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  1. Another Bishop vignette is shown, before the PPV starts

    LIVE from New York City's Madison Square Garden...IWT Presents...IWT Survival!

    *Pyro begins to shoot from all 4 posts of the ring. A string of pyro shoots off from the jumbotron to the stage area and is topped off with a massive display of colorful pyro, and an explosion. The camera swoops around the ring-side area, showing crazy fans cheering and hollering*

    Sven Steven: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to IWT Survival! My name is Sven Steven and with me is IWT Hall of Famer and former 3 time World Heavyweight Champion...Christian!

    Christian: You bet, and with IWTMania IV behind us, we're in for a breath of fresh air. We have new stars, new matches, new ideas in this new era of the IWT!

    Sven: Speaking of new ideas, we have Jack Forte vs. Danny Jacobs in a match to unify both midcard titles for the Undisputed Intercontinental title.

    *Graphic for Jack Forte vs. Danny Jacobs*

    Christian: Danny Jacobs wants to lay Mr. Work Horse, Jack Forte down for the count. He wants to prove that Jack's reputation is just a myth and that he is the real work horse of the IWT!

    Sven: He brutally attacked him, and issued the challenge. Now we'll have a definite answer.

    *Graphic for Spawn vs. Alias Antonio*

    Sven: Speaking of answers. Does Alias Antonio still have what it takes to put down a massive obstacle? Spawn looks to avenge his loss at IWTMania IV, as both men face off for a chance at the IWT World title, next month at Retribution!

    Christian: Are you freaking retarded? Of course Alias will destroy Aids, go on to defeat Aids Johnson and take the IWT Championship for a 3RD time.

    *Graphic for Michael vs. Aids Johnson*

    Sven: Of course, Aids will have to overcome his challenge tonight. He faces IWT General Manager, Michael, in his first match in 5 months for the IWT World Championship.

    Christian: Michael says that he is sick of watching the IWT be demoted to a drunkards playground, and vows to take back "his" title and award it to a more befitting competitor.

    Sven: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get started with our opener. Chris & Lilith Young vs. Leo Taylor.

    Announcer: The following contest is a handicap match...

    Announcer: Introducing first, from New York, New York...LEO...TAAAYLOR!
    The crowd pops for their home town son. He is coming from the back, wearing his gear, Leo Taylor appears, walking down the ramp as he grooves out to the jam, walking to the ring and getting in as he slouches down by the turnbuckle, and awaits his opponents.

    Christian: I heard he knows Bruce Knight, maybe he should contact him for a return?

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Montreal, Canada...CHRIS...YOOOUNG!
    Chris walks out and struts in-rhythm to the strobe lights. He walks down to mid-ramp and takes off his coat as he awaits his partner.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Montreal, Canada...LILITH...YOOOUNG!
    Mrs. Young steps out onto the stage, with mist filling up around her feet. She walks down to mid-ramp and looks at Young. They nod and continue down to the ring. They prepare in the corner, opposite, of Leo Taylor and decide who will be competing first. Lilith is chosen and she warms up, as Leo looks on.

    Leo and Lilith tie up, and Leo quickly over powers her and whips her down with a sick thud. Leo goes for a pin, but she kicks out before a 1. Leo stands Lilith up, and leans her into the corner. He kicks her 10 times, until she is laying on the floor. He hits one more kick as the crowd cheers. Leo grabs Lilith by the hair and stands her up. He brings her to the middle of the ring, but she begins to fire back with quick and stiff jabs to the chin and chest. He runs off the ropes and hits a Standing Running Knee to the face. Leo goes down, and Lilith goes for the cover - 1...2.- Leo kicks out at 2. Lilith spends little time resting, and continues her assault. She stands Leo up, and hits Snap Suplex. She stands up, adjusts her attire, catches her breath and calmly climbs the turnbuckle. She points at Leo Taylor, who is out on his back. She jumps up and curls her legs. She drives them down unto Leo's sternum with a Double Foot Stomp. She goes for a quick cover - 1...2..- Leo kicks out at 2 1/2. Lilith struggles, but drags Leo to her corner and tags in Chris. Lilith pins Leo's shoulders to the ground as Chris climbs the turnbuckle. Chris leaps and curls his legs, before bringing them down violently onto Leo's chest. Leo, instinctively, props up - but is met with a Soccer kick to the back of his head. Leo goes down, and Chris goes for a cover - 1...2...- Leo props up his foot onto the bottom rope, just in time.

    Sven: They are going to kill Leo Taylor!

    Christian: They're doing what every good wrestler does. They're attacking a vital part of the body, Leo will have to quit if he can last any longer.

    Chris stands up and stomps Leo a couple of times before adjusting his trunks. He drags Leo, violently, to the center of the ring where he stomps on Leo's abdomen. Leo screams in pain, and clutches his gut, in pain. Chris drops an elbow, followed by another. He goes for an arrogant pin, 1...2..- Leo barely kicks out. Chris sits up and chuckles as the fans begin to rally behind Leo, with "Let's go Leo!" chants echoing around the arena. Chris grabs Leo's head and forces him to stand up. Chris then kicks Leo in the gut before hitting a thunderous powerbomb. He tags in Lilith, and leaves the ring. She runs to Leo and kicks his stomach. He, instinctively, sits up. She runs off the ropes and attempts to hit a Sitting Dropkick, but Leo moves out of the way. Lilith looks in frustration, as Leo crawls to the corner. She charges Leo, looking for another sitting dropkick, but Leo moves. Lilith crashes into the bottom turnbuckle with velocity. Both are out, as the crowd begins to chant for Leo to stand up. Leo gets to his feet, but not for long as Lilith comes in for another attack. Leo catches her with a Hurricanrana. She lands awkwardly on her upper-back. Leo fires up and knocks Chris off the apron. Leo climbs the turnbuckle and jumps for a Moonsault, but Lilith moves out of the way. Chris Young recovers and stands on the apron. He reaches as far as he can, into the ring and gets the tag. Leo has made it to his hands and knees, as he tries to crawl away. Chris runs and hits a Soccer Kick to the gut, and a sick slapping noise echoes to the crowds awe. Leo screams, audibly, and rolls around the ring in pain. Chris Young stands him up and hooks him. He hits his signature Soul Removes Standing Cutter. He goes for a pin - 1...2...3!

    Announcer: Here are your winners...The Youngs!

    Chris stands up and adjusts his jaw. Lilith stumbles into the ring and they raise their hands in victory. They leave the ring, as Lilith blows the hair off her face. Leo rolls out of the ring, and catches his breath before leaving the ring-side area.

    Sven: Leo Taylor had the odds against him. The numbers were too much for him, but he kept his own. What a match!

    Christian: Next up, is a match that can be considered a "Rematch" from IWTMania IV. Eric Draven, looks to prove himself against Team NGW's Cousin Eddy.

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Skullshore, Georgia...accompanied to the ring by Dr. Occult...COUSIN EDDDYY!
    Cousin Eddy steps out onto the dimly lit set, behind Doc. Doc escorts Eddy down to the ring, and tells Eddy to enter. Eddy steps up onto the apron and lets out a big smile. He steps into the ring and slowly walks over to the side of the ring, and lets out another child-like smile. Doc tells him to get into the corner, which he does.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Manchester, England...ERIC DRAAAVEN!
    The crowd lets out a massive New York pop. Eric Draven dances out onto the stage. He dances to the side of the ramp, and points to the crowd as they scream in enthusiasm. He shakes and jives down the ramp, and steps onto the apron. He dances side to side before stepping onto the turnbuckle. He lets out a big pose, and is met with a massive ovation. The crane camera zooms out, showing the massive array of camera flashes and cheering fans. His music fades but a "Let's go Draven!" chant is loud and echoing around the arena.

    Eric and Eddy walk to the center of the ring and have a stare off. Eddy towers over Draven, but the crowd is fully supporting Draven. They lock hands in a test of strength, that is easily won by Eddy. Eddy slams Draven to the mat, but he quickly stands up. They eye eachother before locking up. Eric Draven uses his speed, advantage to quickly transition into an arm hold. He wrenches Eddy's arm, from behind. Eddy screams out in pain, but is able to scoot over to the ropes. They break up, and Draven backs up to the opposite of the ring. Draven extends his hand, but Doc sways Eddy from accepting. Draven looks behind him, at the supporting crowd, but when he turns around he is met with a sickening headbutt. The sound of cracking skulls echoes around the arena, and has Eddy bleeding. A gash under his left eye is squirting blood, the referee calls off the match and goes to check on him. Eddy pushes him away and charges Draven and connects with lariat. The doctor urges Eddy to stop but he refuses to listen. He is sitting on Draven's chest, driving hard lefts and rights. Draven is dazed, but Eddy gets up and stands Draven up. Eddy bounces Eric off the ropes, and as he returns to Eddy; Eddy hits a black hole slam. He goes for the pin - 1...2..- Eric kicks out. Eddy clears the blood off his cheek, as the referee uses a towel to help stop the blood flow. After a few seconds, Eddy rips the towel out of the referee's hands and walks over to Eric. He begins to choke Eric out, as the referee threatens to call for a DQ. He stops and stands up. He walks over to the corner where he clears the blood off his face, and regain his composure. His overalls are covered in blood, as well as the ring mat. Doc walks over to give advice to Eddy. Eddy squats and sticks his head out of the second rope.

    Sven: Doc should be more worried about that sick gash under his eye, than how he will beat Draven.

    Christian: What? This is the IWT, a competition; not some pageant where blood is an off occurrence.

    While Eddy was talking to Doc, Draven runs up from behind and hits a knee strike to the back of Eddy's neck. Eddy curls up, on the mat as Draven begins to stomp Eddy with velocity. Draven stands Eddy up and hits a snap suplex. He runs off the ropes and hits a legdrop. Draven locks on a headlock, but Eddy over powers him and is able to lift the hold. Eddy charges Draven, and hits a big boot. However, Draven doesn't go down, but rather stumbles. Eddy runs off the ropes and hits an awkward spear that launches Draven into the corner. Eddy walks over to Draven, but Draven delivers a kick to Eddy's knee. Eddy collapse to his knees. Draven stands up, and climb the second turnbuckle. He jumps and hits a dropkick to Eddy's face. Draven goes for a pin - 1...2..- Eddy kicks out at 2 1/2. Draven sits up, and catches his breath. He stands up and paces around the ring, and awaits Eddy. Eddy gets to his feet, and Draven goes in for the attack. He hits a few calculated punches and leans him into the corner. He stands atop him and rains down a series of 10 headbutts. Draven steps down and allows Eddy to fall forward. Draven stands in the opposite corner and warms up his arm. Eddy stands up after around 30 seconds, and is met with a ferocious Lariat that slams him down with a thud. Draven goes for the cover - 1...2...3!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...ERIC DRAAAVEN!

    The second the referee counted the 3 count, the MSG crowd explodes into a pop. Eric Draven stands up and clears the sweat off his face and catches his breath. He steps out of the ring and dances a lap around the ring, signing autographs, taking pictures and talking to fans. He then dances his way up the ramp, doing the same. He makes it to the ramp where he takes a bow, to a pop, and walks back.

    Doc, along with multiple referees and EMTs tend to Eddy. He is sitting in the corner, with a blank expression, panting for air. His face is embalmed in blood. The doctors clear off his blood, leaving a sickening crimson tint to his face. They disinfect the cut and proceed to cover it in gauss and bandages. Cousin Eddy stands up, and is met with an ovation. His overalls are a purplish color, and have blood stains all over them. He blankly walks out of the ring, and to the back with Doc. The camera catches a shot of the blood stained ring mat.

    Christian: What a sick match. Eddy wrestled with that cut for the entire match.

    Sven: Ladies and gentlemen, it's now time for our next match. Braedon Cross vs. Jack Lux. This match is about proving themselves. Lux was in the IWT Young Lion Cup match at IWTMania IV, and Braedon is making his debut here tonight.

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California...Jack...LUUUX
    Jack jumps onto the stage, but instead of energetically walking down the aisle, he somberly walks down. He jumps into the ring and looks at the crowd from the apron. He enters the ring and hits his pose. Pyro shoots up from both posts behind him, in alternate order.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Phoenix, Arizona...Braedon...CROOOSSS!
    Braedon Cross steps onto the stage and looks around at the crowd. He makes his way to the ring, adjusts his attire and enters the ring. He walks close to Jack, but backs up. He stands in the center and points at the hard camera with a gun motion.

    Jack and Cross tie up, Cross gets the upper hand and is able to kick the leg out under him. Jack falls back, and Cross pounces on him. He hits open palm strikes on his face, as Jack tries to block the hits. Cross his around 10 strikes when Jack retaliates with a punch. Braedon falls off Jack's chest, and the positions are reversed. Jack is on-top, delivering a ground and pound. Jack gets a few good shots, but stops. He walks over to Braedon's legs, and lifts them. He locks on a Sharpshooter and wrenches low. Braedon screams in pain, his ears and lips are visibly swollen from the beating. Braedon inches forward but can't get to the ropes. He screams in pain, as Jack dips even further down. Braedon pushes forward, once again, and Jack falls back. Braedon rolls out of the ring, and rests by the announce table. Jack stands up and sees Braedon on the outside. He runs off off the ropes and attempts a suicide dive. Braedon notices him, and moves out of the way. Jack lands on top of the table and quickly rolls off the top.

    Sven: Jesus christ! Jack Lux catapulting into the table.

    Christian: That's why it's called High Risk. I've broken many bones attempting stuff like this. I've been hurt just like this, and it ain't pretty.

    Braedon looks at the carnage, and spits. He stumbles over the Jack, who is under neath the table. Cross stands Jack up, and rolls him into the ring. Jack quickly stands up, in one motion. Jack bounces off the ropes but is met with a roundhouse kick. Jack falls back, with a busted nose. Braedon goes for a pin - 1...2.- He kicks out. Cross sits up and spits again, revealing some blood. Cross stands Jack up, and hooks him and hits a suplex. Cross goes for another pin - 1...2- He kicks out again. Cross looks at the referee in frustration. Cross stands Jack up, and hits him with an elbow to the face. Jack stumbles back, and hits his own Elbow. Cross gets stunned and hits his own elbow. Cross screams and urges Jack to return the hit. Jack accepts the invitation and hits an elbow, that knocks out a few teeth. Cross falls to one knee but quickly stands up. Cross hits an elbow, and is met with another elbow from Jack. They trade quick blows, but Braedon Cross gets the upper hand. He hits a discuss clothesline that sends Jack Lux down. Braedon falls down as well. Both are laid out. The referee gets to a count of 8, when Braedon stands up. Jack sits up, slowly. His face is red and his ear is swollen. Braedon runs off the ropes and hits a Bomaye knee to the back of the head of Jack. He falls on Jack, and the ref goes for the count - 1...2...3!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...Braedon...CROOOOSSS!

    The crowd shows their appreciation for the battle with a loud pop. Braedon stands up and holds his neck in pain. He spits out some blood, from the lost tooth. He steps out of the ring, and holds up his arm in victory to a big pop. He walks away as the camera shifts to a crane shot.

    Christian: What a frickin brawl. It takes a lot to gain my appreciation, and Braedon Cross

    Sven: Speaking of brawls. Last February, IWT signed Schizo. Here's a special look at Schizo.

    Footage from Schizo wrestling an Ice Match in Antarctica is shown. His scars are shown and his mask. His attack on Muff Herman and his match at IWTMania IV. His brutal and gory matches. It ends with Schizo staring blankly at the camera as the music and image fades.

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: From Takakanonuma Greenland Amusement Park in Fukushima, Japan, the man who has wrestled on all seven continents, Schizo!
    Schizo comes stumbling out from behind the curtain, almost tripping as he walks along. Many of the fans try to slap him on the shoulders, but he ignores them and makes his way to the ring. Schizo slips under the ring rope and lays his head against the bottom turnbuckle as if it were a pillow

    Announcer: And his opponent, from Sacremento, California, Alexander Hightower!
    Alexander Hightower comes to the ring, very confident. He slips into the ring, ignoring Schizo who is still laying on the turnbuckle. While Alexander is simply acknowledging the fans, Schizo jumps up quickly behind him and hits him with an axe handle to the back.

    Alexander stumbles and turns around, giving Schizo the chance to hit him in the chest with several knife edge chops. However, on the fourth chop, Alexander grabs Schizo's hand and squeezes it tight in his own hand. Alexander then knocks Schizo to the mat and kicks Schizo in the chest several times. He then stomps Schizo several times in the chest before backing up, walking forward and dropping his knee directly into Schizo's chest. Schizo, reeling from the attack, staggers to his feet. While he appears to be on rubber legs, Alexander moves in and kicks Schizo in the back of the knee, causing the Japanese wrestler to fall again to his knees. Alexander then backs up and attempts to drop a knee on Schizo's forehead, but Schizo moves and Alexander's knee hits the mat.

    Sven: This is a plain brawl!

    Christian: Hightower needs to convert this into a more technical match, to get the advantage. This is too much on Schizo's playing field.

    Schizo jumps up and quickly clotheslines Alexander. Alexander, however, gets up immediately and uses the ropes for leverage. Schizo runs at Alexander, clotheslines him over the top rope, sending him to the floor. Luckily for Alexander, however, he lands on his feet. But Schizo runs against the ropes, bounces off and executes a suicide dive which knocks both himself and Schizo out onto the mat. While the referee counts, Alexander is the first man to pull himself to his feet. He first breaks the count before going back out to ringside. He grabs Schizo by his long hair, pulls him to his feet and drags him into the ring. Alexander throws the limp Schizo into the ropes and hits a bulldog as Schizo richochets off the rope. Schizo gets to his feet quickly but Alexander counters this by immediately locking Schizo in his sleeper hold finisher. For a short time, it appears that Alexander might have the upper hand. But before Schizo is out, he begins biting Alexander's arm. The referee begins counting but before he gets to five, Alexander breaks the hold and Schizo is freed. Before Alexander can recover from the bite, Schizo runs and bounces off of the rope and knocks Alexander down to the mat. Schizo then pounces on Alexander and applies the iron claw onto Alexander. Alexander resists and refuses to submit. But soon the iron claw wears Alexander down and he passes out. The referee calls for the bell.

    Announcer: Your winner by referee stoppage, Schizo!

    Schizo looks at Alexander for a few moments before slipping under the ropes and slowly making his way back behind the curtain.

    Christian: What a match. Schizo proving once again why he's the Next Big Thing in the IWT.

    Sven: Next Big Thing, is exactly what Ryan Davis wants and is willing to put his early career on the line against Nick!

    Ryan, who is in a white robe and followed by Jeff make his entrance onto the stage. The two stop and wait while Elizabeth walks up to them, holding up a framed picture of Nick. Jeff gets on his hands and knees while the music continues. Ryan runs across the stage, leaps off of Jeff's back while Elizabeth tosses the picture in the air. Ryan catches it and slams it into the ground with glass shattering all over the place.

    Sven: Now what an opportunity this is for Ryan Davis, a major match against one of IWT's top players.

    Christian: Look beyond the gimmicky entrance and you'll find that Ryan Davis means business, and he proved it earlier by shutting that cocky Nick up!

    Sven: Davis was strong on the mic earlier, but can he back it up in the ring?

    The lights in the arena dim and the arena goes silent. At 0:20, Nick emerges onto the stage to a massive hometown pop in The Garden, wearing his t-shirt available at the IWTShop and black tights. He moves down the ramp, pointing at signs and fans, taking in a resounding "NICK" chant. He enters the ring and raises his arms to another pop. Flashing a smile, he goes over to the side, grabs a microphone, and waits for the crowd to simmer down.

    Sven: Nick in his hometown of NYC tonight, looking to teach Ryan Davis a lesson.

    Christian: Nick is a hypocrite, harping on and on about respect when he made a living disrespecting people like me!

    Sven: He seems to have taken that veteran beating up on rookies role, he'd better hope that this Ryan kid can be a good warmup for whoever holds the IWT title.

    The two stare each other down from opposite corners, and the referee rings the bell, the crowd firmly in Nick's corner. Ryan approaches toward's Nick, and Nick soon moves in. Nick goes towards Ryan's head, Ryan ducks behind and pushes him out of the way and begins posing in the center of the ring.

    Christian: I like that, let everyone know how great you are Ryan!

    Nick quickly turns and drops Ryan with a spinning heel kick. He immediately follows it up by applying a waist lock on the ground. He brings Ryan to his feet and lifts him, but Ryan elbows Nick, rolls back and applies a waist lock of his own. Nick counters with a snapmare take down, then goes for a drop kick but Ryan moves out of the way. While Nick is getting up, Ryan goes for a kick of his own but Nick rolls to the side. They both get to their feet and stare each other down once more. The crowd applauds both superstar's effort.

    Sven: Nick is one of the more technically-gifted wrestlers in the IWT, and from what we've seen Ryan Davis can contest with Nick's ground-based game.

    The two get tangled in a collar and elbow tie up, and Nick comes out on top by putting Ryan in a side head lock. Ryan then pushes Nick into the corner, and the referee goes in to seperate the two. Ryan then throws an elbow into Nick's gut and follows it up with a dropkick to the face, knocking Nick down to the crowd's anger.

    Sven: Ryan bending the rules here, much to the chagrin of Nick and his fans.

    Christian: Just smart wrestling there

    Ryan follows it up by stomping on Nick's shoulder and neck area repeatedly. He then drops an elbow and unloads with rights and lefts on his face. He gets up and taunts the crowd some more. Nick begins getting up but is met by a knee from Ryan. He follows it up by nailing a belly-to-belly duplex and covering...
    Nick gets a shoulder up. Ryan immediately follows that up with a sleeper

    Sven: This time Ryan isn't letting himself get caught up, not letting Nick out of his sight.

    He lets go of the sleeper and kicks him in the head. He covers...
    kick out! Frustrated, Ryan begins yelling at the ref. He kicks Nick in the head some more, and covers yet again.
    Nick throws Ryan off.

    In anger, Ryan smacks the mat and yells at the referee to count faster. From the outside of the ring, Jeff starts yelling at the ref, but Ryan tells him to shut up.

    Sven: Ryan and his posse are not too pleased, it seems they just aren't used to dealing with somebody that can last in that ring.

    Christian: As Ryan gets more fed up, he's gonna get more vicious. Nick had better watch out.

    Ryan picks Nick up and irish whips him - Nick rebounds and Ryan attempts a back body drop. Nick however, lands on his feet and Ryan begins taunting again. Nick then grabs him from behind and connects with a german suplex. Ryan gets up and goes for clothesline - Nick ducks, goes behind and hits another german suplex.

    Sven: Nick coming back with those Germans!

    He lifts Ryan and whips him into the corner. He sprints at him and connects with a body splash. Then, he starts throwing rights and lefts relentlessly, Ryan falling down and the ref having to come in and separate it.

    Christian: You can't do that!

    Sven: Nick and Ryan have been throwing lots of big blows this fight, definitely trying to inflict some damage on each other.

    Nick backs up and when the ref leaves, he pulls him out of the corner. He whips him into the opposite side, Ryan rebounds back and catches everyone by surprise with a hurricanrana take down. Nick quickly gets up and runs at Ryan but he hits a big knee lift on Nick's gut - then follows with a vertical suplex.

    Sven: And just like that, Ryan is in the driver's seat!

    Ryan signals to Jeff to start filming and blows a kiss to Elizabeth. He yells "It's over!" and begins stalking Nick. He lifts him on his shoulders. However, Nick gets off and goes behind him. He knocks him face first onto the mat, hooks the arms, and locks the Brooklyn Bridge in to a big pop.

    Sven: Look at this! Ryan was looking for the Burning Hammer but Nick has him in his patented submission hold. It's gonna be all over now, folks.

    As Nick applies the hold, Jeff puts the camera down and gets up on the apron, distracting the referee. Nick notices and releases the hold. He shoves the ref out of the way and shoves Jeff off the apron and onto the floor. Jeff gets up and Nick runs off the ropes, bounces back and connects with a suicide dive onto Jeff to another crowd pop.

    Christian: Leave the cameraman alone, he didn't do anything!

    Sven: Nick is all over the place, shades of his past with that suicide dive!

    Nick gets on the apron, but before he goes to roll into the ring, he spot's Ryan's 'Miss Elizabeth'. He motions for her to come to him, and she slowly starts walking towards him. Just as she's right in front of him, she smiles and side steps out of the way. Ryan comes from behind and hits Nick with a spinning heel kick to the back of the head, knocking him onto the floor.

    Sven: Nick got distracted and he paid! Surprising mistake there

    Christian: Gotta keep your head in the game at all times

    Nick is laid out flat on his back on the outside. Ryan is now staring at Nick, but instead of going after him he gets onto his feet and begins climbing the turnbuckle. Ryan stands up top, taking in the flash photography and the crowd getting on their feet. He leaps off the top rope and nails Nick with a double foot stomp on the outside to a huge pop.

    Sven: What the hell!? Ryan Davis may have just pulled off the move of the night right there with that daredevil diving foot stomp!

    Christian: This is what it's all about, putting it all on the line!

    Sven: If he hadn't had it by now, it's definitely safe to say Ryan Davis has earned Nick's respect after that.

    Christian: He doesn't want it or need it!

    They begin showing replays from different angles as Ryan gets back to his feet and throws him arms up to a decent reaction from the crowd. He picks Nick up, slaps him square across the face, and rolls him back into the ring. He covers, the crowd now counting with the ref...
    Nick barely lifts a shoulder up in time! The crowd goes crazy and Ryan is shocked, shaking his head and holding up three fingers to the referee. He begins lifting Nick's beaten body back up.

    Sven: I can't believe Nick got his shoulder up there! Ryan Davis pulling out all the stops.

    Ryan lifts Nick up for a power bomb, but Nick reverses with a hurricanrana. Ryan goes back first into the turnbuckle and falls down on, now lying seated in the turnbuckle. Nick struggles to get to his feet, then makes his finger like a gun and points it at Ryan. He shoots it and charges at Ryan, connecting with a knee smash on Ryan to a big pop.

    Sven: There it is! The move that has won Nick many matches before, that knee smash! We haven't seen that in a long time.

    Christian: That could be all, folks.

    Nick crawls to the cover, and the crowd counts with the ref...
    3! No - Ryan has a foot on the bottom rope!

    Sven: Ryan Davis with a for on the ropes! He does NOT wrestle like a rookie.

    Christian: Ryan will not go down!

    The crowd begins booing and Nick looks at the ref with his hands on his head in disbelief. He slowly gets to his feet and points at Ryan, then begins screaming at him to get up. Ryan slowly gets to his feet, and Nick goes in for a snapmare hold. However, once Nick turns his back, Ryan ducks Nick's arm, goes under it and lifts him onto his shoulders and puts him in the reverse fireman's carry position. He quickly drops him with a Burning Hammer, and covers...

    Sven: Oh my god!! I don't believe it!

    Christian: In only his second match, Ryan Davis has beaten a former World Champion!

    The crowd is slightly more mixed than when the match started, but more are booing that because hometown man lost. Ryan smirks as his posse enters the ring and begins celebrating in the ring, soaking in the reaction.

    Sven: Ryan Davis has shown us all that he's more than a cocky rookie. Nobody gave him the credit, and he has pulled off the upset!

    Christian: No mere rookie would be able to do what Ryan just did, this kid is going places! Let me join his posse!

    Ryan stands in the corner, holding his arms high in victory.

    Sven: Up next is Reagan Cole vs. Dylan Grey!

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Essex, England...REAAAAGGGAAAN COOOLLLEE!
    Reagan Cole runs onto the stage to a mild pop. He walks down the ramp and smiles at the crowd before continuing. He enters the ring and stretches on the ropes. He stands on the turnbuckle and poses. He jumps down and warms up.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Leicester, England...DYLAAANN GREEEYYY!
    Dylan slumbers onto the stage. He looks at the crowd with disgust. He struts down the ramp, looking at the crowd with disgust. He enters the ring, and gets nose to nose with Reagan Cole. He trash talks him, he turns to leave but instead spits in his face.

    Reagan Cole tackles Dyaln to the ground and they have a scuffle. The referee separates them, to have a clean start. They tie up, and Reagan Cole locks on a head lock. Dylan backs up onto the ropes and bounces Reagan off of them, as Reagan comes back he is met with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Dylan goes for a pin, but Reagan kicks out before the count begins. Dylan locks on another head lock. The fans begins to chant and cheer for Reagan to get back into it. Reagan fires up and begins to power up. He elbows Dylan in the gut and hooks him. He lands a Russian Leg Sweep and transitions into a Body Scissors. He wrenches in tight, as Dylan winces in pain. Dylan tries creating space, but fails. He instead elbows Reagan in the knee, and the holds is broken. Dylan stands up and grabs the same leg. He gives a swift kick to the back of the knee and gives a DDT to the knee. He doesn't let go and transitions into a Single Leg Boston Crab.

    Christian: He's doing great. Targeting a limb that he knows is getting weakened.

    Sven: I just hope he doesn't get carried away.

    Reagan gets to the ropes and Dylan lets go. He stomps the leg a few times before getting rid of the knee pad. He hits another DDT on the leg and stands up to taunt. He stands Reagan up and runs off the ropes looking for a clothesline, but instead is met with a Complete Shot. Reagan Cole holds his knee in pain, as Dylan is laid out. The fans begin to fire up Reagan Cole. He begins to hype up. He stands up and slowly climbs the turnbuckle. He perches up top and goes for the the Queens Way Flying Headbutt. He lands it. He shakes in pain as Dylan holds his head and squirms all over the mat. Reagan Cole makes his way up to his feet using one leg, and stands Dylan up before hitting a Mexican Hammer! He goes for the pin - 1...2...3!

    Announcer: Here's your winner, Reagan COOOOOLLLLLEEE!

    Reagan stands up and holds up his hands to a pop. He grabs his ripped knee pad, and leaves the ring. He limps his way to the back, as the referee checks up on and helps Dylan Grey up to his feet. They leave the ring.

    Sven: That was a great match, but another is upcoming.

    Christian: The Intercontinental title #1 Contender match! Scott Fargo vs. Perceval Donohue.

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a #1 Contenders match for the Intercontinental Championship!

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Bukcinghamshire, England...PEEERRCEEVAAL DOONNOOOHUUEE!
    Perceval Donohue walks out and is wearing his Red Jacket. He walks down the ring and looks at the crowd, before running inside.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Minneapolis, Minnesota..SCOOOTT FAAARRRGOOO!
    As the vocals kick in, Scott Fargo walks out into the view of the crowd. He stops to take in his reaction. After a moment of looking around the crowd, Fargo begins moving toward the ring adjusting his wrist tape and slightly bouncing his head to the beat. He climbs up the steel steps and walks onto the apron. He steps into the ring and then walks over to the corner where he poses on the second rope by raising an arm above his head and then throwing up a "Too Sweet". He climbs down and waits for the match to start.

    They tie up, and Perceval moves behind him and hooks him and hits a German Suplex. Scott holds his head in pain, when he's left lying. Perceval comes back for another dead lift German. Scott holds his head, while Perceval comes up and stomps Scott again. Perceval hits a snap suplex and then goes for another, followed by another. He attempts a 4th suplex, but Scott blocks it. He instead hits his own suplex. The crowd begins to cheer, for either of them to recover. Scott makes it to his feet, and hooks his head. He lands a DDT, and turns him over for a pin - 1...2- Perceval kicks out. Fargo sits up and looks around at the crowd, with his mouth hanging open. He stands up and squats, measuring Donohue. Perceval slowly makes it to his feet, and turns around. Scott attempts to hit a Sit Out Spinebuster, but as he attempts to slam him down, Perceval locks on a choke hold. Perceval wraps his legs around Scott and wrenches tight. Scott's face begins to turn purple and begins to fade. He drops to his knees and slowly drops down. He goes limp, and the referee goes to check on Scott. He raises his arm, and lets it drop - 1. The ref checks again - 2. The ref checks again - 3. The ref checks again - but Scott stops his arm before landing on the mat. He screams and slowly makes it to his feet with Perceval still hanging on. The crowd pops for the strength. He slams him down and rolls off. He lays out.

    Sven: What strength! That was a great feat of strength!

    Christian: That shows us that's how far he's willing to go for that title shot!. f

    Scott makes it to his feet, and he rubs his eyes. His eyes are ready and his face is blue. He walks over to a battered Perceval, and waits for him to get to his knee, as he does, Scott runs off the ropes and hits a vicious kick to Perceval's face. Perceval falls back, and Scott goes for a pin - 1...2...- Perceval barely kicks out and Scott screams in frustration. He stands up and and shakes the ring ropes, and taunts Perceval to stand up. He gets up and Scott aggressively hooks Perceval for a Brainbuster, but as he is lifted Perceval brings a knee onto Scott's head. Scott lets him down, but Perceval retaliates with his own Suplex. Perceval goes for the pin - 1...2..- Scott kicks out. They both get to their feet at the same time, and they begin to brawl. Scott and Perceval trade blows until Scott knees Perceval in the gut. Perceval kneels in pain and is hooked. Scott lands a Delayed Twisting Brainbuster with a sick thud. He goes for the pin - 1...2...3!

    Announcer: Here's your winner, and #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Title...SCOOOTT FAAAARRRGOOO!

    Sven: He's done it! He's the next challenger for our Intercontinental Champion!

    Christian: He showed that he wants it more. He did good, and he has a damn bright future ahead of him.

    *The screen fades and a video package begins to fade in.*

    Christian: Up next is the match that we all want to see. Spawn vs. Alias Antonio in a match for a shot at the IWT World Championship!

    Announcer: The following contest is to determine to #1 Contender for the IWT World Championship!

    Announcer: Introducing first, from Spain...Alias...ANTOOONIO!
    Alias steps onto the stage, with the strobe lights causing an eerie shadow down the ramp. The crowd lets out a long pop for Antonio. Alias walks up to the top of the ramp, and scopes the arena and begins to walk down to the ring with heavy steps. He rolls into the ring and raises his arms, when the lights return to normal and another loud pop is heard. He backs up into the corner and takes off his vest.

    Christian: That's my pick! That man is going to destroy Spawn, the "monster" is nothing more than a stepping stone for my man, Alias Antonio!

    The second the guitar hits, a giant explosion and flames rage out of the stage. Spawn steps through and a loud pop is heard. Spawn looks at Alias Antonio and slightly tilts his head. He begins down the ramp, with fire accompanying him down the ramp. He steps over the top rope and stands in the center of the ring, slowly raises his arms and throws them down to a loud explosion of fire from the posts.

    Alias and Spawn come together in the center of the stained ring mat. They have a stare down. Spawn tilts his head, but is met with a quick jab from Alias. Spawn backs up, but Alias doesn't spend any time to attack again. He hits loose jabs, that backs Spawn up on the ropes. Alias bounces him off the ropes, but is met with a big boot that knocks him down to the mat. Spawn almost falls back with the force. Alias holds his jaw and stumbles to his feet. Spawn slowly walks over and hits an axehandle, that drops Alias back to his knees. Spawn runs off the ropes and attempts a big boot, but Alias moves out of the way. Alias grabs Spawn from the back and hits a massive German Suplex. The ring shakes with the impact. Alias and Spawn are down and out. Alias gets up at the 7 second point, and walks over to Spawn's massive legs. He hooks his legs and locks on a Cloverleaf. Alias has trouble holding on to Spawn's legs. Spawn makes it to the ropes. The referee starts the count to 5, and Alias breaks it up at 4. Alias catches his breath, climbs the turnbuckle and slowly stands up. He jumps for a Shooting Star Press, but Spawn gets his knees up. Alias lands hard and takes a sickening bounce. Spawn sits up, and gets to his feet. He grabs Alias, stands him up and hooks him for a Tombstone Piledriver. He hits it and folds Alias' hands over his chest - 1...2...- Alias just barely kicks out.

    Sven: Oh my! That was 2 and 3 quarters!

    Christian: C'mon Alias! Get up! Knock his ass out! Get up!

    Sven: Really objective.

    Christian: Shut the hell up. Alias needs to win this!

    Spawn lays back, and stares up on the lights. He makes his way up to his feet, slowly. He begins to stalk the referee. He corners him, and questions him about the slow count. The referee cowers in fear, and ducks behind the ropes. Spawn turns around and is met with a super kick that knocks him down. Alias falls to the mat, as well. He holds his neck in pain. He crawls over to Spawn and goes for the cover - 1...2..- Spawn kicks out. Alias looks at the crowd in frustration, as he makes his way back to his feet. He stretches out his shoulder, to relieve the pain. He walks over to Spawn, who is slouching in the corner. He walks over and lands a knife edge chop. Alias walks to the opposite corner. He runs at Spawn and hits an Enziguiri. Spawn falls forward, and Alias stands up. He mocks Spawn by tilting his head and running his thumb across his throat. He awaits Spawn. Spawn stands up and turns around. Alias attempts to lift him up for a Psycho Driver, but is met with a Big Boot. Alias lands hard onto the mat. Spawn goes for a pin - 1...2..- Alias kicks out. Spawn screams out in frustration. He stands over Alias and begins a ground and pound. He hits stiff lefts and rights that cut Alias' face. Spawn stands off of Alias and runs his thumb across his throat and waits for Alias. Alias slowly makes his way to his feet, and turns around. He is grabbed by the throat. Spawn lifts him up but Alias slips out and lands behind him. He flips him around and gets him up for a Psycho Driver. He hits it! Alias quickly goes for a pin - 1...2...3! Alias gets the pin!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...and the #1 Contender for the IWT World Championship...ALLLIIIAAAS ANTOOONIO!

    Alias stands up. His face is red, and dripping in sweat. He raises his arms in victory. The crowd lets out a long roar. The referee attempts to hold his arm, but he quickly whips his arms away. He walks outside to Christian. He gives him a hand shake and gets a pat on the back. He walks over to Sven, and spits in his coffee. He makes his way back around the ring, up the ramp and to the locker room.

    Sven: So mature. Was that really necessary?

    Christian: Of course it was necessary. You can't go wrong with Alias Antonio! And when he wins that IWT World Championship, next month - everyone will see!

    Sven: Well before that we have yet to see who will become the soul midcard champion. Intercontinental Champion, Jack Forté will face X-Division Champion, Danny Jacobs.

    Christian: Danny wants to prove his place in the IWT. Jack wants to lay another challenger to rest.

    Jack Forté winning the Intercontinental Champion, and defending it all the way through IWTMania IV is shown. It fades into Danny Jacobs title win, and return at IWTMania IV. at 0:48, Danny Jacobs attacking and challenging Jack Forté, and Jack's rebuttal are shown. The package ends with Danny Jacobs standing over Jack, with both titles in hand.

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a a Unification match!

    Danny Jacobs walks out with the X-Division Championship on his shoulder, much to the dislike of the fans in attendance. Danny Jacobs walks with his head down, seemingly upset or annoyed about something, like always. He jumps on the apron and pyro goes off. He then takes his title and throws it towards the head of the referee while laughing, showing that he doesn't give a single shit about the X-Division Championship. He climbs into the ring.

    Sven: Danny is a 2 time X-Division Champion. A former member of the Bready World Order, along with former partners Alkatrz and Muuuftah. He is also known as The Big Guy.

    The arena lights turn off for a quick moment, and they transition into a shade of royal purple. As everything becomes more visible you can see a hole is right in the middle of the stage, and white fog begins to surface from it. Jack's theme and tron kicks in, and you can see a figure rising from beneath. It stops as soon as the lyrics set in, and green lasers emit to the being that just rose-- revealing Forté to the entire arena to a nice pop. He's garbed in his usual gear, minus the jacket and tank top. Making most of the focus on his title. Jack finally makes his way down to the steps, slapping some hands along the way, but doesn't enter the ring.

    Announcer: Introducing first, from the Netherlands, weighing in at 310 Lbs, at the height of 6 feet and 8 inches...the reigning, defending IWT X-Division Champion..."The Big Guy" Danny...JAAAACCCOOOOBBSS!

    Danny holds up his X-Division title and is showered with a mixed reaction. He looks at the title's chipping paint and decides to give it to the referee.

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Sin City, weighing in at 180 Lbs, at the height of 5 feet 9 inches tall...the reigning, defending IWT Intercontinental Champion...Jack...FOOOORRRRTTTÉ.

    The crowd pops for Jack, as he raises the title. The camera zooms up on the battered title, and then zooms in on Jack's emotionless face. He hands the title to the referee and stretches in the corner.

    Jack and Danny lock up. Danny gets the upper hand and lands a hip toss. Jack quickly gets up and stares down with Danny. Jack attempts a punch, but Danny blocks it and lands a slap. Jack is knocked down, but quickly stands up. He slaps Danny, and Danny retaliates by taking down Jack. Danny lays in a couple of elbows, while Jack lands his own punches. They brawl, and ultimately roll out of the ring. The impact of the fall breaks them. Jack spends little time to recover, as he stands up and hits a super kick on a kneeling Jacobs. Jack grabs Danny by the head and throws him into the ring. Jack rolls in, and lifts Danny over his shoulders, but can't keep him up. Danny's over bearing weight causes Jack to collapse under the weight. Danny grabs Jack and hits a suplex. Danny looks at the camera with a smug look. He goes for a pin - 1...2...- Jack kicks out, and Danny doesn't spend anytime complaining. He walks over to Jack and stomps him down. Danny runs off the ropes and attempts a big splash but is met with nothing but mat. Jack moved out of the way. Danny holds his gut, and Jack waits for Danny to stand up. Jack runs off the ropes and connects with a Clothesline to the back of Danny's head. Jack goes for a pin - 1...2..- Danny kicks out.

    Christian: Jack needs to keep Danny Jacobs down. He's bigger, and stronger. Jack is faster and has more technical ability. That's the key to winning.

    Sven: Let's not count out Danny. He may be big, but he sure is as agile as anyone else. He just needs to the momentum to shift to his favor.

    Jack fixes his trunks and walks over to a grounded Danny. He gives him a stomp to the lower back. Danny screams in pain, and Jack locks on a Camel Clutch. Danny has no trouble standing up and dropping back. Danny lands hard onto Jack. Danny stands up and attempts a Flatliner, but Jack gets away. Jack attempts a roundhouse, but Danny ducks and connects with a lariat that knocks Jack down with a thunderous force. Danny goes for a pin - 1...2..- Jack kicks out. Danny begins to get frustrated. He stands up and runs off the ropes and hits a big splash and stays for a pin - 1...2...- Jack kicks out again. Danny stands up and puts his foot on Jack. He looks at the crowd and steps over and onto him. Jack screams in pain, and Danny steps off. Danny stands Jack up, but Jack begins to fight back. He hits a few punches, before running off the ropes and hits a big forearm that stumbles Danny back. Jack runs off the ropes and hits a Running Knee to the gut of Danny. Danny falls to he knees in pain. Jack runs off the ropes and hits a vicious Shining Wizard. Danny is out. Jack goes for a pin - 1...2..- Danny just barely kicks out. Jack rolls off Danny and lays down in exhaustion. The referee begins to count when Jack struggles to his feet. He awaits Danny. He measures Danny, and locks on a Full Nelson. He lifts and lands a Full Nelson Slam, that takes all of the strength out of Jack. Jack goes for the cover - 1...2...3!

    Announcer: Heres' your winner and NEW Undisputed IWT Intercontinental Champion...JAAACCKK FOOOORRRTTÉ!

    Jack sits up and is handed both titles. He looks at them with a smug smile. He holds them both up to a big pop. He poses on all 4 turnbuckles and stands in the center of the ring, when the lights dim down to a red light at a vignette is shown on the titantron.

    Jack looks at the tron in confusion. The entire vignette runs, when suddenly a man enters the ring and attacks Jack from behind. He screams at the crowd, "My name is Bishop!". He hooks Jack, lifts him up into a Suplex but brings him down for a Stunner. The crowd goes crazy. He looks at the wounded Danny Jacobs and hooks him for a T-Bone and lands a massive T-Bone Suplex. Hs screams and poses in the center of the ring. Security runs down and breaks everyone up, and they escort him out of the ring. They help Jack and Danny to their feet and take them to the back.

    Sven: Who the- What the- Who was that?

    Christian: He is Bishop. IWT's newest signing, we've heard about him for weeks, and now we have gotten our first glance. I like this guy!

    Sven: The man that signed him, Michael, is getting set for his match against IWT World Champion Aids Johnson.

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the IWT World Championship!

    Michael steps through the curtain. He is wearing an IWT tank top, and has his hair slicked back. The water has dripped down unto his red leather pants. He strut down the ring, yelling at fans, "I own the IWT!". He walks up the stairs and wipes his feet on the outside apron before entering the blood, sweat and saliva stained mat. He throws off his shirt and awaits the opponent.

    Aids Johnson walks out with a swagger. He is met with a loud pop. His hair is slicked back, and a toothpick in his mouth. Walks over to the camera and throws his toothpick at the camera. He struts down the ramp showing his IWT World title to the fans and camera. He enters the ring and looks at Michael before telling him to suck it.

    Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger, weighing in at 213 Lbs, at the height of 6 feet and 3 inches tall, from Chicago, Illinois...the General Manager of the IWT...MIIICCCHHHAEEEL!

    Michael raises his hands and is pelted with garbage.

    Announcer: Introducing second, weighing in at 220 Lbs, at the height of 6 feet 4 inches tall, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin...The reigning, defending IWT World Champion...AIDS JOOOOHHHNNNSSOOON!

    Michael ands Aids tie up, Aids gets the upper hand and pushes Michael to the ropes. Michael retaliates with a punch to the face. Aids falls back but stands up and is met with another punch, but this time hits own as well. Michael leans on the ropes and holds his jaw, and Aids runs at him. He hits a big clothesline that launches Michael out of the ring. Aids fallows him, and grabs him by the head and smacks him off the steel steps, Michael falls to the ground. Aids stomps him and lifts him up before throwing him back into the ring. He jumps in to and is met with a big roundhouse. Aids stumbles back, but is only rocked. Michael runs off the ropes and hits a Running High Knee that busts Aids open, and lays him out. Michael goes for a pin - 1...2...- Aids kicks out, just before the 3 count. Michael screams at the referee before climb the turnbuckle, and hitting a Frog Splash. He goes for another pin - 1...2..- Aids kicks out again. Michael lashes out and corners the referee, he pushes the referee, and the referee returns with a punch that clocks him. He turns around and is met with a gut kick and a Brainbuster. Aids goes for a pin - 1...2..- Michael kicks out!

    Sven: This match is crazy!

    Christian: Aids has this in the bag.

    Aids grabs Michael and leans him in the corner. He hits a European uppercut, and a stomp. Michael is kneeling in the corner when Aids walks to the corner. He runs and hits his own Broski Boot. Michael is dazed. Aids Johnson lifts him and hits a Delayed Suplex with a pin - 1...2...- Michael kicks out. Aids Johnson stands in the corner, and catches his breath. He looks at the crowd and tells them what he should do. Michael runs up from behind and hits an axehandle. Aids falls back, and Michael locks him into a standing Dragon Sleeper. Aids screams in pain, and Michael drops him down. They are on the floor. The crowd cheers Aids to an escape. Aids breaks the grip and hits a few punches before running off the ropes and hitting a big boot. Michael goes down, and Aids takes a rest. He slowly lifts him up and leans him into the corner. He raises him up and hooks him with a Suplex. Aids attempts a Brainbuster, but as he lifts Michael; Michael lands a knee onto Aids' skull. Michael lands behind Aids. Aids turns around around and is met with a headbutt. Aids wobbles and after another. He goes crashing. Michael looks at Aids Johnson, on the mat. He turns around and hits a Moonsault. They both are down for the count.

    Sven: Oh my. Michael and Aids are mauling each other.

    Christian: Michael needs to keep up the pace. Aids is burnt out from the months of competition. Michael is fresh, but might be rusty.

    Michael gets to his feet by the 9 count. He rests on the ring ropes and takes a breath. Aids Johnson gets to his feet, as well. Aids runs and hits a Big Boot. Michael crumbles to the mat. He is laid out, and Aids falls back. Aids attempts to catch his breath as Michael comes to. Aids drags Michael's limp body over for the pin - 1...2..- Michael kicks out. Aids Johnson screams in frustration. He walks over and takes off his elbow pads. He stands Michael up and hits 3 swift elbows to Michael faces. Michael rebounds off the ropes and hits Aids Johnson with another Jumping High Knee that knocks Aids to his knees. Michael runs off the ropes and hits a Head of State Shining Wizard! He goes for a pin - 1...2...3!

    Announcer: Here's your winner, and NEW IWT World Champion...MIIICCCHAAEEL

    Sven: OH MY GOD! Michael just won the IWT World Champion

    Michael stands up, and screams in shock. He is profusely sweating and in pain. He grabs his neck and walks over to the referee. The referee hands him the IWT World Championship. He stares at the title in absolute shock. He holds up the title and pyro shoots off from the ramp and ceiling of the Garden. He whips the tile over his shoulder, walks over and grabs a microphone.

    Michael: Over...*Michael attempts to catch his breath* 2...years ago. I debuted in the IWT. I was passed off as a waste of time. I was passed off an unworthy opponent. I was never looked at as the guy that can accomplish anything. I was always the guy that was enthusiastic enough to bear all the insults and keep coming back. Aids Johnson mentored Harriet Vargas, while I was too busy hoping for the useless bastard to accept my challenges. *Michael pants heavily* I was too busy hoping Jonathan would let me into IWT Creative. *Michael pants* I was too busy hoping when I should've been winning. I was too busy wondering why I lost than how I can fucking win. Now I'm here as World fucking Champion, and the answers have dawned on me.

    Michael takes the title off his shoulder and stares at it before placing it on his shoulder again.

    Michael: While Rita Kendal was mocking me for hoping I could book the IWT; while Jonathan was on the verge of firing me for constantly campaigning to join IWT Creative; while Aids Johnson was bringing his foreplay toys to "bury" me as punishment for me challenging him...I was rebuilding. I not only booked the IWT, but I became the sole owner of it. I not only joined IWT Creative, but I fucking own it. I not only challenged Aids, but I beat him. I not only beat Aids Jonson...I won the IWT World Championship.

    Michael throws the microphone away and holds the title up once again. He grabs his neck in pain and limps to the back. His music fades away. Alias walks out in street clothes and takes a good look at Michael. The last shot of the PPV is that of a crane shot showcasing the ramp and both men.​
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  2. @THG?: Alias Antonio
    @Shadow: Jack Forté
    @Gav in da BPL!: Gav the Chav
    @Tumbas: Spawn
    @Tsar: Michael
    @DatKidFromJersey : King Zero
    @Nickelodeon: Nick
    @Aids Johnson: Aids Johnson
    @TheArabHammer: Gato Volar
    @The ReagMaster: Reagan Cole
    @Jacob Fox: Schizo
    @The Real GOAT: Eric Draven
    @King Barrett: Dylan Grey
    @impactking: Chris Young/Lilith Young
    @CBK_15: Jack Lux
    @Ring Rust: Perceval "Rusty" Donohue
    @Awesomenrh: Alexander Hightower
    @DragonClaw: Big Drag
    @Ryan Davis: Ryan Davis
    @rydogg: Braeden Cross
    @Dojo: Scott Fargo
    @Bubblegum: Shinjiro Death
    @Ovalhead: Luis Ovaldhino/Lord Lee
    @Indy: Danny Jacobs
    @Harrison: Handleman
    @NickThePenguin: Baron Moreau
    @KingsPunch: King Votan
    @AfricanScatMahn: Big Mac Daddy
    @DemonHunter1257: Al Blizzard
    @B1skit: Cousin Eddy
    @Ricky Daniels: Ricky Daniels
    @Forrest OAKADA: Leo Taylor

    Show is up!
  3. Fantastic show!

    And it's out just days after the promos? Insane!
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  4. Any fed that doesn't take a legit two months to get a show out with three writers is alright by me.
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  5. This. *cough* NG---you get it

  6. Oddly enough almost the entire show was written by one guy. :steph:

    Nick vs. Ryan Davis was written by Nick
    Schizo vs. Alexander Hightower was written by Jacob Fox.
  7. Really hope Bishop is who I think it is. If so, it'll probably be my SS match. As long as I have the title anyways.
  8. Which reminds me.

    Edited: The first part of the show has a new Bishop vignette.
  9. Marvellous show
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  11. Yeah man, from start to finish, it was great
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  12. one of the most fleshed out and nice write ups so far.

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