IWT Uprising 3/8/14 Live Coverage

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    Brian Mandela vs Gav the Chav vs Trip
    Summary: The match started with a quick exchange from Trip and Brian before Trip sent Brian flying unto Aids and Chris Kaizer sitting by, leading to a brutal beating resulting to 2 broken ribs, putting Brian on the sidelines, disappointing his fans (if he had any) Gav had a short offensive over Trip but ended up getting rolled up, giving Trip a win over long time rival.

    Harriet Vargas vs Reagan Cole
    Summary: The match started with Vargas coming out with poor reception from the vocal crowd, simply put Vargas made Reagan into a jobber. With Vargas on the offensive nearly the entire time. She has been in the guiding eyes of Aids.

    B.Dazzle and Marcus Anthony
    Summary: Marcus beats Dazzle by forfeit, The Order has all the momentum heading into Mania!

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