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    Soooo I have time to kill and have decided to give back to the community and make you guys Titantrons. Just tell me your pic base a background you want (optional), and theme song.

    $500 a Titantron

    Previous Work:

  2. GIves me Brad Maddox.
  3. my Pic Base is Wade Barrett and my Background is the Union Jack
  4. Theme?
  5. you already know my theme since i faced you in my debut match
  7. brillant i Love it
  8. Officially charging as of right now.
  9. got there before the price :jbl:
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  10. @Fullofit - could you tell me how you get the videos off youtube for use?
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  11. Chris Nowinski
    UK Conservatives logo (If Possible)
    theme : Boxer Rebellion - Watermelon

    P.s. Put "Lord Lee Tudor" instead of Sir Lee, thanks.
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  12. dis for now
  13. Use Yuri Boyka because there isn't enough Brad Maddox footage out there
  14. I'd like one.

    Titantron is 1998 Rock, but with his 2003 heel theme.
  15. Johnny Gargano
    UK Flag
    'Switchblade Smiles' by Kasabian
  16. Name is Jwab Atom in IWT....
  18. I thought you would know since it says *Jwab does this* and *Jwaab does that* when I promo
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