Voting IWT Survival - Alexander Hightower vs. Schizo

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Who Won?

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  1. Schizo

  2. Alexander Hightower

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    (@Jacob Fox) Schizo vs. Alexander Hightower (@Awesomenrh)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for up to 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    ask as many questions, as you want. idgaf.

    Please don't post during the match. If you need to post an OOC post,
    it needs to be important and short.

  2. There is a dark silence before a cellphone starts playing the death tone quietly but precisely:

    An announcer's voice recites: "From Takakanonuma Greenland amusement park in Fukushima, Japan...Schizo."

    *Schizo makes his way onto the entrance ramp, looking slightly unbalanced and carrying a microphone. He makes his way down to the ring,completely ignoring the fans who are trying to kiss his ass simply because they think he is a Cactus Jack ripoff and they think that is cool. He slides under the ropes and into the ring, resting leisurely against the turnbuckle."

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war... while defeated warriors go to war first and seek to win."

    Alex... can I call you Alex? I guess it doesn't matter if I can or I cannot. Names are rather meaningless anyway. Whatever you wish to be called, just assume that I have addressed you as such already.

    You may have wondered why i challenged you in the first place... I have certainly wondered myself, in my moments of less clarity. But make no mistake that ultimately what I did was not to challenge you. You cannot challenge a man who has already lost and that is exactly what has happened here. I did not take this match because it was a challenge. I took it because it had to happen.

    If we believe in fate, we believe that not only do things happen for a reason, we also believe that those things have to happen. Those things, the things that are fated, have absolutely no choice but to come to pass. And we are all just unwilling pawns that have to walk in those paths that are carved out by fate. We have no choice because fate is something that we cannot fight.

    And that is all that has brought me to you. I did not know you before. I did not follow your career. I did not know anything about you. But that is all unimportant. Because the only thing that drives us beyond our capacity to guide ourselves is our fate. And this is fated to happen.

    But perhaps I am being too vague. Or too simplistic. It's not really that our match.... our fight... is fated to happen. It is your defeat that has been fated to happen and I am but a chess piece in that game of fate. I will play the part and accept the outcome because the story was written long before either of us were born. And it will survive longer than either of us will live.

    I don't seek victory because I have already won. If you seek victory, you have already lost.

    The death tone has played for you... will you answer the call or let it ring? Do you think either choice really matters? You're still trying to win and that is the very reason you have already lost.
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    Alexander Hightower is sitting in a mansion, he looks around for a second before he begins to talk

    So... Apparently, this Schizo guy challenged me to a match, I still don't know why, and I still don't care, because I'm going to walk into that ring and I'm going to win! How? I'm gonna, well, uh... Hightower thinks for a second before finishing his sentence I'm going to use my superior brain, my way better looks, and my money! Hightower thinks about what he just said for a second before continuing Just like I did at IWTMania 4 where I became the first holder of the Young Lion's Cup, by making Chris Young tap out! "Tokyo Demon" more like, uh, "Tokyo, uh, tapped out to Alexander Hightower, Demon," you get the point. Wait a second...

    Hightower takes out a pen and writes down "Pay someone to help with names for people who lose to you," in a notebook

    Back to Schizo, though, apparently it's because of "fate" that we have a match at IWT Survival, well, fate hasn't been so kind to you so far, I mean, well, uh, you're you, and I'm a Hightower, what's supposed to make me think that fate is suddenly gonna be kind to you? Is fate going to have a Hightower lose to someone as low as Schizo? I don't think so, and that's why I have no doubt that when you and I meet in the middle of the ring, that fate is going to screw you over once again... Hightower slightly laughs

    And that fate is going to bring me to the IWT World Championship, that fate is going to lead me to being the best wrestler in IWT history, and that fate is going to lead to everybody wanting to be me, I guess everybody wants to be me anyways, just except the perfect normal me, the perfect IWT Champion me, if that makes sense.

    To wrap this all up, at IWT Survival, I promise to everyone, that you're going to hear something you may have heard before, at IWTMania perhaps, "And your winner, Alexander Hightower."

    Alexander Hightower smiles for a second before the video stops

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  4. Oh, Alex, Alex, how little you understand fate and existence. I mean, you actually think that I am me and that you are you? It's so much more complicated and simpler than that. But never, never think that I am me because nothing could be further than the truth. And although you are not you either, I will make sure that you are definitely you by the time I am done with you.

    But see, you assume like so many others that winning the match is my goal. But you see, the "Art of War," Sun Tzu said that "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting." He saw the ultimate concept of a winner to be someone that can win without fighting...someone who can subdue his enemy without effort... he that never has to lift a hand to fight... WHY THE HELL WOULD ANYONE DO THAT?

    I don't care about any of that. What point is there to win if there is no fight? The fight... the pain...the agony.... inflicting it upon you and feeling it upon myself... why would anyone want to miss that?

    What is a victory? Is a victory having your hand raised at the end of our match? Is your victory moving on and getting a title shot and becoming champion? You can have a big gold belt to carry around...but does that really make you the winner? Do you win because you followed some rules and you pin someone's shoulders down to a mat? Does that really even make sense?

    No. You see, you can't win against me and the reason is very simple. The fight is my victory. Every time punch me, that is as much a victory to me as when I punch you. Every hold, every move, every injury, every movement.... the very fact that you step through those ropes and into the ring... that is my victory. The blood and the broken bones are just the spoils of that victory.

    Make no mistake... I will pin you. But that's simply an ending to the carnage... all good things must eventually end, right? But it is nothing more than that. Nothing more because the moment that bell rings, I have won because I have gotten what I desire more than anything else. And that is just the fight.
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  5. Alexander Hightower appears once again in the same mansion as before

    So... Apparently the fight is Schizo's victory? I actually have a question for everyone. Let's think about this for a bit. Would that make giving up in a fight a victory for him, then? Would that not be missing out on the pain to him? If he gives up because of the pain, would that be a loss to him? I'm honestly not sure, but my gameplan is obvious. I make him tap-out, I won't win via DQ, pinfall, count-out, or anything else, because that'd be a win for him. And let's be honest here, winning via any method not submission isn't a real win, is it? I wouldn't consider a win via pinfall a real win no matter who I'm facing, because that's too easy, is it not? You just pin somebodies shoulders to the ground for 3 seconds, that's boring. To win via submission though, you have to inflict enough pain on a person that they give-up, and that's exactly what I'm gonna do to Schizo. I'm gonna inflict enough pain on him, that he taps-out and he loses out on the pain he could receive and give to me, and I get the victory of being able to say that Schizo tapped out to Alexander Hightower! Not the cheap knock-off version of winning, the real version. The real version is being able to say that somebody tapped out to you, not that you pinned their shoulders to the ground for 3 seconds!

    Hightower takes a drink

    I'm getting quite sick of Schizo and his talking about fate and various other things, though. I'm hoping that my victory celebration after IWT Survival is gonna be the last time I have to talk about him, I guess I'll also have to talk about him after I win the IWT Championship, while I list off people who've lost to Alexander Hightower. I wonder who else I'm gonna have to list off, I guess everybody will have to wait and find out.

    Hightower smirks as the video fades to black
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  6. I find it weird, that you signed up as Alexander Hightower - but refer to yourself as Alexander Highcastle?
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  7. @THG?: Alias Antonio
    @Shadow: Jack Forté
    @Gav in da BPL!: Gav the Chav
    @Tumbas: Spawn
    @DatKidFromJersey : King Zero
    @Nickelodeon: Nick
    @Aids Johnson: Aids Johnson
    @TheArabHammer: Gato Volar
    @The ReagMaster: Reagan Cole
    @The Real GOAT: Eric Draven
    @King Barrett: Dylan Grey
    @impactking: Chris Young/Lilith Young
    @CBK_15: Jack Lux
    @Ring Rust: Perceval "Rusty" Donohue
    @DragonClaw: Big Drag
    @Ryan Davis: Ryan Davis
    @rydogg: Braeden Cross
    @Dojo: Scott Fargo
    @Bubblegum: Shinjiro Death
    @Ovalhead: Luis Ovaldhino/Lord Lee
    @Indy: Danny Jacobs
    @Harrison: Handleman
    @NickThePenguin: Baron Moreau
    @KingsPunch: King Votan
    @AfricanScatMahn: Big Mac Daddy
    @DemonHunter1257: Al Blizzard
    @B1skit: Cousin Eddy
    @Ricky Daniels: Ricky Daniels
    @Forrest OAKADA: Leo Taylor

    Read and Vote!
  8. Here's your winner...SCHIZO!