Voting IWT Tag team tournament - Dazzling Chavs vs Alias & Christian

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Who won?

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  1. Christian & Alias

  2. Dazzling Chavs

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    The following contest is a first round match in the IWT Wildcard Tag Tournament and is scheduled for one fall...

    Gac the Chav (@Gav the Champ! ) and B.Dazzle (@B.Dazzle ) VS Alias Antonio (@THG?) and Christian (@CM Punk)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit to the number of promos you can post.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the promo period has expired

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


  2. Christian makes his way out on the stage to a mild pop
    Announcer 1: It’s been a while since we’ve seen Christian in action here in IWT

    Announcer 2: He’s been on hiatus after hiatus. I don’t know the reason, but it’s certain that the fans here in the IWT Universe haven't forgotten him!

    Announcer 1: Both Christian and Alias have some history together. Both men were on Team Jonathan back in Survivor Series 2013, but ultimately lost due to missing tag-team partners.

    Announcer 2: But it looks like they won’t need them here tonight, because each one of them are here, fresh and are stalking the IWT Tag-Team Championships!

    Announcer 1: But they gotta get through the Dazzling Chavs first. WILL THEY DO IT HERE TONIGHT?

    Christian goes up on the turnbuckle and poses a bit before getting handed a microphone by a worker

    Before we get started on this whole tag-team tournament shtick, before we get started on beating the holy living hell out of the reunited, Dazzling Chavs… I feel it’s fair to the IWT Universe, that I address… the travesty that is, The New Generation, also known as T.N.G!

    See, the whole reason I was a part of that travesty is because I thought, here is a chance that I can end an era and start a new one. I was asked, you can consider forced into The New Generation and I went along with it. I was going to be the middle-man, the leader to elevate that stable to new heights that has never been reached EVER in Internet Wrestling Titles! But Michael… The Artist... Roadie… at this point, possibly Adam, still thought he was the leader of The New Generation! He has the nerve to say that he was carrying us on his back, yet he doesn't have the ability to carry himself! I wasn’t thrown to the curb, ESPECIALLY by a rookie like him. So I packed my bags and walked out since it wasn't working out between us. So go ahead and call me the old generation, Michael! But soon enough, you’ll be calling me one half of the IWT tag-team championship! And as much, as I would love to kick your ass right here tonight, I highly doubt I will be seeing you by the end of this tournament.

    Now I think it’s time that I avert my attention on the real deal which is the IWT Tag-Team Championship! You see, I was in the back, making out with this chick who looked like Victoria Parker, but had the personality of Sage. I was making out with her and right when I was about to go further with her, I see our backstage interviewer, Matt looking on at me. I looked at him and yelled, “Matt, what the hell you looking at no you can't join?!?” He told me to go on the IWT App and check out the latest news which you can download on your tablet or phone for free by the way.

    I check the news and it’s The Desperadoes! It’s The Desperadoes and they introduced the WildCard tag-tournament where superstars have a chance to face for their tag-team championships! But all events come with twists and turns and with that, we don’t get to decide our tag-team partners. Luckily the draw drew two names who have never crossed paths but have been on good terms. We have 6 championship reigns between our name, we've both main-evented a Wrestlemania, we both have a common goal tonight and that is the road on becoming the new Tag-Team Champions of IWT, ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, ANTONIO ALIAS!

    *Christian points toward the stage
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  3. *Alias' theme song quickly hits the arena's PA System as soon as those words are uttered from Christian's mouth. He makes his way out on stage to decent pop, as it's possibly one of the last times Alias may be seen on IWT TV, or wrestling in general. He's wearing an FSW shirt and some ripped denim shorts, ambling down to the ring, looking focused. Alias enters the ring and jumps on the ropes, putting up the devils horns. He approaches Christian and reluctantly shakes his hand, also taking the mic off of him.*

    Well...first of all. Thanks for the welcoming introduction Christian, but I'm sure I can hold my own out here. So if I may.

    Ladies and gentlemen, here I am, in flesh and bone, decaying flesh and bone, but flesh and bone nonetheless. I am chuffed to grace you all with my presence tonight, not because it could be one of my final matches in IWT, but because it is truly what I love doing. I'm getting to experience things I've never experienced before, and it opens, not only your eyes, but your mind. ....Why am I in this tournament you may ask? Is it because I love tag-team wrestling? Is it for one last hoorah? Is it because I love hogging the spotlight? If I'm being honest, it's all 3. But no, that's besides the point. I signed up for this tournament because I LOVE wrestling infront of crowds, and I love ENTERTAINING those crowds. I've come to realize that, and you all will someday. Trust me.

    *Alias takes a breather.*

    But as much as I love performing infront of crowds, I also love winning gold and adding to my average list of accolades. And this tournament opens the floodgates to that possibility. As you all may be aware of, I am a two time tag team champion, with two different partners. This time I have the chance to become a THREE time tag champion, with a THIRD different partner. Christian.

    *Alias glares at Christian intensely*

    Now, this guy. We've never really crossed paths or seen eye to eye in this ring apart from one or two occasions? What was it, Peep Show? Team Jono? Both ended disastrously, but we never really felt anything towards eachother. No hatred, no amiability, just indifference. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't feeling indifferent towards you right now, but the stakes are at a all time high this time, so I have to express natural concern for my partner and be on the same page as him. I am cognizant of your talents and what you've done for this business, Christian. Heck, if you never brought back the World Title I wouldn't be standing here as the big name I currently am. So for that, I thank you Christian. We're two legends in this business, and we may as well be crowned new number 1 contenders, because there's no damn way we're losing this tourney.

    Dazzling Chavs, our history speaks for itself. I may be distracted by the whole FSW vs. IWT fiasco, but that doesn't mean I can't kick your ass anyday of the week.

    So come on out here and lets get it on!
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  4. *The crowd lets out a big pop as B.Dazzle's theme hits the speakers. After a few seconds of waiting, B.Dazzle finally makes his way out from the back much to the delight of the crowd. B.Dazzle looks around the arena as chants of "Dazzle" fill out the arena. Dazzle gazes from the crowd to the ring and then starts down the ramp. B.Dazzle circles the ring, grabs a mic, and gets in the ring. He climbs up to the middle turnbuckle, raises his arm, and gets another big pop. B.Dazzle climbs down and turns to face Christian and Alias.*

    Dazzle: Finally.......

    *Crowd pop.*

    Dazzle: FINALLY....

    *Louder pop.*

    Dazzle: FINALLY..................B.Dazzle has come I..W..T!

    *An even louder pop from the crowd.*

    Dazzle: Tonight, tonight a moment that B.Dazzle never thought would happen........happens. Because in a just a matter of moments, a certain Chav is going to make his way down that ramp, and he's going to stand side by side once again with B.Dazzle to re-form the Dazzling Chavs. Now let B.Dazzle be honest with Gav, the two of you, and everyone watching us. The thought of being partners with that cheeky, little jabroni again makes B.Dazzle sick all the way down to his core. B.Dazzle ran his course with Gav. He's supposed to be done with him. Gav is supposed to be out of his life, but here we all are, and now B.Dazzle has to listen to his monkey-ass ramble on and on and on.

    *B.Dazzle grins a little, but quickly covers it back up with a serious face.*

    Dazzle: The fact of the matter is this, B.Dazzle wants gold around his waist. He doesn't care how he gets it, and who he gets it with. Could B.Dazzle have a better partner tonight? You bet your candy ass he could, but it doesn't matter. What matters is that Gav is B.Dazzle's partner, and there is nothing he can do about it. B.Dazzle is willing to let bygones be bygones for now, and fight through this tournament, starting with the two of you, and winning the tag team championships once again. For too long, B.Dazzle's career has been stuck in the gutter. Now, it's time to break the damn gutter open and get my career out of it. You two are tough competition, no damn doubt about it. Every damn person in this match will give it their all, but it's going to be The Dazzling Chavs that come out of this fight on top.

    *Nice crowd pop from the crowd.*

    Dazzle: Gav...........get your candy ass out here!
  5. *Queens - we are the champions blasts out through the arena as gav the chav makes his way out to the ring receiving a positive response from the crowd as Gav approaches the ring he recieves a mic and then steps into the ring*

    ( Gav the chav) now then you little cheeky ****s now first of all

    *gav slaps b.dazzle across the back of the head before continuing to speak*

    Who the fuck do you think your talking to you cheeky ****? You see this belt here this means I'm the fucking champion that means you show me some respect you disrespectful little **** don't be jel dazzle be Reem

    *gav focuses his attention towards Christian and alias antonio*

    Now then lads glad you came by now you to better not be getting ahead of yourselves by thinking your already the number one contenders for the tag team titles before you've even won your first you see right as much as I can't stand the little prick me and dazzle have an advantage over everybody else in this tournament because we've already dominated the division before and I know we can do it again and it'll be even more epic than last time so I suggest you both take a step back and concentrate on whats in front of you because you're in the presence of the dazzling chavs and usually when people fuck with the chavs they get well and truly fucked up
  6. Christian looks onto Gav and Dazzle with a disgruntled look
    Christian: Is that what you think, Gav and Dazzle? Is that what you really think? That you'll defeat two former tag-team champions, two former World Champions, two legends in this industry that have dominated the IWT, two legends who have graced this industry by lacing up these pair of boots and stepping foot in the middle of this ring, is that what you think?!

    Gav: We-


    Christian looks on to Dazzle and smirks at him
    Christian: The Dazzling Chavs... this is the first time that the two of you are standing in the middle of this ring with myself. And let me tell you two... don't get cocky...
    Don't get cocky, because even though I've taken hiatus after hiatus, even though the audience might forget me, even though I'm not getting getting explosive reactions like Marcus Anthony, no pun intended...

    Christian: I'm still one of the greatest competitors in this business today and my accomplishments in this industry proves it! And It's a shame that your first match is against myself and Alias, it really is. You see, we've haven't crossed paths other than one or two occasions and as he said, we haven't seen eye to eye...
    But we see the bigger picture and that is the IWT Tag-Team Championships! And THAT'S something we can agree and fight for! And that's the biggest difference between the two of you and the two of us. I look into both of your eyes and I still see the animosity from that night...

    Christian: You two know what night I'm talking about, especially you Gav!

    Christian looks onto Gav

    Christian: The night...where the man beside you... your partner... your friend... Dazzle... turned his back on you! Do you remember that night or do I need to take you down a road on memory lane?!

    Crowd gives off a negative reaction

    Christian: Do you understand that reunions of tag-teams are never the same or as good as their original run?! They have never worked out and they never will! And that is why you, The reunited Dazzling Chavs, won't win tonight and won't defeat the two challengers that stand before you! So after this match is done, after the smoke has cleared, after the dust has settled, after all the cards have been dealt, after you have used every cheesy cliche in the book... both I, Christian and Alias will walk out from this match victorious, head on to the finals, beat the finalist, come face to face with The Desperadoes, headline Survivor Series and win the IWT Tag-Team Championship ONCE AGAIN!

    Christian: BECAUSE THAT'S...

    Crowd: HOW I ROLL!

    Christian: HOW WE ROLL!!
  7. OOC: i'm alright with this, unless chavs want to cut one more
  8. I may cut another one later just to even it out a little
  9. *gav grabs the mic and approaches Christian*

    ( Gav the chav) clearly you weren't even paying attention to whats been going on around here while you were on a hiatus gav didn't turn his back on dazzle you little silly **** dazzle was the fucking cheeky **** who turned on me Get your facts straight mate anyway whatever happened between me and dazzle is in the past now I can guarantee none of that will get in the way of us stopping you from going through to the next round

    *gav focuses his attention on alias antonio*

    Alias look what I've got in my possession? Its the same thing you've been chasing all year but still after all the opportunities you've had You've still not managed to get your hands on this very belt your mate over there Christian likes to talk about all the world titles you've both held and its funny that you actually thank him for bringing back the WHC belt back cos your right if you never held the belt just what else do you really have to brag about a short tag title run and a x division title run? You should be on your hands and knees and sucking Christians shlong dry because if he didn't bring back that belt you career would mean fuck all you know what right its kinda funny how at the start of the year you were stopping everything snd everyone on your way to the top and I was just stuck in the tag division and not going anywhere buy look at us both now I'm top of the food chain whereas you well in a few weeks your career could be over!

    * Gav focuses his attention on Christian*

    You know what right Christian maybe your right maybe the dazzling chavs won't have a sucessful but right you see what it is right I was never meant to be successful from day one I was supposed to be some novelty act who would simply die out within a few weeks but look at me now I have done something many others have dreamed of but have never manged to achieve it a bit like your mate alias antonio over there you see I'm the IWT champion who would have thought that? I certainly didn't and I believe that if I can do that I can go on to do anything if I can do that then taking care of 2 washed up wrestlers like yourselves should be a piece of piss so come at me you cheeky ****s the champ is waiting

    @Stopspot I think we're done now
  10. OOC: Good match you two. Also, I guess I got wrong info on who turning on who.
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  11. I guess I can open the voting, or what? The tourney is running with the old voting system.
  12. go ahead
  13. Get voting guys!
  14. Former tag champs getting rekd atm, good job by both teams.

    Best of luck to those who advance on.
  15. *At the 14 minute mark, the legal men in the ring are Dazzle and Alias. Dazzle has Alias under control and irish whips him against the corner, Daz then runs towards Alias but Alias ducks, and Daz goes up and over and is now on the apron. Alias quickly turns around and hits his Discus Elbow, groggying Daz on the apron. Alias then taunts, and attempts to suplex Dazzle back into the ring, but Dazzle endures and manages to hold on, and actually turn the tides and have Alias in a suplex position to the outside. As Dazzle is about to suplex Alias to the outside from the apron, Christian runs OUTTA NOWHERE AND SPEARS DAZZLE THROUGH THE ROPES, TAKING OUT DAZZLE AND ALIAS WHO DAZZLE SUPLEXED at the same time, all three men are laid out as the crowd goes insane!

    Gav then walks in the ring, and stares at the outside with a cocky smirk, as the crowd boo. He flips them off and clims the top rope. As the three men on the outside slowly get up, GAV RISKS IT ALL AND HITS A SWANTON BOMB TO THE OUTSIDE ON ALL 3 MEN! This is awesome chants begin to fill the IWT arena, as all 4 men are now lifeless on the outside.

    Alias and Dazzle manage to beat the count of 10 and get back in the ring as they're the legal men. They both stare intensely at eachother as the crowd cheers on loudly. They then begin to trade left and rights, with Dazzle gaining the upper-hand and hitting 3 punches in a row! He raises his hand (as Rocky would) and goes for the 4th but is met with a HUGE DISCUS LARIAT FROM ALIAS, turning him inside out, 1....2.....kick out!!!

    Alias quickly tags in Christian, takes a run from the apron and hits a JUMPING DOUBLE FOOT STOMP ON A SEATED GAV on the outside, as Christian prepares for the Killswitch. He has Dazzle positioned for it, as Alias climbs the top rope, ALIAS ONCE AGAIN HITS THE FOOT STOMP BUT ON DAZZLE'S BACK, PLANTING HIM FACE FIRST ON THE MAT AS CHRISTIAN DROPS DOWN WITH THE KILLSWITCH, THE CROWD IS MOLTEN. CHRISTIAN COVERS! 1.....2......3!!!!!!! ALIAS AND CHRISTIAN WIN!

    *Alias and Christian both get up at the same time, a smile from ear to ear on both men, as the ref raises their arms in unison. They both signal that they want the tag belts on their waist, before shaking hands with eachother, signifying a strong unit that is born, and a strong unit ready to conquer the tag division. They leave the ring together and head backstage as the camera zooms in on the idle Dazzle.*
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  16. Here are your winners...Advancing to the next round..... Alias Antonio and Christian!
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