Voting IWT Tournament - Aids vs Alkaline - Sudden Death Match

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Aids vs Alkaline

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  1. Aids

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  1. Aids @Aids Johnson vs Alkaline @Dust
    The following contest is a SUDDEN DEATH MATCH

    -Competitors will have an additional 24hr added to their original match and have only 1 promo each
    -Voting will last for only 12 hours once the promo period is over
    -There is NO disqualification. Pictures, videos, and live stream is allowed...and even encouraged...
    -This is a public vote
    -Voting for yourself results in forfeit of this match and instant suspension
  2. Aids Johnson okay if we wait until around when we started the real match with posting? Gonna be stuck in a car for a couple of hours today so I dunno exactly when I can sit down and promo.
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  3. hell yeah. Hit me with a skype message/pm whenever you get time.
  4. we might need voting to be 18 hours.
  5. about to pass the fuck out. Looks like we are doing it tommorrow (Ak can have first promo this time)
  6. Ive got all the time in the world for AK to show up, i dont care if it happens 2 days before the next round.
  7. Gimme an hour or so to think something up. Had a bit of a weird day yesterday and missed it all. Sorry.
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  8. No worries pal, take a few hours if you need it, ive got some stuff to do around here, and am making lasagna so that will be occupying the next couple hours of my time.
  9. Try not to take too long, I need this match to finish so I can announce the Uprising Card
  10. Btw how is the voting now? Is it still special ref or a free for all?
  11. FFA
  12. *Alkaline staggers to his feet again, obviously worn down from the previous match. He pushes Aids into the ropes before he continues to speak.*

    AK: Go down you son of a bitch! Go down! I said I was going to leave a scar on this tournament, and I might as well use you as the knife with which I carve it!

    Look at me... my hands are shaking, because I have been handed one of the biggest opportunities in my career with this tournament. I have been given an opportunity to break the glass ceiling, to step out from the shadow of the guys that came before. Guys like Christian, Frank the Jock, from your shadow... This tournament is the door to my destiny being unlocked and I am going to kick it down!

    Nothing has come easy to me. I have had to scratch and claw for everything I have unlike guys like you Aids. If I wasn't busting my ass on the farm then I was busting my ass on the independents trying to get my big break. I scratched and clawed out a name for myself all over this country, in dingy little bingo halls and gymnasiums. I've turned doubters into believers and gotten into bigger arenas, to here in the IWT. The guy who was never supposed to be anything is now fighting for a chance at the top belt. That scrawny little boy from the farm is fighting with the big boys and I'll be damned if one of you guys knock me down.

    You think you are great Aids!? You could have been so much more! You were the golden boy of our generation! The chosen one! The one who was sent straight to the main event! The one who got the cheers, the shots, the opportunities, everything on a silver platter, and you pissed it all away! You pissed it all away... You were at the top off the mountain and you dropped it all. While me and the rest of us who fought to get here where left at the bottom to scrape about. Guys who worked just as hard as you, who are just as talented as you, we were left at the bottom, carrying the mountain you were placed on upon our shoulders.

    I have no problem punching you in the face over and over again Aids. I'll punch you in the face again and again and again until you stop moving. I'll destroy my body to reach that belt, even if it means being thrown on the junkyard afterwards like a wrecked car. It's balls to the wall, pedal to the metal, a speeding bullet from bell to bell. My friends asked me if it was worth being this self destructive to reach the gold, hell yeah! Is it worth being this self destructive to destroy Aids Johnson? Absolutely!

    As I said, this all leads to my career highlight. It is time for me to step out of the shadows, shatter the glass ceiling and make a name for myself. I have helped carry this company through the good, the bad and the awful. And I have gotten nothing for it. I've run with every ball, caught every brass ring and gotten zilch in return. This is my time, because I deserve better, because I am better. I'll take my place on the top of the mountain even if it means blowing the mountain up doing so. So stay down you son of a bitch! You've already been at the top, I need this!
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  13. You know what? I agree with you Alkaline. This can be the biggest highlight of your career to date. The man Aids Johnson stepped over on his way to becoming the first 2 times IWT champion. The first of four on my path of destiny. You know, AK? You need to reconsider your talks on self destruction, because in this case, your tiny career wouldnt be more than a small firecracker going off during the main show.

    I would ask if you understand what i'm getting at, but you pointed out everything i ever could have. I was the golden boy. I never had to waste time breaking bones in gymnasiums, i never had to beg, bleed, or even break a sweat. And you know who i have to thank? Your soulmate, Erik Draven. Thats right, the man who will from now be referred to as Erik the forgotten. The broken man who lies nearly paralyzed, and do you know how many stars have even noticed he is gone? He was a champion, and how many people visited him, sent him cards, or even gave up the 5 minutes it would take to do a phone call?

    No one but us. You hold his hand, and tell him everything will be alright, while he stars up at you, tears running down his face, unable to process what has happened to him. I know people will hate, but at least i showed the respect due to the man who put me over, who threw me into a place i now am a legend in. I walked into that hospital, set that briefcase on his chest, and told him about all the things ive accomplished, ever since his broken hands found a way to place the ball in my hand. Here, i even took a picture for us both to cherish. Sentimental value, as you have it. *Aids points to the titantron, where a bruised, barely awake Erik Draven is seen with Aids briefcase on his chest, while Aids looks down at him, smiling. The crowd at this point boo's uncontrollably, while Alkaline looks on in horror and disgust, as Aids laughs, staring at the screen with a look of pride on his face.

    You refer to me as a disease in this company that needs to be stopped. You arent the first person to misuse my title, and i have no problem correcting you now, so you can erase one of the many mistakes of your career off of the list. I am THE disease of this company, because once you step into this ring with me, there is not a doubt in the mind of a single person in this arena, pirating on the internet, or the loyal fans wasting their cable bill money at home *small boo* that your career could be over. Incognito, i know you are watching at home, and you're welcome for all that i did for you. Who knew a historical career could end with just one amazing match with the greatest man to step foot into an IWT arena. I knew.

    Alkaline, you are so incredibly right about me putting a burden on your shoulders. When i left the IWT, with a belt on each shoulder. A burden was placed on the company to find a way to move forward. Who stepped up? Dat cripple? That joke of a one liner Victoria Parker? No, this company struggled until the DAY i returned. This company needed someone to step up, and who delivered? Aids Johnson. I faced Incognito in the biggest, highest rated match in IWT history, as the undercard. The main event? No one can remember who even fought, let alone what happened. You see, Aids is more than just a name, it's my title. I am the destroy of careers, the man who ruins lives daily. Let's face it, i own each and every single wrestler in this company, and you all are allowed to lay down and die, when i say you can. Tonight is not your night Alkaline, tonight is my night. The good news? I personally purchased you the most expensive room in this dump of a town. Tonight, you can finally go "home" to Erik Draven. Saint Marys Hospital has you booked to arrive shortly. No need to thank me. Aids the matchmaker, who would have ever thought?

    Aids Drops the mic, and the brawl begins once again, as we go off the air.
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  14. Exactly what a sudden death match is supposed to be, excellent final promos by both competitors. Since 12hrs would only be til 9am EST, i'm making voting 24hrs.
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  15. AIDS got my vote but the two promos were awesome. Oh, me voting for the Cure.. wow
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  16. Damn that was just as tough as the first battle. But Aids got my vote in the end.
  17. Such a tough decision, but I think Alkaline wins my vote. Aids had some good points, but I liked Alkaline's promo more because of the career highlight mention and breaking glass ceilings.
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  18. I loved both promos, but The Cure gets my vote. Aids, you deserve it because you did a better job than Alkaline (in my opinion).
  19. Aids got my vote in this. He went big and brought his absolute A game.
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