IWT Uprising - Anonymous vs Victoria Parker & Christian

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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Anonymous (Britanica & Danielson) vs CrayJ Lee & @Jesse Pinkman​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here​
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.​
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted.​
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours.​


  2. *Titantron starts a 10 second countdown with a picture of Anon's infamous mask*

    **Crowd Begins to buzz and counts down**


    ***Fog starts to flood the arena, meanwhile a faint image which appears to be Danielson***

    Announcer 1: It's Danielson, after a month of cryptic videos, he's arrived!

    ****Danielson walks in a slow manner with a cold stare on the middle of the ring, finally making it there and graps a microphone****

    Now, I could stand here and tell you everything i'm going to do to Victoria and Chritian and why every bit of inflicted pain is justified. Quite frankly, you alllllllll know you have been waiting for this to happen. In Victoria's case, after the past 24 hours i'm not so sure she's not ready to be put down. It's been rumoured she's ready to re-invent herself? What better way Victoria than to have some morality taught.

    What strikes me as odd is how you take pride in the way you got ahead in this company? You barely show interest in anything but yourself, meanwhile manipulating your way to a championship. Not just any championship, but THE championship we all seek. Your lackluster ability to keep anyone entertained had me wondering how you even remained champion. Hard work? Quality matches? These things you do not excel in, so i'm trying to figure it out VICTORIA!

    Does it make you feel good? Does it make you feel good to know that you got to the top the most dishonorable way possible? You sling insults and pretend to be so high and mighty, meanwhile having no heart for this buisness. You call me boring, and uninteresting. These things may be true, but i'm not the one trying so hard to be interesting. I mean, seriously? The wedding thing? Where have I seen that before

    *****Crowd chants the WWE Yes Chants******

    Announcer 2: I can only assume he's referring to the numerious weddings that have gone wrong in that other, less quality company.

    Yeah, did anyone not see that going down? I mean, cmon. I wouldn't trust you with anything. You used dat kid to get to the top, and when you were done you tossed him in the trash. I did however take some personal gratification in that matter, seeing as how Dat Kid is one of the most manipulative human beings on the face of this earth. I can't say that in your situation I wouldn't have done the same thing, but all the while very predictable. I'm not sure how he didn't see that one coming. Victoria, you have no heart! You don't have heart for dat kid, the title, the buiness ........oh...........

    and.....me...... Remember when we were tag partners victoria? Oh yeah, EVERYONE let's address the elephant in the room. I used to be the woodwarrior! OH yeah!!!!!

    ******Crowd doesn't exactly know how to react********

    That was when I learned about what kind of person you were. You had literally 0 ablity to follow direction, and were a complete waste. You quite frankly held me down, meanwhile holding the most prestigous title in this buisness. Do you find it odd that every tag partner you had bailed? Including myself? You have to consider the posibility that maybe YOU are the problem.

    SPEAKING OF Morality, Christian..... You immoral bastard you. You two really deserve eachother don't you? Two past champions who managed to hold their titles while having no talent and passion for this. The moment you left you bailed, just like Victoria's rumored time off after this match. Instead of busting your balls and doing everything you can to get it back, you leave. How fuckin patheti! You're no better than that virus holding the title now. You all need to be taught a lesson in morality.

    Oh... oh.. .ohh... and Britanica????? What you did to her???? Are you proud of yourself? Driving a woman to the depths of insanity that she may never recover from? She's lighting teddy bears on fire in the middle of the ring??? I fear she is going to have a hard battle in the justice system from the amount of arson's she's accumulated since returning. BUT! I understand why she lost her mind, what you did... WHAT YOU DID! You stripped this woman of her sanity, and left her rotting away in a cell all by herself. I had to break her out and try to fix her, but she doesn't need fixed at all upon further review. She's my beautiful little monster, hell bent on destroying anything. Deep down, she feels the pain you put her through that night months ago. She still has a resemblence of morality left. She still understands the difference between right and wrong, something you've failed to learn in that shitty country of yours.

    Let this be known to everyone in the back as well. Anon and what we stand for, is and always will be what is right. You're just the first two in a long line of problems in this buiness, but a man has to start somewhere.
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  3. *Music hits as Britanica is shown on the stage, just standing there*
    *Once again she has another bear*
    *She makes her way down the ramp as people stare in anticipation on what she will do next*
    *Britanica enters the ring, smiles at Danielson and takes the mic*
    "You know why I am here. Show yourself Christian. Allow me to inhale your words and spit the blood sick poison back in your face. Victoria.. I know you are back there as well. Come out and pla-yay. *Britanica starts laughing* I want to show you both the meaning of crazy. The fire that engulfs all of everything. The voice that silences millions with one word. The eyes that see right through you. Sanity is highly overrated."​
    *Britanica steps back and drops the bear in front of her and stares to the stage with a smirk*
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  4. *Britanica looks around and starts mocking*

    "Tick-tock... Tick-tock... Tick-tock. The school bell has rang children. Come. Let me teach you a lessons in the art of a pyromaniac. *Britanica pulls out a box of matches, strikes one, and drops it on the bear* Is it hot in here, or is just me? *She kicks the bear to the ropes catching the bottom ropes on fire* You don't want to get an F, do you? Never the less, I would imagine that is all that covered Christian's report cards in school. Or should I say W's... For withdrawal from the course. You wussy pussy. *Britanica starts laughing*
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    - Christian comes out to a mixed reaction and taunts the crowd as he makes his way to the ring.

    Ring Announcer: And the challenger, from Toronto, Canada, weighing in at 224 lbs, "Captain Charisma" CHRISTIIANN!

    Commentator 2: This is it number one! Christian's first match in over 3 months!
    Commentator 1: It is, but it doesn't look Christian is amused or estatic about it.
    Commentator 2: Of course he isn't. He's facing two lunatics!
    Commentator 1: I onl...
    Commentator 2: Shut up, the match is about to begin!

    **Christian grabs a hold of a microphone**

    Wussy Pussy? What in the fuck!?
    Britanica, you are now definitely number one on my hit list. Wussy pussy, we can't have people hearing that shit. Take one fucking step back!

    You see, I'm not really in the mood of facing you two right now. I'm not sure if it's because I'm tired or sleepy, but Danny boy isn't really making a ton of sense.

    EXCLUDING all that you said about Victoria, you said that I left after my championship got stolen from me? Yes, I did leave because management, IWT's superstars the crowd turned on me.
    And it was all because of that little shithead right over there.

    **Points at Britanica**

    And isn't this a bit of irony, Mr. "I'm quitting IWT because of General Manager Jonathan" and the guy who no showed Summerslam. I had the BALLS to announce my departure and tell them that I wouldn't be competing unlike you.

    And for some reason, you're blaming Christian for Britanica's mental state?
    No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
    I know you're not making much sense, but I have to ask you...

    When you go... down on her... does it taste like catnip... or FTJ?

    Cause if it tasted like FTJ, that could explain why you both are in this mental state as of right now. And if it tasted like catnip... yeah, Britanica, you'll have to explain that one.

    You know I would enjoy taking cheap shots and throwing facts on both of you all day, buuuut, I'm really tired. Sooooo...

    **Christian leaves the ring and heads on to the commentary booth**
    **Christian shakes both commentators hands**

    Commentator 1: Well it looks like Christian will be joining us for now.
    Commentator 2: How are you doing Christian, buddy?
    Christian: Oh, it's great to be here. Riveting action about to start right here! We've got Victoria Parker taking on Anon in the IWT Arena!
    Commentator 1: Aren't you a part of that match?
    Christian: You know, I've defeated one retard in the past before. Taking on two would just bore me to death.
    Commentator 2: That's my man!

    **Christian and Commentator 2 props each other**

    Commentator 1: So where's your partner tonight Christian?
    Christian: Why the hell would I know? She got cashed in on last night, I know the feeling of losing something very precious to you and quite frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if she no-showed. But I have a feeling she will. She's done every dirty trick in the book to reach to the top and I commend her for that.
    Commentator 1: So now what?
    Christian: Now... we wait!

    **Christian awaits for Victoria's arrival**
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  6. *Britanica laughs obnoxiously*

    "I saw this coming. You are scared. You are scared to come back in here and look me in the eyes. You take cheap shots at my past but can't comprehend the present. And catnip? *Britanica starts laughing again* You are such a funny little thing aren't you? If I remember correctly, it was you who was ALWAYS in my office. It was you who was always there. FTJ is as irrelevant as Aids, both of which should get vaccinated. *Turns head side ways and shrugs* You talk a big game but there you are, sitting on your butt, waiting for your partner to come to the rescue. No wonder Danielson quit on you. You are pathetic. You are weak. You have no spine. I know your kind. I eat your kind like candy. *Britanica walks down the the announcer table* Tell me something, Christian. Did it hurt? Did it hurt being pushed to the side by the new GM so he can give that big, warm, intoxicating push to Aids? *Britanica steps back* You my friend are in a league of your own and trust me, I don't mean that in the good way. You league consists of once upon a times and failed attempts to reinvent yourself. You are still the Same. Old. Thing. You didn't get it done for me back then, you still don't now. So sit back and wait for Victoria. She wont.. No... She can't save you now." *Britanica walks in the ring and hangs on the ropes waiting*
  7. Commentator 1: Christian, do you have a response?
    Christian: What?

    **Takes off ear buds**

    Christian: You say something?
    Commentator 1: Yeah, well Britanica just sai...
    Commentator 2: Hey Christian, where'd you get that amazing outfit?
    Christian: You like it? Got it custom made for myself at my hometown. Shoutout to Jennifer Peterson!
    Commentator 2: Nice! Can I try it on?
    Christian: Sure.

    **Christian takes off jacket and hands it over to Commentator 2**
    **Commentator 2 wears the jacket on**

    Commentator 2: I'm the coolest guy in the world!
    Christian: Yeah! Work it, work it.
    Commentator 2: Hey One, take a picture of myself and Christian.

    **Commentator 2 tosses phone to Commentator 1**

    - Christian and Commentator 2 pose and get pictures taken together

    **Commentator 2 hands Christian's jacket back to him**

    Commentator 2: Thanks man!
    Christian: No problem.
    Commentator 1: So Christian, about Britanica.
    Christian: What about her?
    Commentator 1: She talked about you being pushed away from the IWT Undisputed Championship because of the new GM.
    Christian: You know, Dat Kid is a great man, he allows opportunity to every given superstar. My time will come sooner than later. Britanica is just bitter because she knows that Dat Kid is and always will be better than her. The only person she can rely is Danny boy, and soon he'll realize what a big mistake he's committed.
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    I don't make any sense? I told you exactly how it was. You can spin things anyway you want it, but there was a reason why I no showed at S.S. I was busy trying to break Britanica out of jail because you helped put her ass there. I was doing the MORAL thing. The RIGHT thing. The JUSTIFIED thing.

    You know what really strikes me as odd, Christian? You asked me a sexual question about Britanica. You ask what it tastes like when I go down on her. I find it really odd that your return was the same time as Britanica. What is this gross infatuation you have with her? Ladies and gentleman I think Christian has a crush. I remember when I was 12 when I liked a girl, i'd throw rocks at her. I guess we can attribute your maturity level with how you're acting towards her. Christian..... Girls aren't icky, you ought to try it out sometime. Ask your tag team partner to show you some tricks, because she's been with every dude in the I.W.T.

    *Smacks commentator 2 in the fucking face*

    You shut your mouth mother fucker, i'll have Britanica set your house on fire. You know she'll do it too

    *watches at britanica plays with fire*

    That's my girl
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  9. *Britanica smiles*
    "Your fears will never go away. You will just get more comfortable ignoring them. So keep on ignoring me gum drop. I am not going anywhere. You will soon learn this."
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  10. **Christian checks on Commentator 2**

    Christian: You okay, buddy? Two, you okay?
    Commentator 1: Christian, any response to Danny?

    - Christian speaks in an infuriated tone

    Christian: Yeah, you never lay a finger on workers who aren't wrestlers in this business. I could file a complaint on him and get him charged for physical assault and all these people and myself are witnesses. Matter a fact, it was recorded. A crush on Britanica? Is this guy on his high horse? I have a crush on someone who I want to tear limb by limb? I have a crush on someone who ruined my career? With that logic I've had a crush on every wrestler I've ever faced, because they've ruined my career and I've wanted to tear them limb by limb after they turned their back on me! I am a happily married man with two beautiful bright children.

    So do I have a crush on, Britanica? No!

    These guys are engulfing in idiocy. This guy is in the middle in the ring letting that creature play with fire. That is a work hazard! Very smart, Danielson! They call themselves Anonymous, yet we all know who they are! Very secretive, Danielson! These guys are trying to bring back the old IWT, the playground, the circus, the zoo, the ENTIRE reason, I left in the first place. Not on my watch. You know what? These guys are sick and twisted. And I'll stop them and I will find a cure for them, just you wait!

    **Christian checks on Commentator 2 again**
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    Is little Christian getting upset? What are you going to do about it, bub? 5 mins ago you didn't want a match, and now all of the sudden you decided to grow a pair? Hahaha. I guess you weren't here but ANON was masked for well over two months and we still have members who will be coming in. Like I said in my PAST promos. Everyone is anonymous, the vender guy, the guy in the front row. You never know who is in our group, as a matter of fact, VICTORIA was once in anon. So, there is a little bomb for you. Idoicy, you say huh? Nothing more idiotic than not knowing what you're talking about, but I can't blame you for quiting and not being here. I'm waiting for you to take this serious, step in the ring, and take this ass whooping you deserve.

    *Sits in corner of the ring*

    This is pathetic, I came out here for a match, and it turned into Christian confessing his love for Britanica. Christians feeling are hurt again IWT, he's going to leave again Boo hooo hooo

    Sometimes people have to cry out all their tears to make room for a heart full of smiles :)
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  12. *Britanica starts getting the crowd to chant*

    "Christian's Crying *clap clap* *clap clap clap*"
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  13. random smark in the crowd: *stares at Britanica's ass*
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  14. *Britanica gets serious*

    "Get in this ring and fight like a man or *points to the ramp* walk that way and quit like a coward. I am not going to waste my time with a wuss puss."
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  15. *Crowd Erupts*

    You're a WUSS PUSS *clap clap clap clap clap* You're a WUSS PUSS
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    **Christian removes his headset and outfit**

    Commentator 2: Christian, you don't have to do it!

    Don't worry about it.

    **Christian grabs a mic from ringside as he speaks in a loud and crystal clear tone**

    Danny, the PURPOSE of anonymous, the DEFINITION of anonymous, is that you STAY anonymous. You have no name, no character, but you do have a GOAL. Your current goal is revealed and so is your identity. So you are not anonymous, what you are is a dead man! You laid your fingers on my friend, a worker who isn't a professionally trained wrestler. And while you come at me with your false crush accusations, and on how Britanica is a sane human being after she stole FTJ's virginity without his consent, I Christian will LEAVE NO TRACE and diminish the existence of Anonymous! Whether it be WITH or WITHOUT Parker!

    **Christian gets back in the ring**
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  17. *applauds and plays to crowd*


    *waits for victoria*
  18. *crowd starts "WE WANT PUPPIES" chant*
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  19. *Victoria's theme hits and she walks out slowly onto the stage.

    Announcer 1: I'm surprised Victoria is out here tonight after recently losing the IWT title to Aids Johnson last night.
    Announcer 2: Yes, let's look back at what happened after the match.

    "Turn that off. I said turn that off right now!" As she shouts, the titantron goes black instantly with a mixed reaction from the crowd. Victoria takes a deep breath, lets out a sigh and regains her composure.

    "Last night was the most difficult moment of my individual career", Victoria says as she starts out. "It was a nightmare to watch the title I adore so much go to the scum of the earth known as Aids Johnson. However, I need to move forward and maintain my credibility as an athlete and employee of this company.

    "The match this evening is personal. Retribution is necessary for many reasons. For one, after losing my title last night, I need this win to keep going. This challenge is necessary and important for me to keep going as any wrestler should, despite the hardships I have faced. But on a selfish personal level, I want to embarrass you Danielson. You like to talk about how I'm the problem for what's happened to my tag team partners. Perhaps you're right - if anything, I've trusted too easily. I let Rodrigo under my wing, looking to be the next big thing together in the IWT, only for him to be suspended in our first PPV match. We had a great thing going, Dat Kid and I, but I threw it away because I thought Rodrigo was a much better fit for me. How wrong I was since he just ended up turning his back on me again.

    "And you Danielson, that might be my biggest mistake of all." *Victoria holds up some pictures in her hand of them in friendly poses as her voice starts to shake with rage. "I thought you would be different. I thought we were friends. You met my brother, got to see my childhood home, and even where everything started for me with my wrestling career. You knew just how to cozy up to me and make me trust you. I thought we were in it together, but NO! You had to turn your back on me just like Rodrigo when it looked like your individual career could take off."

    *Victoria walked over and grabbed a scissors from one member of the camera crew and started cutting up the pictures.* "You just used and manipulated me until you felt like you got everything you need from this partnership. And then you went and stomped all over me-" *Victoria throws Danny's face on the ground and starts stomping on it* "like I had never done a single nice thing for you. You treated me like a piece of trash!" *Victoria picked up the cut-out pictures of Danielson, crumpled them in her hand, and threw them far into the crowd.

    *Victoria continues to shout, her rage showing and her hands balled up in fists. "Well congratulations Danielson, now you get to be the hot shot calling all the moves for you and your pathetic, unhinged, psychopathic tag team partner. You get to be in control and have no one to call you on your bullshit. Britanica will always be in your debt because you saved her psycho ass from prison, and that gives you the stability you need. There's a very low probability in your partnership with Britanica that she would up and leave you when you aren't doing your job at a high level. That gives you free reign to do whatever the hell you want and be the big man in charge whenever you feel like it.

    "And for that Danielson, I really have to thank you. You gave me the wake-up call that I needed. It got me out of that cancerous tag team division and now I see what it is truly important. Now I have the opportunity to prove in action who really brought those tag team titles to our waists, and why you are a pathetic fool for ever disrespecting me."
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  20. First off, You're welcome. You think that Danielson wants to see you in such a pathetic state? I just gave you a wake up call that you needed and it's a beautiful thing to behold. This is the Victoria that we know and love. This is the Victoria that was supposed to take IWT by storm with me in the beginning stages of ANON. You were my chosen one from DAY ONE! It was supposed to be us. It pains me to see what you have gone through, and how weak you've become. This fire is the same you showed when we were a real team, not the second bullshit tag team division stint.

    I see something great in you Victoria, but you have to admit, you've been far from great the past month and a half. That is the past, and this new spark has me regretting abandoning you, and not giving you the proper chance. I really don't want to go through with this, Victoria. Don't make me put you down, you still have a chance to be apart of the revolutionary group, ANON. All YOU have to do is dedicate yourself to the cause of doing what's right.

    The ball is in your court