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    OOC: No dates are set yet. Let me know and I can add/change them in this thread.

    *In between tag tournament matches a vignette starts to play across the screen as the official IWT Survivor Series song plays in the background*

    *The movie preview voice starts to speak*

    Survivor Series.

    Where dreams are made or crushed under the boot of your opposition. Who will survive this year?


    Jwab @Hollywood Jwab ) vs Lee (@Ovalhead Le Jobber ) for the IWT X-treme championship


    Ami Ennemi (@Ami Ennemi) vs Micheal (@Tsar )

    IWT European Championship Invitational.
    IWT Euro champ Midas is so confident as champ he invites any two superstars to challenge him in this invitational match. (first two to post promos when it opens will be in the match)


    Rita Kendal (@Majour ) vs B.Dazzle (@B.Dazzle )


    Beginning of TEAM IWT vs TEAM FSW


    Joey Bryant (@DK James ) vs Gav the Chav (@Gav the Champ! ) in a title vs title match. IWT vs WHC. Winner takes all.

    It's time. Two forces from two rival federations will clash and only one team will stand tall as the victor. Will it be Team IWT or Team FSW?

    *Feed cuts to Trip in the head now standing in the ring to announce the members of team IWT*

    TRIP: Now I know you have all been waiting patiently to see who I have picked to represent Team IWT at Survivor Series versus the struggling camp of Team FSW. Well your wait is finally over! First, we have one half of the IWT tag champions and IWT European champion Midas (@Stopspot )! Second, in case you missed my match in the tag tournament, we have the IWT X-treme champion Hollywood Jwab (@Hollywood Jwab )! Third, we have someone is apparently on te injured list currently - but he knows how to deliver and I believe he will be healed enough to compete at Survior Series - Aiden Ryan (@Butters! )!. Fourth, we have Mr. IWT himself. A former 3 time, 3 time, 3 time IWT champion and the only IWT hall of famer still currently competing - Aids Johnson(@Random Hero ). And finally, the fifth member of team IWT will know what? I'll let him tell you.....

    *And the music hits........*

    OOC: Please wait for the guy to respond then have at it. Also - thanks to Tsar for making the match images again.

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  2. [​IMG]
    I tried doing what you said, Delik. But all it did was pixelize the bottom text?
  3. cool card
  4. It's gotta be Joey if it's taken this long.
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  5. 10 paragraph promo about joining Team IWT incoming.
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  6. Whos on team FSW i only know of 3 atm have I missed anything or have they not been revealed yet?
  7. Only 3 guys have been revealed, yeah. One should be getting revealed soon, but the last one will be saved till SS.
  8. i revealed 4, but since kid ain't allowed, it's back down at 3. i'll announce one tomorrow and the other will BE A SURPRISE for the match.
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  9. Hahahahahaha it ain't me as far as I know.

  10. *Marcus Anthony appears at the top of the ramp wearing his signature black sleeveless hoodie, jeans and black boots. With mic in hand he makes his way to the ring*

    IWT.... The Menace is back

    For too long...I have curbed the hunger.

    For too long...I restrained what I am

    The menace will no longer be in stasis

    There will be...NO..SURVIVORS



    I pandered to you. I wanted you to accept me. Because of that I lost my way. I tempered my flame. That's why I left. It made me sick knowing I wasn't being true to who and what I am.

    With my fire still burning, and my hunger for destruction getting too much to handle, there was only one way to satisfy my urge. So I reached out to my brother and he couldn't have been more excited to resurrect the greatest team in IWT. Will it be for one night? Will it be for good? Who knows. But what I do know...that with the man who brought me in the industry and the man who fought side by side with me for so long. Do our opponents really stand a chance?
  11. And the crowd goes mild....
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  12. The Prophecy has (Kind Of) Come True.....

    Still a better return then Crayo's.
  13. Mild-peri peri on the Nandos Peromiter.
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  14. Aids Titantron hits, but no music plays as Aids walks down the ramp with a bottle of scotch in hand. He jogs down halfway, sliding into the ring, taking the microphone from Marcus before handing the bottle in exchange. Aids cheers Marcus with the microphone, who takes a pull while Aids holds the mic up.

    Another day, a new theme plays, or in this case doesn't. The people can pretend to sleep on Marcus all they want, but when I look at team IWT i see former champions, a future champion, and current champions INCLUDING the man who ran two current team FSW members back to the bottom of the ladder. All cheap shots aside, my attention is focused on who the final member of team FSW is, and I think I have found out who we should all expect to see come Survivor Series. Go ahead, cue his titantron.

    Now all jokes aside, I do not expect to see the taco savior, but whoever is the final competitor in team FSW, should plan on a retirement promo next to their friend and compatriot Alias himself. I am here on team IWT, to finally get my win vs Alias and it will be in glorious fashion. Marcus has a return people have asked about for months, and this short promo he has made was just a small taste of what is to come. There is no reason for him to show you 100% when Survivor Series is so close, so instead we gave team FSW the upper hand.

    The upper hand in knowing who will be defeating them, because team IWT - not team Jono - will be the one's bringing the reigns back to the federation that people care about, the one that still garners the people's interest. If this were team Jono, there would be no Aids. If this were team Jono, the 4th member would have been Unknown, or Rhodes at best. But here I stand, next to my brother, ready for what could possibly be the biggest match of the careers of nearly everyone involved. As for me? I am here to represent my stock in the company who made me everything I am today, and to provide myself an opportunity to witness the WHC IWT match we all have been waiting for. Destiny.

    Aids holds the mic up and cheers Marcus once again as he takes a pull, before Aids exchanges the microphone back, taking down the rest of the bottle before Marcus' theme hits and they leave the ring.