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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is a first round match in the IWT Tag Team Revival Tournament!

    (@Dylan™) Guernica & Leo Taylor (@Forrest OAKADA) vs. Louie Aldo (@Gino Bambino) & Paul Ravana (@Black Iron PJ)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -The first promo must be posted within 24 hours.
    -There is a 2 promo limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension

    Please don't post during the match. If you need to post an OOC post,
    it needs to be important, short and be in a Spoiler.​
  2. The arena dims as all of the lights individually turn off. The crowd’s cheers get louder and louder as each light goes off, and eventually the crowd let out a huge roar as Guernica’s typical monologue appears on the titantron. Today, it reads:

    ‘A team is not two people who work together, but two people who respect one another. Only then is a team truly unbeatable.’

    ‘Lord Of The Land’ by Kevin McLeod plays as The Golden Eagle, Guernica, bursts out from behind the curtains. He hypes up the crowd from the top of the stage before making his way down the ramp, slapping the hands of out reaching fans. El Salvador goes around the ring and continues to slap the fans' hands before rolling into the ring. He then falls to his knees and points both of his hands to the sky as sparks fall from above. The Gladiator Of Lucha Libre then rises to his feet.

    The fans roar at the top of their voices as Guernica turns to each side of the ring. Coming off his victory versus Christian, the Guernica fans seem to be more hyped than ever before. Guernica retrieves a microphone from the corner of the ring and says, with the members of the audience all echoing him:

    ‘Buen Dia, my friends and family of I-W-T!’

    Even through his mask, a smile can be seen breaking on the face of Guernica as he is given a rapturous reception from the crowd. Guernica continues to speak:

    ‘I see you are all in good form, and to be perfectly honest I am too. That’s because just a few Sunday’s ago at IWT SummerSlam, I went toe to toe, head to head, against possibly the most prestigious man in IWT History, Christian!’

    The mention of Christian is met with a mixed reaction. After all, Christian didn’t exactly give Guernica a friendly, respectful chat when they talked before their encounter.

    ‘Now, now; as much as there was a heated war of words before the match, Christian fought me fairly with honour. I shook his hand and patted his back because he gave me his best. In the end, I walked out as a humble victor, and he was the honest, respectful defeatante. For that, I applaud him.’

    ‘But after that match, something clicked inside of my head. Even the biggest legends in the business, those who usually see past the static, don’t share my view on honour and fairness; and I wanted to find somebody who did. Especially with this tag team tournament coming up, I wanted to share my first step towards immortality in the ring: that first step being The IWT Tag Team Championships. That, my friends, is where Leo Taylor enters the equation. ’

    The crowd cheer at the mention of Leo Taylor. Guernica continues:

    ‘For those who don’t know, Leo has been watching from behind the curtain for a while now, but he’s going to be making his debut tonight. I looked for somebody who agrees with what I do in the ring: fighting for the fans, keeping the respect and fair play in the ring. Eventually, I found Leo: a common ally. That is something which is hard to come by in the ring, but we found each other and the possibilities are endless. History is waiting ahead of us, waiting to be written.’

    ‘That history starts tonight, when we, The NA Connection, take that first step towards immortality, when we face Paul Ravana and Louie Aldo.’

    The crowd pop as Guernica says ‘’The NA Connection’’, largely ignoring how he mentioned Ravana and Aldo.

    ‘Speaking of Paul Ravana and Louie Aldo, it would be rude of me to talk more without acknowledging the two of you before our match tonight. So, I welcome you; and I recognise that you two are not to be underestimated. Paul, you come from a Muay Thai background, ‘’The Art Of The Eight Limbs’’. There’s no doubt that you know your way around a ring. You came from Next Generation Wrestling, just like myself, which in itself is a reason to respect you. You made your first impact at IWT SunmerSlam when you took part in the FTJ Memorial Battle Royale, just like your own team mate Louie Aldo.’

    ‘But there are some things that I don’t quite understand about you, Paul.’

    ‘You seem to think that you can put aside all differences in the ring with your partner, but keep this in mind. You’ve insulted him, infront of watching TV audiences and live fans. You called him: ‘’ the biggest idiot in this entire ring. You told him not to touch you before your match. I don’t see respect there, Paul; and there’s more.’

    ‘There’s always more, because Paul, you seem to have a certain arrogance about you. You dismissed an opponent immediately prior to The FTJ Memorial Battle Royale, simply because he had lost before. That means nothing! I’ve lost to Kelsey Taylor myself back in Next Generation Wrestling, but what does that mean? Nothing. You did not pick up the win during The Battle Royale at IWT SummerSlam, but what does that mean? In my eyes, nothing.’

    ‘Honestly, that lack of respect makes me sick. You may get plaudits in the eyes of some people, but to be perfectly honest, you’re no better than the people who cheat and chance their way into victory. I often need to put respect aside for matches, but that won’t be needed with you. There’s nothing to put aside.’

    A very large majority of the crowd cheer, loving Guernica's directness.

    ‘As for Louie Aldo, you are similar to Ravana in some respects, and I mean that in a good way. Experienced in the ring, you’ve made your impact at two IWT PPVs. Uprising and, more recently, at SummerSlam. You were close to becoming #1 Contender for The TV Championship, but, like me, you fell just short at the hands of Kelsey Taylor. You and I can relate. A title shot is just as important as the title itself. That’s why you and Paul are here, and that’s why Leo and I are here. After falling short at first, you keep pushing at the next opportunity. That’s what I love seeing.’

    ‘And while your attitude isn’t quite ‘respect and honour’ like me, you take a cool, camp, and composed attitude to the ring whenever you compete. I’m unsure whether you are giving Paul a second chance after the insults he spewed at you prior to The Battle Royale, or maybe you’ve just got your eye on the prize; but I’m impressed by you.’

    ‘However, just like your partner, you are far from perfect.’

    ‘As much as I’ve praised your attitude, I’ve learned from experience that it only gets you so far. Eventually, there comes a time to stop being the rabbit and start being the fox. Maybe you haven’t reached that time yet, but I know that it is not too far away. I’ve already said too many times that there’s no point in being too nice to your opponent, or in this case, opponents.’

    ‘But while on one side we have a charming, young man; looking any way into your words and actions paint a much different picture. I don’t want to ramble on about painting pictures, considering your hate for Arno Frye, but the way you treat women is disgusting. I don’t need to point out what you said. You, and everybody else in this arena, know what I’m talking about. You might think that this is only fun and games, but when it comes to a big opportunity like this, I need to ask you one thing.’

    ‘Are you ready? Because I don’t think you are. Prove me wrong.’

    Guernica waits in his corner for the next person to make an appearance as the crowd start cheering once again, caught in a crazed frenzy after their idol's strong words..
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  3. As "Party Hard" begins to play, out comes Leo during the opening of the song, running out as he points towards the crowd, banging his head up and down before running down, pointing to Guernica as he high fives the crowd, who cheer for him as he runs up the steel steps, taking a big step as he does so, banging his head in sync with the footstomps, getting onto the apron before singing the lyric to the song as he rises to the turnbuckle. He soon jumps into the ring to join Guernica, patting him on the back as he grabs a microphone.

    Leo Taylor: Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages...I am Leo Taylor, this is my partner, as you know him, El Guernica and together we are the North American Connection. You see, As Guernica said, we're both united by having the same mindset, sure we want to win the title but there's something else, something more important than just's you guys, the Fans. You see, me and Guernica, we're united by our cause, which is to bring entertainment to you, the fans, every single night we come out here. Guernica's proven that he can do that, he took Christian to the limit and ultimatly beat him in what was an entertaining contest, I'd give it a Fun out of Fun on the Leo-Meter...

    Leo takes the microphone back, to congratulate Guernica on that match, before going back to speaking.

    Leo Taylor: Now, I've not been in a while, last time I was here, I lost to Chris Young. Yeah, I know, I left away with a loss but I didn't leave for that reason...I left because I go where the groove takes me and it took me to places I've never been before and those places were brilliant but once again, it's brought me to IWT and It brought me to my new buddy, El face two men known as Louie Aldo and Paul Ravana. Now, I might not have had the pleasure of facing you two gentlemen yet but I've seen what you did during the FTJ Battle Royal. I'll start with Aldo, You seemed a bit too...over confident in you're abilities in getting a "lady" that night...I think it entertained the fans...but in another way rather than it being support, you get my drift? It was pretty funny seeing you get rejected twice but I'm sure the crowd wanted to see some more out of you rather than what you gave them. But the thing that irked me the most was how you looked down on others who were in the match...I don't think that's someone who the fans would want to see as THEIR tag champions, Am I right? You do have one thing going for you though...You're 'Buddy', Paul Ravana, is you're tag partner for this tourney...and he'll be the reason why we'll get through to the next round. You see, Louie, I think you can 'entertain' the people...but you're in with the wrong crowd...and that wrong crowd is Paul Ravana.

    Leo Taylor: I've watched over the Summerslam tapes, I've seen what he said...Just like others in this promotion, he's out here for himself, not for anyone else including you, Louie Aldo...which is something I can't stand for. It's my belief that as a contracted 'wrestler' of IWT, it's our job not only to wrestle but to entertain the fans because they pay for our lives, we do this for them, they make or break us while people like Paul Ravana disown them and his friends...Paul wants to be noticed, he think he can get noticed by shouting and swearing and scaring away all of our younger audiences...I can't stand for it, Paul. I stand for what the fans think and they think you're a big egg, someone who'll do anything to get ahead...and honestly, if you can't learn to respect others, something me and Guernica both believe everyone should do, then You earn the right to be the first "Not Fun" on the Leo-meter while Louie...I'll give you the "Slightly Fun" ranking. That could change though, if you can come out here and entertain the fans, show us that you the honour and respect for others just like me and Guernica do, the ranking may go up...but Me and Guernica, we're going after the tag titles, the NA Connection will come out victorious here, not for us or the titles, but for every single fan who support what we and many others are doing tonight...

    And with that, Leo drops his microphone before going over to his teams corner with Guernica.
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  4. ...I never got any alert for this. I'll write and post asap.

  5. "Beat Dat Beat" up begins playing throughout the arena to a resounding amount of cheers, as Louie Aldo bursts out from the backstage curtain and out to the stage. Having come off of a disappointing loss at Summerslam, it's surprising that he's in his usual hyperactive state. He bops and skips his way down to the ring as he fist pumps along with the beat of his wonderful theme. upon entering the ring, he stares at his two competitors, who stare back at him in the same way. After a moment or two, Louie takes the mic he is holding and raises it to his mouth.

    Louie: Before I say too much, just lemme be the first to apologize. I wanna apologize to Lily and Kelly because at Summerslam they missed out a huge chance to have a night with Big Lou.

    Louie: Now that I got that outta the way, lemme turn over to these two bozos over here.

    Louie walks over to his two opponents for the evening and begins looking over them rather studiously. He's leaning in for closer looks and mumbling to himself, much to the crowd's delight and his opponents' confusion. After a moment, he steps away and raises his mic.

    Louie: Yeah, nothin' but a couple of bozos. I mean, I go from being in a match with a couple of dimes for me to look at, but now I gotta look at some midget who's too ugly to show his face, and some long frilly haired dyke. I mean, I ain't one to judge, but damn, wrestling y'all isn't gonna be fun for any of us. But, now ain't the time to be judgin' dudes on their looks. No, now is the time to get down to bidness, aight? So here's what's gonna happen...

    Louie turns his attention to the much smaller Guernica, who stands in the corner menacingly.

    Louie: Let's start with you Señor Sombrero. I was back there and I heard what you way sayin' about me. And you right, we both did lose to Kelly before. Although, if I do remember correctly, it was you who tapped out to her when she overcame you. That's where we're different Guerny, cause there ain't no way that Lou is tapping out to a female, you know what I'm sayin'?

    The crowd is amused at Louie, once again, talking about how much sex he has.

    Louie: What I don't get about your lil' spiel, though, was that you started talking about foxes and snow bunnies. You're sayin' that you're a fox on the hunt for some tail? Well then, if you're the fox, then just consider me a big ass bear, who's gonna knock your ass outta the way, and have the bunny all for myself. Cause I may seem all chill and whatnot, but when you piss off Louie Aldo, you ain't gonna enjoy seeing Louie Aldo. You can talk in your pretty sentences and be the most respectful bro around, but when it comes down to it...I think you come up a little short.

    As he says this, Louie takes his hand and lowers it to the ground, making a clear reference to Guernica's small stature. This garners a few laughs from the more mean-spirited portion of the crowd. Now finished with Guernica, Louie shimmies over to face Leo Taylor.

    Louie: And now onto bozo numero two. First off, I wanna give my biggest apology to Lilith...Again. I called your husband, Chrissy, the biggest loser here. But, it appears that a loser can actually beat somebody. Bro, Leo, you lost to him? Like, I don't even know if I should insult or coddle you. Your heart must've been broken, which is why we ain't seen you here in a while. Now, I know you prolly want me to be all nice and friendly to you, but that ain't how Big Lou do, aight? You're out here tryna diss my boy Pauly because he ain't all about entertainment? Well, let me tell you that I am a big boy, and can pick and choose my friends just fine, so why don't you take that big ol' meter, and shove it up your ass. Cause there ain't no reason to be rating other dudes, unless if you swing that way, I dunno.

    The crowd laughs at the homosexual related joke because of course they do. Louie backs away from both men, having expelled all of his roasting ability, he raises his mic once more, and begins to speak once more.

    Louie: But, y'know, right now there's two of yous, and only one of me. So why don't we bring out my boy and we can get this show on the road?

    Louie begins yelling, this time towards the ramp though.

    Louie: Ayo DJ, play Pauly's music.

    As requested, the sound mixer begins to play Paul Ravana's theme all throughout the arena...
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  6. Umm is the match voting open orrrrrr....?
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  8. @THG?: Alias Antonio
    @Shadow: Jack Forté
    @Gav in da BPL!: Gav the Chav
    @Tumbas: Spawn
    @Nickelodeon: Nick
    @Jacob Fox: Schizo
    @King B: Declan Zanotto
    @impactking: Chris Young/Lilith Young/Ashley Young
    @CBK_15: Jack Lux
    @Ring Rust: Perceval "Rusty" Donohue
    @Drag: James Dragon
    @Ryan Davis: Ryan Davis
    @rydogg: Braeden Cross
    @Chief Dojopper: Scott Fargo
    @Ovaldinho: Luis Ovaldhino/Lord Lee
    @Indy: Danny Jacobs
    @AfricanScatMahn: The Scat
    @B1skit: Cousin Eddy
    @Chrxsiie: Raine
    @TheTNHMaster: Chris Kaizer
    @Blind: Mark Knight
    @Botchie Botcherson: Arno Frye
    @KevinJamesFan: Ronnie S. Huxley
    @Dylan™ : Guernica
    @Big E Rection: Dat Kid
    @RedDwarfTechy: Colt Hellbeck
    @TheWUKMaster: The Blackfire
    @Gino Bambino: Louie Aldo
    @Aurtle the Turtle: Rio Nakayama
    @NLSuplex: Ivy Hale
    @Black Wizard: Kelsey Taylor
    @Jet Starr: Slate Bass
    @TheFrostyBlur: Tyson Storm
    @Electro: Darius LaVonte
    @NickThePenguin: Brad Blitz
    @Adamska.: Adam Burke
    @Swing Car: Paul Allen
    @PJ Ibarazaki: Paul Ravana
    @SmackChat-Luke: Artemis
    @SupaHeeroh: Buster Gate
    @Y2JCake: Alexander Adams

    Read and vote
  9. I'd recommend you check when this match was posted.
  10. The sad part about tag team matches is if you partner no shows it's suddenly a handicap. Shame we didn't see the full sequence.
  11. Louie Aldo promos are always fun to read and I have to give him the vote for delivering a promo that stands well against a combined effort.
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  12. Mate, It was Wednesday we started...
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  13. Mainly voted the NA Connection because they both had good promos compared to one good one. If PJ would have promo'ed then it would have probably been a coin flip in a way, since all 4 are good and Gino and PJ have improved a lot since I first saw their work.
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  14. Point still remains that Pj had more than 3 days to promo. Week and weekend.
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  15. Yes, I know, I was trying to quote PJ's post, although, it didn't seem to work through my phone at the time.
  16. Here are your winners...Guernica and Taylor!