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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is an Elimination Chamber match!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 16 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 1 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 16 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


  2. *The lights slowly begin to dim until they completely fade out, and purple strobe lights start to emit from the stage as the song comes into play throughout the arena's P.A System. White smoke cloaks the entire entrance way and after 26 seconds have passed Drake emerges from the smoke gazing at the negative crowd. A lone spotlight shines upon him as he spreads his arms out; he's seen garbed in a black robe with purple and white interwoven. Wolfe slowly begins to walk backwards down the ramp, climbs up the set of steps on the right, and enters the ring. Drake goes to the farthest turnbuckle on the left, climbs up it, and spreads his arms out once more as the cameras pan down from above before stepping off.*
    *Drake takes the microphone that he was given, raises it to his mouth, but doesn't speak a word. Instead he lowers it, and points to the IWT's WrestleMania III sign to the right, which hangs high above the crowd for a couple of moments.*

    That, THAT is the entire reason why myself as well as the rest of the competitors in this match would even dare to step in an Elimination Chamber match. No, not the sign itself but what it represents. It symbolizes the be all end all. It's the primary goal for every single competitor within this whole damn company. To close out the IWT's biggest event and to capture one of the biggest prizes on the grandest stage of them all. Everything that I've done the past couple of months have been building to that one night, and this is the final step to accomplishing it.

    While this isn't only my first time stepping into this Chamber, but my first time in a position to where I haven't faced most of my opponents that I'm going to go against I'd go ahead and say that the odds have never been more in my favor! The fact of the matter is that while each of my opponents have been doing their own things I've been right here, the entire time, improving every single time I've walked down that ramp. Sure, I might not have been here as long as some of you are but ever since I debuted I've stayed here, in this one company. Constantly competing to stake my claim as THE best in the IWT. That's something that I couldn't have proven while not being by myself, so that's exactly what I did. I set out by myself and since then I've been on a COMPLETELY different level. From Midas to the very man who won this match last year, Dat Kid, no one has been able to stop me!

    *Wolfe pauses for a couple of seconds to gaze around the massive structure, and to let everything sink in. He walks forward and leans on the ropes as he resumes talking.*

    So as I stand in this ring readying for this match, I'd say that I am at a pinnacle of my career. I'm completely focused for the the first time in over a year, and I'm willing to do anything it takes to get to the top. Even if it means ending another career or two tonight. And instead of acting as if I'm going through some list by going on about my opponents tonight and why they aren't going to win, checking their names as I go, I'm going to just go ahead and talk about the fact that I AM going to walk out of this Elimination Chamber match the victor. It doesn't matter who I have to go through. Whether it be one, or all five of the competitors going against myself tonight the outcome will still be the same. I will be the winner of this Elimination Chamber, I will headline WrestleMania, and I will become the World Heavyweight Champion again because I am THE King of the IWT, and come WrestleMania 3 I will be The King of the goddamn world.

    *Drake turns his attention to the stage and awaits the second entry.*
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  3. *gav the chavs music plays as gav makes his way out to the ring receiving a thunderous cheer from the crowd gav steps in to the ring and begins to address the crowd *

    ( Gav the chav ) now then you fucking little cheeky ****s gav the chav is finally back in IWT ready to bash some more cheeky ****s face in

    *gav turns his attention towards drake*

    You know what drake i don't know if anyone has ever told you this but you're a proper cheeky **** you mate you know what right you remind me of b.dazzle Just like dazzle did to me you turned your back on your mate Midas you Treat him like shit And fucked him off i hope he makes a full recovery and comes back to smash your little face in just like i did to dazzle and i bet you if that were to happen you fall from the face of the earth just like b.dazzle You ain't main eventing wrestlemania your just a little cheeky **** who stabd his mates in the back The only one winning this thing is me

    *gav turns away towards The crowd to address them *

    Yes thats right me gav the chav the former IWT champion and soon to be world heavyweight champion I'm not only here though to win the right to face Christian at wrestlemania i also entered this match For another reason Its not for nick who can't cash in a money in the bank contract as good as i can its not for jwab who is probably the shittest GM ever the reason I entered this mstch is coz i want aids!

    *awkward silence in the arena *

    No you stupid ****s not HIV i want aids Johnson I the wanker who i thought was my mate but turns to be a no good dirty little rotten cheeky cheeky **** Come on out aids you **** get out here so I can finally smash your little face in!

    *a plane flys overhead with a banner reading #fuckkaizervotechav4GM *

    @Aids the King Wizard you want some? Come get some
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    Aids Johnson's music begins to play immediately as Gav finishes his challenge. Aids walks out moments later, talking shit straight towards Gav, before stopping at the top of the ramp. Aids pats his chest, stating out loud "Fuck you, hate me" to the crowd who is clearly booing him. Aids runs down before sliding into the ring, grabbing Gav's microphone directly out of his hand.

    You want to know what makes me above you? When I was on top, I was a defending champion. I won, and you couldn't even procure one simple title defense. You had all the potential in the world, and decided to half ass your defense, pouting at having to face Joey Bryant. You could have been something man, but the fact of the matter is you just are not on my level. You're a lowcard champion at best, face it.

    *Aids turns to Drake* Speaking of defending champions, it's nice to see you finally talk without all the former dicks you've sucked coming out of your mouth every sentence. You know for someone who is planning on being "king of the world" you have a lot of hands in your pockets. How is winning a #2 belt going to make a second rate champion king of the goddamn world? Let's face it, if you win at Wrestlemania Jono will be filing Chapter 7 by Summerslam.

    And for everyone else, if you even are able to show. It's a certain kind of superstar who can raise the IWT back to its former greatness. You look at me, and you see someone who has spent the better part of 13 months losing, but when I win tonight, you will see me as the biggest threat to beat Christian for the title at Wrestlemania, and the man to finally give it some value. Nick knows.
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  5. The lights go out, a single spotlight shines down on Chris Kaizer. Wearing his now best selling "#Kaizer4GM" shirt, he slowly makes his way down to the ring.

    Here I am. After around 3 months of no Kaizer inside of this ring, your with drawl ends tonight. I step inside a demon like structure with 5 other men. All fighting for the same thing...a shot at the World heavyweight title. Now, we've got a special group of people. A drunk, an illiterate Englishman, a nut case in Jwab....let's take a moment to realize that he isn't right in the head...but not in the threatening way. Like, the really cheesy way. The other two are actually somewhat successful. Though, one of them is a possible murderer on the run....that might be an issue. The other one....not even sure he is going to show up tonight. Chris Kaizer shrugs

    But back to me. I know it's been a while since I've fought all by my self. People may think I'm rusty, that I don't deserve to be here. I disagree. Before I left, I was giving the best of the best the hardest fights of their careers. I took Joey Bryant to the limit....and in fact, I may just brag about the fact that Joey Bryant single handily picked me to replace him in this match tonight. I took Midas to his limit....granted I didn't almost kill him like someone....not naming any names though. And let's be honest, even if you think I don't deserve this stop, do most of the people in this match deserve it? Look at it, you have Aids Johnson. What has he done in the past....yesh, year. Year! To deserve anything of this caliber? Oh? He got 30 votes on IWT app? Congrats, buddy. Then you got Gav here, who is again, living off of somebody else's stardom. Know it's hard for you when you don't have a tag partner to fall on when you are failing, but come on, I know you can be original. Write another song why don't you?

    Jwab, do you really want to face Christian at Mania again? We all know how it went the last time. You can claim it was your stunt double, but we all know it was you. Don't be afraid to admit that after the Cure ending, you couldn't win anymore. Can't blame you, hard when every one stops blindly going for you. Like I said before, we also have two, somewhat successful at the moment people here tonight. Nick and Drake. Nick, if you do actually show up tonight, it will be exciting to face you. Finally I will be able to pin you. Speaking of pinning, Drake. How you been buddy? Been a while. Remember our match? You know, the match I beat you in. Fair, cleanly, no one interfered. Just me, pinning you in the middle of the ring. They say history doesn't repeat it self. I disagree.

    Centuries from now, when people watch this footage. Who will they see have their hand raised?

    Kaizer waves at the camera

    Kaizer slept.
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  6. The lights in the sold out arena dim, and a lone spotlight stands on the middle of the stage. A silhouette of a hooded figure walks out slowly, keeping the tempo of the music with each step. The hooded man keeps his head down, hiding his face. He slowly moves down the ramp, still in the same position. He pulls the hood off, revealing it to be Nick. The crowd pops as a few lights flicker on. He jumps up onto the apron and enters the ring. He stares down each of his opponents, emotionless. Nick then pulls a microphone from inside of his jacket and holds it in his hands. He holds up his index finger, and mouths the words one.

    "One thing. There is just one thing that I needed to get to this point. I didn't need to stab my supposed 'brother' in the back like Drake. I didn't need to ride a guy like Dazzle to win gold. I didn't need to have a predecessor like Aids Johnson. I didn't need to ride Joey Bryant's 2nd generation shtick to relevance like Chris Kaizer and I didn't need to abuse GM powers like
    Jwab. I am here right now because I truly deserve it. I've never needed someone to put a good word in for me, because I've been given shit for my whole career. I've scratched, and I've clawed. I struggled down at the bottom for months - something none of you have EVER done! I'm a real, organic contender. The one thing I've needed to get here is myself."

    He glances around at his opponents.

    "All of you guys, you're expired. Old news. Chris Kaizer sleeping was cool 6 months ago, but nobody wants to see it anymore. Go back to campaigning for GM, because that's the best you'll ever be. Aids Johnson showing up drunk and being a dickhead was NEVER cool, and it still isn't. Just retire already, nobody wants you here. Gav the Chav calling people cheeky ****s was original... a year ago. It's the same old same, Gav, we know what to expect out of you. Jwab, we know what we're gonna get. Don't even bother showing up, just go back to Hollywood. Drake, you've tried so many times to duplicate your failed title reign and you will never reach that point again. You're going to be sent back to the bottom where scum like you belong. You all see, the people wanna see a guy like me at the top. Something fresh. And that's what they'll get."

    The crowd faintly cheers as Nick pauses.

    "Kaizer can ramble on and on about sleeping, but I'm the real sleeper. I'm the dark horse. For some reason, nobody expects me to win. It makes no sense. I was just WHC a few weeks ago. But it's fine by me. I've turned doubters into believers my whole career. And tonight is just another night. Nobody thought I would be X-Division champion. I won it. Nobody thought I would win MITB. I won. Nobody thought I'd be WHC. I was. I'm the king of the multi-man match! WM II, MITB, Proving Grounds... this is just another day at the office."

    "Tonight, a new era's groundwork will be laid. This will be a glimpse into the future of IWT, as its troubled past will be eliminated once and for all. And I will be the one to do just that."
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  7. *The lights go out. You can see silhouettes of people swarming the ramp w/ cameras. A spotlight shines on the center of the stage and out comes Jwab. Someone seems to be following Jwab. All the lights come on and it's Kevin Spacey. Seems this all for promoting House Of Cards season 3 on Netflix which Jwab has a role in. Kevin Spacey & The Jwab both have giant smiles on their faces. Jwab shakes his hand, takes some pictures on the stage while the crowd boos. Spacey tells him good luck and goes to the back. Jwab makes his way down the ramp with the biggest grin on his face. He stops before walking up the steel steps. He yells at the crew and one of the stage hands comes up to take his jacket. He also grabs Jwab's sunglasses before Jwab makes his way into the chamber. Everyone seems to be staring him down*

    Oh, haha. Before tonight, I was excited about this. A chance at redemption. Not just for last year's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. But, for everything I've done since Survivor Series. I've been in a rut. Given a role that was doomed to fail. Giving up that role for an even greater chance to succeed but it was ripped from me. Ripped from me by the man who stole my title. A man that won't stop ripping things from me. Like, I said before.. I "was" excited about tonight. Til Lee chose who he wanted to face. He chose the one man that I've been waiting to get my hands on, one on one. I eliminated him at Survivor Series and I was going to very proud when I would have won this chamber against four former World Champs and a close friend of mine, to go onto Mania to take the title from the man who I came into this company with.

    But, now we are left with the leftovers. Christian. People still claim that it was me who he was in the ring with him at Mania last year. You can claim all you want but you can find anyone that looks like you in Hollywood. And if not, there is always plastic surgery. I'd love to face Christian again. To have redemption for a moment in my career that I had no control of. To do something that my stunt double could not do. And you know what? I'm going to do it. If I can't have the IWT Championship, it'll be the next best thing, the World Heavyweight Championship.


    Looking at each and every one of you, I know I've already got this won. Bunch of jokes. You can all make fun of me all you want for leaving to Hollywood and building my career. But you know when I step in this ring, and grab this mic, everything I say is true. I'm right. I'm always right. IWT, it's a mess. It's disgusting to look at the state of IWT to see this, where Aids is still getting shots at the world title. Nick, who claims to be the dark horse but you are a little too late to claim that moniker. I was named the original dark horse for last year's Elimination Chamber. I had that match won! If you think you are going to pull this match off, let's think about this. I know your every move. I've beat you before and I know that you won't last 5 minutes in this environment. You couldn't last 20 minutes against me in a normal match. Reminds me a bit of Kaizer. Who slept his way into the match due to the little respect he has in this company from Bryant. Christopher, I recommend you to just stay down like in The Cure days. We brought you in as the gimp and I'm proud to see that you managed to last this long in this landscape. I'm surprised you didn't leech off someone like Drake did and got carried for almost a whole year. An even bigger surprise is Gav. I don't even know how he lasted a day. I feel that it's not even possible. But... at this point... I don't care.

    I simply don't care about any of you. It's all about me. It's all been about me. The main event of IWTMania III was in my grasp a month ago but now I have a chance at something better. After I make my greatest comeback tonight, I'm going to go to Mania. Not just to become World Champion but to steal the show. To light a fire under Lee's ass and anyone's ass that thinks they can go on after me. I'm going to overshadow everything about Mania with my performance and my win. If you think that Christian is walking out of Mania a champion, he's not. He's not going to be walking out at all. You will see the dawn of a new age. You will see the end of a fossil's career.

    After Mania, IWT will no longer be a cancer when the clock strikes midnight.

    IWT... will be... cured.

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  8. Here's the question, are we doing regular voting or using the simple method for this?
  9. Voting should have been opened 4 hours ago.
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  10. Im town atm I'll be home in about 30-40 minutes.
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  11. Voting isn't public, gonna vote as Crayo.:adr:
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  12. Also @Delik - might wanna put the right amount of time for the voting length of these rounds in the OPs of the match threads. I understand why you extended this one and I think it makes sense, but it STILL technically says voting will last 24 hours. :bischoff:
  13. Honestly, you shoulda kept the voting time limit 12 hours. Most of the regulars would see this and vote in 12 hours time, extending the voting time 4 more hours mainly just delays the next round. This was supposed to be done around Saturday, but I don't think it'll be done before Monday now.
  14. Well the rounds may take les time as the number of competitors lessens though. We don't HAVE to keep promos open for 16 hours once the remaining competitors all post a promo. And I can post voting forms now too so there's that. Speaking of that - could you start a thread with a results link for each round in the creative section @Delik ? That way, in case you are not around when the voting is supposed to end, someone else could announce the round winner and get the next round started. If I end up making any voting forms I will do the same. Same idea applies to the ladder match too.

    Also, had a thought. I'm sure the last 2 competitor's in the EC would agree to it when it gets to that point but - what does everyone think of having the final round in the EC match be a 2 promo round instead of one? Just to up the ante of the last round.
  15. Voted. Good round guys. Standouts were bill and gav IMO. That's because I found theirs to be the more entertaining of the bunch. Personal preferences and all.
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  16. Fixed, forgot I changed the promo time but not the voting. Sure thing.
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  17. Guess that really depends on the competitors and if they have 2 more promos in them

    Also about that ladder match its still happening today right....
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  18. Gee I dunno - @Delik ?
  19. Why do I have it saved as tomorrow on my notepad... :shock:

    Could one of you get it up? On mobile atm