IWT Uprising - Aids Johnson & Alkaline vs B.Dazzle & Shannon_724

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Who's your winner?

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  1. Aids & Alkaline

  2. B.Dazzle & Shannon

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Aids Johnson & Alkaline vs B.Dazzle & Shannon_724 in a 2 on 2 match!​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here​
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.​
    -Promos will last until 11:59pm Eastern USA on 31st July and there​
    is no limit on how many promos you can write in that time.​
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours and close at 11:59pm Eastern USA on 1st August​


  2. OOC: Alkaline is teamed with Aids in this one
  3. OOC: In the OP it says "Aids will take on B.Dazzle.... Wait no, B.Dazzle and Shannon in a handicap match" (someting similar).
  4. Since when?
  5. There was a thread on it, but i forgot to update it on the card. My fault

  6. Aids lets the theme run out, as Britanica walks out before him, doing some booty dancing while the bass hits, waiting on the :50sec mark. Aids walks out to a crowd filled with jeers, mixing the crowd with "Aids you suck" and "We love Aids" Chants splitting the crowd up. Aids walks slowly to the ring, before getting into the two corners, throwing the fans a one finger salute. Aids grabs a microphone, and has a few words with Brita in private before putting the mic up, ready to speak.

    Everything i do, is a first. You think you run things here Jonathan ? No, this is the house that Aids Built. I am about to tag team with a man who is more than just impressed by what i do for the iwt community (fans boo)....he is impressed by the man i am. I am his seabs 2.0, i can even walk to the ring on my own two feet (Crowd boos even harder, chating "We want sebes") and you all dont appreciate a damn thing i do!

    Aids the Greatest of all time, mr money in the bank, soon to be two time champion, TWO time IWT magazine covered, and the only savior who will take CrayJ Lee Parker's bitch ass off the gold i deserve. Has anyone even heard from YOUR CHAMPION lately? (crowd is silent) Yeah exactly, you idiots just soak up whoever you want. We have a crew of heels, and there is no one who can hate on WHAT I DO. Alkaline get out here, im tired of catering to these idiots.

    *Aids waits in the center of the ring, his arm around the side of Britanica
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  7. ooc that theme song is just too poppin'
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  8. it's me and AK vs those two, and WHEN we win, we go 1v1. Pay attention to the threads.
    oh bby i love you for it too. Let me see that danny wurk danny wurk danny dan dan danny wurk.
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  9. *As Alkaline's music hits the lights go out except for one lone spotlight by the entrance way. Alkaline comes out dressed in his black and green wrestling shorts, boots and kickpads and with a black towel of his head. He walks to the ring slowly with the spotlight following him. He slides into the ring and stands in the middle of it before slowly removing the towel and staring out at the crowd welcoming him with a mixed reaction.*​
    AK: Well first of all I have no idea where this ass hat got the idea of me respecting him, far from. But my issues with this human garbage can are to be left for another day when I break his neck over that piss filled lunchbox he has his hussies carry around for him. But that's not the issue that's to be addressed tonight. You see tonight I am to team up with him to teach two new guys the ropes. Its the lot I've been dealt by that jazzhat with the cane but I'll play his little game for now.​
    *Crowd boos Aids & Dat Kid*​
    AK: Can I have the attention of the two goons I am supposed to school please? Despite what I think of my partner he does raise a valid point. When comparing our respective teams, there's a severe gap in accomplishments and experience. My partner might be a possessed dildo but he is still a former IWT champion and the first ever MITB winner, one of the men who built this house. I on the other hand am the first ever Royal Rumble winner and the only holder of the world TV title. I'm the king of this jungle, the benchmark for this business. B Dazzle, Jake, what have you done? Who the hell are you? You're just another set of green horns who jumped into the deep end before graduating from the kiddy pool. You should have stayed in the X-division instead of going in with the heavyweights. You're hotshots who quite frankly need to be brought down to earth and taste reality. I'm sure you are good people but quite frankly I don't care. You step into the ring with the king of the jungle, then you better prepare for a war. ​
    *Crowd cheers*​
    AK: So come out come out boys! Show me what you've got! Show me that you can bring the war! Victory or Valhalla! And when you lose, you get to tell your kids about the time Alkaline played the imperial march on your skulls.​
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  10. "Hero" by Pop Evil plays as Jake Woods begins making his way to the ramp. He is wearing a white New York Yankees Jersey with Woods and 24 on the back. Jake is also wearing dark blue trunks with a yellow star on it. Woods smiles as he gets a mixed reaction from the crowd, too even enough to decide what the crowd's reaction is. Jake runs down to the ring and slides in. He grabs a microphone and smiles. He clears his throat his before speaking.
    Jake Woods: "I'll show you what I got. Everybody here already knows that me and B. Dazzle of the future of this place. You can underestimate us all you want. Once we beat your sorry asses, you can tell your kids about the time Future Greatness beat you so hard, you're afraid to show your faces here again. After my match with him, I gained respect for Dazzle. And not only will he capture the X-Division Title, we'll capture the Tag Team Championships. Us two will reach the top. And, then, you "heavyweights", you poor excuses of men will realize. That we are greatness of the future!"​
    Jake Woods begins to get the fired up and is successful. He has a smile from ear to ear as he begins to speak again.
    Jake Woods: "There's a reason Dazzle and I are here. It's because we're here to make an impact. To make a name for ourselves. Soon, we' will do just that. While, after this match, you'll realize you made a mistake for challenging us. You'll realize that it's what ruined you two, buried you. We'll be the reason you two will become nothing. But, maybe Aids will go somewhere with that briefcase. Heh, by the way, like my jersey?"​
    Jake Woods laughs before continuing.
    Jake Woods: "But, even without some fancy briefcase, I'll win the major championship of this company. And, why is that? Because, I come out here and do my best. I'm also certain that you two don't try. Maybe, that's why you aren't as great as us. You lack the skill . But, I wouldn't be surprised if you are trying you best. I mean, nobody can top me. Why do you think I call myself greatness? To have a nickname? Well, everybody has a nickname for a reason. And, I'm greatness because I'm far greater than you two and everybody backstage. Nobody realizes it yet, though. That's why I showed up to fight the "big dogs" like you. It's what'll make us the future. It's what makes Dazzle and I...any guess what it is?...No? It's GREATNESS!"​
    Jake Woods raises his arms in the air, still receiving a mixed reaction from the crowd. He bows before giving Aids a cold stare.
  11. OOC - Looks like I'm on my own. :/ Actually, Dazzle's viewing the thread. :D
  12. *"Hero" by Pop Evil plays again, and B.Dazzle makes his way to the ring. He has a mic in his hands.*

    B.Dazzle: It's funny how Aids builds himself up as this amazing performer, and then he goes and challenges me and Jake to a handicap match, but then what does he do. He has to get himself a tag team partner. I want you guys to listen, because this is important. We respect you guys, but we don't give a damn about your legacy's. We joined together to prove that the younger generation will be able to have a chance, not so we could sit around and watch as the same guys week after week get matches and title shots. It's about time this place has gotten change, and me and Jake are the right men to bring that change.

    *The crowd cheers.*

    B.Dazzle: Tonight, me and Jake's legacy begins. Tonight we put ourselves on the map, and there is no way anybody is going to stop us. Especially not you two. We call ourselves Future Greatness because that's what we are. We are the future, and we will damn sure be great. The IWT is going to look back on this day, as the day the future made its first mark by defeating the present. We will lead this company into a new generation, a generation of hard working, dedicated men who put their bodies on the line each and every time they get in this ring. That new era, that new generation, the battle and struggle to create change can only be lead by two men. Those men are B.Dazzle and Jake Woods, Future Greatness!
  13. Aids laughs, and gives a quick handshake to AK before he moves his way towards Woods. Jake taunts with his arms out "what do you want from me?" as aids laughs, and rips his yankees jersey from top to bottom, leaving Woods in an awkward position, laughing as he taunts him.

    You idiots want to play games? Congratulations, you are both new, and are being treated to a royal welcoming, by the former and future champions of this company. We dont wear yankees shit here, as you look like what A-rod would have been without steroids (Crowd cheers)

    Color me Dazzled. I am aids johnson, the former NEVER BEATEN IWT champion, and my partner is the greatest man who has ever lived, alkaline. This man is here to ensure i beat you, so we can face off to decide who gets to have Dat Chocolate From Jersey be there bitch for the next number of days. It isn't anything against either of you, but you will earn your place, and it starts tonight.

    In fact, why don't you face each other? We are having a match, and id love to know which one of you is the better competitor? Unless you're both scared?

    Aids looks at AK as they laugh, waiting on the other 2 to make a decision.
  14. *B.Dazzle shakes his head and smiles.*

    B.Dazzle: If you were to stop speaking out of your ass, and do some research on your opponents, you would know we have already faced each other. It was that match that made us decide to team up with each other. We are here to beat you two, That is what we need to do, it is what we have to do, and is what we will do. You guys are good, but you aren't great. You come out here, and you pull the same routine. You do some cheap insults, and then talk about how great you are. That isn't what we are about, we about respect and dignity. You two are the types of people we are trying to rid this company of. Aids, Alkaline, I respect you both, and I don't have problems with neither of you, but if kicking both of your asses is what it takes for you to realize when the future of this company is looking both of you in the face, then I guess that is what will have to happen.
  15. Kick both our asses? Have we met?

    You are staring at two people who have made this company everything that it is today. you want to be a future player? Great, here is a great match to put you over. You want to talk shit? You have 0 chance.

    We are the best thing to happen to this company, and without players in the market like Aids Johnson and Alkaline, there would be no room for BDazzle's and Jake Wood's, as the lower talent wouldnt be "affordable." Fortunately for you both, AK and i are here to give you both chances. A chance to be looked at as competitors. A chance to move up into the real title scene. A chance to be competitors.

    Dont fuck this up.
  16. B.Dazzle: We are not competing in this match just to get recognized, we are here to win. We are here because we decided that this place need some fresh faces. We do want to be future players, and thats what we will become. Thats what the mission has been since we joined forces. You guys helped make this company to what it is, but now its time to take the torch you have carried for so long, and pass it down. Pass it down to the next generation, pass it down to two men who are willing to put their bodies, careers, and lives for this company. We want to be the next big things, but I can promise you that it isn't just going to be a pipedream, its going to be a reality. Future Greatness as a tag team will become champions, Future Greatness as single competitors will be champions, Future Greatness will become the next big thing not only in this company, but in the entire industry of pro-wrestling.
  17. Future is the main word. *Aids walks up to dazzle's face, laughing before backing a step away.

    You are the future, welcome to the present. Your present is a present, welcome to the gift's created for you. You want to talk shit?

    Alkaline time to set these monkeys straight.
  18. Jake Woods: "What we are saying is far from being shit. But, your words, well that's shit for you, folks! We may be Future Greatness but we can still beat anyone in the present. I've gained respect for Dazzle, but you haven't seemed to gain respect for either of us. Not that I would care if some washed-up Brewers fan had respect for me or not. But, Future Greatness will beat you here tonight. And, if you wanna try to win by cheating, like some people...Cough, Braun, cough, you won't succeed. Cheating or no cheating, we're better than you two. We're better than everybody and this is how we're gonna prove it. By coming out here and whooping some ass!"
  19. OOC: How long do you guys want to take this?
  20. OOC - Up until the deadline. PM me if you wanna make one more long promo together.