Voting IWT Tag team tournament - Draven & Jwab vs Trip & Reagan

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Who was the better team?

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  1. Trip & Reag

  2. Jwab & Seabs

  1. [​IMG]

    The following contest is a first round match in the IWT Wildcard Tag Tournament and is scheduled for one fall...

    Reagan Cole (@The ReagMaster ) and Trip (@Trip in the Head ) VS Eric Draven (@seabs ) and Hollywood Jwab (@Hollywood Jwab )

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit to the number of promos you can post.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the promo period has expired

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

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  2. *The house lights in the sold out arena dim as lights along the extended stage glow a little brighter. A man wearing a hoodie can be seen standing with his back to the crowd in the center of the stage - hood over his head. A classic style metallic microphone slowly lowers from the ceiling as the man turns and his identity revealed as the music starts, the stage lights burst with illumination and the crowd erupts.*

    *L.L. Cool J spits out the words of his 1990 hit as the back up band plays. When L.L hits the magic line early in the song - "Listen to the bass go BOOM Explosion" - A burst of pyro erupts from the top of the ramp and the IWT GM Trip in the Head is seen as the smoke clears. He makes his way to the ring as L.L. continues his song. When the famous chorus starts Trip is in the center of the ring with both arms raised as the crowd responds with a decent pop for the in ring return of the GM. The training in the IWT gym he has been doing as of late is easily recognizable in his stature. As LLCJ finishes and extended version of the chorus line Trip climbs up on a corner of the ring and raises his an arm in a show of hubris. LLCJ and company finish up as Trip jumps down from the corner and receives a mic from the crew.*

    TRIP: Welcome, welcome one and all to the show! As the general manager of IWT you can expect nothing less but pure entertainment when I am step in this ring. Give it up one more time for Mr. L.L. Cool J! *crowd cheers as LLCJ and company exit the stage* Now, on to the task at hand. I put my name in the drawing for the tag team tournament to provide a distraction of sorts from the all the Survivor Series hoopla. My partner tonight is the ever energetic British Kid. *mild pop from the crowd* I admit he's had some rough beginnings in IWT with that washed up group of misfits The Dudes with 'Tudes. But he just got one hell of a career boost in the form of me. A former IWT tag team champion myself - I know what the stakes are at the top. I was civil enough on The Desperadoes little talk show, but I want to get my hands on those SOBs for the shit they pulled on me that wasn't cleared with me first. *Trip sneers into the camera* You were the ones who took those tag titles from me and Marcus Anthony and if I have to beat each and every team by myself on my way through this tournament and drag the British Kid along with me - SO BE IT. But I don't think that will be necessary. No, I see something in this British Kid. He has desire. And I can USE that to help me reach my goal. Regaining what was already mine to begin with.

    But of course that means going through my opponents here tonight. First we have the ever popular Erik Draven. *mixed reaction from the crowd* Yes yes, I know. If you have been paying attention lately and have half a brain you would know that I recently entered into a business relationship with Mr. Draven. All I can say is I have all the respect in the world for him and I know what he brings to this ring when he means to demolish his opponent. I await the challenge. But his partner, the infamous B-list actor and IWT Xtreme champion - Hollywood Jwab. *Trip slow claps* I hope you bring your stunt double with you tonight Jwab because you're definitely going to want him to stand in for you when I hit you with the Power Trip in the middle of the ring. Or maybe I'll drop you off the top rope with it instead. Depends on how much of a fuss you put up I suppose. I know how you actor types can be. I hope you enjoyed that present I left in the toilet in your 'trailer' by the way. *Trip waves his hand in front of his face like he smells something that stinks* Just my interpretation of your chances tonight is all.

    *Trip shrugs his shoulders and smiles as the crowd laughs*

    So come on out here team 'Swabs'. Lets see what you got. Feel free to join me when you get here British Kid - but if you take too long there might not be much left.

    *Trip lowers the mic to his side as the crowd begins to chant Trip in the Head - clap clap calpclapclap. He raises his arms in acceptance of the fans that choose to cheer for him as the chant grows louder. He never takes his eyes off the entrance ramp*
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  3. *MVP by Big L begins to play as the arena darkens, Eric Draven's voice is again heard backstage*

    ED: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Eric Draven and Trip in the Head show. We may be on opposing teams tonight but our partnership will weather any storm possible. Now onto my partner Jwab, the man claims he's gone Hollywood. Quite what he's been in is still a mystery. In fact hold that thought I have an entrance more fitting.

    *Eric Draven drives out onto the stage in the mystery machine. @Aids Johnson is sat in the passenger seat dressed as Scooby Doo, Draven is dressed as Shaggy. For the first time in their collective lives the IWT crowd sounds happy to see them. *

    ED: Since we're going to be investigating Jwab's career outside of his Uncle's unmentionable videos I thought it would be appropriate to channel the greatest detective's known to man.

    *Aids then perks up*

    Aids : Rot arout Rogs roo?

    ED: Yes Aidsy dear dogs too.

    *Draven hops out of the mystery machine and walks down to the ring, he shakes hands with Trip before continuing. *

    ED: Hollywood Jwab is what he claims his name to be, yet we've never seen his face before does he mean Hollywood the city? Maybe it's a cereal or something else instead or should I just set a trap and find Fred?

    *The crowd cheers, Draven being an idiot seems to amuse them*

    ED: Does he have great make up and dress up as a drag queen or did his movies earn him the title king of extreme? Come on partner come on down get your Oscar face ready prepare to be in the ring between greatness and authority. Reagmaster I'm not sure who you even are, maybe I'll put on a headlock a bit too tight and your face will fall off showing you're nothing but the janitor or another cast off. I'm tired of talking now partner Hollywood buddy come on down, when we take the shot then the tittle's I want all the credit I'll carry you to a year long reign by only showing up for Christmas now thank me for it.
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  4. *The British Kids Music Bursts Out of The Speakers and Half of the Crowd starts a "British Kid" Chant as British Kid Runs out and starts to hype The Crowd up before pointing at Trip from the Top of The Ramp*
    Announcer: and his partner from Liverpool,England The IWT British Champion......
    *Kid Runs down the Ramp and sliding into the ring and shouting "The British Kid! before Bouncing off the ropes a few times then Grabs a Micro-phone*

    Kid: How You doing Dudes and Dudettes!? now i have been put in this Tournament filled with random superstars in Random Teams for the chance to face the Desperados for the Titles and Trip we both have been very lucky to get each other do you wanna know why? because not only are you The GM and 1 half of 1 of the most well known Tag Teams in IWT history but i have some accomplishments as well i am a British Champion like the guy over there said and as a plus i hold the record of having the most Tag Team Partners with 6! so we have the advantage of Tag Team Expierence.....kind of...which would be a big Upgrade to a team....maybe a Survivor Series team....

    now the opponents of Eric Draven and....Jwab...well lets start with the guy thats actually here......who makes up weird stuff like a Reagmaster...whats that? it sounds very cool but then again the start of it sounds like a Rival Companys Commentator who i used to team up with....very strange for someone on Team IWT at Survivor Series....hmm...

    then we have the Hollywood Reject of Jwab who has done 1 movie and thinks hes .....whos the guy that was in Ted and Transformers? Mark something...well news Flash! your nowhere near a Mark Wallburg i think it was level! then to make it worse You killed the Hardcore Title and the X-Divison Title just so you can get your own Face on a Title but then again it would be good to get a compairson after i superkick your face off! so what are you waiting for Jwab? get your ass down here

    *Kid Stands on the Turnbuckle staring at the entrance way waiting for Jwab*
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  5. *The lights go out*

    *Jwab walks out without the title because Cyrus Wolfe stole it. He seems upset, he is yelling towards the ring while stomping towards it. He stomps onto the apron and tags himself in while grabbing the mic from Draven. His face goes from angry to happy in under a nanosec. Fast as fuck, amirite?*

    Hahaha, this is just great. You know what I was hoping when my agent recommended signing up for this Wildcard tournament. I was hoping to get a reliable partner and become the next Tag Team champions but I don't know if that will happen. Especially since Draven and I don't really get on the same page since he didn't bother putting up a fight against the competition. This was figuratively a handicap match against Trip but you have somehow managed to even give the British Kid a chance. This was supposed to be a quick win for me. But, no. I get Draven. I could have been teamed up with someone and reunite the greatest tag team of all time.. the only tag team that could beat Midas and what is his name again? Drew? Ahhh.. this is a joke. Draven if you think you are the one that is going to carry this tag team, you are an imbecile. I don't care if I have to knock out your buddy Trip and get us to the tag titles myself. I'm becoming one half of the tag team champions after all of this is done. Hell, I'll just win both tag title and claim to be THE Tag Team Champion. Ahhh.

    Every single time I step into this ring with an opponent with a microphone. They spew the same old jibberish as the last one. They say "Oh, that kid a straight up b-list actor" or man, I hope his straight to DVD career kicks off. They act like I don't exist. They act like I'm not on their TV screens every night on talk shows with the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and the jew Seth Meyers. I guess this is going to be a gimmick from now on? Pretending that I wasn't apart of the biggest movie of the year, PROTECTORS OF THE UNIVERSE. We are going to pretend that I didn't just voice in the greatest animated movie of all time, Little Villain 12. I'm tired of this disrespect as I've been doing nothing but being the fastest rising IWT superstar in the history of mankind and I'm one signature away from leading TEAM IWT TO VICTORY AT SURVIVOR SERIES as well getting my title back from that AJ Styles rip-off that stole it. I am ------

    *Draven tells him to come over to him. Jwab reluctantly walks over to Draven and Draven informs Jwab of what The British Kid said. The camera zooms in on Jwab's face and it's quite GIF worthy. Jwab has his eyes locked up on Kid*

    You idiot. What... What do you even... How are you... How are you even a real person? Who gave birth to you? I've never meet someone with a lower IQ than Draven's mutt, Aids. You just compared me to Mark Wahlberg, a personal friend of mine. There might be a comparison. We both started off with rocky starts and now we're shotgunnin' to the top. But, to say that I want to be him.... that's one of the most retarded remarks I've ever heard in the sports entertainment business. We're friends. Mark, if you are watching. We all know I don't wanna be you and we all know..... You wanna be me. Haha, banter. But, for you to say that I killed the Hardcore and X-Division.. divisions... that's a crime cause they were already dead and you can't blame a murder on me when we already know Victoria Parker and Nick were the ones to put the final nails in those coffins.

    *Turns his attention*

    And you.... the general manager that doesn't know how to complete any of his responsibilities with efficiency. For you to stoop so low to shitting in my back-up trailer's back up trailer. That's disgusting. I was told about this and I am sure to get you back cause I use that trailer for all of my indie films which I film once a month. I respected you til you did that. We could've been a thing. You could've helped me get the IWT title. We would have been a two man power trip (OOC - I hope someone gets this) But, you decided to grow a hatred for me which I'm pretty sad about... I didn't think I'd have to stand on the opposite side of the ring as you but... I'm glad. I'm glad that after tonight, we're gonna need a new general manager cause I'm going to put you 6 feet under the shit you took earlier.

    *drops mic*

    OOC - start voting, Draven & Jwab #NextTagTeamChampions
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  6. @Stopspot - we agreed to one apiece beforehand
  7. i do good Trip?
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  8. And voting is open for 24 hours
  9. Damn these new polls where I can't see how it's going so far! I'm not allowed to vote you stupid poll!
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  10. Its annoying ain't it lol
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  11. Well that was a lackluster "return to action" :okay: But I can blame it on reag! :angry::sad:

    Good match guys
  12. Here are your winners, advancing to the next round..... Hollywood Jwab and Eric Draven!
  13. Jwab well done you carried a jobber brother. Good match guys, was fun.
  14. Was scared that we were gonna lose cause of the use of Scooby Aids. But, that's also probably the reason we won.

    #SeaWabs We need a better team name.

    Alright if I write the finish btw?
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  15. See my PM
  16. Yeye.

    Just gonna write a short one. Lazy Jwab has emerged.
  17. Ma TNG boi doing good.

    Keep up the good work Reags and Co.
  18. I'm confuzzled. Reag is in TNG?
  19. You're partner is.
  20. Wha.....wha....whaaatttt?!?!?!? Your*
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