IWT Uprising - CrayJ Lee vs Fluttershy Farooq

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Who's your winner?

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  1. CrayJ Lee

  2. Fluttershy Farooq

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    CrayJ Lee vs @Fluttershy Farooq​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here​
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.​
    -Promos will last until 12pm Eastern USA on 3rd August and there is no limit on how many promos you can write in that time.​
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours.​


  2. The music began to fill the arena as images filled the titantron.​
    First image was Victoria celebrating her title win.​

    Second image was during the IWT title match between her, Rodrigo and Dat Kid.

    Another image showed up on the screen, when WoodWarrior and Victoria fought the Creators of Chaos for the IWT tag team titles, which they would lose.
    Another image of Victoria shows up on the titantron, this one from Dat Kid's and Victoria's wedding.
    More images fill the titantron with backstage interactions with her, and all of her partners as Farooq makes his way to the ring. He comes out from the crowd in a suit, with the X Division title around his arm. The crowd cheers for him, although not as strongly as they did before since they are confused about what was showing up on the titantron and how. Farooq hopped over the barricade and slid into the ring. He grabbed a microphone from the announcer as the music and images cut off. Now, there was only a eye on the titantron.

    "Now, I know you are all wondering, why there was images of Victoria Parker during my entrances, and where did I obtain such footage. Well it's simple...I've always had it. Everything that happens around IWT, I watch it all. Brit cheating with Gohan? I knew about it. Creators of Chaos cheating? I knew about it before even Dat Kid or Jonathan did. I know everything, before any of you know it, I knew about all my opponents for my X Division championship coming Summerslam, it was all just a piece of a simple puzzle." Farooq said as he gave off a soft chuckle.

    "As for my opponent, I'm not going to give the cheap insult saying that she is a 'whore' or a 'slut', because I can tell you all, she's not. She has trust issues, obviously shown by how she betrays and attacks everybody out a desperate need to prove herself. She is a strong IWT champion no doubt, just look at the wins she has. She barely beat the Creators of Chaos by DQ, she beat Gohan by DQ, and she beat a late Dat Kid and a weak Rodrigo to win the IWT championship. You're not a slut, you're not a whore, you're not even a bitch, you're pathetic. Look at yourself, you call yourself a champion? You have Jonathan, who couldn't manage his way out of a two way tunnel, you have the most weakest wins I have ever seen here, and you're a complete tool."

    "Maybe if you were a whore or a slut, you actually have something called talent."
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  3. Victoria heads out to the stage with Jonathan by her side holding a book in her hand

    Before I begin my rebuttal, there are some terms that need to be defined in order to support my argument. Not only that, but I think the IWT roster and fans could use some words to extend their vocabulary. I mean, the lack of intelligence in this room is suffocating me so I need to fill the air with something else. Jonathan if you would please.

    *Victoria opens the book, clears her throat, and turns to the first word

    Although my methods have been unorthodox and unpopular, the fact of the matter is that my choices have brought me to the IWT title. I came to this company with the goal of being the most dangerous, formidable opponent any member of the roster could face. I've been able to do just that. The choices weren't done out of desperation but merely from pure aspiration. I didn't do it because I have trust issues. Oh no, the truth is much worse than that. I've done them because I can. I can do and say whatever I want...no one can touch me. No one has the ounce of intelligence nor do they have the willingness to do whatever it takes to be at the top. The only one I truly trust, believe, and work for is myself and that's exactly how it should be. I'm not going to waste my time any longer with the pathetic imbeciles like yourself who think you're on the same level as me. I take the circumstances and opportunities before me and I exploit them so I get exactly what I want. Paired with my hard work, the belt is around my waist because I worked for it and I deserve it.

    And finally, I come to my final term. *Victoria clears her throat once again, turns to another page and starts to read.

    I saw that you presented some of my most beautiful work. To this day, I'm so proud of knocking Dat Kid out cold in the center of the ring. The look on his face when I attacked him was just priceless! But, allow me to get back to the point. That moment is just evidence of how I am a woman of my word. I vowed to make him pay for what he did to me and to make his life a living hell. I took his precious title away from him and now he's just someone running around doing everyone else's bidding. He can no longer compete and now he looks like a pathetic old man with a cane. If you insult me and attempt to degrade me down to your pathetic, low-life level...then prepare yourself to feel my wrath. I don't respect you and I certainly don't fear you. By the end of this match, I will have another victory over another member of the pathetic midcard. So please, do us all a favor and walk away before your skull gets kicked in.
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  4. OOC: This was great. Both promos are dead even in my opinion
  5. Lost again. yays.
  6. i missed the vote with the site being down. Both were great but i was voting fooq all day.
  7. Site was down. Both promos were great. Farooq got this one, next time
  8. I know how im going to win my cash in now at least.

    *plots to get site down and cash in.
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  9. Shoulda skyped me and told me you were cashing in, you'd be champ by now
  10. Her time isnt up yet. SS is too close.