IWT Uprising - Forrest vs Gav the Chav

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Who's your winner?

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  1. Forrest

  2. Gav the Chav

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    Forrest vs tgill85 (Gav the Chav)
    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last 24 hours after the first promo is written, and there is no limit
    on how many promos can be submitted during that time.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours.

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  2. Also apologies to both competitors. This Uprising show was Dat Kid's joint, however I didn't notice he hadn't made the thread until just there.
  3. *gav the chavs music hits gav makes his way to the ring it looks like he has a mic at hand*

    (gav the chav) haha finally its that time we have all been waiting for! Its time for gav the chav to make his fucking epic debut and first up is a little prick known as bruce knight now gav knows absolutly fuck all about him but what i know so far he seems like a posh twat who thinks he's better than everybody else i bet he's only here coz mummy and daddy paid the IWT a shitload of money for him to be here so bruce why don't get your arse down here and introduce yourself
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  4. *after waiting a while gav gets fed up of waiting*

    (gav the chav) i guess he's a little shy afterall he's facing the hardest motherfucker in IWT no worries gav can fix that but he's gunnna need everybodys help i'm gunna count and i want every single one of you to chant bruce knight is a wanker not bruce wayne, bruce knight ok you got it 3..2..1 go!

    *a few fans chant bruce knight is a wanker*

    No no no no that was fucking pathetic ok lets try it again 3..2..1 go

    *majority of the arena chants bruce knight is a wanker*

    Yes! Much better but gav thinks you can do a lot better ok this time i want you to keep doing it until that posh twat shows his face ok 3...2...1 GO!

    *crowd explodes with
    Bruce knight is a wanker Bruce knight is a wanker Bruce knight is a wanker Bruce knight is a wanker Bruce knight is a wanker Bruce knight is a wanker Bruce knight is a wanker.....
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  5. *Knight's Music Hits and he stands on the stage*
    *The crowd goes silent as Knight makes his way down. On his way, he passes his Fedora and walking stick to the nearest ring crew member. He gets into the ring and looks at Gav*
    So Gavin, You've got these...'People' If that's what I can even call them these days. I don't know what the hell these Loonies see in you, Gavin, Cause All I see in the ring is a Drugged up, little Piece of Shit that calls himself a 'Wrestler'. Now, You said my Parents paid money for me to get here?
    *Knight Laughs*
    Gavin, These Jokes of yours are....Utter Shit. I'm what people call a REAL Wrestler, Someone who's trained in the sport, unlike you who's been in a few fistfights with other Chav's and consider it wrestling. Gavin....I Just Saw you get the crowd to say something obscene like you were a Actor for some Children's Theater Show!
    Now, Onto these 'People' who are a disgrace to the human race. You see ya Idiotic Fanboys, Standing in front of you is me....A PRIME EXAMPLE OF HUMAN BEING....and this *Points at Gav* Is something that even a Alien Race won't abduct. You see this man, Is nothing more than a Spotty, drugged up, poor Excuse of a man....And the Sad thing is you follow him, when there's a certain group whom I Think are doing a favour to IWT. This Group is Taking out Scum like Gavin but you see, I want to beat him first before I let Ben Dover finish the job off. Gavin, Are ya ready to be placed on a stretcher?
    *Forrest walks over to one of the corners and slumps down and awaits Gavin's next move*
  6. (gav the chav) hahaha so you finally decided to show that ugly mug of yours now where to start hmm i know lets start with the part where you describe this magnificent crowd as 'these people'. These people pay good money to come here and watch gav the chav make his debut these people put a roof over gavs head and food in gavs stomach with the money they spend without these people there would be no IWT If there is no IWT then fuck knows what gav would be doing so don't you dare dissrepect these people you fucking little prick now onto the next thing you decided to go below the belt and bring up gavs past with his drug problem? And you do this whils't taking the high ground? Oh god i'm just gunna leave that there onto my final point who is this group you speak of the cure? The crusade? Hahahahaha gav feels more threatened by one direction than them bunch of pricks like seriously have you seen how badass harry styles looks oh forgot something you call yourself a wrestler please tell me your accomplishments?
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  7. *Knight Claps his Hands whilst laughing*
    AND Here you have it folks....The Most Idiotic things said in under a minute. Gavin, Stop Trying to get these Fools on you're side...We all know you'll end up knocking a few of them out in a Rampage that may involve a Illegal substance. Now as for your so called 'House'....I'm Pretty sure a Cardboard box isn't a suitable place to live in for a man of your size and as for your food, You really need to stop going through the Fans Garbage, Your Breath smells like shit. Your Worse then a Fox or a Racoon.
    Gavin, You Might wanna slow down because I'm pretty sure this crowd kept saying "What?" to ya when you spoke, None of us could hear you talking at Sonic the Hedgehog's Speed.
    *Knight Gets up and walks up to Gavin but backs away due to the smell of his Breath*
    Gavin, You're Drug Problem is still around. Only a Mental Patient or a Someone on Crack would write a song about Johnathan....but you did and Oh How Stupid it sounded. Now, As for this Group....I'm not going to be kissing my Ass to nobody...Not The Crusade or The Cure....But the Cure....Are doing people a Favour by getting rid of people like you from IWT!
    Checkmate, Gavin.....You're Move.
    *Knight Rests on the rope, waiting for another Hilarious Speech by Gav the Chav*
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  9. (gav the chav) hey! I'll have you know you stupid little prick that i've been clean for 2 weeks and count you want me to do a drugs test and i'll prove it to yo where jeremy kyle JEREMY GET OUT HERE NOW SO I CAN PROVE THIS PRICK WRONG!....

    *jeremy kyle doesn't appear*

    Well i guess he a now show so you don't like gavs song eh! You think you can do better? No thought not lets move onto the cure lets get one thing clear gav does not like the cure i can't stand them bunch of ****s and gav the chav will take them down eventually but first he's gunna deal with you gavs got big plans for you let me tell you a story back when gav was at school there was this little punk named brad he was a right prick he thought he was the big man he thought he was a lot better than everybody else just coz his parent earned more than everyone so one day when he and his girl went on a trip to the lake gav and the boys followed them they were staying in a tent then night time came gav and the boys jumped them hahaha we fucked that little prick up well and truly hahaha then to top it off i fucked that thing he called a girlfriend in front of him hahaha she said no but gav still fucked her coz knowone says no gav the chav haha bitch
    *crowd boos*
    Don't have any sympathy for that slut she was the school bike never saw brad after that he ran out of town like the little bitch he was now your wondering what the fuck has that got to do wìtha anything? Well let me tell you nowbody fucks with gav the chav knowone if you fuck with me i will knock you out you stupid little **** hahaha gav sees fear in your eyes now don't deny it? Your thinking now why did i pick a fight with gav the chav now gav has matured over the years gav is gunna give you a way out you can either turn around walk back up the ramp and gav will forget everything i promise or you can be like young brad and be the big man you think you are and we all know what happens next so what is it gunna be bruce!
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  10. OOC ok i'll be on after 5 to continue
  11. Jesus Christ, Do you Brush your teeth? No Wonder why Everyone started to boo you....your breath smells like shit.
    Now, Gavin, Maybe you'd like to take a seat, calm down and shut your mouth because no one is here to hear about your little stories about a Transvestite that you once dated....No, The Fans are here to watch me kick your ass. Now, as for you saying I have fear in my Eyes....I think the Award for retard of the year goes to Gavin.
    *The Crowd Stay Silent, Not knowing if they want to cheer Knight on or not until a Single Cheer for him turns into a Chorus of Cheers*
    Gavin....You haven't Matured...You Talk like a Crack addict being questioned by Detectives. The Crowd can't understand you, I can't Understand you and I'm gonna go ahead and say even the others backstage can't hear you.
    *Knight asks for a chair which he's given. He sets it up in the ring and sits down*
    Gavin, We don't care about you're Jeremy Kyle Crap because we know that Chavs are what is ruining the world today....and that they must be Put Down!
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  12. OOC Thought you were going oh well lets continue

    (gav the chav) yaaaawwwnnn! Shit crack mate same promo same boring repetitve insult is that all you can come up with wow and your suppose to be a wrestler with all this training i suggest you go and get a refund hold on.... Wow why have only just realised? you used to be some shadow guy or something like you know that grim reaper wannabe mr im gunna kill all the chavs now what are you? You seem like just a generic wrestler to me now what makes you so differant now compared to the rest of them lot backstage?
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  14. Ok :)
  15. OOC lets finish this

    (gav the chav) yawn! Same old joke same old shit yadayadayada it's become tiresome 'look everyone gav stinks ' thats all you've got? this ain't the playground you little prick this is the IWT if this was the playground you'd be on you way to A&E by now you fucking little dickhead i'm so close right now to dropping you on your arse gav gave you a way out you could've went backstage and escape but no you decided to be like young brad and i'm sure i don't need to tell you what happened to that prick when gav got hold of him now gav is feeling generous you can have 1 free punch thats it just 1 you may get lucky and you just might put gav on his ar... Hahaha what am i saying of course you won't coz i'm gav the fucking chav come on hit me show gav what you've got

    OOC Forrest come at md bro!
  16. You Really want me to punch you? I Guess so...
    *Knight Rises his Hand but puts it down*
    But I want to leave some remains for Dover...I'm sure he wouldn't be too happy about not having anyone to face if I'd knocked you out right here.
    And you're Wrong, This is a Playground.....not any kind of playground, It's a Wrestlers Playground....Or, how many like to call it a Battleground.
    Gavin, This Brad....He Kicked your ass right....because that is what I'm going to do to ya.
  17. LOL this shit was so great.
  18. (gav the chav) come on throw it you fucking pussy what are you scared come on hit me i'll even put my hand behind my back

    *gav puts his hands behind his back*

    There we go so come on hit me right there on the chin come on do it whats wrong? Why won't you do it? Is something wrong with your hands? do you want gav to kiss them better? awww poor little brucey he's got poorly hands don't worry gav won't hurt come hit me for fuck sake you little prick!
  19. (gav the chav) come on throw it you fucking pussy what are you scared come on hit me i'll even put my hand behind my back

    *gav puts his hands behind his back*

    There we go so come on hit me right there on the chin come on do it whats wrong? Why won't you do it? Is something wrong with your hands? do you want gav to kiss them better? awww poor little brucey he's got poorly hands don't worry gav won't hurt come hit me for fuck sake you little prick!
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