Voting IWT Tournament - Senhor Perfect vs Sackfist

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Senhor Perfect vs Sackfist

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    Senhor Perfect @Senhor Perfect vs Sackfist MrSackfist
    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    - Competitors will have 2 promos each with a 24hr limit starting from when the first promo is posted
    - When the promo period is over or both competitors have submitted max promos, an additional 24 hrs will be opened for voting.
    - This is a public vote
    - The person with the most votes will be the winner
    - Images, videos & live stream are NOT allowed
    - Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension, no questions asked.

  2. I want to start off by saying Senhor didn't screw Sack, Dat Kid screwed Sack. He's making me do this, he's making me euthanize the sick puppy, and putting you out of your misery. He's tried to take me down with all of his minions, I've kicked their ass, so now he's using me to do his dirty work. You're not a bad guy Sack, but you just haven't been able to climb the ladder in IWT. As much as I hate to admit it, Kid does have a small point. Why waste your time here taking loss after loss after loss? In the end I'll be doing you a bigger favour than you realize. You can go home, sit back with some brewskis, and enjoy retired life. Maybe Jonny boy will give you a job setting up the ring so you don't off yourself with disappointment of losing yet another match; but I digress.

    This is step one for me in my quest to regain what belongs to me, the IWT championship. My feud with FTJ is what brought attention to the IWT in the first place. My huge main event at IWTMania cemented this company as the best wrestling organization on the planet! I am synonymous with IWT, the triple threat! Tonight I'll add a new nickname to my arsenal: the career ender. I know it's tough for you Sack, getting the draw that you've gotten, but better for you to be put down me by now when your expectations are low, then for me to have to do it later on when you think you might actually have a chance.

    Tonight Mr. Midcard becomes Mr. Discard. I've been doing this far too long, far too well, to be stopped now. Look at your future world champion Sack, bask in the glory of my glistening IC championship that I've held for almost a full calender year. Look at what you could never be, what you can never achieve. It's time for you to ride off into the sunset, whilst I ride on to glory!

    Now that's perfect!
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  3. Mr Discard, that's clever, I guess all the time you spend winning by no shows you put to some alphabet exercises. My career is on the line Senhor, and no disrespect to you, but I sure as hell am not ready to hang up my boots without touching the gold. Unlike everyone else in this tournament, my entry came with a catch, the guy who dedicated himself to the mid-card section, that remained there fighting new challengers. Some reward for hard work I will say.

    However I am not a bitter man Senhor, what IWT does, I can't change, so rather than fight the change, I am going to embrace it and use it as and additional driving force. I now stand toe-to-toe with the guy who has had that much handed to him, that title you hold Senhor, that title was given to you right from the get go, because they needed a champion, and as I recall, you've won a few of those title defenses because your opponent couldn't be bothered to show up. Unlike my silver spoon here, I have worked for everything I got in IWT, every title match I was given, I have earned. Every title I won, I won because I earned them. Senhor with all due respect, there is nobody else in this tournament who doesn't deserve to be here more than you, sure I have been in a rut full of loses, and IWT want to get a few viewers here and there, but you've done nothing here to prove you deserve a spot here. I can list 10 guys who have done more that deserve to walk in your shoes.

    Sack pauses for a moment as he looks at Senhor with a mild crowd pop, and Sack shrugs his shoulders at Senhor

    I assure you Senhor, I won't be having a heartfelt farewell, I am going to beat you, then I am going to go on and have a match with any one in the IWT tournament, I am 1-0 against Aids, and sure as hell would like to extend that lead. I have a score to settle with Farooq, so a chance to do so would put a smile on my face, Alkaline is a dream opponent any day. Unlike a lot of people in my position Senhor, would cry out for pity. Well Pity is something you better get used to when you walk backstage, because people will know that even perfection isn't enough to beat me. This right here is the exchange point, you a former main eventer, the former WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIOOON! is about to head down to the mid-card division, and pass the torch to me, Mr Main Event!
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  4. Given to me? You must have landed on your head more times than I thought. I won this IC title in the inaugural tournament for it and haven't looked back since. I've never been given a damn thing. I've been here since day 1 working my ass off. Putting asses in the seats. Waking the crowd after your sleep inducing bouts. Look at the crowd, I insult them weekly but they still wear my gear. How many Sack shirts are on out there?........Anyone?.........There's a J.O.B Squad shirt there in the 40th row, does that count?

    You want to talk about the two or three opponents in almost a year who no showed? That's fine, but how does that affect me negatively? They were too scared to show up and get their hides tanned. Does it upset you that we all actually look forward to matches against you cause it's a guaranteed notch in the W column? Upset that no one sees you as a threat? You're just grasping and straws at this point Sack.

    You just said, and I quote, "there is nobody else in this tournament who doesn't deserve to be here more than you" then "you've done nothing here to prove you deserve a spot here." Now if you're too loopy to continue just walk away now. That first statement is spot on, the second one though, is complete bullshit. Why do I deserve to be here, let me count the ways:

    1. I beat the WHC at the last Uprising in convincing fashion.
    2. The powers that be haven't given me a World Title shot since Senhor/Aids 2 because Kid has a personal vendetta against me.
    3. I'm 12-5 in my career, which I gather is a hell of a lot more wins than you've had matches.
    4. I'm smarter than you.
    5. I'm faster than you.
    6. I'm stronger than you.
    7. I'm damn sure better looking than you.
    8. I'M PERFECT!

    You've had one, just one impressive victory and it's all you can talk about. I've been in marquee match after marquee match. I walk that aisle with class, and demand respect with my actions. I've never asked or wanted pity. You reek of pity, to be even in the position you're in is disgraceful. I was feeling a but sorry for you but that's just turned into disgust.

    Being in the world title match doesn't make it the main event if that title changes hands every other week. People want to see a dominant champion like me for two reasons: they like dynasties, or they want to see them toppled. I'm Manchester United, you are QPR. People want to see me; win or lose. No one wants to see you, no one cares about you. The only way you'll be Mr. Main Event is if all the rest of us die suddenly and you win by default. At least when I put you out of your misery you can say your career ended in the most perfect way possible.

    R.I.P Sack we hardly knew ye.
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  5. Well let me just give you a quick correction on those points you listed

    #1 You beat Suicide at Uprising, congrats, you beat another guy who got a title handed to him, give this man a freaking medal. #2 You prove my point, you were given a title shot, mr silver spoon. #3, I may have not been here longer, but I am 9 wins, and that is around 5 months after you started. And 3 of those were no shows, so in my eyes and to a lot of guys at the back, we're tied. However even with those wins, I prove right there that I have worked a hell of a lot harder to get to where I am today, and even with this handicap Perfect, I will defeat you. #4, #5 & #6, I don't really want to have a track race, a test or a test of strength because I don't want to waste time Perfect, something you seem to do a lot when you do show. #7, Better looking, well I guess you can have that, I don't know how long you spent ogling me or anyone else that tickles your fancy.

    Your list proves your going to lose, you start out by pulling out facts, and then to quote you "you start grasping at straws". In Case you haven't got it yet, so maybe point 4 is incorrect, I have been given this spot solely because Dat Kid wants rid of me. Maybe this little panic you went into is because of two possible things, 1) Your "enemy" Dat Kid has brushed you aside because he wants to lock horns with someone who can actually put up a fight and your a little but hurt about that, or 2) You know I am better than you, you know that when I win tonight your going back to the mid-card division and sooner or later someone is going to prove that Perfection doesn't exist. I honestly look at you and one thing really bugs me. You call yourself the triple threat, but I don't know, maybe I need glasses or something but, I think your missing some gold. Where oh where is your titles. Truth is Senhor, your not the triple threat, your not a dynamic duo and you sure as hell are not a stand alone champion. My time in IWT is on an expatriation date, but you reached your date as a real threat long ago. Perfection is just a catch-phrase you through down to remind people of the good times you had rolling in IWT with all the bling you could handle. Fast forward to the present and the little light has gone out on your candle
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  6. OOC: damn two promo limit. I have so many rebuttals! :upset:
  7. Bumping this so more people vote. I think this thread deserves more than 8 total votes.
  8. Bulletproof better step up in this one, Deadman's Hand members ain't any jobbers!

  9. Wh-What? Are you now into this? Anyways. Sackfist's last promo was awesome, but Senhor did a great job without that last promo advantage. My vote goes for Senhor because of that.
  10. No, I'm not. I just do whatever I wanna do around here. I'm teflon.
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  11. I tried to kick your ass earlier on today, but I couldn't because you are teflon :teflon:

    Teflon smilie not working :(( Well, I'll use this other one :testify:
  12. I won! :phew: Still in IWT.
  13. OOC: Good job Sack. I'd shake your hand if this wasn't virtual.
  14. SHIT i missed the voting :okay:

    I thought both were incredible. I love the perfect bs about how man pretty, strong, and smart Senhor is. The one liners were awesome, but sack's line about his iwt has an expiration date, but yours ended a long time ago was the thing that would have swayed my vote. You will get a title shot eventually, especially because we are due to have Aids/Perfect 2.

    Congrats to sackfist, i am well aware you are 1-0 against me, i plan on evening things up and patting you on the back as you walk towards the exit. :boss1:
  15. OOC: I didn't expect Sackfist to win
  16. Great match. Close result as expected. Nice to see you'll stick around Sackfist
  17. That hurt because of the OOC
  18. It's not personal, it's what's good for business
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  19. Way to stay topical

    Good job MrSackfist