Storyline IWT Uprising - Euro Title Tournament Round 1 Match

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    @RedDwarfTechy - Brandon Pain vs Micheal - @Tsar

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

  2. BTW @RedDwarfTechy and @Tsar - your branch of the tournament ladder has gone down one since Tumbas dropped out since he has not heard from Hammer for awhile now and is tired of waiting. Point is - unless Hammer comes back in time - the winner of this match will be in the finals at WM!
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  3. lmao I'll shoot dude a reminder.
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  4. The music rings in an echo through the PA system. The lights flicker in a rainbow pattern, as The Influence flashes on the titantron. Michael walks out with a red outlined suit, his eyes outlined with mascara and his hair soaked over his face. He rips off his FTW World Title and places it outside, he steps into the ring and takes out a microphone from his pocket. Trip is seen following him in the background. The lights return to normal as the song fades away. He strolls around the ring, tapping his chin in curiosity. The crowd grows angry and beings to boo Michael. Just as the the boo's grow Michael enrages with anger. Before he can say anything, he quickly, calms down.

    Michael: Freedom of Speech! I love it. I absolutely love that you're taking back what the system has ripped away. Take it in, take in the narcotics, take a full bottle of a Jack Daniel's and hell don't even pay for it. This IS a free country, after all right? Take back your freedoms and enjoy this show tonight. I enjoy every after party with a couple of somas, and an all night hooker because lust is the greatest freedom, everyone in the world has! No one in the world can ban you fucking bitches, so do it without remorse. Bring out the dildos, the whips and the leather. For me, I'll bring something else because a particular someone is going to get a royal fucking. I'll bring my bare fists to this fight, that is, if he shows up. We all know I've been bestowed upon opponents who don't fucking show up. Brandon Pain, you would've already been a European Champion if you hadn't spit upon your contract. You leave and return as you wish, you don't give a shit about the IWT so why should they give one about you? You'd probably win the DX title, go home and leave it to rust on your front lawn. Show some passion and show up on time for once, kid. It'll do you wonders.

    Michael: You have a lot potential, in my view you're the personified fate of the upper midcarder, for sure. I see you holding every title except...the FTW World Title. I see you going places that no one has gone before. But I don't think you know your own potential. I recognized that I'm a wolf in a lambs world. You have to realize your a lamb in lambs world. The only way to triumph is to step on everyone who opens that oppurtunity for you to do. There's no law against betrayal, go ahead a do it. I've already told Trip, that if the opportunity arises I'll fucking kill him if I have to, he told me the same. You do what I do, and that's give no shits about your life, your opponents life your anyone else's life and you'll be there in the main event by WrestleMania IV. But you have one thing to do before you can.

    Michael: You will have to answer to the very man that put you on the map, me. Summer Slam 2014, by previously best friend fucks me out of my Summer Slam moment, and you win. You have one thing going for you, and that's your SummerSlam win. It's fuel is running out. When and IF you come out, I have on proposition to save your career. Lay down in the middle of the ring, and let me pin you. You'll not only exercise your right of freedom of choice, but you'll be The Influences future. It's your choice.
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  5. The lights go down and starts flickering with red and white strobes around the arena as the music starts and the Tron comes tom life as the crowd pops moderately.

    Brandon runs out, his usual cocky smirk not on his lips as he slides into the ring, walks straight past Michael and snatches the mic from the assistant on ringside.

    "Michael you poor delusional bastard"

    He grabs the top rope and looks straight at Michael.

    "You say my biggest moment was SummerSlam, and you know what, I only have one small correction to make... my biggest moment YET was SummerSlam. And after tonight, I will go to Mania and scratch, claw and do whatever it takes to win that Title. But this"

    He gestures between the two of them.

    "This isn't about the title, in fact the title is the furthest thing from my mind as I stand here in MY ring. Last time around, after losing against my team... AGAIN"

    He smirks for the first time of the night.

    "So when you say I've beaten you in SummerSlam... and couple of weeks back AND I've beaten every single obstacle you threw my way, I don't need to use one victory to fuel my matches... I have anger, I have rage and after I am done with you I will ride that hate filled anger driven wave right to the top, and you.... you will be there looking up at me and you will list YOUR highest moment as being in the ring with ME. But last time we met, You and your goon did what you do best, attack from behind and you know what, I should have seen it coming, you know in your heart that you cant beat me so you HAD to take me out with your little hooded friend. And you left me in pieces. "

    He takes a second to calm himself as he clenches his fist looking down at the mat.

    "You did what you thought would be enough to put me out, but look at me, I am right here and after tonight I'll STILL be here. I will have my hand raised as I tower over your corpse, I will finally put this"

    He gestures between them.

    "In the grave, along with you... because that's where you rightfully belong"

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    Tagging @Tsar, sorry for the delay guys, was moving house and internet was being shifted over, just got it working now
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  6. Michael: Are you done? Are you done trying to make your 3 month career sound like an unparalleled journey? What obstacles have I EVER thrown at you? I've faced you two times, I've never even talked to you outside of this ring. You're a little man playing big boy now, son. I haven't thrown anything at you, I've never tried to end your career, I've never destroyed anything close to you. You have no idea what works inside the IWT, you say like everyone else that you are full of rage and anger. You pass off a simple attack as a war atrocity because you have nothing else going for you. That's not rage or anger, that's a desperate plea for attention. Whether you like it or not, you're just another addition to the midcards.

    Michael stops in the corner, looking at Brandon with a look of pity.

    Michael: Oh! I'm very sorry, did I just throw ANOTHER obstacle your way *Michael sarcastically holds his forehead in shame* Instead of making lies to make it sound like you fought to get here, let's get the real shit out. *Michael looks towards the crowd* Ladies and gentlemen, the staff members walked into the locker room and asked who would like to complete for a dreaded title in a dreaded division. Brandon and I were one of the few people, and that's exactly how we are here. Cut the lies, if you want to lie to make your 1-Dimensional persona sound like a warrior, go ahead. But make sure you have your lies straighted out before doing so.

    Michael begins to pace around Brandon.

    Michael: You remind me of myself, to be quite honest. I juiced out the little success I had until it was just another excuse for my failures. You didn't beat The Influence, Aiden Ryan did. No one in that match cared enough to even mention you by name, let alone give you props for beating us. If you want to juice that out, I'm not going to stop you, but everyone knows it's just a sob story. You're a sob story, and your career is one that makes many sob. Not because it's full of hardships but because you want to make it sound like it is. If you think I'm a delusional bastard, look into a mirror. The world is a cruel place, what you say can turn against you just as fast as you said them. Look forward to these exact same words you just said to be spewed in your legacy.

    The crowd begins to Boo.

    Michael: The man who has earned nothing, done nothing and IS nothing is acting like a war veteran because of a petty beatdown. When you're dazed and when the referee's hand is coming down for that 3 count, remember. No one can be blamed but you for your misfortunes. I'm the FTW World Heavyweight Champion for a reason, Brandon. There's a reason management aren't going to strip me of this belt. Because they know that I've done everything in the play book to be a champion, but I;m screwed out of it. You? You aren't even fit to shine the sucker up, let alone be a champion. Sanctioned or not, this belt holds more weight than 2/3 of the roster, and you...You are one of them. Get ready for a fight, get ready to crumble under...The Influence.

    Michael drops the microphone and warms up.
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  7. Brandon stays in the corner watching him, rage clear in his eyes as he fumes.

    "You know what? You're right..."

    He holds his hand up

    "Calm down now, I know its something you've never heard before so don't get your knickers in a twist"

    He starts walking around the ring circling Michael

    "You're right because my career, its just beginning, and like you said you've been here much longer than I have, but let's recap, I dont think Aiden was in a 2 v 1 handicap match now was he? You can twist and turn the result in your head to stroke your own..."

    Scrunches his fingers together

    "Little ego"

    He smirks looking around as the crowd pops a little.

    "Or you can just look at the facts, everytime you've faced me, it ended with the same result. 1-2-3"

    He says holding one finger up per count

    "And today, you don't have your precious special friend, tonight in this ring you are on your own Michael and it's okay to be scared, its okay to try and focus on my career and claim it as a disappointment when a glance towards your own would break a man's heart. Let's re cap. You now hold a title you made yourself."

    He shakes his head with a laugh

    "I think that pretty much defines your career doesn't it? The fact that you couldn't EARN anything. That you had to make up your own little cloud of pride, with a worthless, piece of junk"

    The crowd continues to cheer mostly because of their intense hatred of Michael.

    "Now as for the reason you are the whatever champion"

    He gestures brushing Michael off

    "Is because you gave it to yourself, so you really think you want to talk to me about earning it? Talk to me about being WORTH it? Hell no. Because just as I did at Summerslam and two weeks ago, at the end of the night"

    He points to the mat

    "You'll be lying flat on your back, and my hand will be raised"

    Points to the title.

    "As for that, you can keep it, maybe when you're back home fixing yourself up reminiscing about days where you didn't have to groan with every movement you made, it'll bring you some joy, like a little toy because at the end of the day Michael"

    He moves in close looking straight into his eyes.

    "That's all it is, a replica, a toy, a worthless piece of junk, just like you"​
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  8. :rollins: Let's plan a god damn parade! Jk @Tsar - good job
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  10. (I'll write the ending.)