IWT Uprising - #1 Contender's Tag Titles Match

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Who's your winner?

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  1. The Crusade

  2. Dexx Duggan and Duke Nuken

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and will determine the #1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles!
    Dexx Duggan (DX2006) & Duke Nukem (​

    ) vs The Crusade (Rhod & NanoRah14)​
    The rules are as follows:
    -This is a No DQ match!
    -This is a special guest referee match.
    1 vote will be for Jonathan,
    1 vote for Big E Rection & 1 vote for the public.​
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all ALLOWED.
    -Promos will last 24 hours after the first promo is written, and there is no limit
    on how many promos can be submitted during that time.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours.

  2. *at home*
    Oh God.... these guys? *changes the channel*
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    I can post, because I'm the fucking tag champ.

    *Alias walks down the ramp to a sea of boos and takes a seat at the announce table prepared to watch what is going to be the verification of The Cure's next victims. He orders a Pepsi Max and begins drinking awaiting the start of the contest*
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  4. NanoRah14 Dude, you said you're making first move, its been almost an hour and I got a fantasy NFL draft at 6. where is it?
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    *Jacob comes out alone. He walks to the ring highfiving his fans, enters the ring and asks for a mic*

    Well, well... It's time to fight. I've been training for this a long time and be sure I'm ready to give this guys a real fight. I'm really motivated tonight because we can get one step closer to what we want. And you all know what we want, but there are two guys who say the only thing we want is the championships, and as you know, they are our opponents tonight! Yeah, this is a match to pick the number one contenders for the Tag Team Championships. But to get the shot at the Cure we need to beat this guys first. Adam won the shot by defeating me at Extreme Rules, but now we have to do it too. You all know we put everything we have on the line, and tonight we do it again by putting our friendship on the line. And that... That is because our opponents tonight want to get rid of the cliques. Let me show it to you.

    *Jacob points at the tron as the recap is shown*

    Well, let me tell you something Mr Nuckem. We accepted your stipulation not because we're confident we'll defeat you, in fact, we never said we were going to beat you. I said it a lot of times, words are cheap, and I don't like to say I'll win when then my cockiness makes me lose. I was cocky saying I'd defeat Adam at Extreme Rules and he beat me. I'm now a new man. I don't say I'm the best because I will never be the one I was in the past. I will never take for granted my victory in a match because I know exactly what I'm capable of, but I can never know if my opponent will be smarter than me, stronger than me, faster than me or even just luckier than me. Tonight, you may defeat us, but Adam will still be my friend and Rodrigo will still be my tag team partner because that's what you wanted. You wanted the Crusade to disband and that's what will happen if you win. Nothing will change because we fight for one same purpose, and if you don't know what's it, it isn't my fault.

    *Crowd cheers. Jacob is still in the ring ready to continue*

    And well, that interview you had on the back was so amazing too... Damn, lets see it again!

    *Jacob points at the tron as the recap is shown*

    *Jacob starts simulating he's crying (like the girl in the picture below)*


    Wow, that's how a champion talks, but I see no championship around your waist... You're taking your victory for granted and that's a big mistake because until the referee raises your arm in the middle of this ring and says you guys defeated us by pinfall or submission you don't have the right to say you'll beat us and you'll be the fastest rising stars of this company. I'm tired of talking about my past life, but anyways, I'll do it again. My second match at Wrestlemania after losing to the current GM, Dat Kid, was a fatal four way match for the Cruiserweight Championship and you know what? In my very second day I became the first ever IWT Cruiserweight Champion, but that's the past. You should look the history records before opening that mouth of yours.

    *Crowd cheers. Jacob now smirks and shows one more recap*

    And we know what happened when the IWT Tag Team Champions got in the ring. Yeah, they said they'd only accept if Dexx said the Cure is the most dominant force to ever strike the IWT. I'm not impressed at all tbh. But that isn't the point. Thanks to Adam we got this match, but he's banned from the ring tonight while the Cure can do whatever they want. They can help Dexx and Duckem or they can just stay there and watch the match, because as I said, the winner of this match will be the best and will be facing Jwab and Antonio at Night of Champions! But one thing that irritates me is that we can't bring reinforcements while everyone in the back can attack us at any time. It really annoys me because it seems we aren't fighting against Duke and Dexx, it seems we're fighting against the roster.

    *Crowd cheers. Jacob stays quiet for a few seconds but when he picks the mic again...*

    Damn, I started believing I was going to win and declare myself as the best in the world, but I remembered one thing. I'm not like that. I don't proclaim myself as the best in the world because right now I'm fighting for a midcard title. And even if I someday win the IWT title, I won't say I am the best in the world. I come here to fight and make your money worth. I don't care if I'm a main eventer or if I just have to put over the new guys because I will come every single day of my life to this ring with a smile on my face doing what I do best just to make you guys happy. Because I would be nothing without you. Because I would be nothing without the IWT. You may consider that bullshit, but that's what I feel and that's the reason of why I will keep fighting for this company until I die!

    *Jacob stops talking as he waits for the rest of the participants of the match get into the ring. Crowd is cheering*

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  6. *Adam is at the announce table calling the match, He is handed a Diet Coke and smirks at Alias*​
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  7. *Dexx comes out in his new ring gear, still carrying the trash can full of weapons, he looks a little more like a wrestler, he now wears red shorts, knee pads, fingerless gloves, red kick pads and boots, he also sports black elbow pads, there an australian flag on his shorts as well in graffi "Dexx", his kick pads also sport graffiti, he is also wearing a "FUCK CLIQUES" shirt just like Duke's, he tosses the can in the ring, Jacob backs out of the ring, Dexx, takes out some weapons from under the ring and tosses them in, a few tables and ladders which were too big for him to bring out himself, he hops in the ring, grabs the sledgehammer he brought in and grabs a mic*

    *Crowd is in mix reaction*
    Dexx: Now I never read the history books of this place mate so if your gonna go blabbing on about you being the first cruiserweight champion, don't alert that to me or better yet my partner...

    *Looks at sledgehammer, stuff around the ring, then at Jacob*

    Jacob, you think that you and you're buddies Adam and Rodrigo are the only hope at stopping The Cure, well you're obviously real wrong, I mean WHERE WE'RE YOU MATE?! We're were you just 5 minutes ago, JOHNSON is the Undisputed Champion now! The Cure has the World title! YOU FAILED! It obvious you guys, or should I day it as my partner says it, you're "Clique" aren't the ones to bring them down when really, its me and Duke! *Boos, Dexx looks at crowd* You all can't deny that its true! Now me and Duke might be rookies but we are the hungriest dudes here, we are ready fight our way through the gates of hell TWICE to grind The Cure to little pieces and burn their remains on a barbie! We are ready!


    Its no DQ Jacob... which means.. *points at table* we can send you though that table, *points at chair* we can hit you with that chair over and over until you bleed harder than Eddie Guerrero did at JD 2004... or... *Looks at his sledge hammer* I can drive this into the back of your weak spine until it breaks and your being rushed to the emergency room. It's all trouble for you and Rodge... you must learn that The Crusade isn't the answer! YOU must learn it's time for new people to step up the destroy The Cure! And we are going to show you by any means necessary, whatever has to be done, no matter how much blood is drawn from our systems, why me and Duke Nukem deserve this! Fuck you! Fuck The Crusade! FUCK the CURE! and most of all FUCK ALL THESE CLIQUES! Because ME and Duke Nukem are THE REAL DEAL!

    *Picks up a kendo stick and throws it to Jacob*

    You're gonna need it mate!

    *Looks at Adam and Alias*

    Adam, hope you enjoy that diet coke, this is the beginning of your downfall! Alias! I'll deal with you after they are in the ER!
  8. *Adam sits at the announce table and laughs*​
    Aries Shouts: YOU SUCK!​
  9. *Alias glares at Adam menacingly at the announce table and counters that statement*​
    You can't talk wannabe.​

  10. *Adam stands up and spills his diet soda*​
    You motherfu-​
    You spilled my soda, You bastard.​
  11. *Alias stops staring at Adam and just simply giggles*​
  12. *Adam sits down as some asshole gets him another soda*​

  13. *Rodrigo grabs a mic, shakes Jacob's hand, he then stares at Adam*

    Please Adam, stop behaving like kid.

    *Rodrigo turns around and faces Dexx*

    I understand you havent been around enough time to understand how things work in this company. Because this isnt a random indy show. This isnt your backyard, this is the real shit. Looks like if you havent understand that this is the IWT!

    *Crowd cheers*

    I've followed your career, I followed your partner's career. And you have the potential to become something big in this company. You do. However, it seems like someone didn't explain to you how's like to be part of the biggest company in wrestling today. I've seen guys that were meant to be stars, falling apart. Just because they couldn't handle their own ego. When you come into this company, you have to understand that you are part of something big. And you have to understand that your time will come. You need to fight for it. You need to earn it. That spotlight, that spotlight that all of us want, isnt free. You need to give your time, your body, your life to get that spotlight. But you need one more thing. Humility.

    And that's the reason why people like Trip, Nick, Lucas, Joey will be the ones who will carry the IWT to a new era when the "old guys" are gone. They are the "real deal". Why? Because they work their asses off, and when they do something wrong, they admit it and try to improve.

    *Turns to the crowd*

    It's well known, I usually try to spend some time with the guys who have just arrive to the IWT. They're all talented. But while all of them have improved, all this two guys have done, is to walk around like they were main eventers or something like that.

    *Rodrigo turns back, stares at Dexx and smirks*

    How do you have the nuts to come out here and say you're the real deal when you havent win any match yet?
    Please, show the world the meaning of big deal...

    *Rodrigo points at the titantron and reads*

    Big Deal meaning :

    1. Something of great importance or consequence
    2. An important person


    What have you achieved so far? Nothing. Are you important for the business? How many T shirts do you sell per day? Have you ever main evented a PPV? NO. NO. HELL NO. Buddy, you might be "the big deal" for you mum but for the company...you're at the bottom.
    But being a big deal can also be...

    Used ironically to indicate that something is unimportant or unimpressive.

    *Crowd laughs*

    Nuff said.

    But afterall you have the right to ask for shot at the title team championships. You have never win a match, I was defeated by the current champs at SummerSlam . I've no rematch clause or whatsoever. We have the same right. That's why I'm here tonight.

    *Crowd cheers*

    This is my first IWT Uprising. That's right, I wasnt even booked for the first one, in fact, I wasnt booked for two months. But every single day, I woke up and worked harder than the day before. And that's how I got a shot at SSlam. Then, all this shit got personal. The Cure humillated the IWT roster at SummerSlam. The Cure needed to end, but they were too many. One man couldn't do it by himself. Stated before, I talked to my friend Jacob and asked him to help me ending the Cure's reign of horror. He accepted, then, we found Adam, who had as well a "call of duty". That's how the Crusade begin. The crowd gave us that name, they knew we were just three wrestlers with the same objective.

    You have talked trash about us for the past 2 weeks. You say we lie, we just want the gold and that's it. Unlike you, we care about the company, Jacob and Rodrigo would fight the cure even if the championships werent on the line. But, the championships are the only way of gettin to the Cure. Otherwise, they would simply decline our offer. Therefore, our plan is to face them at NOC. Every single championship is on the line. The Cure has no way out. Except making sure that we dont make it to NOC. That's why Adam is there. To make sure that the Cure doesnt try to screw us. Because, unlike youve said, we dont outnumber our opponents. In fact, all we do is to fight against that. We hate it, those "numbers" are ruining the company. But they, you dont understand it.

    It's true. AIDS just became IWT Champ. However, this means nothing. They cure have lost his leader. The founder of the group, the guy who taught them all they know. The Cure is now weaker than ever.

    *Turns to the crowd again*

    Let me explain this to the IWT Universe, let me explain this to you Eddie, and let me explain this you our new IWT champ AIDS, whowill probably be right now having sex with the title.

    AIDS cashed in the briefcase last night. Whether we like it or not, he was going to be champ. Sooner or later. Was it smart? Not at all. The only thing that this shows is that the Cure was so damaged by George leaving that they had to find a way to steal the spotlight once again. Victoria, even if she's one of my worst enemies here, has been a great champ. And there's something called rematch clause. But not only that. AIDS just lost against Kid, who was going to have a match against Victoria at NOC. This means Kids has earned the right to compete once more for the title, and Victoria has the rematch clause. But lets not forget that AIDS has declared a war against George, one of the top guys around here. Three top enemies that wouldnt mind teaching AIDS a lesson. But of course, AIDS will defeat them all. Of course. Trust me, AIDS will probably vacate the title, again, so he "leaves at the top". Because we all know that in two months time. AIDS wont be the champ.

    It's time to end what the Cure started 2-3 months ago. This has become a disease, a war. And I'm sorry. This is not your war. Give it time to the time, be patience and your time will come. But so far, you aren't ready to stand all the pressure that a title means, but most important, you arent ready to defeat the Cure. You facing the Cure would mean another shot lost. That's not "what is best for business"

    What all the IWT wants is The Crusade vs The Cure at NOC, and Im here to make sure that this people get what they want and what they deserve. We're the Crusade, and we will face the Cure at NOC. There's not enough punishment you can inflict on us to stop the Crusade.

    *Crowd goes nuts*

    *Rodrigo leans on the ring ropes and waits for their promo*
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  14. Fuck I got nothin, my brain is thinking in some language I can't understand, where's my partner?
  15. Adam kidnapped him
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  16. OOC: if you get the reference, this is what you gotta do doe.
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    *duke nukem comes out to a few a boos and some cheers wearing a fuck cliques t shirt*

    Are you for real? We havn't sold enough t shirts? we shouldnt have self belief? we haven't earnt a title shot?
    In our first match here we had to contend with 7 other people at once no teams no cliques on your own, watch your own back and yeah neither of us won but we didn't give in and quit IWT we stuck around which shows guts. Actually we were going to face each other tonight but instead we thought were sick of people ganging together and shitting on everyone so you know what we did we shook hands and we said lets put our differences aside for the moment and make an impact and wether we win this or not we did.
    You guys nearly didnt even accept the decision for the stipulation what does that say? it says your worried about facing us rookies that haven't even won a match here yet and you say we are not ready for the cure?
    As i have already said your name is the crusade weather the fans gave you that name or not it means your a fucking waste of time the crusades where a huge waste of human resources fighting a battle that was nothing to do with them, that is what you are doing as well because like it or not me and dexx we are part of the IWT universe and in our opnions you guys are not good enough to represent us and take on the cure.
    If you really wanted to harm the cure you would ignore them all you have done is cast a huge spotlight on them and made them seem like the kings by making a group for the sole purpose of ending them and hoping that if you can get involved with it somehow you might get some of that limelight as well that is why you and the cure are the same you don't want us new guys to have a chance you want all the spot light for yourselves.
    Well guess what i don't give a shit what you and little group think about us were coming at you win or lose this match im coming in tomorrow with the same confidence i always have i don't need my friend in the back to constantly lick my ass to make me feel better and do you know what if someone makes there mum proud thats a good thing were i come from.
    Respect is a two way thing and when you respect us we will respect you who cares if we are new you telling me im shit aint gonna shatter my dreams.
    I still stand by everything i said before this match get off your fucking high horses and admit you aint better then everyone else and the sun dont shine out your ass you want the gold as much the next guy stop pretending your not so self righteous.
    So as you guys are the tag team i guess that makes adam over there the pope and you guys the monarchs what i am trying to say is a peadophile leading two people with a silver spoon up there ass is aint a good look.
    And just for the record whats best for business is not loads of stables btw you are a stable weather you admit that or not.
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  18. Oh, seems like you didn't understand me. Like...at all. I do respect you. I respect most of the Superstars at the back. But you two are lost. While all the other people are willing to learn, you both walk around like if you were the next big thing. While you havent shown anything yet. Do you think you're ready to face the Cure?
    Many people has tried it before. Damn it, Crayo, Sackfist, Me... all of us faced the Cure, and like you, we thought we were going to beat them. You now the result? 8-2
    This guys arent the common group. They have dominated the IWT for the last two months. Isnt that enough? They have half of the gold this company has. Every single second they have the gold, IWT's reputation decrease. You know why I believe we are going to win? Because we're fighting for a cause. You're fighting for a belt, we are fighting for a damn company. Because we want to bring the IWT to the old era. Were you had to work hard to win. Not because you are in a group.
    We arent a stable. Again, we are not a group or whatever. The Crusade we disband as soon as we defeat the Cure.

    You wanna know why they called us The Crusade? Because we were the first ones who tried to stop the Cure. We are doing this for us, but also for the IWT universe. Our "pope" are the same guys who pay money to see you, to see me *Crowd cheers* And like the Crusades, we will reconquer a company that has been conquered by the Cure. Once we have defeat them, there's no reason to be together.

    Adam is just another wrestle who is tired of the Cure. The Cure hate him and they have screw him various times. That's why he joined this mission. He wants to end the cure. And that's it. We're not trying to represent the IWT universe. We want the best for the IWT universe and thats what we are trying to do.

    You dont like stables. Everyone in this arena get it. You dont need to repeat every single time you open your mouth. I've tried not to make this personal. Afterall, we both have the same enemies. I wished we could have a clean match. Because that's how matches should be. But all you have done is talking bullshit about us. And that's something I'm not going to allow.

    If the IWT is known for something is for the opportunities that are given to the rookies. You had proving grounds to show off. You didnt. At all, first shot you've wasted. Dark matches? Zero. Some of you walk around here demanding main event shots. Yeah, ask Kid to give you a shot against AIDS since you have....asked for it? Suicide was WHC champ, Joey is in a freaking tournament to determine the first contender for the IWT championship, Nick has had various matches were he has shown what hes capable of... What me to continue? If you dont work enough, or just expect shots at championships, this isnt the right company for you. So please, dont say we want the spotlight when we're the ones who want the young talent to progress.

    This is another shot. You might win or you might lose another shot. But I'm sure tomorrow you will walk around here like you defeated George. Sorry but no. First of all, you need to showcase everything you've got. And this is the moment to do so. Because to go one of one with the big dogs, you need to be the best in the world, in your worst day.
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  19. Voting? There's still 7 hours 4 minutes of promos.
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