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Who Won?

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  1. Jack Forté

  2. Joey Bryant

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is for the IWT Intercontinental Championship!

    (@Shadow) Jack Forté vs. Lord Lee (@Ovalhead) vs. ???
    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for up to 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    ask as many questions, as you want. idgaf.

    Please don't post during the match. If you need to post an OOC post,
    it needs to be important and short.


  2. *The lights dim completely and a new song begins to play.*

    *The crowd is silent all through the first 40 seconds of the song as nothing but smoke appears to be on the titantron. Everyone starts to get restless eventually as the slow song continues to play. At 50 seconds of the song, a man slowly walks onto the stage, his head down and nothing visible on him but the white coat he has on. Right at 57 seconds, when the bass drops and the lyrics kick in, the man lifts up his head and a beam of light shines down on top of him to reveal a much older looking JOEY BRYANT. The crowd pops HUGE and a smirk appears across his face. He hits his chest 3 times and screams something inaudible to another huge reaction to the crowd as he makes his way down the ramp. He rolls in the ring and picks up the mic in the center.*

    *His music fades eventually but the crowd noise does not as there is nothing but cheers in the arena. Joey looks all throughout the crowd, taking it all in one by one. He shakes his head and raises the mic to his face.*


    *He can't seem to get a word out and chuckles a bit and brings the mic down again when the crowd begins cheering loudly again. He runs his hands through his hair before raising the mic quickly to his mouth*


    *He screams into the mic as the crowd pops once again and he begins pacing back and forth before raising the mic once again.*

    "You shouldn't be! I am the heart and SOUL of IWT, what would make you all think I'd sit back and watch this company slowly die without doing a damn thing about it?"

    *The crowd overpowers his voice again and he chuckles.*

    "How long's it been, anyway? A year? Maybe more? I've lost track of time to be honest. I've lost track of everything, and it seems this company has too. Don't any of you find it strange that as soon as that IWT Championship was taken off my waist, this company began to lose everything? Don't any of you find it obscure that when I didn't show up at Mania 3, no one else seemed to either? Everyone thought I didn't show up just because I was salty I lost my belt, or because I was done with the company. Hell. No. I'll never be done with this damn company until everyone understands I'm the best there ever was and ever will be to do it."

    *The crowd cheers loudly again as expected as Joey takes a breath.*

    "Not Aids Johnson. Not Victoria Parker. Not Farooq. Not Dat Kid. Not Antonio Alias. And certainly not fucking Frank the fucking Jock. Nah. You wanna know why none of them can be deemed the greatest of all time? Because they never carried this company on their back. Sure, they held a couple IWT Championship's maybe, they may have been the face of the company for a short period of time. But when they lost their belts, when they lost their luster, did the company fall with them? Nope. Because there was always someone better ready to step up and take thier place. When I lost that belt, when I was no longer the face of the company, this company DIED because there simply is NO ONE better than Joey Bryant. There is NO ONE that was able to fill the void that I left behind. No one had the talent I did in my prime, no one had the will to keep this company breathing even when it wasn't worth it, but I DID. I'm shocked no one has realized that. I am a 3x IWT Champion and that's all I'll ever be but I'll be damned if I stand around and let others preach on who's truly the greatest to ever do it in this company."

    "There is no other answer other than the man standing before you. Jack Forte, buddy I don't know who the hell you are but you better not show your face while I'm out here unless it's to kiss my damn boots."

    *The crowd pops once again and Joey laughs.*

    "And Lord Lee of course I know you, been a while, but I know you. And I got respect for you in a way. But if you come out here running that pathetic mouth of yours to the greatest of all time you better be ready to get beat down. Forget about both of them though, I could beat them both with both arms tied behind my back. I reeeeallly was not gonna show up and spoil all your fun, I was just going to continue to sit back and hope that maybe someone would step up and revive this company. No one did. So what did they do?"

    *He shakes his head and runs his hands through his hair and looks extremely angry for a moment.*

    "They gave the most prized belt in this company to FRANK THE FUCKING JOCK. I don't care what anyone says, Frank will always be the worst wrestler I've ever seen, he will always be the laughing stock of the IWT, I don't care how many titles he had before I even showed my mug but Frank the Jock is a JOKE. Always will be. Let's break kayfabe for a moment, all y'all back there in management, who's bright fucking idea was it to give that idiot the belt? Huh? Who's ever it was you're staring at your #1 enemy right now. I will not rest until that belt is off his waist and into the hands of someone that deserves it. And it's not Aids Johnson either. Cause he was long gone even before I won my second IWT Championship and now he comes back and wants to have a classic "AIDS VS FRANK MATCH BUDDY GONNA BE A MATCH FOR ALL AGES PART 45 LET'S DO THIS FRANK" nah fuck all that and fuck all you."

    *The crowd gives a mixed reaction to that.*

    "Not you people. You people made me who I am and I'll always appreciate that. Fuck anyone that's still a part of this company and fuck the people who let it die. I don't care if I win this belt tonight, I'm here to make a statement that this place will NEVER AGAIN be what it once was without my name at the top. Bottom line. You have turned this company into a complete joke by putting the belt on him and you've turned it into a joke thinking you can revive this damn thing without the people who made it so great in the first place."

    "I am the GREATEST IWT Superstar of all time, I am the MARTYR Joey Bryant, and I am your IWT Champion till the end of the world!!!"

    *He screams into the mic and drops his mic furiously as the crowd lets off a huge pop again. He paces back and forth waiting to see if anyone wants to steal his thunder.*
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  3. 24 hour extension.
  4. I'll post tonight don't worry, I ain't worried about time.
  5. Fuck the time. This match will go until we have a damn winner. We ain't wasting DKJ's return, like this,
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  6. Oval is out, I'll post sometime during Raw.
  7. *The referee starts to count:
    The lights transition to a dark shade of gray.*

    *White and gold lasers shoot from the stage in sync with the song. At the 00:18 mark all the lights simultaneously flash gold, and then fade out. About 10 seconds later a gold flare ignites on stage, and Jack is just barely visible at the end of it. It quickly goes out, and the lights revert back to gray. The response is negative, aside from a couple of marks who appreciate a good entrance. Forté seen is garbed in all white and gold, but the Intercontinental title isn't seen at first glance. Jack frees up one of his hands by dropping the extinguished flare, and he slowly unzips his white leather jacket to reveal his title. The more noticeable takeaway is his new shirt, a white tank top with the words "Blow Me Away" etched in gray. The A being emphasized by being a golden anarchy symbol. Forté methodically proceeds to the ringside, but he does not enter the ring.*
    Great, just great. Your entrance that is, seeing as I've been rocking this color scheme while you were still in your rocking chair, pal. Your speech though, well that was pretty lackluster. The only thing I can wholeheartedly agree with was the whole FTJ bit. Really, fuck that guy. You however, haven't been here in a while. I realize that, but to use this time to pander to the crowd, and reiterate one point. Over and over and over and over again, my god. We got it, you were one of the bests. You continued to lay the groundwork for this company after it was laid out. I realize that, I really do. That's why I contacted you. I brought you back because I'm not some fool, I recognize that you were one of the bests.

    But that's just it, Joey. You were one of the bests, but you aren't now! I set the bar around here now, I am the new measuring stick. You say that no one was as good as you when you left, and that's why the company has suffered for such a long time. And you would've been right, had I never shown up!

    I was brought in to the IWT to breathe new life into it, to give it a new direction. They knew that they had tarnished the IWT title scene, as long as there was always one or two veterans around they'd be shoved in the picture. However, this title scene, MY title scene could still be saved! And boy did I save it, ever since I took on this Intercontinental title it became the new bar for this company! When you see posters around advertising the IWT, I have the most focus. When you see an ad for the next event I have the most screen time. They all say "come and see the undefeated champion Jack Forté try to find someone worthy of his time"! From Nick, to Kaizer, to Trip, to Rita, I've ran through everyone who was billed as someone who was going to take Joey's place.

    *Jack climbs the steps, and enters the ring.*

    Everyone except you, Joey Bryant himself! And that's exactly why I brought you back. I wanted to add you to the list of the people that I've retired! And then and only then, will everyone else realize that I'm the best damn talent that has stepped in to the ring. I won't need to keep reiterating it to make anyone believe me, I'll just need to say my name and show them my title!

    I gave you the gun Joey, blow me away.
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  8. *Joey chuckles then shakes his head at the man standing in front of him.*

    "You don't want to give me a gun, boy. You know what happens when you give a martyr a gun, right? He says his peace, he takes that gun, and he blows his own damn head off. That sounds pretty good right now actually with all that shit you're spewing all over my ring."

    *He slowly paces in front of Jack Forte.*

    "Did I not say I was not to be interrupted by an immature little twat? I said if you were to come out here you were to come out here and prove to me you got what it takes to be the next Joey Bryant not show me what it takes to be the next Mr.Sackfist! Oh, yea, speaking of that dude, you mentioned the list of wrestlers you've "retired"?"

    *Joey laughs for a few seconds before pointing at him.*

    "You?! Retiring people?! I haven't laughed that hard in a while, really man. I was the guy that invented putting other IWT superstars into retirement. Such as Sackfist, good ol' Mr. Midcard, you're the next Mr. Midcard you know that, right? How bout Farooq? Yeeeaaaaaa yea he thought I was just some punk kid trying my luck in that IWT Championship tournament years back but he found a different man than he was expecting. The list goes on from there. I'm not here to talk about that though, but the fact you can honestly stand there and say you've ended men's careers is a disgrace to the Bryant name. I may only have held the IWT Championship, but I held that belt 3 damn times and anyone who knows who I am knows that when gold is on my waist, it's not leaving my waist. Understood? I know you weren't around to see me with that power but there are guys that were and the only reason they're not here to tell stories about it is because they fear what I might do to their careers. You should be fearing the same. If I take that belt from you, you'll never see gold again in your life until you're holding a $3,000 "gold" ring, proposing to a 4/10 broad in some shit restaurant downtown living your miserable post-wrestling life."

    *Joey takes a breath and the crowd cheers a bit but he ignores it.*

    "I may have BEEN one of the bests, but I'll always be one of the best. And props to you for acknowledging my name up there with THE bests, the only mistake you made was by putting others in that category. Like I said, no one else deserves that title of the best because when no one else gave a damn about this company, I did. When no one stepped up to guys like Aids Johnson and Dat Kid and Alias Antonio, I did. When no one else deserved to hold that IWT Championship, I did. Because I've worked for all I got my whole life and I'll be damned if I stand here and let you disrespect what I'm all about. I took this company by storm once without even trying just imagine for a moment what I could do if I really did try."

    *He chuckles and stares right at Jack.*

    "Huh? What do you think would happen? Other than you losing your job of course what do you think would become of this company? If I really put every effort in my body into taking this company over again I could do it in a heart beat and you can bet your life savings on that. Actually you know what, better off you keep your money, because, you know, the whole job loss part. Either way buddy my breath is done being wasted trying to prove something to a little punk like you. You remind me of every other dude I stepped over on my way to 3 IWT Championships. Maybe you're a sign from God, maybe he's reminding me how good it feels to put people in their place. Whatever it may be, this is gonna be your last match here tonight."

    *He drops the mic and smirks at his opponent.*
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  9. @Shadow do your shit. Let's get da vote on.
  10. It's written, just got to get on my pc. I'll try to see if I can flesh it out on my PS4 though.
  11. *Jack takes a step back, takes off his title, and puts it on his shoulder.*

    I'm not one to usually harp on things, unlike you, but damn man... you're really content on killing yourself. I might as well be facing Suicide right now. I mean, I know what a martyr is. But I really doubt if you do, seriously. Martyrs die in order for something to change the landscape for the better, to let it prosper. Like Jesus, he died for our sins so we don't have to go to hell for things like cursing. At least that's what some people think.

    But you, nobody gains anything from your death. Nobody besides me I suppose, but that's not the point. You're supposed to live by the sword and die by the sword, right? But why fall on the sword when all it leaves is a bloody blade, and a body to be disposed of? It does no good, you're not doing the IWT any good. And you're not doing those fans any good.

    But that's the thing, you don't care. You act like you're back for the people, to save them from this place! If you really cared, and if you really thought your death did them good then why did you walk out? Huh? Why did you not let yourself die by the sword at IWTMania III!?

    *Forté uses his free hand to point to himself.*

    I know why, it's because you're afraid. You're afraid that if you do really die no one is going to see it as an act of martyrdom. That you're going to just be forgotten! And no, I'm not saying anyone is going to forget you Joey. No no no, I'm just saying that the people you say you love won't care to see you anymore! They may not forget you, you'll still come up in the conversations as one of the bests, but they won't clamour for you anymore. And that's what you're afraid of, you crave the fact that people itch to see you one last time! You'd rather keep coming back, instead of dying off in order to let this company move on!

    *Jack looks down for a moment, and then regains his composure.*

    I can keep going on and on and on about this too, but I'm not like you. I proved that already, because even though I'm in this for me and nobody else, I'm always here. If I were to die then so be it! But I'm not going to keep asking for death, and then walk out just when I'm at the cusp at getting what I want.

    And there lies your fatal mistake, Joey. I can tell you haven't read up on me going into this. You've made quite a few comments that just aren't right, but I'm not going to waste my time on correcting you. You thought you'd be able to come back, take my title with ease, and defend it until another person you think can take your life... only to leave again and fight another day. And you thought wrong, because that person isn't a couple months down the road, he's standing right in front of you.

    *Forté advances closer to Joey and raises his title.*

    My name is Jack Forté, and I'm the man who everyone is going to blame for making your Martyr tagline more than just a mantra!

    *Jack tosses his mic in the air, laughs just a bit, and yells at Joey:

    Blame me!*
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  12. We'll be lucky to get 3 votes haha. Just glad we finally got this done, we've been trying to fight for forever it feels like.
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  13. Yeeeaaa man I definitely could have done better. Not like I did shitty or anything but I did those with like the 5 minutes of free time i had those days haha. Still enjoyed tho, shoutout you.
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  14. Here's your winner and....STILL your IWT Intercontinental Champion...Jack Forté!

    (OOC: Completely forgot about this match, tbh)
  15. Great match, definitely would love to have DKJ, stick around. That makes 2 defenses down for Shadow?

    I'm thinking a rematch for the title, next month. If you two are down?
  16. Still such a great match
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