IWT Uprising - Failface vs David The Giant - Ultimate X Qualifier - VOTING

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Failface vs David The Giant

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  1. Failface

  2. David The Giant

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a qualifier for the Ultimate X Match at Summerslam

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours and each competitor will have 2 promos each
    -Voting will then last for an additional 24 hours


  2. *FailFace walks out wearing a leather jacket and carrying a Kendo Stick, he enters the ring and grabs a mic*

    "Ultimate X, a match for the greatest of the great, a match for those want it bad enough, a match for those willing to risk it all, to win it all. That my friends, is what an Ultimate X match is, it's defined for it's legacy of being the way to the top, for those who want it hard enough. And some people ask me, do you have what it takes to win a match that carries such a legacy? And to be honest, I think I have more than what it takes."

    *Crowd Medium Cheer*

    "Today was a long day for me, and topping it off with this match, is the icing on the cake. I defeated Adam to pull out of my losing streak, I saved Mr. Sackfist from DK, and now I stand in this ring ready to face a formidable opponent in David. But I stand here confidently to say that David will not win this match, and that I have to win this match. When I started here in IWT, my first match was me winning the IWT European Championship. After that, it all went downhill. I lost the European Championship the next match I had, and continued a losing streak. But Money in the Bank was a giant wake up call for me. A big enough one to pull me out of a losing streak shortly after."

    *Crowd Medium Cheer*

    "It showed me through hard work and determination, you can beat anyone that stands in front of you. And David, you are the next obstacle in my way to the top, and through my hard work and determination, I will defeat you tonight."

  3. *David walks in the ring with a bane mask and a shovel in his hand*

    David: "Honestly, I'm glad you felt the need to share your story and tell me all the sad aspects of your IWT carrier and all the glories. But I just don't give a shit. My IWT road has been short, and believe it or not, this is my debut match. And trust me, it will be a success. When I debuted, I told the whole IWT locker room that there will be change. You are my first order of business. IWT needs a cure, and you are part of the plague we are trying to get rid of, you are a cancer and have no place in IWT. You say you learned from your mistakes and think the MITB PPV was a "wake up call" but honestly, that was just a sign that you should take your ball and go home. You are no longer needed here and all you will be remembered for is being the bitch that I stepped on in my IWT debut. You are just simply... a fail. Dog poop on the side walk. You are simply... irrelevant. You came into this match with a ton of respect and pride, but you are just going to leave with disappointment and bitterness. Your pride was built off the fact that you beat some fella after you couldn't win any match you stepped into. MY pride is that I am great. I am born to fight. I have been trained to kill. This might very well be Russian roulette, but you're going to be the one that dies. I am going to be the one that moves on to the SummerSlam ultimate X match, and you are going to be left in a pile of ashes."

    *David walks out of the arena.*
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    Voted for the Giant. (waiting on voting to open...damn posting before i look for the poll)
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  5. You guys finished?
  6. If Failface has another promo, I'll do another. If he doesn't, I guess we are finished.
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  8. "From an ignorant rookie such as you, I have nothing to learn. My MITB match showed me that people like you, who try and think they can beat me, are just another speed bump on my road to the top. You have done nothing here in IWT, and I plan to keep it that way. This little group you're apart of, the cure, is just another failing attempt to find success in numbers. And to be honest, it's all been a failure. I've been in the ring with greats such as Farooq and Senior Perfect, ones that you couldn't never breath the same air as. And from now on, you'll be known as the bitch I stepped on, on my way to the top."
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  9. "Ha, that was quite funny. You say I have done nothing in IWT but align myself with a team that "Has only achieved failure" but in actuality, on my brothers debut, they dominated. All you think you are is a man who thinks he can be successful after all the losses and falls he's taken, but really, all this match is will be a failed attempt of a come back by you. You come into this match with your head on straight and with a chip on your shoulder, while I come into this with an ego, and I am glad to say that. I know I'm going to win, y'know why? Because I don't do things around here trying to please other people and to make friends. I don't care about the fans or the guys in the back. I care about, a cure, THE Cure. This Cure is to stop cancers and plagues like you that run around. And soon you'll be gone for good.

    You say you have been in the ring with IWT "greats" that I can't breath the same air as. But the fact of the matter is, you lost. You are a screw up and will continue to lose as long as you are facing guys like me. You will be the guy that I stepped on in my very first ever match and that will continue to be irrelevant. You have no future kid, might as well go to the back to recuperate from this beating, because trust me, after this, you'll never want to come back again..."
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  10. OOC: Whatever happens, gg FailFaceFTW nice promos!
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  11. David the giant qualifies for the Ultimate X match at Summerslam
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  12. thanks for coming into iwt! join up.
  13. I think he is joining up. I told him to and it is a good place :D
  14. Can you link where to sign up?