Storyline IWT Uprising Card - June 23rd - 29th

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  1. *A camera turns on focused on the front of Trips desk with a huge IWT logo on it. It pans up slowly to show Trip in the Head sitting behind the desk.*

    TRIP: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Tonight I will finally be announcing the next IWT Uprising card. I'm sorry for the delay, but there's been a lot going on. From new guys entering the IWT to Aids letting his power go to his head in the first week to Dat Kid making an appearance and demanding the world caters to his needs, just like always. So here we go.

    Monday - June 23rd
    The Artist @Sycosis vs @Dat Kid - The Artist's WHC shot vs the career of the man who promised him the shot in the first place. A last minute deal with the devil may bite the returning Sycosis in the ass, but what if he pulls out the victory? No more Dat Kid? Again? This could be a big deal no matter who wins as that competitor will face Alias Antonio later on in the show for his WHC!

    Harriet Vargas @Majour vs Farooq @Big Boss - Hardcore Title Match - Thats right, but this isn't your run of the mill WWE hardcore championship belt. Oh no. But those details will be divulged once we have seen what it takes to wear this belt in this match.

    Tuesday - June 24th
    The Rock 'n Roll Desperados @Shadow and @Stopspot vs Club Kumbi @Trevor~ and @NexFlax - Can this new team that claims to have past greatness put the new tag team champs down? There's only one way to find out.

    Wednesday - June 25th
    @Manik vs Unknown @Real Rock N Rolla - Unknown wanted more of Jonathon, but I gave him Manik instead. Manik needs to prove himself to me. He's off to a good start, beating Farooq like that at the last PPV. Can he keep the streak alive vs Unknown? (OOC: This match will be done in PMs due to scheduling issues and I will post the promos for voting ON THIS DAY guys. Whatever you've got in the PM thread is what I will post)

    Thursday - June 26th
    Nick @Nickelodeon vs Frie @F.R.I.E - X-Div title - This is a special twist on a match I enjoy watching. These two will face off for the X-Div title in an Empty Arena match! Who will emerge victorious and who will be left in the rubble? (OOC: Same as before with the PM match due to schedules. I will post what's in your PMs ON THIS DAY guys)

    The Dude's with `Tude @Ric Flare! and @The ReagMaster and @Ed! and @HunterHearstJericho vs Justin Magnus @FailFaceFTW - This feud started without any of my involvement and I'm interested to see where this match goes. As I hear it, Magnus has to join DWT if he loses.

    Friday - June 27th
    Lord Lee @God Ovalhead Fan For Life vs Chris Kaizer @Bill Clinton - Euro title - Can Kaizer claim the gold he won the #1 contender spot for not so long ago? Can he get enough rest for the match? Or will Lord Lee help put him to sleep for the 3 count to retain his championship?

    Saturday - June 28th
    Alias Antonio @THG? vs The winner of The Artist vs Dat Kid - Alias will be defending his WHC on Uprising, but who will it be against now that Dat Kid has interjected himself in the WHC scene so suddenly? Will Alias hold onto his championship no matter who it is? Well if history tells us anything, the only person Alias needs to worry about is Bruce Knight, but I have other plans for him.

    Sunday - June 29th - Main Event(s)
    Marcus Anthony @TheArabHammer vs Bruce Knight @Forrest - The returning Bruce Knight, or whatever he calls himself now, faces off against the returning leader of The Order of Night! These guys are both coming off hiatuses here in IWT and for one can not wait to see what they have in store for us.

    Joey Bryant @DK James vs Farooq @Big Boss - IWT Championship - Farooq wanted this match bad! He feels slighted here in IWT over the years and I can see why. So I decided to give him what he asked for - a shot at the IWT belt. A shot at Joey Bryant. A greatness. Will Farooq fulfill his dream or will the martyr Joey Bryant claim another victim?

    Tune in to the next IWT Uprising to find out the answers to these questions and MANY more IWT'ers. And remember - the MITB PPV is just around the corner. I will unveil the new MITB match type and I'm sure the action will be incredible!

    *Camera fades to black*

    OOC: Also, wanted to let you guys know the voting categories have changed. The 3 categories that will now be use when voting are "In Character", "Quality", and.....(drumroll)......."Conciseness". Thats right. I'm not going to try and impose a word limit here in IWT, but I figure if you are all grading yourselves with this in mind, perhaps some of the promos won't be quite so long eh? Also, we are going to try extending the voting times from 24 hrs to 36 hrs. And I hope I will hear less "oh I missed the voting period" excuses this way. Enjoy!
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  2. Not a huge fan of Conciseness being added. Nice card.
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  3. Well built card, but shouldn't the final category be called Excitement. I think it fits better but the decision is up to you.
  4. I would put that in the place of Quality first TBH. I was trying to think of something other than Quality, like "entertaining" or something.
  5. Pretty good looking card!
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  6. I think the last metric should be boneriffic. On a scale from limp noodle to diamond
  7. Boners as hard as diamonds!?
    This ain't your bachelor party maaaannnn
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  8. It was epic btw
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  9. Really nice Card, some influence from Slammiversary perhaps with the contender being determined at the PPV?
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  10. Not from me anyway. That was all Sycosis and Dat Kid
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  11. What'll be considered concise? 300, 500, 700? It'll be a pain to try to keep a promo under 500 words imo.
  12. Right, I don't expect them to be really short or anything. Just to avoid some of the rambling on that can occur sometimes. Whats "concise" is up to the person who votes. You've got a 1 thru 10 rating system to use. Thats why I'd rather have it as a voting criteria instead of a "500 words or less" rule or something like that.
  13. I'd put this card up against any in the history of IWT. Opener to close this is a solid week.
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  14. Good.
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  15. somebody has to be the bad guy. Just make sure you all contribute. Vote in other matches like your MITB spot depends on it.
  16. [​IMG]
  17. Card looks dank, Farooq in two matches interests me but I'm a fro guy.
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  18. 2 championship matches too technically. Go @Big Boss !
  19. Oh go home befause I'm black :okay:
  20. I want to address the "conciseness" concerns for a minute.

    From Google - Concise - giving a lot of information clearly and in a few words; brief but comprehensive

    In no way do I mean your promo has to be short. Granted, thats part of what concise means, but the other part is "giving a lot of information clearly; comprehensive". You can still be "concise" and have a pretty long promo if you do it right. Different sections of your promos may be more "concise" than others. And again, whats concise to one person may not be to another. Hence using it in the rating system for the votes instead of trying to impose some word limit that I know everyone would hate. I wanted something that would make you think a little bit more after reading the match promos.

    Did the competitor hit their points without going off topic too much? Did he talk about one thing too long? These are the types of questions I hope you guys ask yourselves when voting.

    Hope that helps.