Storyline IWT... Survivor Series!

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  1. Announced below is the official match card for IWT Survivior Series,
    which takes place from 19th-24th November!


    *I've used previous days for matches to gauge a good day for each match. If yours isn't suitable, sorry, but I've been pretty busy lately.*

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  2. Huh. So I have an X Title match... well that was unexpected,i'll be on for that.
  3. David said he picked you?
  4. I thought someone else was already picked by him, I wanted the match and asked, but I didn't get a confirmation saying it was gonna happen.
  5. So no match for me
  6. Got my two title matches! :happy::smug:
  7. :sad: card has been prepared for a number of weeks, people usually come to me and ask to be booked. We have a few competitors who post promos but they don't ask for a match, so naturally the ones who show willing are going to be booked. Build a story towards the next PPV, TLC, and let me know a match :obama:
  8. Understandable
  9. If I don't win one title at S.S, someone is gonna get got!
  10. It'll be 2 easy wins
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  11. The Dazzling Chavs are about to bring in some gold.

    Also, don't forget the after Survivor Series plan. That will be the only hint they get.
  12. Don't worry i havn't :)
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  13. Good, good.
  14. lol just realised our match is tomorrow was thinking it was next week lol
  15. Today, tomorrow, next week, it doesn't matter. We taking the gold.
  16. So I guess my match is on then! Well in that case...
    *At the Gas Station, Duggan talking to some truckers in the service station, the tv is showing the SS match card, Duggan has his back to the TV*
    Dexx: Man it bites, I asked for the match but Davey never responded.
    *Duggans match card comes on the screen, trucker taps Duggan on the soldier*
    Truck: Hey uh? Is that you.
    *Dexx turns around, he stares for the minute*
    Dexx: WHAT THE-?!?!?!
    Trucker: Congrats and good luck man!
    Dexx: I got the match?
  17. Yo,Hammer,if you're a heel I'll face you.
  18. So pumped for this PPV. <3
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