IWT update sept 2015.

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    Static plays for a few seconds before the video begins. It plays the intro before changing over to an IWT arena as Aids Johnson walks out to an empty crowd, passing workers putting together the stage/ring/general seating. He walks up into the ring, before grabbing a microphone - testing 1,2,3.

    Alright, cut my music - the sounds is perfect. This is a message to anyone interested and invested in this endeavor. This is a message to all of our competitors - current, former, and even those who came in the door and were only ignored. IWT will be back, starting today we are going to look forward to the future, and walk.

    Signing up again is a must, you cannot compete without signing the contract one more time, you see the dotted. You can't see me always, but there are plenty of other competitors willing to help you out and get the ball rolling. When you want to do something here, talk it up to everyone and anyone willing to listen. The IWT is about more than wins and losses, and if the start is shaky, know we all have been there at on point or another.

    Our next PPV will be later this month, and I will announce it next Friday for everyone to plan on. Winners take all, brackets will be condensed and new competitors will be added. Every title is up for grabs, no questions asked...now put in your legwork. I'm easy to find.

    Aids points to the camera, turning to the side before making a "cut it" motion, ending the footage.
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  3. @Solidus - Maybe you fan feature this? :heenan:
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  4. I'll cover the featuring questions, and this isn't one.
  5. #WeWantJonathan4GM
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  6. Mommy isn't coming back Michael, deal with it.
  7. Who leaked the planned 'Delik used to be a prostitute and Michael is his long lost love child' storyline.
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  8. I did, son.