Promos IWT Uprising -#1 Contender's Match for IC Championship

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Dat Kid appears on the titantron from his office

    Hold up, hold up, hold up! I received some complaints by one Curious George about this match not being much of a challenge. I quite honestly have never seen more disrespectful comments to his competitor, and more importantly MYSELF.

    So George since the original match wasn't a challenge to you, perhaps you'll find what I've put in place as a challenge instead

    George @Mystical George vs Fullofit , B.Dazzle, and @Farooq DatAss

    The following contest is a Special Guest Referee 3 on 1 handicap match...

    The winner or winners of this match will face Senhor Perfect at Night of Champions. If George wins he will face Perfect in a one on one match. If Fullofit, B.Dazzle, & Farooq win they will take on Senhor in a fatal four way match.​

    How's that for a challenge?

    - Competitors will have 2 promos each with a 24hr limit starting from when the first promo is posted
    - When the promo period is over or both competitors have submitted max promos, an additional 24 hrs will be opened for voting.
    - This match will have 3 votes. 1 belonging to Dat Kid, 1 belonging to Jonathan, & the 3rd belonging to the majority public vote.
    - The person with the most votes will be the winner
    - Images, videos & live stream are NOT allowed
    - Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension, no questions asked.

    Please refrain from OOC posts until the match has concluded. If any participants need to speak in OOC, please send PMs instead
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  2. *Senhor walks down to the announce table and takes a seat*

    Announcer 1: Ladies and gentlemen welcome your Intercontinental champion: Senhor Perfect

    Announcer 2:Come to check out your competition?

    Finally someone is going to have to work to get a shot at my title. I've never heard of 3 of them so I'd like to see what they've got.
  3. *Jonathan walks to the ring, grinning, as a chorus of boos echo throughout the arena.*

    Ladies and Gentleman, the GREATEST champion the IWT has ever seen... SENHOR! PERFECT!

    *He takes a seat next to the timekeeper, still with a grin from ear to ear.*
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    Georgie Boy enters as his music blares out through the speakers behind him. He's wearing a leather jacket and a Cure t-shirt underneath it. He doesn't engage with the fans or look around, he's on a mission with a microphone in hand. He enters the ring.

    "You know, I've been asked by a lot people now how I've been and where I've been. Like my head wasn't in the game anymore and I knew what it was but I wouldn't admit it, I had given up because my prophecy was fulfilled. The Cure were dominant and I made them that way. But there's only so much before that becomes stale in my mouth."

    Georgie rests his hand on his chin for a minute as the crowd boo him loudly. He's not too affected, but they're certainly doing no favours.

    "Something has been on my shoulder for a little while now with regards to The Cure. A statement must be made and a line must be drawn before I step up against anyone for any belt."

    Georgie Boy looks around a sea of boos, but he's not affected by it. It's clear that he came up to say something no matter what felt.

    "And that is that I have been pigeon held by what I helped to build, a group built on the freedom to cause utter chaos has left me with nothing. I have no other option, but to prove myself again as not just someone to look forward to in the future or one works phenomenally with others under his reign, but as a learned champion. One who's been toughened by both success and defeat."

    The camera closes up on Georgie's Boy has his face tensens up. He spits out something rotten in his mouth and continues to speak.

    "Yet I'm seen as just another one of the guys now, The Cure isn't what it was. It's pathetic now. Something built with such great intentions (which we fufilled by the way) have succumbed to just being another faction for the man upstairs to squish. And it's about time that I start showing people what I can do on my own. Before me, The Cure was nothing .... Without me, it's left for dead"


    "And that's exactly what it will become."

    Georgie Boy pulls off his leather jacket and then his Cure shirt to reveal another tee under. It's a quote that reads, "I Do This Better Alone Anyways - Georgie Boy" and he descends from the ring heading straight up the ramp to a mixed reaction.

    Georgie Boy has vowed to destroy The Cure.
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  6. [​IMG]
  7. What the fuck dont post OCC here. Wait till its over. Big E Rection delete big man
  8. Can't help it if I'm a people pleaser.
  9. Farooq walks out onto the stage, no music playing or titantron. He looks out onto the ring, starring at Georgie.

    "When I first started here, people were not bity. Everything was in order, everything was fair, it was the pure IWT. Slowly the machine turned into the monster it became today, and now look at it. A quiter becoming Money in the Bank, a team rigging votes, and now you, first being placed in a match against someone who returned only to lose, and now, instead of a one on one match with a worthy opponent, they place you in a handicap match."

    "It's a slap to the face of you, the Intercontinental championship, and the rest of the IWT that business is treating you this way, and the other wrestler's this way. How come it's so hard for you to get a title shot, but it was easy for Gohan? I'll tell you why, because you refuse to get on your knees and kiss their backside! That's what most wrestlers do back there, kiss and kiss until they get what they want."

    "But what happens to those who don't kiss behind? It's called being put in matches like this, being put in matches where we have to team up against someone the machine does not like. When you be yourself, you're punish and humiliated. I will not be a pawn, I have been working here since the clear start, I have seen many come and go, legends being made, and so on and so forth. I am not giving up my dream, but I am moving it somewhere else. I will not partake in this match, the fans, and you Gerogie deserve much more respect then this bullcrap."

    "I quit." Farooq said, dropping the microphone and walking out of the arena, the crowd being silent as whispers can be heard.
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  10. Hmph, so George turns his back on his group and Farooq quits. What a great start....

    *Senhor rolls his eyes and claps sarcastically*
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  11. *Aids cant find a single fuck to give to George, as Aids is still in the IWT title tourney, and Mr MITB.

    You want to dip? Good. I guess we found the next member i'll be retiring.
  12. *Bryant is backstage watching all that just went down.*
    "That means... I beat Farooq in his last match ever. I AM A LEGENDDDDDD."
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  13. I like your sig.
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  14. OOC: Aids vs George here we come
  15. An IWT reporter rushes towards Georgie Boy who's now leaving the arena with the handle of his roller bag in hand. George keeps his head down with a baseball cap covering his dome as he's still sporting his new solo t-shirt. He drags the roller bag along with him quickly as the reporter and cameraman try their best to follow.

    "Georgie Boy ... Can we get anymore information about you leaving The Cure?"

    Georgie Boy continues to walk by without looking at the reporter and quickens up, but a microphone is put into his face.

    "You expect me to talk to you when you don't have the respect to address me properly?"

    The reporter suddenly becomes much more mannerly towards George as he struggles to keep up. George continues to walk on without looking.

    "I'm sorry, Mister George - can we get a statement from you?"

    George stops and shrugs his shoulders before looking into the camera with a dark gaze.

    "What else is to be said? I've left The Cure and without me, The Cure lacks a heart. It has no pulse and it's ready to die ... I'm gonna be the one to pull the plug."

    George begins to chuckle a bit while talking about Senhor Perfect.

    "As for the Curt Hennig wannabe that's known for being south of the border in more than one way, if you know what I mean, he's minced meat. People are waiting for a battle with the Intercontinental title held on the line, but they're really just looking at a slaughter. Bring all the tricks and hype that you can, Senhor because you're getting flattened regardless. If he's bought into his own hype as much he makes us seem, he's not gonna see a day past Night Of Champions. Let's hope that behind the smoke and mirrors that there's a functioning brain that's scared of me ... For his own sake."

    George rubs his facial hair before giving one last statement.

    "Any last words, Mister George?"

    "Sometimes cancer has a good purpose. I am that cancer."

    George walks off into the background.
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  16. Announcer 1: What the hell just happened here? No match? So who is the #1 contender?
    Announcer 2: Ohhhh what will we do now?
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  17. Announcer 1: Well, George showed up and made a real statement, he's made what's in his contact and it's still able to get the win.
    Announcer 2: The rules have changed, now it's a two on one handicap match, but I haven't seen Fullofit and BDazzle make what they need to do to at least have a chance to win this match.
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  18. Everyone else : George just buried the fuck out of three "possible contenders" and made one quit. Should we not just give him the belt already, no?