Storyline IWT Uprising - Elimination Chamber Round 2!

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is an Elimination Chamber match!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 16 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 1 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 12 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


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  2. Nick grabs a microphone and stares at his competitors.

    "Well since nobody's doing anything, I suppose it's time for the second course. You're all just standing there, waiting... too pussy to take the initiative. I guess I will."

    The crowd cheers as he glances at the opponents with a look of disgust.

    "This reminds me a lot of MITB. Nobody would make a move. People seemed too interested in hiding like a bunch of sorry bitches for the opportunity to strike. But you see, this is different. This is a demonic structure, a match that can end careers. And I'll tell you this much, it's not gonna end mine. Nothing will - nothing CAN. Not Aids and his *ahem* Brainbustaaaa!!! Not Jwab's cheap shots, not Kaizer's sleeper hold, and not Drake's powerbomb. Nothing can stop me. I'm a truck and you're all just little rabbits on the road about to become roadkill, unsuspecting of your incoming demise."

    He smirks and takes moment to breathe.

    "I'm still being underestimated. Gav the Chav underestimated me. And he was the first to receive God's - no, my - swift judgement. He felt my wrath, and he is no more. That's the fate that awaits all of you. The road to my success has been set. I'm now following that road, and the 4 of you are just speed bumps along the way to my final destination... The World Heavyweight Championship."

    OOC: You're all a bunch of pussies
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  3. *Jwab is standing outside of the ring leaning on one of the four chamber pods after witnessing Gav get eliminated. He adjusts his right elbow pad before speaking. He goes to speak but the crowd boos. This furiates him*

    "Could you all please SHUT UP! No one here that is left knows what is like to be put into an Elimination Chamber match. Well, other than Aids but he was the first person to get eliminated last year. I have experience and to tell you why everyone is sitting back, cause that's how you win. You don't win by taking shots in the dark. You play it smart unlike some idiots sitting in the crowd tonight who can't even see the ring."

    *Crowd boos but Jwab smiles*

    "I was one of the final two of last year which gives me the best advantage going through the rest of you. This chamber is indeed a demonic structure, Nicholas, but you don't know it like I know it. You'd think someone that cares about his looks to hate this chamber. To try to avoid it. But, I'm in love with it. It's the one thing I know better than the back of my hand cause I've studied it, been apart of it. I consider tonight a test that I have all the answers to."

    *Walks along the Chamber wall but approaches the ring*

    "You are all rookies when it comes to me. Out of your element. I'm playing a long term game. I tested my body while holding the Xtreme Championship. I've been ready for this. The biggest advice someone told me is that it's a lot harder getting back into the ring after taking time off. Especially, coming back to be in the most dangerous match of the year. Like I said, I've been training for this with ladder matches, extreme rules matches, tables matches, I've done it all this past year just for this. I didn't sleep my way here, I didn't take a piggyback ride onto someone more talented to myself, I earned it. This isn't the real roadblock for all of you. I'm not no little rabbit, speed bump, pothole, whatever racing metaphor you wanna include me on. I'm the man sitting at the end of the road, waiting patiently, with a sniper rifle, rocket launcher, whatever you want to imagine me with. I'm going to pick you off one by one while I wait to step into the ring with Christian. And you know what? After he witnesses what I do tonight. He's gonna hand me the title in fear. I suggest you all give up while you can, cause none of you are going to be walking out if you stay in here with me any longer."

    OOC - Sorry for earlier. I couldn't hop on the computer long enough to type an actual promo earlier. Jwab <3 Elimination Chamber
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  4. *As Jwab finishes Drake quickly grows a smirk on his face, and nonchalantly lifts his microphone.*

    Alright, let's go ahead and cut the shit. I find it hilarious just how quickly everyone resorts to recollect past inconsistencies as if you've had a career without any faults, please. Spare me. Jwab, you can say what you will, but while I might have been carried by Midas for this past year just how long did you cling onto The Cure's achievements? You rode them until they all couldn't put up with you anymore, and then you moved onto Kid. When people think of The Cure they think of Alias and Ben Dover ruling over the tag team titles, they think of George continually being in marquee matches. The LAST thing that they think of is the name Jwab Atom. You can claim that you were the leader but you were just as much of a gimp as Kaizer was, minus the actual leash. As for you Nick, you claimed that I'm just trying to recapture past glories of a failed reign but I seem to remember that your's lasted just about as long, right? I may have captured the title via forfeit, but what you did was pretty much the same. Bryant wasn't even conscious, it's time to wake up, you couldn't beat Bryant had he known of his surroundings. Say what you will but you lost in your first defense to Christian, you might as well have waited to cash in that briefcase bud because that's the only way you could walk out of WrestleMania III with the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Aids, you've had almost eight sabbaticals since last year's IWT WrestleMania and you haven't been the same since. And why should you get another title shot? You can't lean on your past achievements forever thinking that you can STILL hold a candle right now. Face it, the only reason why you're still in the IWT is because everyone knows you can't afford to put yourself through rehab. If you weren't here you'd just be another variable in the overpopulation of the United State's federal prisons. This brings me to Kaizer, how are you doing? I see you finally got the balls to show up back in this place after you lost your opportunity at the IWT Championship. What was that about pinning me before, one on one? My memory is pretty fuzzy, but while it may not seem like it I'm not the type of guy to live in the past. You know what they say, those who live in the past get left behind.

    I'm not going to lie, it's been kinda fun recollecting on the past with all of you, yeah it has. But, I want to focus on what's going on right here right now. You see, when people take into consideration of who would be the most legit contender for a title a single question springs to mind. It's not what have they done, but what have they done lately. THAT is question, and when I look at each and everyone of you I can't seem to recall anything you've done lately. I mean I can, but they aren't really something that'd classify as a pro next to your names. On the other hand, I'd say that I have racked up quite the bit of accolades lately that'd classify me as a bigger threat to Christian's title than all of you combined! This is the time of the year where every single thing you do impacts the outcome of your destination, and the fact of the matter is that each and everyone of you have failed to capitalize on the opportunities. That's why you're all in this match!

    *Wolfe pauses to let his surroundings sink in once more before continuing.*

    I shouldn't even have to compete in this match right now seeing as I have more claim to a title shot more than any of you in this match, but it's all ok. I'm willing to put everything on the line if that's what it means to walk into IWT WrestleMania and wrestle for THE title in THE main event, yeah that's right. I said it. The fact that each of you here tonight consider the World title as a consolation prize is just the icing on the cake, it shows exactly why none of you should walk out of this match the victor! It's not about which title I wrestle for, because whichever one is around my waist at the end of the night will be THE title that the IWT WILL be centered around as long as I decide to reign. And trust me.... come WrestleMania III I will reign.
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  5. Kaizer is leaning against the ropes, he slowly rolls his eyes

    Now that that imbecile is gone, we are only down to 4 other imbeciles. Everyone wants to come out here and talk about they are the future, they are going to be the face of the company. But the fact of the matter is, you've all peaked. You've gone as far as you ever will. We all know none of you are fit to be the face of the company. Especially not you Aids. By now, I thought you would have already contracted AIDS and died off. But no, you sawed off for a few months.....come back and demand more. Demand something you haven't deserved since I first came to this company. But hey, always great to have a "legend" to put over BETTER talent.

    Jwab, I wouldn't fear you if you had a gun up to my head. Mainly because you are too stupid to figure out how to use it. Why would Christian hand over a title to a man who is too afraid to admit that he got his shit pushed in by that same man? Also, may I ask what this gimp talk is about? Why am I being compared to a gimp? I have no recollection of being a gimp. If you need to make up lies about me to try and win some matches, go ahead. Do it. It won't help you. You will still fail. Just like you did last year. Only this time, you won't come close to winning. I advise you start making up some lies about why you didn't win tonight.

    Kaizer walks around the ring before getting ready to speak again

    Nick, you want to seem all high and mighty for speaking first. Does that make you seem more like a violent person to your self? I know you really want to come off as crazy, but calling up pussies doesn't help. Unless your criteria for a crazy person is using insults I would hear while playing Call of Duty, you aren't even close, brother. You wanna compare this to when you won MITB? Even if you do win, the difference is, you gotta face the champion when they are at 100%...and we all know how that turned out. You are your own roadblock.

    And finally you.
    Kaizer looks at Drake

    I'm not here because I need a title as a consolation. I'm here to get one step closer to what I should have won a long time ago. I've let too many opportunities pass me by. Now is the perfect time, at the perfect stage. Nice to see you can actually win without Midas, but can you do what is most important with out him? Can you actually win titles all by your self? Something tells me I should doubt that, but hey, anything is possible. But some things are just not meant to happen, Drake. I notice your memory is a little fuzzy from the last time we faced off, don't worry. I'll give you a refresher tonight. It's a little simple, 1...2....3.

    Kaizer raises his own hand before shrugging

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  6. Do you really know why I have been back time and time again over the past year? Let's face it, no one in this ring can be coined as "the future" of this company, I could have faced any one of you during my title runs....however....just like our current champion, when offered a choice on who our WHC wanted to face at Wrestlemania - he chose the biggest name in the bunch. The Royal Rumble outcome shifted everything around, and because of that I stand once again in the Elimination Chamber, the worst match IWT has to offer.

    So much to offer, like Nick - you've had more returns than I have, bro, and after you end up eliminated tonight you'll be like leftovers at Jonathans. Drake, I don't have to hold a candle to shit, this is what people conveniently forget time and time again. I already have the ring, my name lines the history books, I keep coming back with nothing to prove to anyone...while you wasted your 15 minutes of fame in other people's shadow. Jwab *Aids doesn't even turn around to face JWAB* you're mid-card at best. Beating your x-division champion winning chest all you want because while people like Alias used it as a stepping block to move up the card, you used your loss to show what kind of champion you aren't, just like Drake has done before, just like Christian has done, and the list continues on, and on, and on.

    But you, Kaizer, I didn't think you would stoop to their level, we've spent enough time together to know how I am, how i've always been. You see talent as what the definition of the word is - the ability to do something well. I see talent as the ability to win, the ability to lead. It's why my name is the largest, my picture is the biggest, and what puts asses in these seats ppv after ppv. I've got nothing more to prove, nothing to lose, but everything to gain. What happens to your Wrestlemania picture, what happens to your legacy IF you lose tonight?

    Show Spoiler
    It was shit, no surprise.
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  7. These are the results I got. I think they are more accurate this time since the names are actually on the results sheet this time.

    Shadow 8.133333333
    Aids 7.466666667
    Nick 7.733333333
    Jwab 7.6
    Clinton 8.533333333

    Which means that @Aids the King Wizard has been eliminated.....but not by much. Bill Clinton again has the best score of the round. Uh oh.
  9. His name is, Aids the King Wizard.
  10. I'm surprised I even scored that high tbh. It's funny to see one post from someone who won't face me, before a reply from someone I won't face comes along to add his two cents. Good luck to the rest, I'm sure I'll see you at Wrestlemania.
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