Voting IWT Uprising - DK James vs THG?

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Who's your winner?

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  1. DK James

  2. THG?

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    DK James(@DK James) vs THG?(@THG?)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

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  2. *The Order's theme commences to reverberate through the PA System. Suddenly, the lights go out, prompting a mixed crowd reaction. Shortly after, smoke begins to arise from the ramp, and in the midst of it, out comes Alias Antonio with a glooming smirk on his face, X-Division title resting on his shoulder. He saunters down to the ring walking in a dauntless manner, looking as sharpened as ever, lazily holding his X-Division title and blankly glaring towards the ring. Before entering the ring, he wipes his boots on the apron and flips of the crowd. Once in the ring, he grabs the mic out of the announcer's grasp aggresively, and commences to speak in a slow, calculated way.*

    I could start this shit with a petty speech about how this day is one I have worked consistently hard for over the years. How I've gone through blood, sweat and tears to get where I am today. And that the hard work and determination of one human being is the thing that ultimately prevails over anything. I could go on and on and talk cute stuff, I really could.
    Buuuuut, I'm not, because frankly, I don't crave for your guys' sympathy or compassion like most of this incompetent roster, not any bit of it. The opposite actually, I yearn for each and every one of you to loathe me to death. I want all of you to boo me, I want to hear jeers and boos resound all over the confines of this arena, that will coincidentally witness the biggest match in IWT history. Boo me! C'mon! C'mon!

    *Most of the crowd unexpectedly cheers for Alias and chant A-LI-AS! A-LI-AS!, whilst the minority boo as Alias looks on in disgust. Shortly after, the crowd begins to chant: Joey Bryant! A-LI-AS!*

    It really does seem that this crowd is torn apart for the competitors in this match, huh? But logically, I've been dubbed as the underdog in this bout. That is due to the fact that I am at the bottom of the totem pole, holding this piece of shit X-Division title whilst Joey Bryan is at the top of the totem pole, holding that IWT Championship with proud. But that is where the IWT Universe is entirely inaccurate. Because DK James, time after time, has been given chance after chance at holding that gold, but has failed miserably all the time, that was until Elimination Chamber. I hate to sound cliché, but him winning that title is a complete fluke. First of all, IWT management basically gave him a FREE PASS to the chamber when they pit him and FTJ in the same match. The outcome of that match was ostentatiously obvious when you're facing an inept piece of shit who only knows how to spew bullshit and that's it. And lastly, you had it easy in the IWT Chamber. An indolent Aids, a dead DZ, a monotonous as fuck Sir Lee, and The Order's second grade superstars - Trip and Farooq. The outcome of that match was blatantly obvious also.

    And that was when you finally accomplished your ever-lasting dream after the 10th attempt. Albeit under circumstances I deem an injustice. But whilst you were in the midst of accomplishing your dream, I in the meantime, retained my respective belt via no-show, and I believe it was then when IWT management decided to grant me THE CHANCE that I was clamoring for over the past weeks. I ONLY ASKED FOR ONE CHANCE DK, ONE GODDAMN CHANCE! I wanted......that chance because I did what you could never do.....twice, I beat Aids Johnson.......TWICE! I deserved to be in that Chamber match, and I will right IWT's wrongdoing tonight DK. I will put you to shame.

    *Alias shakes his head*

    There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. I applied that to my mentality, and through persistence, I got what I deserved. And I'm just moments away from preventing that injustice. This may be non-title, but I just imagine what a win could mean in this predicament. It could put the main event of IWT Mania 2 in jeopardy, haha, and I think you all know what I mean by that.

    *Alias smirks*

    You know what I really dislike about you DK? You sold your soul to a piece of shit living in the midst of his own lies. And you soon became a carbon copy of said piece of shit. You had the whole future ahead of you, a bright, promising future, but you opt to side with a never has-been and a never will-be? Some sort of fossil that came back to life then suddenly went prancing around a wrestling company claiming he's some sort of omnipotent god? Get the fuck out of here. Even you know better than that DK, c'mon.
    One thing I will not deny though, is your talents DK, you are one of the most talented guys in this business, but the real question is, do you belong in the A-Division? The Alias Division? And my answer to that is I do not think so. But no doubting it, we are the future of IWT DK, and this is inevitably only the first match of many classics to come. This match is setting the foundations for a BRIGHTER IWT, but this town ain't big enough for the both us DK, you know as much as I do that you can't hold a candle to what I do in this ring and on this mic, I've beaten people that you can't even dream of beating and I will prove to not only you but to the whole IWT, that Satan reigns supreme over God.

    This chance that I have tonight is long overdue DK, and this is not the place or time for me to fuck up. All of those demands and pleads will be worth it, because I get to relish the taste of victory over yet another champ, and I will back up what I've been saying these past weeks, that I can beat anyone on this roster and not even god's little bitch can do anything about it. Swallow the very little bit of pride you have left DK. I am better than you.

    Satan wept hahahahaha.

    *Alias maniacally laughs, and backs up to the corner, awaiting DK's entrance*
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  3. *The lights turn green and gold in the arena, when...*

    *Joey Bryant walks out onto the stage looking disappointed as the crowd gives him a mixed reaction. He holds the IWT Title high above his head as he slowly walks down the ramp, completely avoiding eye contact with Antonio. He gets in the ring and finally lowers the title and straps it around his waist. His music cuts and he still keeps his eyes off Antonio.*

    "Hamlet was a story of revenge and true allies. It relates a lot to IWT. In Hamlet, the King's brother kills the real king to take over as king. The queen then marries the new King, who is actually her brother, in a fun incest like love story. Young Hamlet, the son of the now dead king, finds out about the new King's plan and seeks out immediately to take revenge until eventually in the end, spoiler alert, almost everyone dies. Aids was that original King, and I have now taken over. Aids now has a son, and a daughter I guess, who think they're the toughest people to ever step foot in IWT. Harriet and my old buddy Frie. They think that because they have Aids watching over them like a hawk they have the right to call out whoever they want and do whatever they want but really, they can't. I tried to help Frie out a while ago if you all recall and he disappeared. I guess I wasn't a good enough mentor. People are calling Harriet Vargas the next big thing but they've already forgotten the names of Chris Kaizer as much as he hates me, Nick, and Alias Antonio."

    *Joey pauses and finally looks at Alias.*

    "That was harsh, Antonio. Very harsh. But it was a bit of a reality check. You're right, I was given chance after chance but I deserved those fuckin shots. I was here every week pouring my heart out to everyone to climb my way but you disappeared for a bit if I recall. Right after the little Cure disbanded, you weren't around much and that's where you missed your shot. Around that time was when my name was becoming an every day household name and I seized that opportunity while you were no where to be found. And when you did appear, it wasn't for much. Just to show you were still around. You didn't start getting serious again until late 2013 and that's why I was Breakout Star of the Year, not you. That's why I'm IWT Champion. You're right about another thing. That Elimination Chamber match was a bit of an easy victory. I think people were mostly sick of me bitching and whining that they just gave in and basically gave me this gold. But I still wear it with pride because I want to be the threshold of the company now. That's what I preached about all along, I wanted to be the man to take this company to new heights. So fuck, who cares how I won it, bottom line is I won it. It's not my fault D'Z and your little brothers didn't decide to show up to the fight that night, it's not my fault I had people behind me, I just did. That's the big thing here, it's not my fault. People act like I want this publicity, this public ego around me but I don't. I really don't. People hyped me up larger than I should have, and again, not my fault. The only thing that was my fault was losing my shot at this title twice last year. You just really have a bug up your ass tonight and I understand that, I was like that too. Felt like I was being ignored. But in reality, you're not being ignored. Look at the support you're getting, your blinded by your own ego. Thinking you're so much better than I am because you've beaten Aids and others that I haven't. You're just like the rest of the guys in the back, they jump to conclusions. This is literally my first match since winning the title and people are already calling me out on what I've done wrong and not even giving me the chance to defend myself! That's the pathetic part that makes me cringe every time I think about it. The moment I won this title I earned myself a hate brigade that's going to cost me big time. I can either choose to sit here and take in all their bullshit and hope it fades away or be a man and actually face a guy like yourself. I'm choosing option 2 because no matter what anyone thinks about Joey Bryant I have not changed. Sided with Dat Kid, sure, but there was no change. I was the same dude when I faced Aids one on one and I'm the same now but for some reason since I have the gold now people act like I need to change. It's pathetic."

    *Joey paces around Antonio.*

    "What's going on, bud? People have wanted to see Joey vs Alias much before this moment. They wanted to see it once both our names became big on the scene around November but it just never seemed to happen. So the two of us standing here staring at each other now is probably every marks wet dream. See, while gained much more attention than you over the road to IWTMania, I lost all that attention and respect at Elimination Chamber when I won this title, odd as it is. Since you stayed low-ki and never won this title during the last few months, these people and the guys in the back are now switching over to you. Saying "When is it going to be Antonio's time? Screw Joey! We want Antonio now!" A bunch of kids crying for nothing. I may sounds bitter, but you would too if you were in my situation. I gain the respect of everyone, I finally win what everyone wanted me to win, and then suddenly a wave of hate just slapped me in the face. If that wave would have waited a couple months then hit me, it wouldn't be much of a shock. But within minutes of winning that title, guys started to act like they were never behind me. It just really pissed me off."

    *Joey stands back a bit from Antonio and now truly focuses on him.*

    "I don't want to get totally off-topic again there though, Hi. My name's Joey Bryant. Your IWT Champion. And you are Alias Antonio. Former Cure member, former Church member, and I think current Order member? I'm not 100% positive you just still don't seem to fit in with that group. I truly hope you've given up on them. We both started earning some praise around the same time and while you were able to dominate the tag division and now win the X-Division title, my first title took a little more work. I could have settled and went into the mid-card and tried there, but I didn't, I wanted my first real title to be the big one. It took a lot longer than it would to win a mid-card belt but it was worth it, I think. Although most people don't think I deserve it, I sure as hell do."

    *Joey stops and just studies Antonio for a moment.*

    "Satan wept, real clever. Like I haven't heard anyone imitate Dat Kid like that before. The martyr wept. But the martyr is not weeping for what I'm going to do to my opponents I weep over what has happened in IWT. I noticed to much change and promise before the Royal Rumble and through the Road to IWTMania I've just noticed the future is slowly fading away because those guys that I once called the future are now blaming their problems on other things. You, blaming it on IWT Management, blaming it on me. Everyone else just blames somebody else instead of doing what I did and man up, face your losses, work you way up, and soon you can be IWT Champion too for the low low price of determination. Not this blaming bullshit. Man up. The Martyr weeps for those that have to sit here and listen to the bitching and moaning who still support me. The Martyr weeps for Satan, as his kingdom of Hell is about to win the IWT Title some day but then be taken over by a bunch of moaning and people turning on him. I don't think you're ready for that. I sure wasn't."
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  4. *Chris Kaizer is back at napping at ring side*
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  5. *The Order's *****s

    I knew that's what you meant :mad1:
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  6. I know right? :damn:
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  7. D'Z is getting a blowjob in the locker room while watching on the monitor.

    Someone told me this was going to steal the show?
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    *Alias begins to pace furiously around the ring, not making eye contact whatsoever with DK, as he begins to talk again*

    I got you Joey, I know your master plan. You're trying to make my blood boil with a bunch of unfactual bullshit, but all you're doing Joey is abruptly pressing on that self-destruction button. Where oh where shall we start, hmm?

    You claim that whilst you were "pouring your heart out week in week out", I was somehow dormant and "disappeared" from the IWT. This shows how much you want to be the "face of this company". If you really did pay attention like you're insisting so, you would effortlessly realize that when The Cure broke up, me and Ben were still tearing shit up in the tag division. And then when The Cure's flame finally extinguished and it's spirit perished away, it happened in a match pitting me vs. Ben Dover. And when I won that match, I beat Nick, then when I beat him, I WON THIS X-DIVISION TITLE! The only man who seems to have disappeared during that period, is you Joey. I'm honestly expecting the hackneyed response from you Joey. The "Oh, I'm sorry, I don't pay attention to Irrelevant guys like you Alias" response. Because you're just that weak and feeble-minded that you have to recur to pity excuses or what a moron would call "insults". So before aching to take this company to new heights, I offer you a friendly suggestion: Take notice of this fucking roster and it's shows, before talking a big game, you humanoid scumbag. Fair enough, a win is a win, especially if it's for a title, but there's a difference between a convincing win and a fluke win, and I'm afraid you fall in the latter Joey. It is your fault Joey, it is your fault as to why this crowd hypes you up way too much. You made these sheep believe you were the next big thing, because you won an easy tournament, and if Georgie Boy even bothered showing up in that tourney, he would be standing tall upon us as the reigning, defending IWT Champion. You wouldn't even be relevant in FSW if it wasn't for Georgie no-showing that whole tourney. You were at the right place, right time. And today is where you're in the wrong time, wrong place. The stars have aligned perfectly for this momentous occasion, the opening of a new chapter in IWT.

    *Alias smirks*

    Oh, this is only part one of the Joey Bryant roasting guys, so get comfy in your seat.
    Next we have you think that what I meant by me being ignored these past few weeks was directed at the IWT Universe? I find it sincerely baffling Joey, I find your stupidity baffling. Why the fuck would I give a shit what these people think about me, because unlike you Joey, I can actually succeed without the fans' support. I was being ignored by IWT MANAGEMENT, NOT THE CROWD. And it seems they weren't the only ones ignoring me either, you were too ponyboy. I don't jump to conclusions Joey, like you say I do, I actually cogitate before speaking, and state true, factual facts, unlike you. This is indeed your first match since winning the title Joey, you're surprisingly correct there, but that by no means signifies that I have to take you easy and not question your abilities as a wrestler and as a person when matched up with someone the calibre of Alias Antonio. Of course, you did choose to face me, because otherwise you would be deemed a big time pussy, so you're basically forced to face me Joey. You will be forced to lose, it is that simple. And most importantly, you will be "forced" to change after this match, because it will be morally impossible recovering from the ass whooping that I'm more that prepared to whip out right now.
    Like I said, this is a dream match, and this is only the beginning of the Bryant/Alias saga. Buuuut, you seem to not comprehend that this sudden wave of hate is due to the fact that you won that title in an unhonorable fashion. I will agree with one thing however, this cord is full of bullshit - one week they want Aids, another they want Joey, and now they want me! But once again, why should we care about what they think about us? They in no way, shape or form, should influence they way we perform, that's what I think about it anyway. I will never feel bitter about this crowd, they can go to hell.

    *Crowd vociferously boo, whilst some still chant A-LI-AS!*

    Hi, I'm Alias Antonio, you're current X-Division champion. And you? You are Joey Bryant, the current undeserving IWT Champion. Current Church member, former mentor of Frie, and I think current faggot? I'm not 100% positive you just still don't seem to fit in with that group. I truly hope you've given up on them. *Crowd get a good chuckle out of Alias' parody* You chose not to stick in the midcard because you had no choice, you got free passes to title matches time after time, whilst I had NO CHOICE but to be thrown in midcard matches. But all that BS stops tonight.
    Satan Wept, you're right, it's pretty original. Actually, I was the first guy to imitate Dat Kid, not like I expect you know anyway, since you don't PAY ATTENTION. What made me chuckle the most out of your whole promo though Joey, was when you said I needed to man up, face my losses, work my way up and stop blaming certain people. This is what confirmed for me that you are the most pathetic human being to ever step foot on this planet.

    *Alias steps closer towards Joey and glares at him aggresively*

    I'll have you know Joey, I am a better man than you will ever dream of being, and that's the harsh truth. I would face my losses......if I actually had any. I'VE WORKED MY WAY UP EVER SINCE THE DEBUT OF THE CURE, AND IT SICKENS ME SEEING PEOPLE LIKE YOU BEING WORLD CHAMPIONS! *Alias simmers down a little* And Joey, hahahaha, the only blame that's going to be pointed tonight is at you, because you're a martyr of your own circumstances, and it's too late to back down from this battle Joey.

    Earlier, you recited a cute summary of Hamlet, but I'll let you know, this match ain't no story, this is reality.
    And for you, reality is merely an illusion, when it's truly a persistent ass-kicking machine.

    Joey, I AM REALITY! SATAN FUCKING WEPT! The Joey Bryant roasting is over.

    *Alias throws the mic on the floor and stares at Joey crazily as "Alias is gonna kill you" chants surface in the arena*
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  9. Maybe....
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  10. Good job, we need to get the matches/content back on the top.
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  11. the Main event of Uprising Shall RISE AGAIN!
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  12. @DK James who got mi herb wen im dri
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  13. In an hour voting opens. *reads carefully one more time*
  14. I think it's only fair to allow DK to cut one more promo.
  15. Good sportsmanship :obama:
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  16. OOC: Thanks THG bro, just got home.

    *Joey shakes his head and looks down at the ground.*

    "You have a lot of fire in you. That's something rare that I see here, so I respect you for that. But I'm not going to let you off the hook. Saying I haven't payed attention to guys like yourself... *He chuckles* That's what I've been doing all along! It's YOU who clearly hasn't been paying attention because for months I preached about being a martyr for guys JUST LIKE YOU. Guys that deserve a shot that don't get it, guys who work their asses off and get nothing but a few dark matches and an opening match on a PPV. That's what I preached! Somewhere along the road, people forgot that. I won this title for guys like yourself, for the future of this company, to show why the future is better than the past. No shit you were teaming with Dover, when I said disappeared, I meant you weren't as angry and determined as you are now. You were in it for tag team gold and now I can tell you want much, much more than that. You want what's sitting around my waist. I won an "easy" tournament, I beat guys like Farooq, Nick, and Sackfist who I would never call "easy". Those guys are a mix of the past and the future and you flat out disrespect the company by saying that's "easy" competition and hopping up on Georgie's dick like you never fail to do. It's no one's fault that Georgie decided to lose interest in the company and walk out, that was on him. I would have given him one hell of a fight though, and even if he did beat me, sure I could see him with this belt. But he doesn't have it because he felt it wasn't worth it so when he split from the company it should have been you, Antonio, that stepped up and took his place like you are now..."

    *Joey studies Antonio yet again, seeing the fire in his eyes. He nods.*

    "Listen to you, blaming IWT Management yet again. You blamed me as well for ignoring you yet in my rise to fame I mentioned you quite a bit, tough guy. I referenced you to myself a couple times, I said we both had many similarities and I still stand by that, we do. Although now that I've accomplished my goal, I've cooled down a bit while you, you're still in that greedy bastard phase. Where the only thing that's going to calm you down is winning this title because you think you're ready for it. I think you are too, and it's a shame my title's not on the line because you could be walking out IWT Champion. You could have walked out IWT champion when you beat Aids twice as well, but the gods were not working that way. You've proved yourself enough now where I know it should be you and I in the main event of IWTMania 2. It just didn't work out that way, but this match, take it as the IWTMania main event. Stakes are high, you beat me, you'd then have beaten 2 IWT Champions. Things would be looking good for you. But I'm not backing down so you can have your little shot and more attention than you already get."

    *He begins to get ready to fight.*

    "Your ego has consumed your mind, you don't realize how similar we are, Antonio. You forget you were on Dat Kid's side as well, boy, until you fucked things up and you cried wolf. Literally. You don't belong in the X-Division and you know that, but deep down you have to know you'll eventually make it to the top and realize the view isn't much better. You still have a target on your back, your true "allies" would be lost because they're too busy wanting your gold, and your left alone. There would be no "A-LI-AS" chants because everyone would eventually get sick of you and claim you spew the "same old stuff". Welcome to the life of a champion, Antonio, a champion that isn't going to let another take his crown."

    *He drops his mic.*
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  17. Voting opened!
  18. Damn, what a match. This'll take a lot of re reading
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