Storyline IWT Uprising - Dat Kid vs Christian

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
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    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


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  2. Dat Kid makes his way to the ring with steel chair in hand. He slides in and slams the chair in a sitting position in the middle of the ring. Kid sits down in the middle of the ring.

    Look at where we are now 1 year removed from where I first won the World Heavyweight Championship and now I face the guy who conveniently places it on himself whenever he decides to show up. I guess I shouldn't hate on the guy, I mean he has the most days as World Champion. Then again, who the hell cared about the World Heavyweight Championship before I won it. Aside from that can anyone think of anything great Christian's done cause I sure as hell can't I mean even his world title reigns were as relevant as The Crusade was.

    And that's what it boils down to, relevancy. Everything Christian has done since his career started was nothing but an attempt to make himself this great legend, but the fact stands that people who've never won a world title like Farooq are more of a champion than you'll ever be. So you can have your little talk shows and you can tongue the asshole of whoever's in charge of this dump nowadays, but you won't do it with my title around your waist.

    Whether you put the championship on the line tonight or not, I am walking out of this building and this company with the World Heavyweight Championship. So why don't you bring your scrawny little canadian ass out here with that stupid ass tampon commercial music you call a theme song.

    Dat Kid waits, hunched over in his chair, staring at the entrance.
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  3. The lights transition into a shade of gold, and the cameras pan in on the titantron. A countdown appears and it starts going down from the number 10.

    As the countdown hits zero, Christian comes out on stage and golden smoke starts to ascend from the stage. He's wearing his trademark yellow and white jumpsuit but his Tag-Team Championship belt and his World Heavyweight Championship belt don't seem to be in sight. After a couple of moments the whole ring-side is clouded in the smoke, and the cameras turn its attention to the entrance way. Christian crouches a bit on stage and looks down. As the theme music hits 00:22, Christian takes off his hoodie and smirks a bit. He locks eyes with Dat Kid who is in the middle of the ring returning the favor. Christian slides in the ring and goes right in the face of Dat Kid. He backs up and unbuttons his Jacket revealing both his championship belts. He removes them both and raises them up high in front of Kid, still not removing eye contact. Christian places the belts on each shoulder and gets handed a microphone by the referee.

    Christian: Dat Kid, I have a legitimate question for you. Do you watch this show? Are you up to date with it? More of, do you know who you're speaking to? Because from what you've said out here, it seems you're still stuck in the past. You know, I respect you, Kid. I respect the hell out of you for what you've done in this ring and for this business! But that doesn't necessarily mean that I have to like you...

    Looking back on the past, here we have a guy who has been here from the beginning, revolutionized this business, brought it to heights that have never been seen before! You've nearly done everything there is to accomplish within this business and all that awaits you is the IWT Hall of Fame! And during these past two and a half years, we surprisingly haven't seemed to have a one-on-one match.

    Christian raises his eyebrows and gives off a puzzled look

    Christian: And you can put the blame on me, you can put the blame on creative, hell, you could put the blame on Jonathan since it'd fit the puzzle. Matter of fact is, we haven't had had a match until tonight! And this may just be the last match you have with me, so I'll make it a match you won't FORGET! And I will make it a match that you will REGRET! So you want to come out here earlier tonight and demand this be a World Heavyweight Championship match? Is that what you want, Kid?! Is this what you fans want to see, Christian vs. Dat Kid for the World Heavyweight Championship?!

    Crowd gives off a mixed reaction, but mostly cheers.

    Christian: Well my answer... is NO...

    Crowd starts boo'ing

    Christian: I'm sick and tired of the same old bullshit you've done since you've walked past through those curtains from day one.
    I'm sick and tired of you coming out here thinking you're god.
    I'm sick and tired of you acting like you're above everyone else.
    And I'm just plain sick and tired of Dat Kid!

    IWT does not revolve around Dat Kid and Dat Kid is nothing without IWT! See you don't call the shots in this match, Dat Kid, I do!
    I don't negotiate with losers, especially with that performance you had with Drake about a week ago! Because after watching you for nearly three years, I know how you work and I know how you've stayed on top with your little schemes. See you like to handpick your opponents, you like to decide what type of match you want and you decide what's always in it for you.

    And see, unlike you... when I defended my championship, it was against people who deserved it! While you went on handpicking your opponents just so you can "keep up" with today's talent.

    Was Michael a hand full for you?
    Was having Joey Bryant by your side a way to avoid facing him down the road?
    Did Trip and Drake defeating you make you realize that you aren't just that good?!?

    You're not the Dat Kid I remember, but rather a former shell of himself who is trying to keep up with today's talent. And after all these years of avoiding me, you will finally know what it's like to step in the ring with a "real" champion. You want a championship shot, you go earn it like everyone else! Lee earned it by winning the Royal Rumble match and tonight someone will "earn it" by competing in the Elimination Chamber match. If you really want my World Heavyweight Champion, go and compete with six of IWT's top superstars in the Elimination Chamber! Or... you can defeat me tonight and I'll give you a title shot... at Wrestlemania III. But I have no doubt in my mind that you won't be seeing me at Mania.

    I've already defeated one god this year...

    Christian walks up to Dat Kid's face

    Christian: I have no problem on defeating two...
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  4. There was another God in IWT? Did Adam comeback?

    That whole spiel was great Christian, entertaining as always, but it's all just a bunch of delusional hypocritical bullshit that you've been spewing since 2012. It didn't work then and it sure as hell ain't gonna work now. So now that you've talked the ears off the audience in the arena, allow me to remind you why IWT is nothing without Dat Kid. Last time I checked it wasn't me who asked for this match it was you and maybe we operate in different ways, but when someone ain't worth jack shit in this company, I don't fight them. It's why I didn't fight your ass at Wrestlemania and stole the show with George, because a man who's been away from this company for half a year is worth more to me than a man who pretends to be a part of it.

    Everything about you is just fake. You'll come out here with that fake World Championship, with that entrance you clearly ripped off from me, you'll lie about watching this show, and then you'll try to subliminally lay claim to my defeats.

    You'll spend a half hour talking about how i revolutionized the business and you'll turn back around and say I don't deserve a shot at your world championship. Your damn right I don't deserve a shot at the world championship. What I REALLY deserve is to face a guy who didn't spend 75% of his career "returning" to the IWT. What I really deserve is to be walking out with that IWT Championship at Wrestlemania, but it's people like YOU who've made it hard for me to do that, it's people like YOU that made it so that I have only gotten ONE IWT Championship match in my entire career.

    So you can take your title shot and shove it right up your loose asshole.

    You waste my god damn time talking about people I supossedly can't beat. 1st off, who the fuck is Michael and secondly I already beat Bryant's dumbass months ago. Matter of fact let's skip all the name dropping bullshit and focus on the matter at hand, you and me. You've been knocking at my door begging for me to face you, well I just opened up the door motherfucker, you gonna say trick or treat or are you just going to stand there with the dumb look on your face and that puddle of piss on your pants.

    Jesus wept

    Kid spits on the mic and hands it to Christian
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  5. Christian looks down on the microphone and chuckles. He asks a referee for a new microphone and he hands him one.

    Christian: I bet this isn't the first time you've spit on something similar to a microphone.

    Dat Kid, basically what you've done is proven my point. You haven't been keeping up with this show, you don't know who the stars of today are and you still think that this is 2013. You've made a lot of points there, some that aren't even true. But I'll let that slide just for the sake of your ego and pride. You do deserve a lot of things, but an IWT Championship match is not one of them. And yeah, maybe I did call you out, maybe I did want a match with the "Great", Dat Kid, just so I can shut everyone up and show who has ALWAYS BEEN THE BETTER TALENT!

    Christians shouts in front of Dat Kid's face

    Christian: I've been here from day one, just like you! And yeah, I've had my fair shares of absences, but when the going got tough, I showed up! But what did you do, huh? You quit and started your own little company thinking you can compete with IWT. But we all realized that once the spotlight was always on you, people would change the channel! Because in Dat Kid's world, he's always underneath the spotlight and the spotlight must be on him! Well let me tell you something, Kid!

    The spotlight is on you right now, but it's not because of YOU! It's because of ME! Because in 2015, no one gives a damn about Dat Kid! They give a damn about the Drake's, the Kaizer's, the Alias's, the Lee's, the Rita's, the stars that compete here day in and day out for doing something they love and live to do! And all you've ever cared about is the spotlight, so I'll let you have it right now!

    Christian looks up at the Wrestlemania III sign

    Christian: It's honestly a shame that this match couldn't be at Wrestlemania, because the only thing that would be more satisfying than defeating you, would be ending your streak. So you can have your match with Aids at Wrestlemania and pray that your streak continues, but the match and scenery that everyone will remember is Christian defeating Dat Kid...



    Christian throws his microphone out of the ring and gives his championship belts to the referee.

    The referee calls for the bell.

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  6. Good match, Kid.
    Voting whenever you're awake.
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  7. If you haven't voted, now you vote, NIGGA!

    Seriously, lets get more people voting. :tough:
  8. I wonder if @Solidus would be up for working out a site cash payment system for people who vote since it's so "hard" to obtain now. What ya say Soli?
  9. Would have to be done manually, very tedious.
  10. So is that a no? Sounds like it, but just wanted to be sure. Hard to come up with ways to help get more people to show up.
  11. Yep, can't be done.
  12. He didn't share the results link for this one, so it's all @Delik this time
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  13. Oh I just thught you wanted the EC ones.

    The winner, with a score of 8.233333333 to 7.966666667... Christian!

    Full results here >
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  14. You could do it for any matches really. Could just use one thread and keep posting the links in it for new matches.

    And congrats Christian @CM Punk - no wonder Kid is retiring soon. Ohhhhhhhhh snap!
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  15. Between You, Me and Shadow, we're like Kobe Bryant in a hotel room in Colorado. WE'RE UNSTOPPABLE!

    Jk Jk, Good match, Kid. Just wish you gave more effort in your promos doe.
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  16. Except I'm not black, gosh.
  17. They lock up, and Dat Kid quickly applies a hammerlock. Christian turns it to one of his own, so Kid gets a side headlock applied. Christian whips him off and shoulder blocks him down. They lock up, and Kid gets a side headlock. Kid whips him off, they crisscross the ropes, and Kid shoulder blocks him down. Kid mocks Christian and slaps his chest. Christian kicks Kid and punches him down. Christian taunts the crowd, goes into the ropes, and eats a jumping calf kick from Kid. Kid goes for the cover.

    Kick out!

    Kid hits some short-arm shoulder blocks, applies another hammerlock, and shoves Christian into the turnbuckle. Kid dropkicks him in the back of the head and goes for the cover again.

    Kick out!

    Kid applies another hammerlock. Christian fights up and punches out. Kid reverses a whip to the corner, but Christian catches him charging with a boot. Christian comes off the second rope with a diving back elbow. Christian goes for a diving head-butt, but Kid moves. Kid picks up Christian and attempts to set him up for the Dat Kill From Jersey. Christian slides off Kid, and he hits him with an impaling DDT. Christian goes for the cover.

    Kick out!

    Christian kicks and punches Kid. Christian taunts the crowd and hits a reverse DDT. Christian goes for the cover.

    Kick out!

    ~~22 minute mark.~~

    Dat Kid clotheslines Christian onto the mat. Christian quickly gets up and gets hit by another clothesline. As Dat Kid goes for the third clothesline, Christian switches it up and hits a scoop slam on Kid. Christian goes for the cover.

    Kick out!

    Christian gets frustrated and starts slamming the mat. He grabs Dat Kid's afro and raises him up.

    Christian positions Kid for the Killswitch.
    Dat Kid pushes Christian away towards the ring ropes countering it and Christian runs right into a Jesus Wept! Dat Kid falls back onto a laid out Christian.

    Th-KICK OUT!

    Dat Kid gains an utter shock on his face. He complains to the referee telling him that was three count and insists it was. Christian slowly gets up and Dat Kid notices. Kid grabs Christian by the head and mouths off, "Die you son of a bitch!

    Kid goes to irish whip Christian towards the ropes for a second Jesus Wept but Christian reverses it and he connects with a spear on Kid! Christian goes for the cover!

    Christian lifts Dat Kid's head and shoulder breaking the pinfall. (Repeating what he did to Nick at the Royal Rumble.)

    Christian: I'm not finished yet!

    Christian picks up a laid out Dat Kid and positions him for the Killswitch. Christian nails the Killswitch on Kid and goes for the cover.



    Ring Announcer: And the winner of the match... CHRISTIAN!

    Christian gets up and goes on top of the turnbuckle. He poses and the referee hands him both his Tag-Team Championship and World Heavyweight Championship. He lifts them both up high as the crowd gives off a mixed reaction.

    He asks the ring announcer for her microphone and she complies. He goes over to Kid and shoves the microphone in his mouth. Christian celebrates a bit more before heading onto the back.