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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Dudes with Tudes (@Ric Flare! and @The ReagMaster and @Ed! and @HunterHearstJericho)
    vs Justin Magnus (@FailFaceFTW)​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and The Dudes with Tudes can cut a maximum of 2 promos
    at one time without a reply from Justin.

    -Voting will then last for 36 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

  2. OOC: There we go guys
  3. Entrance (open)
    * The lights dim *

    * Justin Magnus enters alone wearing a jet black hoodie and navy blue jeans, a definite change of pace from his usual entrance. He struts down the entrance ramp and stops periodically to give digusted looks to the crowd. He walks up the ringside stairs and gives a smirk to the crowd before entering. Magnus goes to the front middle of the ring and stands on the second rope, overlooking the crowd. He then grabs a mic from the ringside announcer and looks to begin to speak. *

    "Before we begin this match tonight here at IWT Uprising, I would like to tell all of you in the crowd that this will not be a slobberknocker. This will not be a main event quality exhibition match. This is going to be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but... the truth."

    * Magnus smirks at the crowd before continuing *

    "I'm here tonight because I can't deny a fight. Not because I wanted to come to IWT Uprising and face the modern day JOB squad, or because of my beef with Reagan Cole wearing a mask and calling himself The British Kid. No, that would be ridiculously silly, and in fact, I could be sitting at my house and watching this on PPV. But no, the parody of professional wrestling himself, Al Poppin', had to come and call me out for a 4 on 1 handicap match.

    "When he couldn't do the job himself, he called on his brothers to do it for him. If I was the kind of man who could turn down fights, this match would not happen tonight. In fact, I don't know why this wasn't an empty arena match. So if anyone in the crowd doesn't have an excuse to leave during this match, make one up. Every single one of you paid to see professional wrestlers, not walking SNL skits... If you don't wanna leave, be prepared for Al Poppin' to "scare" me with his metaphors, Eduardo to flaunt his drug problem like it makes him better in the ring, Clobbersaurus to get a cheap pop by flaunt his muscle but lack of brains, and The British Kid to spit his gibberish. Come and watch my matches when I have worthy opponents."
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  4. Al Poppin' walks out with his Dude's with Tude, Al Poppin' is carrying a sack to the ring, he walts to the ring as he stares down Magnus in his purple Dudes with 'Tude shirt that finally got passed and is available on IWTShop. He slides in the ring and grabs a microphone.

    "So you love to fight do you Magnus? That reminds me of someone, an oldish fellow who loved to fight, I'm thinking Irish....oh well, gotta give something to the Keyboard Warriors. Uprising tonight marks the day that the Fantastic Four become a 5 man team of unbelievable power. What IWT doesn't realize is they cannot stop us, whether you refuse to give the Dudes Attention, we manage to slip on the card, and we grow from every battle, know what I'm Sayian?...So Magnus, you know the stipulations, you lose and you become a permanent member of the Dudes With Tude."

    Al Poppin' reaches into the sack to pull out a small Dudes with 'Tude button, a sweater, an oversized inflatable pencil with Al's face on it.

    "When you join up Magnus, we have the stereotypical junk that you get, button, sweater, pencil. (Al puts the stuff back in and places the sack to the side). But before you can get that Magnus, you need to understand what we, the Dudes With 'Tude do. You can refer to use as a JOB Squad, being called a Jolly Opportunistic Brute Squad has a nice ring to it. There are strength in numbers Magnus, Trip has no power over a united force of wrestlers, the aim of Dudes with Tude is simple, we become the super power in IWT."

    Al takes a stride in the ring

    "Oh I could have gone the easy way and grabbed the main event talent, but where is the fun? I want to work from the ground up, I have taken 3 nobodies in IWT and like it or not people, you know them now because of me. The Cult of Mentality buckaroos, I am a visionary. I could point out that you've done nothing in IWT, lead by a couldn't ever make it manager and haven't been able to make it anywhere in IWT, but what I want to do Magnus is show you that the Dudes with 'Tude are here to make a change, let me show you the power of my programme, what people called losers, now will call winners, bring out the first Dude!

    Al waits patiently in the ring for one of his tag team partners to come out

  5. Clobbersarus walks out wearing light green BDU's with green wrestling boots there are yellow designs on his BDU's he has a huge build is 6'7 and has tassels on his arms and green gloves, he is wearing a green Lucha Libre mask which shows his hair which is black and green down to his shoulders, his mask has a Ultimate Warrior facepaint design on it, he looks at the guys in the ring and runs down slipping at the bottom of the ramp but doing a front flip catching himself, Sarus jumps up on the apron and over the ropes hugs Al, grabs the mic

    "Magnus, you shouldn't throw out any of your insults anymore because now the raging machine is here and I won't stand for any more of your garbage about the Dudes With Tude!"

    *Sarus walks behind Magnus*

    "We all have a better record than you, you stand no chance against the DWT you can make as many comments about us as you would like but the fact of the matter is you will pay for all of them when we destroy you in the middle of this very ring. You won one title I'll give you that but than you lost it in a embarrassing loss and from there you got your ass handed to you in every fight, and I predict that you will be getting your ass handed to you in the future especially by US! Infact I also predict that we will beat you so bad we will send you back crying to your mamma's house. I also noticed that you are managed by a complete loser who nobody knows about who has had no success, I doubt your manager has even finished high school, hes a nobody has no past glories and much like you he will probably never have any future success here."

    "The DWT does not mess around I am the big dawg the wrecking ball not to be reckoned with, Al over here is our dear leader the Kim Il-Sung of our establishment, and as the Eternal leader of the DWT he has ordered us to destroy anybody and everybody that tries to make a mockery of us!"

    *Sarus walks back up to Al*

    "I can see in your eyes I can see through you Magnus, you are jealous of me I'm bigger than you, stronger than you, faster than you and just damn better than you. I may not be the smartest in DWT but I make the biggest impact cause the most pain, your jealousy of me will be your demise for I can see it growing and growing and soon your jealousy of me will cost you your career, But hey it's not all that bad Magnus, when you are lying on the streets begging for money maybe the DWT will drive up in our multi-million dollar limo and throw some coinage your way as we make are way up the totem poll. Right now it is the Fantastic Four taking on the puny little looser, you see you are beneath the Dudes With Tude' Magnus, you will never reach our caliber of talent, looks, style and just plain awesomeness, you can try but the DWT is just too strong, being in Dudes With Tude means you've made it that your legacy is already cemented as one of the best performers in the world, we would let you in but sadly there is no room for a looser named Bitchnus."
  6. OCC - Using this theme because the one I original had is no longer available on YT
  7. Eduardo comes out to his theme dressed in a white shirt, black pants and a black tie with his hair swifly styled. He comes down to the ring to join his bretheren

    Eduardo: So Justin Magnus (takes a big inhale of clean air), you think your path is lead by FailFace, a man who's only win got him a European Title, and ever since fell into loserville? That's a dying shame. You ended the DWT Tournament a month ago not because you wanted to end it, you wanted it over because you wanted to be in said final. Jealousy is a pure narcotic, but the damage it causes makes it a deadly sin.

    Why be envious Magnus? You know that it is unlikely you will win, the numbers game is against you. You know after this match, if you don't join us, you will never get out of the start gate, but by joining this pack, you will be going places. Let the DWT's save you from repeating history. 2013, your manager won his first ever match, a triple threat match to become European Champion against BK Scorpion & Rodrigo, two men who no longer grace the ring, but next he ended up losing to Jacob Colton, a man who's record is so low, it's no wonder why he isn't here, Next he suffered two loses to Sackfist and lost his European Title, a title he would never claim again. He picked up a win over Adam Hawk, who hasn't....and then he suffered two loses, one two Hardcore Champion Farooq and another to then X-Division Champion, the longest reigning champion, David. You honestly want to be lead by this man who couldn't fight his way out a bread basket?

    Al Poppin' is a multi promotion man and works with us all, he turned my life around, and he can lead you to the heights you deserve to go. This isn't a negotiation though Magnus, this is a Hostile Takeover. You have lost your free will when you agreed to a match where you knew deep down you wouldn't walk out the winner, but you put up the bravado, you go down fighting, a smart man knows when he's beat, a foolish man fights a losing battle. Don't be a Fool, Be Smart, Say no to drugs and say Yes to the Dudes With 'Tude!
  8. * Magnus starts laughing loudly and leaves the ring. He does a lap around the ring, still laughing, and re-enters to begin talking. *

    "You know Clobber, your incompetence is just hilarious at this point. Considering you did your research it seems on some smark internet site, you just mixed my manager's and my history up."

    * Magnus laughs for a second, and then resumes *

    "You're exactly what I expected, the big muscle man coming out and talking a whole lotta smack he can't back up. You see, when you wrestle here in the IWT, you need more than just muscle. You need strategy. For example..."

    * Magnus backs into a corner *

    "Go ahead and run full speed into me, see if I don't just step out of the way. If your looking to make it into the mid card Clobber, get that IQ up to 70 at least and learn some strategy. And what about you Eduardo...?"

    "You people seem to have a strange obsession with relating my manager's success to my own. Yea, my manager wasn't the cream of the IWT crop, but he's damn sure doing his job as a manager. Do I have to remind all of you that everytime you face me, that you aren't also facing my manager? And next time Ed, get your own style of clothing..."

    "And what about you Al? Still harping on those metaphors to help your appearance with these people? Maybe your metaphor ability should reflect your wreslting ability, that is, if you have any. And you 4 becoming the IWT superpower is the biggest joke I've heard in a while, next to your careers that is."

    "And you know what, maybe the numbers game will prove too much. When anyone walks into a fight, they should always remember that they can lose. Cockiness loses matches, but confidence wins them. And my confidence that I won't mangle my career like the rest of you drives me in this match. Even if I lose this match, that will never go away, and don't you forget that. I didn't come here to talk for an hour, I came here to fight."

    * Magnus grabs the ref *

    "Ring the damn bell!"
  9. Eduardo: Woah slow down Magnus! You seem to forget this is a 4 on 1 Handicap Match, maybe you need a pre-school class refreshment, but your missing the final compadre to make this match complete.

    What is there to say about you Magnus, honestly? You've already opened your mind to the group, you already know and accept the possibility of losing. For a man who can't refuse a fight, you don't seem to fight the group who you call rejects. You know that this group will take you to heights you could not achieve on your own or under failface's leadership.

    Money In The Bank is coming up and the more members in the DWT, the more chance we have at becoming Money In The Bank winners. If Trip wanted to sell out, he'd make it a Dude With 'Tude money in the bank match (Crowd Boo heavily). We are a group of stars ready to burn bright, Magnus, you look like your light is about to go out, and it will, but with us, you'll re-ignite and become even brighter. We are The Dudes With 'Tudes, so hold that bell referee and await the British Kid
  10. "This is a match Eduardo, not a sales pitch. Your objective in this match is to beat me, not to sell your little group pitch to me. I walk alone for a good reason Ed, and that reason is that no one can argue with singles success. You know why FailFace hasn't interferred in my matches? Because he doesn't need to..."

    "When I entered this company, I partnered with one of your now members, The British Kid. And you know what he did? He cost us all of our matches. Every single one of them. I even said that the tag team division was trash when I came here to IWT, and it still rings true to this very moment. Every one of you are tag team division material, and nothing else but that. When your little group breaks up, you'll all fade into obscurity. Look at all low card division groups like you and their histories and you'll find that what I say rings true."

    "If any of you took the time to research your opponent before the match, you know that I typically wear a suit and I come out with my manager. Tonight, you'll see that I didn't do that. You know why? Because this match isn't worth my time, and it sure as hell ain't worth the time of the fans who paid for their tickets tonight. Just remember this, when I start selling out arenas, you'll still be emptying them."

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  11. Let me know when everyone gets their promo in, only an Uprising so we can wait a little :obama:
  12. *the British Kid finally appears on the stage in Casual Clothes,a Man bag and a bandage covering his eye to the crowds approval and kid slowly points at Justin before running down the ramp making sure he high fives everybody but keeps eye contact with Magnus before jumping on the apron and entering the ring*
    Kid: First off
    *Kid turns to the rest *
    Kid: why did you guyso leaveo me at the gas Stationo? i got you sweetso and every thingo and you people lefto me,i didnt eveno have time to changeo into my wrestling gear anyways...
    *Kid turns around to magnus*
    Kid: so..we meet again for the 3rdo time...its kindo of funnyo how you tell myo brotherso not to get confused betweeno your managero and you buto you sir have made the sameo mistakeo as themo when you confuse me and my formero tag team partner Reagano should do your researcho before comingo always helpso but that is something we will work on in the dude dungeno whilst we are on the subjecto of reagano didnt you and him lose to the first version of the DWT? becauseo i am prettyo sureo you did so what makeso you think othat you can defeat the presento version of theo DWT on youro owno? addo the fact that you injuredo me and haveo me determinedo to kick oyouro asso and theres a 99.999999999% chanceo that Justino Magnuso will be the next name on the list of The British Superkick!
  13. * Magnus lifts the microphone to his lips *

    "Jobbero gibberisho."

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