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    *Brian Mandela comes out wearing a full leather jacket reading "I Like Juice Black" and wearing regular sneakers, with worn out blue jeans.*

    Now, i was to late in the game for Elimination Chamber, and i was also to late in the game for Royal Rumble! NOW! NOW! i'm back and i'm sick and tired of siting at home and watching my time fly away! *Mix of soft and raspy tones* I'm a young GUN HAHA! Now i'm out here for one reason and one reason only, and that's to get a match not a f'n dark match a damn UPRISING MATCH! I don't care if Dazzler, Aids, Sir Lee, Kaizer or.......gav the chav *He says with an expression similar to Austin Aries in the Smiley section* The pure fact is i'm sick and tired of waiting for an opportunity at a title or for a IWT PPV match! Sir Lee and Alias Antonio! There's a new pair of eyes on your belts! I'm drifting from the point! the point is i'm here to fight and god so help m-.........GOD SO FUCKING HELP YOU! *He says with a crazed look* i'm not the victim your the victims! And i'm waiting for one of you asses in the back to come out and face the Loose Cannon in this ring. I'm not Brian F'N Pillman God rest his soul or Victoria Parker's long lost brother, Kaizer. I AM BRIAN FUCKING MANDELA!

    "I Don't Call 9.1.1!" Said in perfect unison with the crowd!

    *As he leaves a guy says "i wanna a fight! and he attacks him getting his gun and beating his mouth in as security comes along he picks up the bell and throws into his mouth, before getting his gun out and screaming "HAHAH! I Don't Call 9.1.1" as he's carried away by security.*

  2. * gav the chav appears on the titantron*

    (Gav the chav) oi over here you little cheeky **** last time we faced off I beat you fair and square but you decided to be s little cheating **** and cheat your way to victory like a slimy little **** which you are and gav wants to put that right so at uprising gav the chav wants you one on one in that very ring what do you say?
  3. *He looks hysterical and happy at the same time, when he starts nodding his head*

    You want a match? Gav the F'N Chav wants a F'N match? Well i see your gidy about your first cuss/swear in the english language but even **** get's a little over used, ya ****. But it's simple i accept your challenge at Uprising!
    *Crowd Cheers and start chanting Up-Ris-Ing!*

    But i want one think to be clear! GAV! *He says while laughing and screamin*

    *Said in clear unison and loudness* I DON'T CALL 9.1.1!​
  4. *gav starts laughing hysterically at brian Mandela*

    (Gav the chav) hahahahaha you silly little prick finally gav gets his revenge but this niot only will I win im going to humiliate you let me introduce you to an old friend of mine

    *gav pulls out his favourite pink shit stained dildo*

    Thats right folks for one night only the dildo is coming out of retirement just for you brian you when my main man tells people hes gunna stick it straight up there candy ass there just words but me I like to take it to a whole new level and once ive beaten you to a bloody pulp gav is literally gunna stick this dildo straight up your candy ass
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  5. Now the gav is gay? Well let me introduce you to a friend of mine!

    *Brian pulls out his glock he calls The Crock or Crocky*

    No you see this thing is known through out IWT! This is what will shoot a hole in your Fake penis over there, and when i'm done shooting that, i'll shoot your other one if you can take it out of your sister. So now i'm done with you gav! Just wait until Uprising and i will beat the crap out of you and your little penis, which by the way i was just informed, is the only one you have.

    Just wait until Uprising! And when i'm done with you i'm going for the X-Division title and IC title and the tag team belt and i might even revive the US or include my own belt! * He says with a crazed look*

    I'm out of this place! but first....

    *He goes out to the area where a fan has been chanting Die Brian Die and pulls him over, Brian takes out a fork from his pocket and stabs his arm or shoulder to be exact, he whips the blood from his arm and rubs it on his face and in his mouth, before screaming, "HAHA THE SOUL OF THE BEAST IS HERE, UNLEASH GAV, UNLEASH!"​
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