Voting IWT Survival - Jack Lux vs. Braedon Cross

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Who Won?

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  1. Jack Lux

  2. Braedon Cross

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    (@rydogg) Braedon Cross vs. Jack Lux (@CBK_15)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for up to 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    ask as many questions, as you want. idgaf.

    Please don't post during the match. If you need to post an OOC post,
    it needs to be important and short.


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  2. *Jack Lux's music hits. Lux walks out with a sour look on his face and with a microphone in hand. He rolls into the ring, and begins to talk.

    Jack Lux: It was two weeks ago when I issued an open challenge. I specifically said that it was for anyone who had the balls, the man who would accept my challenge is Braeden Cross, a self-admitted former fan of mine. Now before he comes out here, because I know will, I going to speak my mind about the man they call Braeden Cross.

    *Lux motions for someone to bring him a chair to sit on. once brought in he get comfortable and once again begins to speak.*

    Jack Lux: For the past two weeks, Braeden Cross and I have put each other through hell, and what that'll pale in comparison to what we do to each other in our match. However that besides the point, my point being that Braeden Cross is jealous little bitch.

    *The crowd cheers*

    Jack Lux: He skews these stories that he tell to skew your perception of me, then he burns all the memorabilia, and attacked me on several occasions. He may not be may fan of me anymore, but I know that he wants to be me. that's also why he wants to end me, because he knows no matter what I do, I'm better that him and I overshadow him. You know what through the kid has got guts, because he knows he is walking into a no win situation. No matter what he does he won't be able to put me down, and I will destroy him! I am undying! That 's what Braeden Cross can't get through his little thick fucking skull. I've been in wars, Hardcore matches, Iron Man matches, Deathmatches, I Quit matches. You name it, I've been in it. Of course needing to defend himself, our good friend Mr. Cross says that he has been in Japanese Deathmatches, so I watch these matches to get to my enemy like the Green Day song. I watch these matches, and I will tell you guys straight up that Braeden Cross is a motherfucking pussy.

    *The crowd cheers louder*

    Jack Lux: He got his ass handed to him in each deathmatch, if I could even call them that. there is barely anything in those matches that are live threatening in the slightest, I've done worse and been through worse. And now that I know this I have to say all the shit you've done for the past two weeks are laughable. All those attacks to weaken me did nothing, and now... I've caught you in your bluff, because now your going to stuck with me! And trust me I will enjoy myself when I'm twisting you into a pretzel. I want you to scream, but since you're a slimy little worm and might end the match early due to your low pain tolerance I promise you I will have tape over your big mouth, not only to shut it up but so I quit too early... I want to prolong your ass whupping for as long as humanly possible.

    *The crowd started chanting "Lux is going to kill you" over and over again.*

    Jack Lux: You guys are damn right. there is only going to be one outcome, and that Jack Lux getting the big W over bitch boy Cross. You know speaking of that guy I would have thought he would have interupted me by now with some bullshit about fucked his mom which offends him or something. I guess since he isn't out here yet, I may as well tell him to get his ass out here.

    *Lux readjusts his positioning on the chair to get more comfortable while waiting for Braeden Cross to come out.*

  3. Braeden Cross appears on the tirantron.
    Braeden Cross: The time has finally come. It's finally here. My match with that no good, washed up, backstage politicking, never was, piece of shit. Jack Lux.
    Cross starts walking through the backstage area with a Mic in his hand
    Braeden Cross: You see, I'm quite perplexed here, Luxy. I thought you wanted an "I quit" match? Yet, I hear our match has been changed to just a plain one on one match. I'm sure a "man" such as yourself would never realise just how screwed you truly are and BEG for the match to become a plain singles match. And I can assure you that I have made no such requests for I was looking forward to hearing you scream as I break every single fucking bone in your worthless body.
    Cross turns a corner before walking through a curtain into Gorilla Position.
    The camera cuts to Cross walking through Gorilla Position

    Braeden Cross: Don't hit my music, motherfucker.
    Cross walks through the curtain and down to the ring
    Braeden Cross: You know, I just realised, it's your birthday, so allow me to wish you a joyous final day.
    Cross begins to sing.
    "Haaaaaaappy birth.. day... Mr. Jack Lux.
    Haaappy birthday, Mr. Jack Lux.
    Happy, Jack fucking Lux."

    Cross mounts the apron
    "And I'll fucking kill yooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!"
    The crowd boos intensely as Cross enters the ring

    Braeden Cross: Thank you. Thank you very much.
    Cross takes a bow.
    Braeden Cross: You see Jack, you bring up the "fact" that I got my ass kicked in every deathmatch I've ever been in. I'm pretty sure you're forgetting one small detail. I won EVERY. SINGLE. ONE!
    Cross walks right up to Lux.
    Braeden Cross: This might not be a deathmatch or an I quit match, but I guarantee that this match will be utter. fucking. CHAOS!
    Cross stares face to face with Lux, neither men budging an inch.
  4. *Jack Lux still looking face to face with Braeden Cross, puts the microphone to his mouth.*

    Jack Lux: I don't remember ever saying that this wasn't an I Quit match. It still is buddy, so don't try to pussy out of it. By the way I still don't understand how you think I'm a "never was" or how you think I'm a has been. Let me lay something on you, Braeden, I'm still in my prime. Even if I wasn't I could kick you candied ass. Oh and this isn't the fucking 90s... people in wrestling barely politic anymore, and even when there is it's definitely not in prestigious companies such as this one.

    *The crowd starts chanting "IWT"

    Jack Lux: Braeden, you say that you've won all the Deathmatches you're been in. That may be true, but those supposed Deathmatches you were in sure didn't feel like Deathmatches, in fact I had to make sure what I was watching was a Deathmatch. So Braeden you may have won all of your "Deathmatches" but they definitely felt like a match that WWE would call hardcore, and that's fucking insulting to Deathmatches. Like I said earlier the Deathmatches I've been in are fucking wars. Wars which I have won!

    *Lux breaks eye contact with Cross, so he can turn to the crowd.*

    Jack Lux: Unfortunately, for you guys I'm starting to lose hope. Not hope about winning, because all of know that that's going to happen. The hope that I'm losing is that our match won't be a war, but instead a one-sided affair.

    *Lux turns back to make contact with Cross*

    Jack Lux: Thanks for sing happy birthday to me... I appreciate it. I also want to thank you for the best birthday party I could ask for. Because out of all the shit that has come out of your mouth one thing is true. Our match will be chaos. However that chaos is going to be controlled by me! I'm a fucking ring general! You can't stop me, but I'll wish you luck anyways. Luck is for losers after all.

    *Lux backs up into his corner and takes off his light up jacket, and waits for Cross.*
  5. During Jack Lux's promo, Braeden Cross dozed off to sleep due to boredom.
    Cross wakes up at the end of Lux's promo.

    Braeden Cross: I'm sorry, what were you saying? You're just so boring on the mic that I couldn't help but fall asleep. But that's beside the point, before I dosed off, there's one thing you said that caught my attention. And that is that my deathmatches were akin to the quote unquote "hardcore" matches... y'know, over there.... I think you might be confusing me with someone else. Because if you had actually watched said matches, you'd see all out pandemonium. You'd see light tubes get smashed, flesh torn, teeth knocked out, you'd see the use of C4 explosives and you'd see something I like to call the "flaming fist of fury." You'd see me wrap my fist in cloth, set that cloth alight and you'd see me pummel the shit out of whatever poor soul had the misfortune of facing me in a deathmatch. Because I don't take them lightly, no, quite the opposite really, I take them literally and go above and beyond to try end a career.
    The crowd surprisingly cheers this and chants "fight" repeatedly.
    Braeden Cross: Jack, the time for talking is through. The time for pissy little threats is done. Right now, it's time to man the fuck up. It's time to fight! And it's time for one of us to walk out, and one of us to be carried out. So bring it, hero.
    Cross removes his entrance gear and throws it out onto the floor. He then proceeds to raise his hands and motion for Lux to bring the fight.
  6. @THG?: Alias Antonio
    @Shadow: Jack Forté
    @Gav the Champ!: Gav the Chav
    @Tumbas: Spawn
    @Tsar: Michael
    @DatKidFromJersey : King Zero
    @Nickelodeon: Nick
    @Aids Johnson: Aids Johnson
    @TheArabHammer: Gato Volar
    @The ReagMaster: Reagan Cole
    @Jacob Fox: Schizo
    @The Real GOAT: Eric Draven
    @King Barrett: Dylan Grey
    @impactking: Chris Young/Lilith Young
    @Kazzir: Elliot Ryker
    @Awesomenrh: Alexander Hightower
    @DragonClaw: Big Drag
    @Ryan Davis: Ryan Davis
    @Dojo: Scott Fargo
    @Bubblegum: Shinjiro Death
    @Ovalhead: Luis Ovaldhino/Lord Lee
    @Indy: Danny Jacobs
    @Harrison: Handleman
    @NickThePenguin: Baron Moreau
    @KingsPunch: King Votan
    @AfricanScatMahn: Big Mac Daddy
    @DemonHunter1257: Al Blizzard
    @B1skit: Cousin Eddy

    Voting is open!
  7. is the partner can't vote rule in place?
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  8. Nice effort, lads. Would say you're about the same level as far as promo'ing goes, but Jack Lux's promo was a bit easier to read and longer. Don't know why you both started about deathmatches the entire time, though.
  9. good match
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  10. Here's your winner...Braedon Cross!
  11. I said this in DMs but GG @CBK_15.

    This goes back a couple of promo threads ago, I believe.

    Oh cheers man, I really appreciate...
  12. Yeah GG, I felt that both of us did good, but you edged me out. But I'm going leave you with 4 words in kayfabe.[​IMG]
    Jack Lux: Suck my dick BAYBAY!