Voting IWT Uprising - Alias Antonio vs. Aids Johnson

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Who won?

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  1. Alias Antonio

  2. Aids Johnson

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is for the IWT Championship

    (@THG?) Alias Antonio vs. Aids Johnson (@Aids Johnson)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for up to 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a no promo limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    ask as many questions, as you want. idgaf.

    Please don't post during the match. If you need to post an OOC post,
    it needs to be important and short.

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  2. *The emphatic new theme song of Alias starts playing, resulting in an expected big pop for the new IWT champ. He walks out with a striking smirk on his face and his title around his shoulder, sporting an all black attire instead of his usual camo shorts, with a bottle of champagne in hand. He wildly shakes his head, seemingly focused as ever. Alias doesn't rush to the ring, closing his eyes and breathing in and out heavily. He finally enters the ring after a while. He leans against the ropes screaming "I OWN THE IWT", before asking for a mic. A-LI-AS! chants take over.*
    I wish my brother Jwab was out here with me tonight, but as we all know, he decided to go into business by himself and stab me in the back. That's a different topic for a different event though. What's about to happen is Alias vs. Aids III. First time on PPV. The end of an era. Let me start....

    *This causes a mixed reaction.*
    .....Ever since I stepped foot in this company, I've been spearheading and been at the top of a revolution. Throughout said revolution, there's been many many obstacles and roadblocks. Obstacles and roadblocks that have been surplus to requirements here but nonetheless overcoming said hardships has made this revolution much more vigorous, forceful, competent and all in all, much more stronger. The power that has been manifested throughout this revolution has reached unthinkable levels and it all comes to a beautiful, graceful zenith tonight. But for said zenith to be accomplished, the career of one man who has constantly been a roadblock for me, my movement and this company as a whole must be sacrificed and must reach a zenith of it's own, although not as beautiful and graceful as my revolution's. Tonight, Aids' career will come to a head, a heated halt lets say, and the man we all admit knowledge of being a washed-up, drunken, disorderly bastard will be no more. The revolution will no longer be an illusory make-believe telltale fabricated by me, a man who has been called just as delusional as his movement, it will in fact be implemented as the new status quo. And yes, the purgation of this company from Aids Johnson is the necessary key to fulfil this paradigm shift I've been preaching since my return. Because Aids represents the stigma of The Old IWT. He is the undoubted poster boy of The Old IWT. He is a fraudulent charlatan who thrives on being a demagogic, self-indulging, loathsome, inebriated sorry ass excuse of a wrestler who wouldn't have had half the success he does if he actually had some decent competition in the days where you'd get paid a beer to go out there and have the same-old same-old trite matches with the rest of the Old IWT miscreants.

    *Alias takes a breather after the rant he just went on.*
    You're the final remnant of The Old IWT, Aids. And arguably the most cancerous one. That's why tonight is a must-win affair. That's why I accepted your challenge as soon as you laid it on the table. Not because you deserve a shot at MY title, not because you have a cute little rematch clause that says you own the right to have ANOTHER title match after losing said title to MICHAEL out of all people in the first place, but because I need to dispose of that final remnant that has been a constant thorn on my side. A constant pain in my neck. A constant stain on my blade. Constant blood on my knife. And now it's time for the Uprising of that knife, and it's descent to the spine of Aids Johnson. But before that momentous occasion, let me regale you with a few more words.

    When you play with fire, you get burnt. Aids, I now am become death. So when you play with death, you get killed. The thing is though, you're death incarnate yourself in some way. I mean, just look at the state of you. All being said, I do somehow admire your minuscule will power, your sense of strength and urgency that you've most likely learnt in a couple of Alcoholics Anonymous sessions instead of this wrestling industry, but alas, you're a in a constant state of resurrection when in reality you should be completely dead along with the rest of the former 1st generation of IWT, which may I reiterate, represent everything that's been wrong with this company from the get-go, which is why your extermination is so vital for the progress of this company. You come back each and every time to a floundering chorus of boos and each and every time you fail to correlate your actions with your mumbled words and it makes you look even worse than you initially did when returning for the 100th time. You're this little flicker of fire, this flame that seemingly no one can put out for good. But that's where I come in. I've got Will power, I've got an unmatched sense of strength and urgency. The difference between us is that I use it to my advantage. You use it to your failure. So you can brag about being the inextinguishable flame that you are. But when all is said and done, I'll be the one to make sure that the flame is extinguished for good. I will make sure you perish. And I will bury you below the foundations of The New IWT that I've built.

    It's time to put down the old mutt who keeps barking up the wrong tree once and for all. And then, only then, will the paradigm officially be shifted into a direction of Nirvana. All thanks to me. VIVA LA REVOLUCION.

    Jesus wept.

    *Alias smirks from ear to ear, as he drapes his arms over the ropes, looking directly into the camera, awaiting Aids' arrival.*
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  3. Aids Johnson walks out to a huge "you're retired" chant wearing his Brewers blue attire with a microphone in his hand, but the bottle missing. Aids stops at the top of the ramp before being handed a bottle of Jameson. He looks at the bottle, tosses it in the air, taking a swing with the microphone and smashing it with a hit before pointing into the crowd, and shouting out "This one's for you Aidsey!" before running into the ring, stretching as the crowd continues to boo. The music cuts as Aids lifts his microphone.

    You use so many words this crowd doesn't understand, and they are in awe of it without even being able to comprehend what you are trying to say. You see Alias I didn't come here demanding a chance at your belt, that is the icing on the cake. I came here to prove to the World and every new superstar here that any man can win any match at any time, and tonight is Aids' night. I lost to Michael and said "What a match I put on, what is the point anymore?" Until you showed up and won my belt back. I got pulled in like every bottle i've ever had in my hand, and now here I stand face to face with a man I mentored long ago, with a chance at finally proving I can stand my ground with you. *crowd boo's*

    I haven't earned everything i've done here, but i've always shown up. I am tired of giving history lessons, because honestly, when you are the biggest and greatest name in the company, everyone knows my history and what made this company into what it is today. I am focused on the here and now, and when I leave tonight, I plan on it being with you seeing stars staring at the ceiling, proving to the world I am truly a force to be reckoned with. No FTJ's, no VP's, no Michaels - you and I face to face like it was meant to be.

    You call me the fire that just cannot be extinguished and then in the same breath say you will be the one to put the last breath out? I'm not Dat Kid or anyone and this *points to his HoF ring* is something you cannot take away no matter how many times you try to goad me into it. As for the future of the IWT....

    You've become everything you once hated, and you stand alongside me an oldfag who is standing in the way of new talent who deserves more than what they have right now. You ran away and then claimed your IWT title match long passed when by rules you should have, and MICHAEL the same person you jeer at me about was the one to give it to you, the same reason he gave it to FTJ, the same reason he gave it to VP, and the same reason he gave the match to me, but you seem to somehow leave yourself out of our circle - you are a fucking hypocrite.

    So go ahead and talk about what I have done in the past and what brought you here like you didn't say the same shit to me 1000x over in our previous matches, because you have become the thing you hated most about a champion like me. You look into the mirror and tell yourself you are the cure....

    But like me, you are just another cancer to the newer talent who earned their opportunities and have nothing to say to me that your next opponent will say about you. You are an opportunist who pushed boundaries to get into the position you are in today - undeservedly - and yet here you stand today with that title around your shoulder. So let me ask you one question.

    What makes you think you aren't a member of the old IWT you seem to hate so much? Because last time I checked, your generation has already been inducted into our old HoF, is the chip on your shoulder clouding your vision? Because I don't think it is, I know it is.
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    *Alias sarcastically shakes his head.*
    Aids. Aids. Aids. Aids. Ahhhh good ol Aids Johnson, the savant of making himself look even worse than he did before within a 5 minute span. Listen up, just because you don't have a basic level of comprehension AND education it doesn't mean the rest of these jack-offs don't. You deeply underestimate that sometimes, just sometimes that the US of A can have a basic level of understanding of simple words. And I deeply underestimate how much of a cretinous ingrate you are.

    You seem to be enamored in exhibiting your blessed knowledge in the form of history lessons, but when you're as drunk as you are, there seems to be a proclivity to spout delusive, untrue statements and consider them irrefutable facts. But let me tell you something Aids Johnson, I never got this title handed to me, I never got a title SHOT handed to me, and I never got ANYTHING handed to me like it has been handed to you for so many years. Your words fail me, but your memory certainly fails you because since my return, I beat Dat Kid, and then I beat Spawn IN A GODDAMN NUMBER 1 CONTENDERS MATCH. And yes, you fucking guessed it, I beat Michael too. I beat em all, I've beaten them all throughout my career, and I will continue doing so until I breathe my final breath. So tell me why exactly I don't deserve this title? So tell me why exactly you deserve a rematch?......Honestly, save your answer for someone who gives an actual shit. I cut to the chase earlier on why I accepted your challenge, not because of some damn legal contractual formalities that I never had granted to me before or because you have a shitty HoF ring that you're too scared to put on the line. This isn't a meritocracy. You have to earn the right to stand your ground with me. And for all I care, you haven't done a damn thing to deserve my presence, let alone my respect. Hence why I need to end you. Hence why I need to end The Old IWT once and for all.

    I've been a man on a mission since the very beginning, and just because you've never had a mission other than to get drunk and stumble your way into success and failure, doesn't give you the prerogative to stand there and knock down MY mission. You asked me: "What makes you think you aren't a member of the old IWT you seem to hate so much?" And my candid answer is; we were both in The Cure, but I'm the only one who has evolved into higher spheres and become a greater man. I've continually progressed and improved and revolutionized this fucking place. What you've done throughout your entire career is try the same thing expecting different results. Time and time again. But the thing is, you don't possess not even the slightest molecule of dexterity and competence in your body, mind and soul to achieve such things. That's why they're sick of you. That's why I'm sick of you.

    Having to take a backseat to you in The Cure wasn't easy, but I thought you were FOR my mission. Then you left after we stopped doing your dirty work, but that was a blessing in disguise really. Because I became the breakthrough star of The Cure, I beat legends including you and look at me now, I stand here tonight as your omnipotent IWT champion, and I will stand over your body while you beg for your life as the man who ended Aids Johnson and The Old IWT. That's when you get a moment of clarity. That's when you realize all the trials and tribulations to get to this moment, were absolutely worth it. That's.....that's when the paradigm shifts. You're here for the now and here. I'm here for the then and there.

    You're like a Ferris Wheel. The Ferris Wheel can go around and around forever all it wants, but no mechanism in the world is good enough to withstand an incoming hurricane. It's merely time to roll the end credits on your career Aidsy. There's no fairytale ending. There's no trite suspense for yet another vexatious sequel that no one wants. Not even the vapid post-credits scenes you see so much of nowadays. Just a definite and unanimous end with me standing over your lifeless and inert body. I'll be sure to affix a small postscript at the end though. It'll go a little something like this.


    You WERE the cancer....

    .....*crowd says in unison* I AM THE CURE.
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    *Aids stares intensly at Alias* I understand every word you've said to me, and I'll repeat myself one more time. You say this pandemic bullshit over and over again to cater to an audience that knows no better, and deserves none of it. You waste your time spouting things like "Viva la revoucion!" when we know you took your ball and ran back home with your thumb in your mouth - twice. You want to cater to these idiots, that is up to you, but don't play that bullshit with me.

    I'm so tired of your 2nd tier 2nd generational stars spouting the same bullshit hate lines to me, while you repeat yourself over and over, becoming everything you claim to hate. I was the cancer, you are the cure? Tell me another line from your storied past that I was the most integral part of. I see you here now as champion, and what have you done for the IWT? Nothing, everything has and will always be about Antonio Alias and never about the IWT.

    You bore me with your incessant nonsenssical talk about how I am a cog on a wheel and you are the hurricane here to end it all when you show up IF and when you want while those of us in the 1st generation built a platform for you to stand on in the first place. I am still here because when time offers opprotunity, I show up. You may have defeated a handful of people, but tonight you forgot to realize that THIS is the moment we stand in now, and your historical bullshit means absolutely nothing. You say so much about how I am full of it, while everyone listens to you become everything you hated, and everything you once stood for go out the window.

    And Jwab? He is a part of the problem just like you are. You are both unable to look in the mirror and see the reflection staring you back in the eyes. You are a coward, unable to stand up and empower those around you who deserve a chance at the gold you have slung over your shoulder. When I was champion, I beat my chest better than anyone around me, but I always offered opportunity. You, on the other hand, you live and die for #1, you are a coward who ran away when things didn't go your way and came back yelling to the world that you deserved everything when in reality you deserve nothing.

    You are nothing. You may be great at what you do, but history shows that you care nothing about anyone around you as long as you get what you want, and if you don't, the only thing you bring to the table is silence. Honestly you and Jwab both make me sick, you come here with your systematical horseshit catch phrases neither of you deserve, and tonight that comes to a close. You know what happens when I win? Because I do, and so does everyone here.

    *Aids leans back against the corner for a minute, as silence fills the arena*

    Nothing. I might be cancer, but you are not the IWT's cure. IWT needs a leader, not an egomaniac who has long since become everything he claims to hate. You know what word comes to my mind when I look at you?

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  6. aids u wanna go one more round bitch
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  7. I like my last reply.
    @Roadster do your job Roadie.
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  8. still hearing yer running scared from george. good match though .
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  9. I'm running towards Georgie, let's see if he even shows up. Good match, I need sleep badly.
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  10. I wouldn't want to go another round after a closer like that either. I mean, I would because I'm the champ, but I wouldn't want to.
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  11. The IC Champ. You want to make voting or wait for @Roadster to show up.

    Great match THG.
  12. R-E-S-P-E-C-T the title pal if you wanna live
  13. lol fix the fucking title, Aids Small Johnson is perfect, but might affect voting.
  14. Might actually swing you pity votes yo. Tell you what, I'll do it if you paste the tag list letting people know. 2lazy
  15. fix it you fucker dont mag me tag @Solidus to cry
  16. shiiiiiiiit. Fucking nice one lads.

    Feel as though THG's tried and true cold over usage of big words statement of facts had Aids on the ropes in the first go of it, but gotta admit Aid's hit back like a brick shithouse in the second. Lots of people have called out THG for taking his ball and going home but I really felt Aids presented it in a way were I rooted for him rather than hated THG. On a real I couldn't really decide who to vote for.

    So I flipped a coin. Aids was heads and THG was tails.

    That's how I decided who deserves to walk out as champion (to me)

    So grats Jack.
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  17. I'm just jacked to be in a 50/50 conversation with dude atm to be honest. It was awesome.
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  18. Would you be so kind to do the list now, apple pie?
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  19. As much as I want to face THG title v title, I honestly cannot partake in bias voting.:burns:
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  20. Alias won the first round imo, but Aids' second promo was the thing that made the decision clear to me.
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