Voting IWT Summit 2015 - Golden Ticket Final (Sudden Death)

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Who Won?

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  1. Nick

  2. Spawn

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...AND it is for the Golden Ticket!

    (@Tumbas) Spawn vs. Nick (@Nickelodeon)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for up to 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    ask as many questions, as you want. idgaf.

    Please don't post during the match. If you need to post an OOC post,
    it needs to be important and short.


  2. Nick stands in the corner, eyeing Spawn. He takes a breathe, and leans on the ropes. Slowly, he reaches and pulls a microphone, not taking his sight off of Spawn. He pulls it up to his mouth and looks at his opponent.

    "You know what, I'm not gonna lie, I underestimated you. I thought that I would've have to try that hard, but I was wrong there. I went easy on you. I will not do that again."

    He pauses.

    "You will not make it in the IWT. I want you to listen to these words, because I'm not just saying these to destroy you... take them as advice. You will not make it in the IWT, at least as Spawn. Because your whole being, your whole purpose, is unoriginal. Your entrance, your mannerisms - we've seen them before. You're nothing more than than the FTJ to CM Punk's Kane."

    He smirks upon hearing a faint reaction from the crowd and sits on the top rope.

    "Just like FTJ, a copy of someone, and just like him, you will see no true success unless it is handed to you. Because you don't deserve it. You barely deserve to be in the IWT right now, and the fact that you've made it this far in the tournament only shows that this company has gone to complete shit. And that's why I'm here."

    Nick jumps down off the turnbuckle and stares at Spawn.

    "I'm here, to make sure people like you don't make it in the IWT. To right this ship. Because I can guarantee, that in a company with me at the top, someone like you won't be here. I will rid this company of a plague, a plague of shitty knock-off superstars and untalented excuses for wrestlers. When I become champion, these kinds of people will be gone. That is the cancer - you are the cancer, I am the cure."

    Nick moves a little closer as the crowd pops.

    "So now you will do what the person you're copying does and lose to the star - me. Enjoy your last moments in IWT, because after this match you will be sent back to hell and never return."

    He tosses the microphone out of the ring and prepares for a fight.
  3. Spawn stood dead still as he starred into the eyes of Nick.

    "You still do not get it.
    I do not need your advice. The time for advice has long since passed. I do not wish to make it in IWT. I wish to break IWT.
    I could not care about championship belts and rankings. I do not give a damn about these people watching us. I am here for no other reason than to berate you all and drag you to Hell.
    While you may consider yourself a wrestler, you must try to understand that I am something very much different. Never before has my kind risen up to the mortal plain like this, so I can see why you struggle to grasp the concept of such true darkness.

    I am no wrestler. I am simply the swarm of locust here to purge the evil that your kind has created. Through out all of time, there has never been a peak in violence, hatred and disgust like there is today. I have been watching since the beginning, and I can tell you IWT is responsible. IWT has sent your planet into a primal state of chaos. For this reason it must perish. If IWT continues like this, then I fear mankind will become more evil, than the true darkness.

    It should be evident now that I am no wrestler. But I am a fighter. I am here fighting for the just cause, but can you see that? Do you know of the evil your are supporting when you continue to fight for IWT? How do you know you are fighting on the good side Nick?

    Or maybe I have been too harsh on you. Perhaps you were just an innocent soul, who was twisted by IWT's evil presence. These people, have brainwashed you into fighting their battles. I give you this opportunity to take a deep breath of air, and tell me if you feel like a free man. Your answer will help to decide how far gone you truly are.

    You must stop trying to find reason for my actions in a state of your world. I am not here to become a famous IWT superstar. I am only here to knock these walls down and expose the darkness that has become. Only then can I drag the evil of IWT into hell where it truly belongs. People like you have already tried to stop me. Clearly I misunderstood the foe I was facing here Nick. IWT, not you. This place has created pawns to do it's bidding, and you do not even know you are being played. The worst part is once I beat you, you are just another pawn. There are still plenty of people I have to obliterate before checkmate.

    You seem very confident that I am just another person. That I am just copying some sort of belief or morale. But you must listen. I am not here to beat you. I am not here to become champ. I am not here to win.

    I am here to kill you all."
  4. Pretty sure we are trying to get voting to coincide with RAW bro, it'll be a few hours. Make sure you vote in the IWT Title match too, people.

    Celebrate IWT and contribute, if you compete then you need to contribute to the others. No votes without you first, and im talking to you everyone.
  5. If you're talking to me, I believe I've voted in every match
  6. It should have been obvious it wasn't to you. It was to Spawn who I havent seen vote at all yet.
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  7. Never felt the motivation
  8. Good match
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  9. Aids got BODIED

    good match btw, really dig the character
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  10. Here's your winner...Nick!
    here ya go pal