Storyline IWT Uprising Feb 23 - Mar 1

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    Theme for the show
    (aka a song to listen to as you read)

    Monday Feb 23rd
    @Dat Kid - Dat Kid vs Christian - @CM Punk

    Tuesday Feb 24th
    IWT Elmination Chamber match begins

    Drake Wolfe - @Shadow
    Aids Johnson - @Aids the King Wizard
    Gav the Chav - @Gav the Champ!
    Nick - @Nickelodeon
    Jwab - @Hollywood Jwab
    Joey Bryant - @DK James
    Chris Kaizer - @Bill Clinton

    Wednesday Feb 25th
    X-Treme Title match
    @Ovalhead - Lee vs Bruce Knight - @Forrest

    Thursday Feb 26th
    European Title Tournament - Round 1 match
    @Indy - Danny Jacobs(?) vs Rita Kendall - @Majour

    Friday Feb 27th
    European Title Tournament - Round 1 match
    @RedDwarfTechy - Brandon Pain vs Micheal - @Tsar

    Saturday Feb 28th
    @Tumbas - Alkatrz vs Alias Antonio - @THG?

    Sunday, March 1st
    IWT Elimination Chamber Final round

    OOC: I hope I got everyone's name right. Not sure about the 2 with ?s. I wanted to put this up so we could maybe get some good build promos to these matches. Some have a little build already which is great.​
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  2. If you no show a match here, especially after you all picked the days you were available, you're not getting a match at Mania.
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  3. Jwab is in the Elimination Chamber? :booker2:

  4. I think there was going to be a thread by him to explain a storyline with that. I think anyway.
  5. Stop talking shit till you win a match.
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  6. no
  7. Bruh, If you paid notice to the promos, It's Bruce Knight, Not Leo Taylor.
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  8. I thought it might've been your other guy (hence the ?) but I forgot the name tbh. I can fix it.

    EDIT: Oh someone did already
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  9. Don't you have another match to lose anyway?

    Give other people a chance to lose (or win), you're already in a tournament for a title...
  10. May I ask why not, Roadster?
  11. Because you haven't had a singles match for quite some time.
  12. Aids & Chav haven't had a match in a long time as well. Now may I ask your reasoning?
  13. Tsar you're going to need a 20 foot ladder to get out of this hole. Just stop
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  14. I rip on Aids for that (trying to get a title match even though he barely has matches) frequently, and I haven't kept up with Gav's character. So I didn't know.
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  15. Is that going to be the order we go in?
  16. Uh no, not sure how we'll figure that out.

    Yeah I suppose. I don't know how many votes we'll actually get with the EC matches going on too, but what the hell. Lets do it.
  17. :phew:
  18. Give @Bill Clinton my spot in the chamber. Or someone else deserving but he's the first to come to mind. I stated in my last promo I want nothing to do with the IWT Title until post-Mania. I am going to be on that Mania card, but if I can't fight for this card then whatever. But I don't want that spot.
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  19. Oh ok, sorry. If he wants it. He's inactive atm. One less person in the match isn't bad though. And without the powerhouse that is Bryant who knows who will win.
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