IWT Uprising - Danielson vs Airbourne/w Dat Kid - VOTING

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Danielson vs Airbourne

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  1. Danielson

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    Danielson vs airbourne908 /w Dat Kid
    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last 24 hours and competitors can have up to 2 promos each
    -Voting will last 24 hours

  2. *Titantron hits*

    *WoodWarrior steps into ring and asks for a mic*
    OH look here I am again, ready to strap on my boots, but before this match begins I want my opponent to know that I'm not fighting him, i'm fighting every superstart in the IWT. Here is the hard truth of the matter.IT DOESN'T MATTER IF I SLAY YOU WHERE YOU STAND. If the people in the back don't want me to win, guess what jack? I WONT! Want to know what the real tragedy here is? We have guys like myself, Senhor Perfect, and @farooq in the back that have worked their ass off day in and day out for this company, only to lose to jobbers who stuck around IWT for less than 2 months. So when I step in this ring, i'm fighting for my honor, because god knows that no one here in this arena wants the woodwarrior to sniff a signficant title. NO, instead lets give matches
    to guys that are here for the short term, and disrespect people that have been here since the inception! Now if you want to crown them, then crown them.
    But you better believe that you will always get the best from the woodwarrior. The native spirits speak to me in my thoughts, and in my dreams. They tell me to keep fighting and to hold on to the faith that i still have in this beautiful world.

    As for you, it's just another match for me, another match where you do half as good as me, and still get recognition.

    I am The WoodWarrior.
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  3. *Dat Kid limps out to the stage*​
    Mindless husks of America, I present to you at this time the man who will undoubtedly defeat Danielson here tonight. Representing The People of Tomorrow...the man who will be your next Intercontinental Champion at Summerslam. He is the man who will send Danielson back to the gutter of the IWT among the likes of Based God Darth and Nanorah. This is the UNSTOPPABLE... airbourne908 !​
  4. *Laughs*

    See, this is what i'm talking about. The self appointed CO-GM of the IWT is helping this guy. Should I just lay down now? It's going to be a bunch of random generic psycho babble that i'll undoubtably destroy. Cmon Airbourne, i'm waiting.

  5. *Joel Rain walks out onto stage shakes Dat Kid's hand and continues to the ring with him*
    "I must thank Dat Kid for that wonderful and fitting introduction, I wouldn't have any other person introduce me than him.

    Now then, 'Woodwarrior' or however you say it, are you saying you don't believe in the People of Tomorrow? Surely you must be joking. You said that people like Farooq, my FORMER tag team partner, Senhor Perfect, the man who I defeat at SummerSlam, and you, the man I defeat tonight, are being defeated by newcomers and that makes you upset. Are trying to imply that nobody else should win a match until they've been in IWT for at least 6 months? There are newcomers, some will defeat veterans, some will defeat rising stars, and some will become beacons of light for the new breed. That is what the People of Tomorrow are, we are hope for all of the newcomers with talent that get shut down and put away because they're not known enough. Let us tell you and all of the people who believe the same as you that we have already proven most of you wrong. Suicide, a.k.a. Shadoxicity won the World Heavyweight Championship because Seabs was afraid to face him, is he a 6 month veteran? No, he's a newcomer that became your IWT World Heavyweight Champion!

    WoodWarrior, I am here to destroy you, yeah I said it it, destroy you. The old Joel Rain wouldn't have said that. Or if you don't want that, you could always give in now let the People of Tomorrow continue they're voyage without any interruptions. If I were you, I would take the chance while it floats in the air, because you will regret it. Now I know, you're probably thinking 'Why is he being so generic?' It's because there isn't much else to say, people underestimate people's talent when they're new, people backstage still underestimate us while one of us is World Heavyweight Champion. People will look at us, they will see Dat Kid, former IWT Champion, Former Tag Team Champion, Co-General Manager, and say 'Wow, he's great!' People will look at Shadow, Current World Heavyweight Champ, and say 'He's pretty good too' and then, they'll take a look at me, former United States Champion and say, 'Why is he there? He's not as good as the others.' Story of my career. I've always been known as the lesser part. People don't see money in Joel Rain, they see money in Farooq, they see money is Senhor Perfect, they see money in Victoria Parker. But now, that all changes, starting with you Woodwarrior, people will see what Joel Rain is truly made of and what his abilities are in the ring. They'll really see who exactly Joel Rain is."

  6. However you say it? Let's do this together W -O - O - D as in Wood, you can find that in the forrest. W-A-R-R-I-O-R ya know, something you will never be. Yeah, you beat Senhor, but did you deserve to? That's highly debatable. You got pushed all the way up the IWT mountain and i'm giving you the final nudge right off and back to reality, son. You clearly didn't hear what i'm saying, at all. I never said that you need to be here for 6 months to win, but you have guys coming in and half assing their way to a win. I didn't think i'd need to translate everything to you, but if that's what it takes, then so be it.

    I called it btw, ya know those cliche' aka generic remarks you'd give me. You "have been sent here to destroy me." You proved my point with your lackluster promo. Why are you so generic? Becuase there isn't much else to say? Wow, hold your round of applause for after this ass whooping ladies and gentlemen. You have all of these pre-concieved ideas and notions about how great you will become. Take it down a notch, and learn your place here.

    You know what, this is probably the best thing for you, I'VE BEEN PUTTING TALENT OVER SINCE THIS STARTED. NO MORE JOEL RAIN! You better come up with something better than that trash because the clock is tickin my friend.

    *drops mic*
  7. "You're short spoken aren't you? I will agree with you, the new guys aren't the best, but nobody deserves to be shot down by a higher up, no matter how new they are. I've noticed a lot of things since starting here, it's that nobody seems to care when somebody debuts, and they're always voted against when they try to compete against anybody other than rookies. Nobody would give them a chance, it pains me to see all of these newcomers unfairly shot down by veterans. But then there was one man, by the name of Dat Kid. He did what nobody else could have possibly done and showed newcomers the light. He took me and Suicide under his wing and trained us. He helped us realize that the people backstage, and the people watching us right now, are no good mindless savages! All of you don't know what it's like to be stomped on by your higher ups, not to be given a chance! The People of Tomorrow will rise, and bring everyone who doesn't believe to their knees! We will not stop until everybody knows who we are!

    So all of you American disgraces! Stand with us and say loudly along with us, "THE PEOPLE, OF TOMORROW!"

    *Massive boos from the crowd*

    See?! All of you are non-believers, just like this disgrace in the ring with me right now! The People of Tomorrow, Joel Rain, Suicide, and the genius that is Dat Kid! We will rise as the saviors of the new breed! We will conquer IWT and rid all non-believers from this Earth! Everybody! Join us! You will not regret your decision! Watch us as we take down all of the threats. Woodwarrior......you are until the next step into showing these fools the light. Once we are done with you, you are welcome to become a believer yourself, it will be the right choice Woodwarrior, I recommend believing, I recommend believing soon....not just you.....all of you.....
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  8. OOC: Lol'd at the savages part cause Danny's character is Native American.
  9. OOC - Didn't CrayJ beat Kid for the title?
  10. I was
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  11. Aids Johnson don't post in threads you're not involved in. @Dat Kid clean the thread please.
  12. Voting over?
  13. Damn. I would not like to face Danielson. This guys good.
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  14. Yep, your winner by 6 votes to 2, Danielson!
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