Voting IWT Tag team tournament - Lee & Michael vs Nero & Rita..... I mean Rita & Oval vs Michael & Nero

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    The following contest is a first round match in the IWT Wildcard Tag Tournament and is scheduled for one fall...

    Rita (@Majour ) and Nero(@Nero_x3 ) VS Lee (@Ovalhead Le Jobber ) and Michael (@Tsar )

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit to the number of promos you can post.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the promo period has expired

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

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  2. Rita appears at the top of the ramp dressed in a pastel pink halter top and matching mini skirt with silver Louboutin sneakers. She smiles sweetly at the fans before strutting to the ring and entering via the steps.

    'My debut for IWT has been a long time coming, but my 'partner' wanted to deprive the IWT Universe of the privilege of seeing yours truly do what she does best.
    Nero has been anything but easy to work with- refusing to answer phone calls or text messages, let alone even training with his partner. It was almost as if he was too good for me. Rita laughs. I'm kidding- we all know that, if anything, he isn't good enough to be hanging with me. We all know what an overly proud fool that man is.
    But I want my chance to put Michael in his place. Michael said some very inaccurate things about me- like that I was quitter, I've never quit anything in my life and I refuse to start now. If his wrestling is even half as sloppy as his observations are, then the first tick in my W column would be an easy capture.'

    'But things are going to go down a little different tonight- I won't be teaming with Nero. But also, I won't be forfeiting either. The crowd mumble in confusion Nero doesn't even deserve to be in the same building as me, let alone have the honor of working as my partner and I won't let him ruin my debut or my career.​
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  3. *Lee comes out, he is wearing his trademark "BeLEEve shirt". He walks to the ring with a wide smirk widening upon his face*

    Commentator 1: Well, looks like Lee is out ready to face Kendall, looks pretty happy with himself, then again, it makes things all the easier when it's 2 on 1.

    Commentator 2: Well, with Michael's record it may feel like a 1 on 1.....

    *Lee is handed a mic as he stares down Rita across the ring*

    Lee: Rita.... So glad you've finally made your arrival here. I've been quite the admirer of your previous work in past promotions you have been a part of. But now we meet face to face. As opponents, right?

    Well......The crowd may think the answer to that is "yes" but......We know the correct answer. Ladies and gentleman, me and Rita actually met up during the week to discuss our upcoming match and..well, we both came to the realisation that Michael and Nero are mere sperm that should have been nothing more than a mere cumstain on the sheets of their parents' beds, let alone being in the same ring as us two. So, with that in mind, I'm going to let out the little secret of ours.

    Ms.Kendall and I are teaming! Sorry Mikey, but you're just not ready for me, go play with your TNG buddies or whatever. Heck, feel free to face me and Rita if you dare...You and Nero (if he shows up~) can face us two if you want. You'll lose of course, but it's the 'effort that counts', right?

    *Lee and Kendall both lightly chuckle. Lee extends his hand to Kendall and they shake hands, Lee cheekily winks at her.*

    Lee: So glad we kept it under wraps for so long....but now, we can unleash havoc!

    *The crowd continue to look in confusion, now knowing what to make of the swerve that has occurred.*
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  4. @Stopspot can you give me like a six hour extension? I just got back and have some business to take care of.

  5. Michael walks out with an arrogant smirk on his face. He walks straight down to the bottom of the ramp and begins to stroke his chin. He begins to speak to himself as if he's planning something, but just as soon as he stopped talking and raises the microphone and begins to speak.

    Michael: Lee, you're truly a master of swerves. You dumped me for Rita in a bid of joining forces with someone a little less volatile. I don't blame you because I would do the same thing....if the person I was dumping wasn't notches above me in every aspect. You think i'm a fucking "wankstain?" well you're looking at the wankstain that twisted and turned this company onto it's side. While you were still scrubbing the European title for fun, I was fighting in some of the best matches of my career and contending for the World Title. I was proving to everyone that I was something, and that something is greatness stuck in a shell. You're on the other hand a shell stuck in shit. You have nothing going for you and from here on out you'll nothing but mid-card buffer, and it will stay like that if you continue to make moves like you just made. I don't care if I'm going with you, Nero or alone because either way I'm gonna break down a wall. Tonight the wall I break down is of Lee and Rita's arrogance and attitude. You're specks of dust in the continuum of The New Generation, you two will never reach my level.

    Michael walks around the bottom of the ramp looking at Rita and Lee.

    Michael: You two will never reach the level of someone like me, I've made all too real predictions and observations. Rita, you claim to have never quit anything but you quit your chance of advancing to the next round by aligning with a backwards traitor. This traitor is not of class because last time I remember he was sucking Chris Nowinski's dick because he lost a trashy title? You may think I'm below you, but the matter of fact is you're a joke; always was and always will be. From Ben Dover to Sir Lee to Little Lee? When will your charades end? And now get this, he's teaming with the new Ms. Rita. I don't care what you two do anymore because I have and will continue to do something you two will never get close to doing, and that's shaking the IWT to it's bare core.

    Michael looks around at the crowd before closing his eyes and raising his arms above his head, and saying...

    Michael: Rise Up. End All. *He says in unison with the crowd*
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  6. *A man walks down to the ring, once recognized as by the IWT Universe as Nero Kurahashi, as the crowd watches him in silence*

    Nero: You'd expect a returning superstar to come back with all these promos, hints of what he can do, but that doesn't matter to someone like me. Back in my original run, I was often considered a one hit wonder. I won a match, I was placed into a number 1 contender's tournament, lost in the first round, and faded away like every other superstar. I often contemplated why I left. I didn't need the joy of wrestling nor the cheers/boos from the fans in my life. However, I saw a wildcard style tag team tournament coming up, and this was my chance. And here in the ring I stand next to my debuting partner Rita. As much as Rita may not want me as her partner tonight, I'm stuck with her as well, but I'll give Rita her credit. She shows some promise as a competitor, but I can't say no more or no less thus far. Lee on the contrary, although once a promising contender for the IWT title, has dissipated into nothing more than a lost cause, banished to the shams of society, struggling to find that one star in the night to provide him with hopes of coming back in IWT. That day may come someday, but not today. And Michael, how much more generic can a wrestler be? Nothing about him sounds promising. I'll be surprised if Lee's remains can inject some kind of personality into the buzzard. I refuse to wait any longer. The day has come where I can step back into this ring again. Shall we begin?
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  7. Your winners by count out....Lee and Rita!
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  8. Well this was...different to say the least.

    Closing this. Congrats to @Majour and @Ovalhead Le Jobber for advancing. Consolations to @Tsar for having to end up in this mess.
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