises his hands in glory as the referee checks up on him. He circles the ring, and leaves. Michael rolls out the opposite end and leaves through the crowd.

    Sven: We are set for the return of Christian!

    Jwab: The former 3 time World Heavyweight Champion who retired last November, and was in this position, is finally making his return.

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Tijuana, Mexico...The Golden Eagle...GUERNICA!
    ‘Lord Of The Land’ by Kevin McLeod plays as The Golden Eagle, Guernica, bursts out from behind the curtains. He hypes up the crowd from the top of the stage before making his way down the ramp, slapping the hands of out reaching fans. El Salvador goes around the ring and continues to slap the fans' hands before rolling into the ring. He then falls to his knees and points both of his hands to the sky as sparks fall from above. The Gladiator Of Lucha Libre then rises to his feet.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Captain Charisma...CHRISTIAN!
    As Christian's theme hits, golden smoke starts to ascend from the stage. After a couple of moments, Christian walks out on stage to a thunderous reaction as he makes his one time return to the squared circle. Christian starts walking down the ramp but stops as he soaks in the reaction the crowd is giving off.

    Guernica and Christian sqaure off in the middle of the ring, and stare eachother down. They shake hands and head back to their corners. They start circling each other and tie up in the center of the ring, but Christian uses his size advantage to hook Guernica in a headlock. He backs up onto the ropes and flings him off. Guernica rebounds and is met with a back-body drop. Guernica grabs his back. Christian goes for the pin - 1 - Guernica kicks out and gets to his feet. He rests in the corner as Christian walks over and flings him into the opposite corner. Christian charges and attempts a Stinger Splash, but Guernica moves out of the way. Christian replaces Guernica, and stands in the corner. Guernica stands in the opposite corner, and charges Christian, but Christian slides in-between the ropes and lifts his legs. Guernica runs straight into his feet and is launched back. Guernica is groggy as Christian scales the turnbuckle and attempts a standing splash, but Guernica hits Christian with a mid-air dropkick that sends Christian flying to the side of the ring. Guernica and Christian recover on the mat, as Christian clutches his chest. Guernica stands up and adjusts his mask and walks over to Christian. He grabs him by the hair and stands him up, he hits an Enziguri that drops Christian. Guernica spends little time and applies a body scissors on Christian. Christian cringes in pain, as he tries to pushes Guernica's legs away from his waist. Christian starts rocking back-and-forth. He pushes back and is able to bridge the body scissors into a pin attempt. The attempt forces Guernica to break up the body scissors.

    Jwab: I'm not sitting here to watch a family-friendly exhibition.

    Sven: I enjoy it, it's rare we see a match that is pure competition.

    Jwab: Rightfully so.

    Guernica and Christian stand up and face off against. Christian runs as Guernica, but Guernica stretches the top-rope and sends Christian out of the ring. Christian lands hard and stumbles to his feet, when he turns around he is met with a springboard Shooting Star Press that takes Christian and Guernica out. Guernica gets in at the 7 count and Christian follows up, at the 9 count. Guernica charges Christian, but he is met with a Spear that sends Guernica slamming into the mat. Christian signals the crowd for the Killswitch, as Guernica stands up. He hooks his arms and turns him around, but Guernica starts running and runs Christian into the turnbuckle. Christian releases Guernica. Guernica runs off the ropes and hits a Spinning Heel kick. Christian is taken off his feet. Guernica adjusts his mask and signals for Tijuana Thunder. Christian stumbles to his feet and walks staright into Tijuana Thunder. However, Christian realizes the trouble he is in, and wiggles free. Guernica walks towards Christian, but he gives a clapping slap to his face. Guernica stumbles back as Christian hits yet another spear. He clutches his shoulder as he begins taunting in the corner, awaiting Guernica. Guernica gets to his feet and Christian charges, Guernica jumps over the spear. Christian, surprised, turns back and is met with a hip toss. Christian quickly gets up and clutches his back. Guernica attempts a German suplex, but Christian reverses it, and gets behind Guernica. He hits a German suplex and backs up into the corner, attempting to catch his breath.

    Sven: What a back-and-forth match!

    Jwab: Get the gloves off and start fighting!

    Guernica recovers and stumbles to his feet, Christian charges Guernica and attempts a spear but Guernica reverses it into a Monkey flip! Christian is launched into the turnbuckle and lands chest first. Guernica stands up and limps to the corner. He slowly makes his way up the turnbuckle, and points to the crowd as their volume increases. He adjusts his mask and balances himself and leaps into a flying headbutt. He lands with a thud on Christian, and both go into a fit a screams as they wince in pain. Both men are down, but Guernica gets to his feet, followed shortly by Christian. Christian is completely out-of-it and can't balance. He goes straight into Guernica. Guernica attempts to clinch on and hook Christian, but Christian's instincts disallow this form happening. He twists out and hooks a Killswitch, but Guernica bends backwards and smacks Christian back, and has him hooked - 1...2..- Christian kicks out and both men get up, groggy, sweaty, hurt and gassed. Christian charges Guernica but Guernica is able to hook him again for Tijuana Thunder Tiger Bomb. He hits it, again - 1...2...3! Guernica wins it!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...GUERNICA!

    Sven: A great showing by both men!

    Jwab: What the hell happened to Christian!? He better get his act back together, if he wants to stay. Shaking my head.

    Guernica stands up and climbs the turnbuckle. He poses on the turnbuckle and holds his gut, in pain. He steps down and helps Christian up. He extends his hand out and Christian shakes his hand, but is too groggy. Guernica holds up Christian's arm and pats him on the back. He leaves the ring and up the ramp, tagging hands on the way there. Christian recomposes and waves to the crowd before, somberly, leaving the ring, as well.

    The crowd begins to viciously boo as the theme for James Dragon begins to assault their senses. The pounding guitar riffs give way to Dragon himself. Though he still struts and twirls with the delusions of grandeur that’s common to him, he appears to be more focused. Which becomes more prevalent as he nears the ring. Dragon stands on the steps in front of the steel door, as an official opens his gateway to the steel contraption. For a few moments Dragon looks stoic as he gazes up at the intimidating structure. He then suddenly frowns and defiantly charges through the door and into the ring.

    Sven: James Dragon is ready for this battle, this man has conquered many foes since his arrival in IWT and looks to add to his already impressive record.

    Jwab: Meh, he's alright

    He stands in the ring, calmly scoping out the structure that encompasses him. However, his scouting of the terrain is interrupted...

    The lights in the arena dim while green strobe lights flash around the stage. After about 11 seconds, the lights synchronize with the beat and Nick appears on the stage, eyes clearly fixated on James Dragon. He heads towards the ring, unphased by the crowd's reactions or the intimidating structure that stands before him. He goes straight in through the door and stands across the ring from Dragon, silently staring at his opponent.

    Sven: And Nick is just as focused on this, not even caring that this is a steel cage match

    The referee rings the bell, and immediately, Nick sprints towards James and shoves him into the corner. The two begin exchanging rapid fire right hands, missing and hitting about every other punch. Nick begins using his left hand to jab the cornered Dragon, and begins taking control, forcing Dragon to hunch over from the pain in his gut. Nick begins throwing elbows at the back of his opponent's neck, dropping onto his hands and knees. Nick backs up, sizes Dragon up, and charges in for a running knee smash. However, Dragon manages to roll out of the way and Nick hits the rope neck first. Dragon then musters enough strength to briefly get up to his feet, lift Nick and drop him to the mat with a back suplex.

    Jwab: You remember at Summerslam 2014 when I beat Nick? I beat him in his prime, now he's old news!

    Sven: And you aren't?

    Jwab: Shut your mouth! I still don't know who the hell you are

    Dragon, ever so arrogant, takes a moment to pander to the crowd's frustration, flashing them an obnoxious grin. From here, he repeatedly begins punching the downed Nick with a flurry of rights and lefts, gets back to his feet and holds up the too sweet to some more jeers from the audience. As Nick gets back up to his feet, Dragon knees him in the side of the head, knocking him backwards into the ropes. He picks Nick up and connects with a loud knife edge chop, followed by an irish whip. Nick bounces off the ropes and Dragon floats behind Nick, applies a waist lock, and German suplexes him to the opposite side of the ring. Nick holds the middle rope, trying to get himself back up, but Dragon comes flying in, stomping on the back of Nick's head and sending him face first into the steel!

    Sven: OW! The power behind that stomp, sending Nick directly into the cage! That had to have hurt

    Jwab: Wouldve hurt more if Jwab did it, if you ask me

    Nick holds his wounded his face and Dragon rolls him onto his back for a pin...
    Nick gets the shoulder up!

    Dragon shakes his head, and gets up to his feet, watching his opponent hold his face in agony. He sizes Nick up, and goes in for a super kick. However, Nick rolls out of the way and trips Dragon forward, forcing him to fall flat on his face. From here he drops a knee on the back of his head, and soon after begins throwing sloppy punches, Dragon trying to block as many as possible. Nick lifts Dragon up and sends him flying into the steel, knocking him flat to the mat. He thinks about covering but shakes his head and smiles at Dragon's downed body.

    Sven: Nick said he was gonna make James Dragon suffer and he appears to have begun with that

    Jwab: Looks like he's gonna hurt him

    Nick grabs Dragon by the hair and yanks him to a corner. From the there, he begins shoving his face towards the cage; however, Dragon pushes his feet on the cage and flips behind Nick, avoiding contact with the face. He super kicks Nick in the back of the head and then slams Nick's face directly into the steel. Nick falls down and James covers...
    kick out!

    Sven: What a counter by James Dragon!

    Jwab: I am shocked he kicked out

    James, now a bit more frustrated, begins stomping on his fallen opponent. He then picks Nick up and sets him up for a piledriver. He lifts Nick up, but Nick struggles and forces his way down - he then back body drops James directly into the steel!

    Sven: OH my god!!

    Nick grins and grabs Dragon by the face. He holds Dragon's head, pressing it directly onto the steel - from there he runs down that whole side of the ring, grinding James' face on the cage the whole way. He then drops James with a reverse DDT! He covers...
    Dragon raises his shoulder!

    Sven: And Nick is now doing what he promised

    Jwab: Still can't win, though

    The camera zooms in on Dragon to reveal blood forming around his forehead, and Nick, in response, puts his finger on James' wound and licks the blood off his finger, laughing.

    Jwab: GOOD GOD he's gone insane! He's a madman! Get him out of there!

    Sven: Quite the grotesque showing from Nick, he seems to have gone off the edge since the Bullad Club's assault

    He lifts James up and immediately floors him with a huge forearm smash. He climbs to the top rope, and then makes a gun with his hand. He pretends to shoot it, and leaps with a frog splash - however Dragon rolls out of the way!

    Sven: Crashes and burns!

    Dragon, now infuriated at the sight of his own blood, lunges onto Nick and begins beating the shit out of him, smashing his face repeatedly. After that, Dragon lifts Nick up and shoves him face first into the steel. From there he continues to smash him, screaming obscenities at Nick.

    James: How does that feel, Nick?

    Nick gets released by Dragon and falls to the mat, revealing his face to be even more bloody than James'

    Sven: Both men donning the crimson mask right now, this is not good

    Jwab: They're gonna get Hep C

    James leaps onto the top rope and begins climbing the cage, slowly inching towards the top. He gets about 3/4 of the way there, but Nick leaps up and runs full speed into the cage, causing James to lose his balance. While Dragon struggles to remain up top, Nick springboards up to James and brings both of them crashing down with a huge german suplex to a huge pop!

    Sven: Oh my god!!

    Nick rolls over to Dragon and lifts his arm over him, the crowd counting in unison...
    3! NO! Dragon breaks out in time

    Jwab: Shocked to see that partner

    Sven: I cannot believe this, Dragon showing he will not quit! He must win this match!

    Nick sits up, surprised but with a faint smile on his face. Nick picks James up, and irish whips him - Dragon rebounds and Nick powerslams him. After this, Nick kicks him over, grabs him and applies the Brooklyn Bridge (Cattle Mutilation!!)

    Sven: From out of no where, Nick with his signature hold, The Brooklyn Bridge is in!

    Jwab: That hold hurts, but not as much as a figure four from Jwab!

    Nick wrenches Dragon's arms as he flails, trying to break the hold. Dragon keeps squirming for about 30 seconds, before his fidgeting and shaking causes Nick to weaken his grip. Dragon manages to flip Nick off him to the side, and roll away, attempting to recuperate. Nick rolls onto his side and charges head first at Dragon - however, Dragon rolls out of the way and Nick ends up diving directly into the cage, knocking him out cold. Wasting no time, Dragon begins climbing the cage as quickly as he can, albeit a bit slowly.

    Jwab: End this boring match, James.

    Dragon, now 3/4ths of the way there again, smirks as Nick is struggling on the floor. Dragon sits atop the cage, and too sweets the crowd one last time. However, Nick comes charging up the cage and uppercuts James. After that, he hip tosses Dragon off the cage and sends him crashing onto the mat!! He can escape the cage! However, Nick stands atop the cage, makes the gun with his hand once more, and fires it, the crowd on their feet.

    Sven: No! Dont do it!

    Jwab: What an idiot!

    Nick goes for the frog splash once more, this time from the top of the cage. However, James puts his knees up, causing Nick to crash directly onto his opponent's knees, and he holds his gut in extreme pain. As Nick is rolling around, Dragon musters the strength to lift him for Fortuna (Package Fisherman Buster)!!

    Sven: Fortuna!! Good night, folks

    Dragon covers Nick, the crowd counting in unison...

    Sven: James Dragon has done it! He will fight Jack Forte for the Intercontinental Championship.

    Dragon happily accepts the referee raising his arm as he takes in the crowd's mostly negative reaction. He parades around the ring, further riling them up. The final shot we see is James making a too sweet, his face covered in blood, standing over an even more bloodied and unconscious Nick inside the steel cage.

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the IWT Television Championship...and is a Deathmatch!

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Skullshore, Georgia, the challenger...COUSIN EDDY!
    Cousin Eddy, somberly, walks onto the stage with a dim light on him. He looks around at the crowd and begins to advance down to the ring. He doesn't shake eye-contact with the ring and rolls in where he raises his arm as the lights and movie fade away.

    Announcer: Introducing second, the reigning, defending, inaugural IWT Television Champion...SCHIZO!
    Schizo steps and stares at Cousin Eddy, in the ring. Schizo takes his title off his waist and charges down to the ring, and slides in.

    The bell rings as Schizo attacks Cousin Eddy with the IWT TV title. He bashes it over his head and only stands off, to take off his entrance gear. He paces around the ring, as he wiggles his jacket off. He turns back to pounce on Eddy again, but Eddy has stood up and is awaiting Schizo. As Schizo sees Eddy standing, he charges but Eddy has him scouted, and lands a giant headbutt. Schizo collapses to the floor as Eddy gets rocked. Eddy is backed up into to the ropes as Schizo lays, glass eyed in the center of the grimey mat. Eddy walks over and assumes Full Mount and begins to pound on Schizo. He locks his fingers between the eye-slits in Schizo's mask and begins to pull. Schizo, for the first time, screams and pulls back. The referee stands back, as Schizo takes to punching and pinching Cousin Eddy. Cousin Eddy screams and rolls off Schizo. Schizo's mask is stetched out, but he readjusts it and gets to his feet. Cousin rolls out of the ring and recomposes himself on the barricade. Schizo charges up and hits a dangerously sloppy suicide dive. Schizo seems to have no regard for his own body or his opponents. They both crash, sickly, on the barricade. The referee goes to check on them, but doesn't intend to call the bell, no matter the toll. Schizo gets to his feet, as does Cousin Eddy. Schizo begins to pummel Eddy with stiff lefts and rights, but Eddy snaps and grabs Schizo by the neck and arm and rag dolls him into the steel steps. Schizo lands with a thud, landing tailbone first on the side of the steps! Eddy adjusts his pants and goes under the ring. He pulls out a chair and grasps it in one hand. He places Schizo's leg on the steps and grasps the chair. He lifts and swings it down, but Schizo scoots out of the way! The metal-on-metal contact rings Eddy's hands. He wiggles them in pain as Schizo scurries to his feet.

    Sven: Good lord, these men are willing to tear eachother apart for that title!

    Jwab: I'm loving this. We get so much of this baby stuff, good to see some grown men smack eachother around for minimal pay, compared to me, at least.

    He finally gains his balance, but is on the opposite side of the ring. Schizo crouches as Eddy rolls into the ring and runs out the opposite end, but as soon as he gains his balance, Schizo smacks him in the face with a wrench. Eddy collapses to the floor. He is huddled into a ball with his hands over his face. Schizo throws the wrench away. He kicks Eddy, over and over again. He stands Eddy up, and leans him on the mat. His face is covered in blood, as well as a puddle of blood on the mats, below. It seems that Eddy had a couple of teeth knocked out. Schizo whips Eddy into the barricade. Eddy gets flung into the time-keepers area and lands into the time keepers area. Schizo regains his stamina and begins to pull apart the mats. The blood has seeped through onto the concrete. He grabs Cousin Eddy and hooks him and hits a Russian Leg Sweep onto the exposed concrete. Both Schizo and Cousin Eddy scream in pain and grab their necks in pain. After around 2 minutes of regaining their composure Schizo makes his way to his feet and makes his way up the ramp and behind the curtain. He returns 1 minute later with a shopping cart full of light tubes, a bag of tacks, a barbed wire 2x4 and a gallon of gasoline. Eddy spends little time to attack him. He attacks him on the stage, and hits a Belly-to-Belly. Schizo lands with a thud on the steel grate. Cousin Eddy stands straight up and spits out some blood. He flips the cart and empties it. He lifts the cart and bases it over Schizo's mid-section!

    Sven: I don't feel too good about this! They should keep this civil!

    Jwab: Shut up faggot. They get paid to do this, and are good at it, unlike you.

    Cousin Eddy walks over to the pile of weapons and picks out a light tube. Schizo scurries, but can't get to his feet. He sits on-top of a small stage light. Cousin Eddy walks over and attempts to bash the tube over his head, but Schizo moves out of the way. Schizo charges Cousin Eddy from the back and launches himself at Eddy with a clothesline. They both go tumbling off the stage and land onto a pile of wires and tables, below. They land in a furry of sparks. The crowd goes insane. After around 3 minutes Schizo gets up and limps back up the stage via steps. He grabs a couple of the light tubes and sets them up against the electric wall and the stage floor. He walks back down and grabs Cousin Eddy by the hair. He drags him up the stage and attempts to hit another Russian Leg Sweep, but Cousin Eddy twists out of it and hooks Schizo in a Full Nelson. He lifts him up and slams him through the light tubes with a Full Nelson slam. The crowd erupts and Eddy falls down, of exhaustion. Cousin Eddy's mouth and forehead are bloodied and it has dyed his hair red. Schizo's back and stomach are stained with blood as well. Cousin Eddy gets to his feet and walks over to the pile of weapons and picks out the barbed wire 2x4. He walks over to Schizo and swings at the prone Schizo. Schizo, instinctually, rolls out of the way. He gets to his feet and hits a running elbow smash that collapses Eddy, to one knee. Schizo grabs Eddy by the hair, the bag of tacks and the bottle of gasoline and begins to walk back to the ring. He enters the ring and throws his instruments in, as well. Schizo is covered in blood, sweat and is panting for air. He kicks Eddy and stands him up. He walks out and gets a table. He comes back into the ring and sets the table up. Schizo picks up the gasoline and signals for the table to be lit on fire. He pours gasoline over to the table, but Eddy has revived. He charges Schizo, but Schizo moves out of the way. Eddy rebounds off the ropes and Schizo hits a hip toss through the table! Schizo collapses on-top of Eddy and the referee goes for the pin - 1...2...3! Schizo retains!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...and STILL IWT Television Champion...SCHIZO!

    Schizo is helped up to his feet by a fleet of EMTs. He pushes them off of him and grabs his Television title. His blood and sweat drip onto the title but he stumbles out of the ring. His back clutched. He limps onto the stage and looks at the broken instruments in disgust. He disappears through the curtain, meanwhile, Eddy is getting to his feet with the applauds of the crowd for a tough fight.

    Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger...LUIS OVALDINHO!
    Ovaldinho arrives to a blast of cheers, Ovaldinho applauds in response. He soaks in the atmosphere before making his way to the ring in a timely fashion. He hands his Umbro jacket to the ref, shaking his hand before retiring to his corner.

    Announcer: Introducing second, the reigning, defending, IWT Champion...AIDS JOHNSON!
    At the 13 second mark Aids Johnson comes out wearing his Brewers blue attire with the belt situated around his waist. He stops at the center of the stage, ignoring everything around him until the chorus hits - storming down and sliding into the ring. Aids and Oval stand in the center of the ring momentarily, nearly nose to nose, before Aids hits both corners holding up the title as his music continues.

    Aids and Luis are in their respective corners, the crowd is stomping, clapping, gradually faster, until there is an uproar of screaming. Aids climbs the turnbuckle and plays to the crowd and they pop. Luis stays focused on Aids as he removes his jacket. He goes to hand it to a member of the production crew as the ref rings the bell. Aids Johnson comes running out of his corner and hits Luis with body punches while he's still handing off the jacket.

    1...2...3...4 The ref pushes Aids away, not wanting to stop the match, but Aids goes right back in hitting Luis in the head with a stiff shot in the face. Aids drags Luis out of the corner violently. Luis tries to fight out of the front headlock Aids has him in, but it is clinched tight. Aids lifts Luis up and slams him straight down for the Brainbuster, the crowd is on their feet. Aids covers Luis. The ref goes for the pin- Luis kicks out at 0. The crowd is ruckus. Aids can't believe it and the crowd begins chanting "Holy Shit".

    Aids goes for the pin again and Luis kicks out immediately again. Aids starts reigning down punches on Luis, who puts his guard up and the ref pulls Aids off of Luis and into the corner. The ref threatens to disqualify Aids and Aids calms down until Luis gets on the top rope and plays to the crowd just like Aids did. The crowd is louder than it was for Aids. Aids comes running out of the corner to Luis, but he knows and hits Aids with a moonsault, taking him down to the canvas. Luis hooks his leg.

    1...2...Aids kicks out, pushing Luis away, enough for him to get back to his feet- Luis runs up behind Aids and dead lifts him into a german suplex. The crowd chants 1! Luis holds on to Aids in an attempt to go for another. Aids tries to elbow Luis, but he dodges it each time before sending Aids down for a 2nd German Suplex. The crowd chants 2! Aids starts to look a little weary, Luis tries to lift his dead weight back up to hit him for a 3rd. Luis gets him up and he goes for the 3rd, but Aids clutches the ring ropes with both arms.

    Luis tries to pull Aids off the ropes, but he still hangs on. The ref begins to count 1..2..3..4- Luis rips Aids from the rope and slams him down for a 3rd German Suplex, but both men are down. The crowd chants 3! It seems Aids putting up a fight exhausted Luis more than he anticipated. The ref checks on both men and begins to count as they are both down. Luis rolls over and starts to crawl towards Aids to go for a pin. Just as Luis is going to go for the cover Aids. He rolls out of the ring, using it to get on his feet.

    The ref begins counting 1...

    Aids takes a knee, but uses the apron to get right back up to see Luis still crawling towards him. ...3! Aids does the "You can't see me" taunt before grabbing Luis by his head and dragging his body out of the ring, so that just his feet are on the apron. ...5! Aids holds Luis up by a side headlock, he looks around the crowd before hitting Luis with a bulldog that plants him on the outside floor. Aids sits next to Oval's motionless body and wipes his hands. ....7!

    Aids quickly rolls back into the ring, he looks down at Luis, talking shit. ...8! Luis starts to move. Aids infuriated, rolls back out of the ring and locks on a camel clutch! The ref starts his count again. 1...2....3....4...5 Luis screams in agony as Aids holds the move in an attempt to perhaps run in at the last second and beat Luis via count out. Luis however manages to get to his knee, releasing the tension from the hold. With Aids still on his back Oval climbs back in the ring, getting to his feet again. Aids wrenches the hold, but your can see the anger boiling on Luis' face.

    Luis manages to flip around to Aids' front side in one swift motion before hitting Aids with a belly to belly suplex, the he holds on to. Luis picks Aids back up and goes for another, but Aids counters his weight and hits Luis with a belly to belly instead, this time he doesn't release the hold, picking up Luis. Luis then hits Aids with a belly to belly and picks Aids up. Luis quickly transitions to Aids' back and hits a snap german suplex, while still holding on. Luis transitions Aids' arms behind his back and hits a Tiger suplex, finally releasing the hold.

    Aids lands on his knees, struggling to hold himself up. Luis is feeling it as he pumps himself up and begins to kick Aids in the chest repeatedly before hitting a superkick. Aids still trying to hold himself up falls slowly to the canvas. The crowd is pumped as Luis stalks Aids, waiting for him to come to. Aids uses the ropes by a turnbuckle to get himself back up slowly. You can see a dazed look in Aids' eyes as if he doesn't know where he is.

    Aids gets to his feet and Luis leapfrogs on to Aids' shoulder to hit him with his finisher- uppercut! Aids Johnson hits an uppercut to Luis with that long arm reach to render him wobbly on Aids' shoulders. Aids takes the head of Luis and we cand slowly see him turn Luis' position into a suplex position. It looks like Aids is about to go for another brainbuster as he parades around the ring with Luis, but then he goes back to the corner and starts climbing, holding Luis up with one hand.

    The crowd is on their feet again as both men are now on second rope. Aids is about to go to the top until Oval tips over, to the floor, landing on his feet. He quickly springboards off the top rope into a reverse hurricanrana that transitions into a piledriver! Take a bow son, take a bow! The crowd is on their feet, shaking at the barricade, and chanting holy shit as both men are unmoving on the canvas. Luis crawls over to Aids and throws an arm over him.

    1...2....3! The bell rings! Luis has done it! Luis has become the IWT Champion!

    Confetti begins to fall from the ceiling as Luis gets a standing ovation from the crowd. The championship is brought to Luis as he is on his knees and he cradles in his hand before rising to his feet and holding it in the air!. Luis heads outside of the ring to hug family members and friends. Luis high fives a few fans nearby before heading back into the ring and holding the championship up again.

    ...The lights cut out.

    The lights flash a bright white and Dat Kid stands at the entrance way. Luis looks confused, but as Kid walks down it's pretty clear he's here to fight. Luis waits by the ring ropes as Dat Kid approaches until Aids Johnson who is wearily on his knees pulls him by his tights and low blows him. Kid runs in the and starts headbutting Oval while he's on the ground. The crowd begins to boo Kid as he gets to his feet, stomping on Oval who is now busted open.

    Aids gets back to his feet and pushes Kid hard against the ropes. There's a moment where Aids and Kid stare down each other talking shit, but then stares of a long rivaled hatred become smiles from ear to ear. Aids holds up the sign for the clique and so does Dat Kid. Kid and Aids drag Oval to the corner and begin stomping at him until the crowd pops!

    Alias heads down to the ring with chair in hand, sending Aids and Kid running out of the ring. Kid and Aids start walking up the ramp taunting Alias as he Alias guards the front ring ropes. Luis gets to his feet and he goes to grab the championship, but Alias hits him right on the back of the head with the chair! The camera cuts to the shocked reactions of people in the crowd. Alias stares at the downed Luis and slowly turns his head back to Aids and Kid before throwing up the clique sign. Aids and Kid come running down to the ring, Aids sliding and in and Kid going under the ring, for another steel chair.

    The group begins nailing Luis with chairs to the back and you can see the welts develop. Aids eventually tells them to stop and tells Kid to move into the corner. Alias and Aids hold up Luis and Dat Kid hits him with a running big boot. Aids then lifts up Luis with the help of Alias to hit him with the brain buster. Kid and Aids then pick Luis up on Alias' shoulder and he plants him in the center of the ring for the Psycho Driver on the IWT Championship.

    The crowd is furious, security is having trouble holding some back as the trio is pelted with trash from all angles. Aids calls for Sage who cautiously gets in the ring and holds the mic for Aids, but Aids shoves her over to Kid.

    Kid: If you want to hear what we have to say you better show some damn respect and shut your filthy fucking mouths! You people act like this is some sort of surprise that this happened! The three of us have been here for years and between all of us We've got more than 15 World Championship reigns between us, so why is it that all of a sudden you people are quick to just toss us away?

    Why is it that you people cheer for a man like Luis Ovaldipshit when he's only been here for months? He's not the one making money for this company, he's not the one selling out stadiums, he's not the one on talk shows, he's not the one with the mile high wrestling resume! He's a nobody that was trained by a nobody and just like that nobody, he's gonna drift on and get lost in the middle of the ocean in that tugboat that he calls a yacht!

    The Demon Alias Antonio, The God Dat Kid, and the 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time IWT Champion Aids Johnson. The three most dominant forces in the IWT now formed into one union. By ourselves we conquered our each respective eras and united we will conquer the IWT from now until we squeeze the very life out of this company. We will see this place burn to the ground before we see it run by a bunch of scrubs.

    Dat Kid turns to the entrance way.

    That means you Nick, so if you come out here with that fucking briefcase I won't just embarrass you just like you do every time you have a match, I will fucking end you and charge your mother for getting garbage on the bottom of my boots. However we will see someone cash in tonight. Alias is going to cash in his rematch clause, Aids is cashing in his rematch clause, and I'm declaring myself the number one contender and that match starts now!

    Dat Kid tells Sage to ring the bell and she does. The trio pins Oval all at the same time. The trio counts the pinfall 1...2...3. Kid picks up the mic.

    And the winners of this contest and your new IWT Champions.....The New World Order!

    With Alias in the middle the trio hold up the IWT Championship while being pelted with trash.

    Sven: What the hell is happening! Good god the New World Order has arrive and set it's sight on the IWT Champion, Luis Ovaldinho!

    Jwab: Now this is what Jwab wants to see! Why wasn't I invited!?

    Sven: Get them out of here! We need to get down to our Main Event, Chris Kaizer against Scott Fargo for the IWT Universal Championship!

    Sven: What a night we have had so far with some fantastic matches, but we come to our main event. The returning Chris Kaizer will be going head to head with the rising superstar and Universal Champion, Scott Fargo!

    Jwab: Right around here is where I'm supposed to fall asleep to mock Chris Kaizer, but he isn't even worth that at this point.

    Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the IWT UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

    The lights cut out as Chris Kaizer's theme begins to play throughout the arena to a huge pop. As the beat drops the lights begin to flash as Kaizer makes his way from behind the curtain. He smirks before raising his arms to his sides and spinning around. He makes his way down to the ring and shakes some hands on the way down. Kaizer enters the ring and climbs the turnbuckle where he is greeted with a sea of cheers, the crowd happy to see the returning Kaizer back in IWT. He drops down from the turnbuckle and removes his jacket, and prepares for the Universal Champion to make his entrance.

    The lights in the arena dim. At 0:15, Fargo slowly exits from the back into the view of the crowd, who greet him with an overwhelming chorus of boos. Fargo stands emotionless in the center of the stage absorbing the heat. Fargo unstraps the Universal Championship around his waist and raises it above his head. This action results in even more heat from the hostile crowd. Fargo smirks and begins walking down toward the ring. Fargo climbs up onto the apron and shouts a few insults at Kaizer before finally getting in the ring. Fargo stands face to face with Kaizer and raises the championship.

    Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger! Weighing in at 6'3 and 225 pounds, hailing from Los Angeles, California....CHRRRRRRRRRRIS KAAAAAAAAAAAIZER!

    Announcer: And his opponent! Weighing in at 6'1 240 pounds, from Minneapolis, Minnesota....he is the reigning and defending IWT UNIVERSAL CHAMPION....SCOOOOOOOOOT FARGOOOO!

    Fargo raises the title above his head, focusing his eyes straight on Kaizer while doing so. He hands the title over to the ref, who shows Kaizer before handing it off to ringside. Finally, the ref rings the bell and the match begins.

    Fargo and Kaizer circle the ring a bit before Fargo goes in for a leg takedown on Kaizer who quickly avoids it. Kaizer smirks quickly before the two come face to face and share some banter. Kaizer pushes Fargo back who comes right back with a swift right hand knocking the unsuspecting Kaizer back. They begin to trade punches to the roar of the crowd, Kaizer takes Fargo by surprise and throws him into the corner. There Kaizer starts unloading with more punches before the ref has to separate the two. Kaizer obliges and backs away allowing Fargo to get a breather. They begin to circle the ring again before locking up in the middle of the ring, Fargo gets the advantage and takes Kaizer down to the mat. Fargo tries to lock in a cross face but Kaizer escapes and gets a headlock on Fargo. Fargo struggles but eventually gets to his feet and throws Kaizer into the ropes, as Kaizer bounces off and comes back towards Fargo he grabs his arm and drops him to the ground and locks in a cross face. Kaizer is in the middle of the ring and Fargo doesn't look like he is going to get out, but Kaizer finds the power to get out of the hold and roll out of the ring.

    Sven: Fargo showing just how good of a technical wrestler he is, I think Kaizer is both impressed and shocked.

    Jwab: Can Fargo be as good as Jwab is the real question that should be on everyone's mind during this match.

    Kaizer climbs the ropes and reenters the ring slowly. Fargo rushes him and tries to take him down to the mat again but Kaizer evades the takedown and rolls Fargo up!


    Fargo kicks out but Kaizer is right back on the attack as hits Fargo in the back of the head with a running forearm. Kaizer turns Fargo over before giving him a few slaps on the chest. Fargo is sent into the ropes and bounces back at Kaizer who hits him with a beautiful standing dropkick. Kaizer goes for the pin again but Fargo kicks out before the ref can even get to the mat. Kaizer with a few more punches to Fargo, he tries to lift him to his feet but Fargo catches an unsuspecting Kaizer and rolls behind me before grabbing Chris' legs and getting an ankle lock applied! Kaizer is quick to reverse though and throws Fargo into the ropes, Kaizer stands up and tries to clothesline Fargo to the outside but Fargo ducks! Fargo grabs Kaizer and hits a bridging german suplex!


    Kaizer kicksout! Fargo unloads with stomps on the downed Kaizer. Fargo moves his right kneepad down, and hits a brutal knee drop right on Kaizer! Kaizer shoots up into a seated position where Fargo hits a running knee to the back of the head! Fargo goes for the pin immediately


    Kaizer kicksout again. Fargo looks to be going to the top rope, he taunts Kaizer when he reaches the top. Fargo goes for the elbow drop but he finds nobody on his way down as Kaizer rolls out of the way, Fargo grabs his arm in pain as Kaizer gets a breather using the ropes to climb back to his feet. Fargo again rushes at Kaizer but Kaizer hits a crossbody slam and goes for a pin


    Fargo kicks out! Kaizer climbs over to the ropes and rests on them waiting for Fargo to raise to his feet. As Fargo rises to his feet, Kaizer hits a backstabber! He goes for the pin again


    Fargo kicksout! Kaizer smirks but goes right back on the attack by lifting Fargo back to his feet, but Kaizer is met with a brutal uppercut and then a huuuge discus lariat from Fargo! Kaizer shoots right back up and walks right into FARGO TO SLEEP! Fargo goes for the pin!


    NO! Kaizer kicks out at the last millisecond! Fargo wastes no time though and quickly unloads with a few punches to Kaizer. Fargo climbs the ropes again

    Sven: We seen what happened last time he tried to go airborne, I don't think this is a very smart decision.

    Jwab: Right here I would tell you what I'd do in this situation but if I was in this match it would have been over in the first 5 minutes!

    As Kaizer rises to his feet, Fargo jumps and hits him with double axehandle! Kaizer falls back onto the mat as Fargo says a few explicit words. Fargo picks Kaizer up to his feet before super kicking the back of his knee! It looks like Fargo is setting up the Shotgun Blast! As Fargo runs towards Kaizer, Chris rolls out of the way. Fargo shakes his head and goes over to pick Kaizer up, who surprises him with a uppercut of his own! Fargo is stunned, Kaizer raises to his feet and kicks Fargo in the groin. Kaizer goes for the Kaizer Screwdriver! He hits it!


    No! Fargo finds the power to kickout! The arena is flooded by an ocean of boos. Kaizer laughs and picks Fargo back up. He looks like he is going for another Kaizer Screwdriver! No, Fargo counters it! Fargo grabs Kaizer's leg and locks in the Cole Lock!

    Sven: That's Reagen Cole's move! What is Scott Fargo doing?

    Kaizer climbs to the ropes, but Fargo doesn't let go. The ref starts to count to 5 but Fargo releases the hold. He allows Kaizer to get to his feet but immediately locks in the Gates of Fargo! In the middle of the ring, Kaizer tries to fight out of the hold. It looks as though he may be able to escape but Fargo increases the pressure and Kaizer taps! Fargo has won via submission!

    Fargo rises to his feet slowly before being handed the belt.

    Announcer: And the winner of this match and still YOUR IWT UNIVERSAL CHAMPION...SCOTT FARGO!

    Fargo raises the belt above his head and stands on the turnbuckle. When he drops down and turns around and finds Kaizer standing there in the middle of the ring looking at them. They stare at each other for a while before Kaizer extends his hand out to Fargo. Fargo's music stops...Fargo drops the Universal Title over his shoulder. He accepts the handshake from Kaizer! Fargo pulls Kaizer in for a hug to a mixed reaction from the crowd. But as Kaizer is pulling away from the hug Fargo pulls him right back into the brutal clothesline!

    Sven: Fargo always seems to one-up himself with his dirty antics, it sickens me!

    The crowd roars down with boos as Fargo raises the title above his head one last time and leaves the ring. He walks up the ramp to be greeted by the rest of the Bullad Club members who are clapping and congratulate Fargo on his victory. Fargo reaches the top of the stage and Danny Jacobs lifts him up on his shoulders. The last shot of IWT SummerSlam is that of the Bullad Club standing tall on the top of the stage, victorious and dominate.​
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  2. @THG?: Alias Antonio
    @Hym: Jack Forté
    @Gav in da BPL!: Gav the Chav
    @Nickelodeon: Nick
    @Jacob Fox: Schizo
    @King B: Declan Zanotto
    @impactking: Chris Young/Lilith Young/Ashley Young
    @CBK_15: Jack Lux
    @Ring Rust: Perceval "Rusty" Donohue
    @Drag: James Dragon
    @Ryan Davis: Ryan Davis
    @rydogg: Braeden Cross
    @Kylojo Ren: Scott Fargo
    @Ovaldinho: Luis Ovaldhino/Lord Lee
    @Indy: Danny Jacobs
    @AfricanScatMahn: The Scat
    @B1skit: Cousin Eddy
    @Forrest OAKADA: Leo Taylor
    @C.M. Shaddix: Corey Marcus "C.M." Shaddix
    @Chrxsiie: Raine
    @TheTNHMaster: Chris Kaizer
    @Blind: Mark Knight
    @Ellis Sullivan: Johnny Thunder
    @Botchie Botcherson: Arno Frye
    @KevinJamesFan: Ronnie S. Huxley
    @Dylan™ : Guernica
    @Big E Rection: Dat Kid
    @RedDwarfTechy: Colt Hellbeck
    @TheWUKMaster: The Blackfire
    @Gambino: Louie Aldo
    @Aurtle the Turtle: Rio Nakayama
    @NLSuplex: Ivy Hale
    @Black Wizard: Kelsey Taylor
    @Jet Starr: Slate Bass
    @TheFrostyBlur: Tyson Storm
    @Electro: Darius LaVonte
    @NickThePenguin: Brad Blitz
  3. Lovely show lads. Even despite that trickster's Jwab's old shenanigans on commentary. MoTN was probably Aids/Oval or Kaizer/Fargo. Even still great show, every match felt important which is always great.
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  4. Very nice guys. Enjoyed reading all the matches. Only thing I wanted to say was that the rumble match was hard to read at some points, it would have been nice if it was broken up a little, other than that very good show.
  5. Great show. Best show of the year no doubt.
  6. Awesome show to all the participants and a well written one too! Nicely done writers :)
  7. So, wait... Are THG, Aids and Kid actually all IWT Champion now or is it just a blatant ruze~?
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