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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, IWT presents...LIVE from Staples Center...IWT To Live or Die!

    *Pyro shoots up in all directions from the center of the ramp. The giant IWTMania sign is visible from all angles. The pyro has one last explosion before the camera pans over the cheering crowd*

    Sven Steven: Welcome to IWT To Live or Die! I am Sven Steven and with me is the future hall of famer, Christian!

    Christian: Tonight is going to determine the very fate of IWTMania IV. We have a jam-packed arena with a jam-packed card.

    Graphic shows Muff Herman.

    Sven: IWT had it's latest signing a couple of days ago, and we will get a first glance at him tonight!

    Graphic shows Nick vs. Prince Balor

    Sven: A non-title exhibition between the most technically sound performers in the IWT.

    Graphic shows Gato Volar vs. Gav the Chav

    Sven: Another debut of Gato Volar looking to score an upset on the former IWT Champion.

    Graphic shows The Art Show with Alias Antonio

    Christian: This is what I'm looking forward to. Michael can't book a good show for his life and hopefully, crossing my fingers - Alias smacks the ever living shit out of him.

    Graphic shows Aids Johnson vs. Jack Forte

    Christian: Champion vs. Champion in a non-title exhibition, once again. The very best vs. the self-proclaimed very best. IWT World vs. Intercontinental. Who is the true work-horse of the IWT?

    Graphic shows Spawn vs. Reagan Cole

    Sven: This match is what this PPV is built around. Two men are grasping for a shot at the IWT World Championship at IWTMania IV. Both men have earned a right to fight for it, but they both want it at the same time. The interesting part is, will Reagan Cole's hard work and Rumble victory fall to sham with Spawn's rampage looking to mow him down? We will see this and much more tonight!

    Christian: Now, let's head down to the ring - as we get set for Gato Volar's debut against Gav the Chav.

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome...from Polanco, Mexico DF, Mexico...GATO VOLAAR!

    *Volar slowly walks out to the top of the ramp while pounding his chest. He takes a knee and does the sign of the cross before standing back up and shouting "Viva Volar!". Volar the strolls down the ramp and notices a fan’s sign saying "Volar fears Gav". He then grabs the sign out of the fan's hand and shows it to the camera before tearing it to shreds and throwing the pieces back at the fan.*

    Announcer: And his opponent...from Middlesbrough...The Hardest **** in the history of the IWT...Gav the Chav!
    *Gav is bopping up and down and signing his song along with the crowd and throwing off his accessories. He slides into the ring and rips off his custom made Adidas tracksuit.*

    The bell rings and they tie up. They try to gain control but Volar gets the upper hand. He wrenches Gav's right arm and flings him to the mat. Volar doesn't let up on his arm, but Gav begins to fight back. Gav makes it to his knees when he begins to elbow Volar away. He stands up and performs an arm drag that thrusts Volar to the other side. Both men stand up quickly to a round of claps. They circle each other and come together in an, apparent, mutual lock up but Volar gives Gav a gut kick. The crowd boos as he smirks. Golar hits a suplex, but he doesn't let go. Instead he rolls over and hits another, and repeats for another. He stands up and begins to laugh. Volar walks over and hits the Garvin Stomp. Volar smirks as the arena is filled with massive boos. Gav makes it to his feet but is wobbly. Volar sprints and hits a vicious clothesline that launches Gav out of the ring. Volar takes his time and walks outside. He runs Gav's right arm into the ring post. Gav screams in pain on the outside. Volar rolls Gav in at the 8 count. He goes directly for the arm. Volar lays his knee on Gav's head and bends Gav's right arm back. Gav refuses to tap. Volar releases the hold and stomps on Gav's arm. Volar struts around the ring, as Gav holds his right arm in pain.

    Christian: This Volar is doing the right thing. He found a weakness and is picking at it.

    Sven: It's very intelligent, but Gav's arm can only withstand so much punishment.

    Volar spits on Gav, as he walks over. He lifts Gav by the hair and hits a calculated punch to the face. Gav is launched into the corner. Volar backs up into the opposite corner, screams, and charges but Gav gets his feet up! Volar is launched back as Gav jumps out. His face shows pain as he holds his arm but the cheers of the crowd powers him up. He awaits as Volar gets to his feet, and charges with a spinning heel kick. Gav stands up and hits his own Garvin Stomp. The crowd is cheering as Gav lifts Volar into the corner. Gav kisses his fists and begins to hit Tyson like punches. He screams and resumes and powers up for one final punch to the face. He connects and knocks Volar loopy. Volar falls face first and Gav climbs the turnbuckle. He only gets to the second turnbuckle as he hits a double stomp onto Volar's back. Gav goes for the pin - 1...2..- Volar kicks out. Gav spends little time arguing with the ref and lifts Volar onto the ropes. He prepares for some more punches, but as Gav attempts a right-hand jab, Volar grabs his punch and wrenches. Gav screams in pain as Volar begins kicking his arm. He jumps over the rope and brings Gav's arm down onto the ring rope. Gav is screaming in pain, when Volar enters into the ring. He grabs his arm and wrenches in a Crossarm Breaker. Gav spends around 3 minutes fighting the submission hold until Volar just gives up. He opts for a pin - 1...2- Gav kicked out. Volar is beginning to get frustrated.

    Sven: The anger and tension boiling up on Volar. Gav refuses to be put away. Hurt arm and all, he is a fighter.

    Christian: Shut the hell up. Gav is being stupid, if he keeps this up, he'll be injured for the biggest payday of the year.

    Volar lifts Gav up. Gav is wincing in pain and holding his arm right arm. Volar aggressively throws Gav into the corner. Gav's head whips back. Volar stands back and hits an enziguri. Volar stays on the ground and allows Gav to fall on him, and he immediately cinches in a Kimura Lock. Gav just barely can touch the ropes with his feet, but Gato increases his leverage and Gav screams. He taps out!

    Christian: Volar! We may have one of the greatest stars ever, born right now!

    Sven: Forget about that! Gav's arm may be broken!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...Gato Volaaaar!

    *Volar stands up and smirks. He proudly preaches his greatness and walks out. He spits into the crowd. He grabs a fans sign and wipes his sweat off with it. He begins to get pelted with trash as he takes a sarcastic bow and leaves. Medical staff tends to Gav the chav. They throw up the X-sign. The stretcher arrives but Gav pushes it away. Gav gets close to the camera and says, "I'm Gav the Chav, and I'm the hardest **** in the I...W...T!" He walks off.*

    Sven: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for another debut! This time it's Muff Herman. He awaits his long awaited debut in the IWT!

    *The lights dim and a spotlight is shown on the ring where a stool and a microphone are placed.*

    *Out from the curtain, 4 men walk out with a giant throne on their shoulders as a man with long hair, and a beard, wearing a Native head dress with a suit. sits on the throne. Muff Herman waves to the crowd as some boo and others look in curiosity. By the time they reach mid-ramp...*

    Sven: What is this?

    Christian: He's our new signing, and how about you show him some respect?

    *Unfamiliar music begins to play. The lights begin to flicker as Muff Herman looks around in horror. A shadow is shown by the ramp, as a man wearing a mask and lose-fit trunks with scars all around his body appears. Muff screams as the man runs down the ramp and catapults himself into the men carrying Muff. The throne comes crashing down and Muff falls to the ground. The man stands up and grabs a piece of the broken throne and uses it to beat up the 4 men. Muff begins to crawl away in terror. *

    Sven: What the hell is this? Wha-

    Christian: This man is a maniac!

    *The masked man slowly trails him, but Herman decides to fight back. He hits a few rights and lefts until the masked man hits Muff in the groin. Muff collapses onto the ground and screams in pain. The masked man has a deranged look on his face and stares straight up. He begins to scale the set until he reaches up around 20-25 feet. He stands atop of the titantron. He looks around and jumps off attempting an elbow drop! The masked man crashes on Herman and they collapse through the stage. The crowd gasps and a resounding "Holy Shit!" chant begins.*

    Sven: Oh my fucking god! What the fuck just happened!?!?!

    Christian: Good god, these men have just died on LIVE PPV!

    *Paramedics and ringside medical staff rush to aid the two men. Michael rushes out and observes the damage in horror. He is ordering some wrestlers to help get these guys out. In the midst of the chaos the screen fades to black*

    *Spawn, Aids Johnson, Reagan Cole or Nick? Who will be the one to enter Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium as IWT World Champion? Who will walk out champion? The battle for supremacy continues as all four climb the ladder to greatness. IWTMania IV will determine the fate of the IWT, and the lives of these four men. LIVE on April 3rd from Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, Texas.*

    *The screen fades*

    Sven: Uh- well- Ladies and gentlemen, I'm in pure shock after what just happened. I got some information on the attacker. He was signed to an IWT contract a few days ago. He was not scheduled to debut here tonight. His name is Jacob Fox, but to the wrestling world he's known as Schizo. Schizo has wrestled everywhere, and even had a match in Antarctica. He is considered one of the best high-flyers but obviously he has some serious mental problems.

    Christian: He just killed himself and Muff Herman on LIVE PPV. I don't want anything to do with Schizo or his intentions.

    Sven: The update on their conditions are that both men have regained consciousness, but Muff Herman seems to be injured. Schizo, I'm being told is actually responding and may be 100% after that assault. While we learn more about this freak incident, I'd like to take you down to the ring for Nick vs. Prince Balor in a non-title exhibition!

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Brooklyn, New York...he is the Golden Ticket Holder...NIIICCK!
    Nick steps out for a couple of seconds observes the damage done to the ramp. Nick walks down to the ring with a determined expression on his face. He doesn't high five the fans or crack a smile, instead just going down the ramp and rolling under the ring. He paces around in the corner and throws his hoodie into the crowd. Stretches in the corner and awaits Prince Balor.

    Announcer: Introducing seconds, from Parts Unknown...he is the IWT X-Division Champion...Prince BAAALLLOOR
    The lights dim, as a pulsing name begins to fade into view on the titantron. Heart thumping can be heard on the PA System. Smoke begins to spew over the stage, as an object crawls out. He is wearing tassels and has a long head dress on; crawling down the ramp when at 0:46, the lights burst into a light white revealing Prince Bálor with his hands up high. He crawls down to the ring, throwing his hands up and triggering the lights. He climbs atop the apron and jumps in, and his music fades. He takes off his head dress and reveals his X-Division title, as the crowd boos.

    They come to the center of the ring and stare each other down. The crowd is pumped up. They look across at the crowd and back up. The referee urges them to begin, but they don't. Nick circles around Balor as Balor makes little effort to track his distance. The crowd gets louder begin to chanting "Lock. It. Up!" Balor turns around with a cold look in his eyes. They lock up, but a test of strength is won by Nick. He throws Balor to the ground but Balor quickly stands up. He is angry, and walks over and slaps Nick in the face. Nick looks at Balor at spits in his face and tackles him to the ground throwing unorthodox punches. He is in Full Mount and whaling punches on Balor. Balor pushes Nick off and rolls outside. He recovers outside, but Nick runs off the ropes and hits a Suicide Dive and lands on his feet while Balor falls to the ground. The crowds ovation reverberates around the arena.

    Sven: Nick has all the momentum in the world right. You can imagine what winning this match will do for Nick, down the line.

    Christian: Winning some useless title? I'd pass if I was Nick.

    Nick throws Balor back into the ring. Balor gets up and Nick bounces off the ropes and hits a clothesline that throws Balor to the ground. Nick goes for a pin - 1...2- Balor kicks out. Nick locks in a chin lock. Balor struggles for around 2 minutes before Nick lets go. Balor rests and recovers on the floor as Nick attempts a leg drop, but Balor moves out of the way. Nick crashes down and screams in pain. Balor gets up, slowly, and hits a soccer kick to the back of Nicks head. Balor drags Nick to the corner, and climbs to the second turnbuckle. He then grabs Nick in a suplex position. He firmly grasps Nick and performs a dead lift and hits a semi-superplex onto the mat while the crowd begins to cheer for the strength. Balor recovers on the mat while Nick slowly rolls out. He drops to the floor. After around 30 seconds, Balor rolls out to and grabs Nick. He pushes him back into the ring. He drags Nick to the center of the ring. He grabs his legs and slowly puts on a Texas Cloverleaf. Nick screams in pain as Balor cinches it in. Nick crawls forward but Balor drags him back. Nick raises his hand and prepares to tap but the "Let's go Nick!" chants allow him to power through. He screams in pain. Nick starts losing hope. He suddenly perks back up and screams as he squrims his legs until Balor loses his grip. He kicks back and flings Balor to the ground. Nick charges, jumps and hits a flying forearm that launches Balor into the ropes; Balor rebounds and his met with a DDT. Nick stands up and climbs the top rope, he stands and points at Balor. He hits a diving elbow drop. Balor clutches his chest as he scrambles to his feet and rests in the corner. Nick charges for another forearm. This time Balor is launched over the top rope.

    Sven: What a match. Both men have had an equal amount of offense to their record but it seems Nick has the momentum in his favor, once again.

    Christian: He needs to stop pandering to the crowd and get this done, with no risk. He can't risk a major loss or an injury at this point of the year.

    He crawls away and grabs something from under the ring. He hides the object which appears to be a wrench in his kickpad and rolls into the ring. Nick notices the wrench and awaits Balor. Balor stands up and charges Nick with the wrench. He moves out of the way and almost collides with the referee. The referee confiscates the wrench and warns Balor, but Nick comes up from behind and grabs Balor with a Snapmare Driver! He goes for a pin - 1...2...3!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...NIIICK!

    Sven: Nick proved that he is one of the best in this company. He did so by breaking Balor's undefeated streak, as well!

    *Nick celebrates his victory in the ring, but Prince Balor has grabbed the wrench again. He begins to sneak into the ring, but Gav the Chav runs in with a chair. He scares off Balor to the confusion of Nick. Gav hollers at Balor to enter the ring. But Balor grabs his title and shuffles off. He spits into the ring and begins to cuss both of them out. He avoids the whole in the stage and walks to the back.*

    *The ring gets cleared and The Art Show IX is getting set up in the ring.*

    Sven: Ladies and gentlemen, Michael will be here for something he called "major news". Alias Antonio who was requested to be on the show did not show up in defiance after the recent actions of Michael. But he is still hosting this show in hopes of something more. Also news on Muff Herman and Schizo. They both have gained their composure. Both men are pretty banged up. Herman has a concussion and broken ribs and may have a fractured skull while Schizo suffered a dislocated shoulder and a fractured elbow. Both men are in the hospital, awaiting to be discharged.

    Christian: That was the scariest accident, I've ever witnessed. However, I talked to Alias Antonio and he said it himself that he doesn't care if Michael takes away everything he's got. He will be at the top of the IWT, no matter what.

    *Michael walks out and surveys the hole in the stage. He then fixes his tie and begins to walk down to the ring. He sits in the couch and grabs a microphone.*

    Settle down. Settle down. You see I had contacted Alias Antonio to settle our differences, once and for all. But he decided not to show; how appropriate. But it's okay because I have some other news that I'd like to explain to everyone here, tonight.

    Last October, I signed former IWT Champion FTJ to an IWT contract. After months of tangling it with Vince Russ- I mean FTJ, I had enough. The guy threatend everything, but I've decided on his fate. The man known as Frank the Jock, as of today is no-longer under IWT contract.

    Want to know why? Because I fired his sorry ass! He wanted a rematch for the IWT despite him screwing himself out of an IWT title match at Fight for your Life. I ended my misery and the locker room's misery and took out the trash. It feels good that I can finally say that I have no more shit to clean up in my locker room. I'd like to thank everyone here for listening.

    *Michael walks out to a chorus of boos and general boredom. The ring is quickly cleared and set up for Spawn vs. Reagan Cole.*

    Christian: What a waste of time? The guy hasn't been on an IWT show in months. What does it matter if he's fired?

    Sven: And now it's time for the match that will determine the very fate of IWTMania IV. Who will become the rightful #1 contender? Who will make it to the grandest stage of them all.

    *The screen fades*

    *It fades into a promo. The first shot is of the Royal Rumble. With Reagan Cole winning. He points to the IWTMania IV sign and pyro shoots off. Later that night, Spawn beat Nick to become #1 Contender. Reagan Cole and Spawn exchange words on who deserves to be #1 Contender and a final face off is shown before the screen transitions into the arena.*

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and the winner will become the #1 contender to the IWT World Championship at IWTMania IV!

    Announcer: Introducing first! He is the 2016 Royal Rumble winner...from Essex, England...REAGAN COOOLE!
    *Awake and Alive by Skillet echos through the arena as Reagan Cole walks out with a backpack on his back and looks at every person that is either cheering or booing him with a massive smile on his face as he walks down the ramp with his arms spread out. Reagan takes a drink and enters the ring. He warms up*

    Announcer: Introducing second...From Hell...SPAAWN!
    *Pyro explodes and Spawn walks out. The lights are dim and little light can actually be seen. Spawn makes it to the top of the ramp when he suddenly looks up causing shortages of the lights.
    Spawn slowly continues and steps onto the ring apron. He slowly raises his hands and throws them down unleashing furious pyro from around the ring. He steps over the top rope and the lights go back to normal.*

    Sven: This guy gives me the willies.

    Christian: Anybody can give you the fucking willies. Just sit and watch Spawn do what he does best and that's destroy.

    Spawn charges Reagan and clutches his throat. He lifts him up off the mat. Reagan swings his legs as his face turns purple. Just as Cole stops kicking, Spawn throws him down and pins him - 1...2..- Reagan kicks out and clutches his throat; gasping for air. Spawn spends little time to continue the beating. He walks over and sprawls Reagan Cole flat on the mat. He proceeds to step on him. Reagan screams in pain. Spawn walks over and cinches in a Nerve hold on Cole. Cole screams in pain and squirms for release. The cheers of the fans rejuvenates him as he begins to gain his momentum back. He begins to stand up to the amazement of Spawn. He elbows Spawn in the gut 5 times and sets himself free. He hits a lariat that stumbles Spawn. The crowd cheers Cole on, and he runs off the ropes and connects with another that makes Spawn's legs wobbly. The crowd gasps in anticipation as Reagan Cole attempts another lariat. This time it takes Spawn off his feet and the crowd goes crazy. Spawn is on the floor and Reagan goes up to the top rope. The crowd starts cheering and he attempts a frog splash, but Spawn gets his boot up. Reagan is kicked straight in the gut. He screams in agony as he squirms to the side of the ring.

    Sven: Goodness gracious! That boot could've killed him. Spawn hit that big boot straight into the exposed abdomen of Reagan Cole!

    Christian: Spawn doesn't seem happy. He probably figured this was going to be an easy "W".

    Spawn uses the ropes to stand up and walks over. He grabs Cole by the neck and lifts him up. He leans him into the corner. Spawn walks to the opposite corner. And charges like a train and kicks Reagan Cole straight in the gut, again. Reagan's face turns purple in pain and he falls down. Spawn drags Reagan's body to the center of the ring and goes for a pin. 1...2..- Reagan kicks out and the crowd pops. "Reagan" chants fill the arena. Spawn can't believe it and cinches in an Iron Claw on his stomach! Reagan screams and gasps for air while Spawn is putting as much pressure as possible. Reagan refuses to tap and simply elbows Spawn in the face to break up the claw. He grabs Spawn into a headlock and stands up. He converts it into a Russian legsweep. Reagan stands up gasping for air as the crowd begins to cheer. He grabs the ankle of Spawn and begins to twist and turn in an ankle lock! Spawn is heard screaming. After a 5 minute struggle, Spawn flips onto his back and hits another kick to the gut of Reagan. Reagan collapses, allowing Spawn to stand up.

    Sven: Cole might have a rupture lung. He doesn't seem too healthy.

    Christian: Spawn exploited his injured abdomen very well. That was great.

    Spawn stands up and stretches out his arm. He grabs a floored Reagan by the throat and deadlifts him into a chokeslam! Spawn goes for a pin - 1...2...3! Spawn gets the victory.

    Announcer: Here's your winner...and #1 Contender for the IWT World Championship...SPAAWN!

    Spawn slowly raises his arms and releases to a fiery explosion. Spawn walks off as Reagan comes to. His face is purple and the referee helps him to his feet. Reagan nearly collapses but is able to walk out with "Reagan!" chants reverberating around the arena.

    Sven: What a fight! Reagan has nothing to be ashamed of. He fought well.

    Christian: I don't normally do this but I expected a massacre and Reagan Cole proved me wrong. Kudos to him.

    Sven: But now it's time for the main event of the evening. A non-title exhibition for superiority. IWT Intercontinental Champion vs. IWT World Champion. Jack Forte vs. Aids Johnson...

    Christian: A victory for Forte will prove that his mission for IC dominance is true, but if he loses Aids Johnson will have another thing to boast about.

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for ONE fall, and it is your MAIN EVENT of the evening!

    A hush falls over the arena as they begin to anticipate the main event, one that they know will become an instant classic.

    Announcer: Introducing first, he is the IWT Intercontinental Champion...Jack FOOORTE!
    The music starts to blast, but the crowd doesn't know who exactly will be coming out until his titantron pops on. Mint green lasers and the arena lights follow suit. Jack runs through the curtain to a loud applause, the self proclaimed people's champion loving every second. Instead of his usual leather jackets he's wearing a hoodie, one any original IWT fan can tell that it's Aids' old Relevant merch. Forté pauses on the ramp, and starts to unzip said hoodie with his free hand, revealing his IWT Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship. The black tank top it rests over reads 'FACE' in green. He steps into the ring and silently prepares.

    Sven: Face. Such a loaded word, could it mean how people view him? Or does he think he's the face of the company? Almost everyone else does, but we'll find out from him in mere moments.

    Announcer: Introducing second, he is the IWT World Champion...AIDS JOOHHHNSON!
    Aids walks out to a mixed reaction. He holds up his title to the camera and says "4 time". He proceeds to sprint into the ring and he slides in. He bounces off the ropes as the camera pans out.

    Sven: The following match is brought to you by Doritos - For the bold.

    The music fades and the bell rings. Aids and Jack walk to the center of the ring and spend little time to begin. Aids slaps Forte. Forte is launched back but returns with a slap to Aids that sends him back. Aids returns with another slap. This time Forte immediately refutes with a slap. Aids Johnson returns with another and back and forth they go for around 30 more seconds until Forte gets the upper hand. Aids' face his a deep red with his cheek bleeding. Forte grabs Johnson and leans him into the corner. Jack backs up and hits a super kick. Aids falls forward. Forte goes for a pin but the referee couldn't secure a 1 count. Jack grabs Aids Johnson and hits a knee to his gut and bounces off the rope for an ax kick. Jack stands up and hits a knee to the back of Aids neck. Aids screams in pain as his face is crushed under the weight. Jack goes for a pin - 1..2- Aids kicks out.

    Christian: Jack is not kidding around. He is seriously out to hurt Aids Johnson. That knee was vicious.

    Sven: Aids needs to regroup. He was probably expecting a slow, relaxed match.

    Forte licks his bottom lip and proceeds to grab Aids by the hair. He lifts him up onto his shoulder and hits a Dreamer Driver. Forte goes for another pin, but Aids kicks out quickly. Forte screams for the ref to count. Aids scoots into the corner and rests while Forte takes his time to regroup and follow Aids. As Forte reaches the corner, Aids connects with a gut kick. Forte clutches his gut and turns around. Aids recovers and runs and hits a bulldog on Forte. Aids goes for a pin - 1..2- Forte kicks out. Aids picks up Forte who is still in pain and lifts him with both arms. Fallaway slam that shakes the ring with a thud. Aids laughs and slowly walks over to Forte where he picks him up and hits a Belly-to-Belly suplex. Aids stands up and laughs again. He grabs Forte by the arms and flings him to other side of the ring. Aids laughs again.

    Sven: Aids is getting his attitude together.

    Christian: He's throwing Forte like a sack of potatoes. The height and weight advantage are really playing a part.

    Aids Johnson grabs Forte and connects with another belly-to-belly. Aids catches his breath when the camera catches Gato Volar walking down the isle applauding. He has a towel around his neck and his knee pads down to his knees and a cocky grin on his face. At first Aids Johnson looks confused but he slowly gets a grin on his face, too. When Aids Johnson turns around he is met with a roundhouse kick that knocks Aids out of the ring. Forte climbs the top rope and awaits Aids. When Aids makes it to his feet, Forte connects with a flying knee smash that sends Aids Johnson flying into the barricade. Forte walks towards Volar, but Volar backs up and holds up his arms. Forte grabs Aids and throws him back into the ring. Forte grabs Aids by the hair and stares at Volar whist hitting an inverted DDT.

    Sven: What is Volar doing?

    Christian: He's just watching, what do you think?

    Jack Forte climbs the turnbuckle and signals for a Swanton Bomb. He leaps but Aids has moved out of the way. Aids spends little time to wait for Forte. He runs over and hits a Brainbuster. He goes for a pin - 1...2...- Forte kicks out just as the referee goes for a 3 count. Aids screams but hurries to the turnbuckle. He deadlifts Forte up and attempts a brainbuster, but Forte knees Aids in the head. Aids releases Forte who maneuvers behind Aids. He hooks Aids' neck and locks in a full nelson. Aids struggles but Forte lifts up and jumps off the rope. Aids Johnson lands awkwardly on Forte's knee as it buckles under the weight. Forte grasps his leg and goes for a pin - 1...2...3!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...The IWT Intercontinental Champion...JACK FOOOORTE!

    Forte can barely stand but he regains his composure he holds up the Intercontinental Championship to a pop, but the music and pop fades as Volar enters the ring. Aids is recovering in the corner behind Forte. Forte looks at Volar and throws his title to the outside. At first he decides to let Aids and Volar fight, but when Aids stands up - Forte returns to fight with Aids. Suddenly the lights go out to a pop and when they return Prince Balor with no-make up is standing arm-and-arm with Volar. They face-off, but Aids looks at Forte. Volar and Balor step back to the opposite side of the ring. Aids Johnson begins to walk forward, but slowly turns around with a blank expression on his face. Forte is shocked and all 3 men pounce on Forte. They kick and punch Forte, senseless. Aids hits a brainbuster and Forte is dragged to the center of the ring. Aids Johnson grabs his IWT World title, Volar grabs Jack's Intercontinental title and Balor grabs his X-Division title. All 3 hold up all 3 titles. They turn to leave, but Volar drops the title on the floor and spits on it before walking out with Aids and Balor. They shake hands on top of the ramp and walk out. The last scene of the PPV is of Forte's beaten down body in the center of the ring.
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  2. squash matches are too easy, shame my next match will also be a squash :smirk2:
  3. @Shadow did you think you'd walk out a winner? Look at my boot while I hold my title, Volar holds YOUR belt and Balor holds up his title.

    Welcome to our universe.
  4. Don't have time right now to read the whole show, did I have a spot on the card?
  5. That wasn't in the script! this was supposed to be the underdog story! THE UNDERDOG STORY!
  6. Don't worry. I plan on having you around for some more.
  7. Nah. You joined late, as the show was already written with the exception of the final two matches.
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  8. Good to know the only way you can beat me is with help after a 20 minute match. So legit.
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  9. Good to know the only way you can beat me is with help after a 20 minute match. So legit.
  10. he beat you?
  11. I said after a 20 minute, assume he'd know I meant beat down.
  12. I did. Nigh Night son.
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    This is Aidsey's story bby.