Storyline IWT Summit 2015 (Dec 13th - Dec 18th) Match Card!

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    Match #1 - December 13th
    Danny Jacobs vs. Prince Bálor for the IWT X-Division Championship
    @Indy @Prince Bálor

    Match #2 - December 14th
    Reagan Cole vs. Joe Collins
    @The ReagMaster @:OPJAKE

    Match #3 - December 16th
    Jack Forté vs. Lord Lee vs. ??? for the IWT Intercontinental Championship
    @Shadow @Ovalhead

    Match #4 - December 17th
    Golden Ticket Tournament Finals

    Match #5 - December 18th
    FTJ vs. Aids Johnson for the IWT World Championship and Victoria Parker's contract in a Street Fight; however, if FTJ wins, Aids will be suspended indefinitely.
    @Randy Savage @Aids Johnson
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  2. 2 more days baby.
  3. Think today is the 16th smarty
  4. It is, but the 18th is Aids day. I need to vote though.

  5. Roadie needs to make the thread you dig. That way I can win quicker.
  6. I can make the thread smarty, just don't know if Big Mike is ok with it.
  7. Fuck him, stack paper.
  8. Gotta make sure my surprise is going to slide through. You know, championship advantage and all.
  9. I do.
  10. Any mod can make a match thread, if they've made one before. Had important stuff to do.
  11. I'm not a mod.
  12. Was talking to Shadow, smarty.