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  1. With my recent leave of active competition I started to book matches for IWT's very own TV show that has had some confusion over some people thinking it's a PPV/Event. I'm here to clear this up.

    - No, this isn't an event it's a sporadic show that has 1-2 matches..
    - If you want a match, PM me and I''ll look for someone to face you.
    - There is no set date, just a random time. If I want to book a few matches.
    - If you already have a match in mind and booked it yourself you can still PM me and I'll add it.
    - Most likely there's no storyline build in the show just matches.
    - I will include NEW promos and segments in the time frame of the match(es) whether they be labeled as such or not on the IWT Network, if you don't want that feel free to tell me.
    - Title matches can happen. To keep storylines in check and to keep from interfering with storylines, minimum will take place, this wasn't and order just something I thought should be implemented.

    AND No, I'm not apart of IWT Creative or Staff. I've gained permission from IWT GM Trip and Jonathan to book these. I made a mistake last time by posting the match thread, if you want the match thread you can ask any member of the IWT Staff team, but most the time I'll have the thread made along with the poll.

    Hopefully this clears the confusion. Thanks.
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