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  1. This is my suggestion to creative and i want to know what people think of the idea.

    The show won't run as long as IWT Uprising. I was thinking we could do it during the break between shows. 1 to 2 matches and a couple of promo's just to help build. This could eliminate the need for Dark Matches, and will most likley get the younger guys me included more time in IWT. I thought of this after my match with ReagMaster where only 6 people voted ending in a tie. Imagine if this match was on this the voting would go up since more high profile talent (gav, Trip, Dazzle ETC) Could be on.

    The 2 matches could happen at the same time, We could do it weekly during the breaks or we could do it once during the breaks. Even title matches can happen on this.

    Overall i think it could boost voting, showcase more talent, and give champs and contenders more than promo's to do.

    *If you have any questions tell below.

    And about the name i was thinking
    IWT Battlefield or IWT Uproar

    I also think the match card should be laid out like PPV's a couple of days before. Interviews and anything regarding build can be shown on the match card if needed as in TRIP: Promo on Roadster

    IWT (______)

    1) Gav the Chav promo on Trip about Uprising
    2) Reagan Cole vs Nero *Odd last name i can't remember*

    3) IWT X-Division Title Match: Alias Antonio vs Dazzler

    Now as i said before the promo section can be added if wanted or needed or the person cutting the promo can be imformed before hand without the promo shown on the card. Thanks.​
  2. Wouldn't dark matches or random promos be easier due to the non restricted timeframe of starting?
  3. But that's the problem no one see's them since they're random. the time frame doesn't matter, the matches are the same but can most likley bring in more people rather than a dark match. The promo can be posted anytime during the 2-4 day period of the show. If they aren't posted than i don't see any penalty.
  4. Wouldn't Peale still not have concern over it for the fact that it's essentially the same concept? It's no Uprising or anything, hence why it wouldn't get more attention by default.
  5. the show is basically Uprising but with little to no title matches, the show is a collection of dark match and a bigger match mixed with match build. The show can even open an oppurtunity to have a title like the Hardcore title or X title be defended every now and then which can give the show a little more of a higher standard. Looking back at the shows in IWT, shows with more than 1 match with relative new comers do far better as in voting and views then dark matches do. The show can basically be a mini-Uprising between breaks.
  6. I still see it as just a compilation of them, just me thou.
  7. i'm going to ask Big Boss or THG? if they are willing to put their belts on the line every now and then. Hopefully it gets accepted.
  8. I don't see the point in this. Dark matches are to practice and improve, and they can happen literally at any time. Restricting them to this 'TV' sucks and will limit how many dark matches there are.

    No from me.
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  9. Welllllll, technically dark matches can't happen "literally at any time" Jonathon. You know, since you banned them during PPVs and all. Just saying. :jeritroll:
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  10. Big Boss said he is willing to defend his title every now and then, i guess my plan in short words is a mini uprising in break time. Like an In Your House type thing, nothing to huge but something to build to a great show.