Voting IWT Uprising - Gav vs Trip vs Brian

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Who's your winner?

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  1. Gav the Chav

  2. Trip in the Head

  3. Roadster

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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Brian Mandela(@Roadster) vs Gav the Chav(@gav the chav) vs Trip in the Head(@Trip in the Head)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


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  2. *Trip in the Head apears from the crowd and leaps over the railing near the ring. No music plays and he is wearing jeans and a black sweatshirt with the hood pulled over his head. The crowd is going nuts with mixed reactions for Trip. He slides in under the bottom rope and quickly stands in the middle of the ring as he removes the hood*

    TRIP: I've been told I "butted in" on this little Mandela-Gav feud here tonight. Inserting myself into the equation when nobody wanted me there. Now if I remember correctly the IWT universe was asked to vote on if they wanted me in this match or not. And here I am. *crowd pops as Trip holds his arms out to his side and spins* Seems like the only people who didn't want me in this match are the other guys in the match with me. I understand. Its ok to be scared guys. Perfectly understandable. I mean, I am coming off the biggest IWT match of my career. Which I lost, I know, but I'm sure you guys will remind here tonight. But if you don't think I impressed the HELL out of these people out here and the higher ups in the back, you are sadly mistaken boys. *Trip turns towards the ramp* Now I know you're both going to come out here and run your little yappers with same old shit as always. All I have to say is that one of you is annoying and the other is a loser. You two can figure out which is which amongst yourselves, I'm sure. *Trip leans in one of the corners* So why don't you guys just come out here so we can get this over with already.

    *Trip holds the mic up high and a portion of the crowd says it for him*
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  3. *He walks slowly down with his vest shaking away from people trying to tag his hand*

    "Can you shut the hell up? You come out here acting like your fucking pope francis!"


    "Ya think you impressed me when you lost your IWT title match? You were this close *makes his middle and thumb finger's acute* but you slipped *He puts down his thumb giving him the finger*

    *Crowd OOO's*

    "You act like your going to rule the world! just because you have Marcus Anthony in your corner! Well even though it pains me to say it Gav and I can make you look like jobbers next to Collin Delaney! You little freak!"
    You have the balls to say that we are annoying and losers! You A lost your biggest match and B have the most boring! annoying!....Crappy promos and matches EVVVVER!"

    *Crowd Pop*

    "I could walk in there kick our ass and make it back just as fast as Aids Johnson drinking a 12 L whiskey bottle and smoking a pipe! You think your some big sum bitch? Gav i see no purpose in wastin my time on your punk ass until you bring your sorry ass out here!​
  4. *Chris Kaizer is at the announcers table and is sleeping as the match is going on*
  5. OOC: @gav the chav where the fuck are you? Jono's lap dog, the 42nd nugget and the man who will never quit posting, me are waiting!
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  6. Aids Johnson walks out to a huge pop. He walks down the entrance and grabs a chair next to Mr. Kaizer, before taking a pull and handing it off to his friend. The crowd breaks out into "We've got Aids" chants, as Johnson laughs, taking off his shirt and throwing them into the crowd to a huge pop. Under Aids relevant hoody is the AIds Johnson - Soft as baby shit shirt he loves, laughing as Kaizer points out the irony.
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  7. *Brian Spits At Aids...But Misses, But he lands with the finger while standing on the apron*
  8. *gav the chavs music plays as gav makes his way out to the ring wearing his favourite tracksuit and nike air max*

    (Gav the chav) so here we are boys finally now what do we have here

    *gav stares towards trip in the Head*

    You know what I'm gunna deal with you later first gavs got to deal with this cheeky **** over here

    gav looks towards brian Mandela and gives him an intimidating stare*

    Just over a month ago you made your debut in IWT against me gav the chav I'll be honest you gave gav a tough match then you decided to a little cheeky **** didn't you and cheated your way to victory and now you're going around here telling every breathing soul you won like it was some sort of achievement ok fair enough if you beat me fair and square I'd give you the credit you'd deserve but you did you but anyway thats all in the past now whats done is done lets talk about you now

    *ringmaster chant breaks out*

    Since you came back you've had this whole stone cold steve austin copycat wannabe thing going on lets be honest its fucking shite just ask this audience in fact lets ask them if you think brian mandela is the shittest stone cold steve austin copycat you have ever seen give gav a hell yeah

    *crowd explodes with a hell yeah chant*

    Thats what I thought to everyone thinks you're fucking shite mate if you're gunna try copy or imitate a former wrestler take notes from my man the dazzler when he goes one on one with that guys *points at trips*mate when he shows you lot just what hes made of yes hes probably the biggest ever rip off from the rock ever but the difference between him and you is he nails it he has all the little details spot on which makes it work you however the reason why it doesn't and won't work for you is your fucking shite and the only way you will ever get a win is if cheat like the cheating **** you are you don't even resemble the great steve austin in fact you're nowhere near the sane level as the ringmaster gav suggests uou tske that gimmick wherever you found It dial 911 and ask for an ambulance coz when gav is done with you that is exactly where you'll be heading

    *gav goes over towards trip in the Head and hands him the mic*

    Your move bitch!
  9. *Brian has a sarcastic "I'm in trouble look"*

    "Gav, you come out here night after night after night bitching about how you think i'm no match for you and how Trip is just another mid carder!"

    "You call me a Steve Austin copy cat, ok i will admit that i try to mimick the most successful superstar in pro wrestling! I just want to know, what are you? Some ass hole walking around calling everyone from Me to Bryant a cheeky ****. Let me tell you this, son you ain't a tough guy your a guy who hides behind Dazzler's cock!

    *Crowd OOO's*

    "You sit there behind a Rock copycat? the current most overatd sum bitch today! You may think your the man who will try to hurt me and destroy me, because son! i got some news for ya i can whip your ass just as fast as you can say cheeky ****, again."

    You sit there with your damn tag title, man! your a jobber you debuted almost a year ago and you have a title reign that has been led by your partner the man i also destroyed a couple weeks ago, Dazzler!"

    *Crowd Boo's*

    "If you think gav's the most annoying cheeky **** ever give me a hell fuckin yeah!"

    *Crowd Erupts Saying Hell Fuckin Yeah*

    "It seems to me that these little freaks think your the most annoying asshole in the IWT ever!"

    *Crowd Boo's and cheers*

    "Trip can whip your ass and if he can that means i can even faster! Gav do me, Aids, Chirs, Trip and all these sum bitches a favor and leave before your toothless daddy needs to come pick you up from the soiled pants section, son!"​
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  10. OOC: jamming with some friends. Will try to post a lil later
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  11. *Trip walks out from the corner of the ring towards his opponents*
    TRIP: Gav, I have my own mic as you can see. I don't need to use that grimey one you just spit all over during that little speech of yours. Guess it doesn't matter anymore since Scrappy Doo over here won't shut the fuck up fpr a minute and let the men talk.
    *Trip turns to Mandela*
    TRIP: Marcus Anthony. Why is it people always try to bring my tag partner up in singles matches? Its the same old shit time and again. Do you see my partner out here tonight in this ring? So how exactly is he in my corner? We each know exactly how to take care of ourselves inside this squared circle. A fact you are both soon to find out for yourselves first hand. *Trip smiles* For you see, I'm not out to rule the world Mandela. The only thing I rule over is this ring and anyone who steps inside it with me. You, Gav, Dazzle, anyone. Even these two saps. *Points at Aids and Kaizer ringside* Look, you already put one of them to sleep with your droning on. Maybe if you spout off one more overused catchphrase that'll get his attention. Although with your delivery I doubt it. To even call you a Stone Cold ripoff would be akin to calling a cat a dog. Saying up is down. Or even saying day is night. And we all know the Order rules the night. So keep flapping them gums greenhorn. *Trip takes a few steps closer to Mandela who backpedals a step. Trip gets in his face* I'm going to enjoy hearing what all that hot air you're full of sounds like while you've got my fists down your throat. You won't be calling 9-1-1 tonight because you won't be able too by the time I'm through.
    *Trip backs off and turns towards Gav, moving towards him with purpose, eyes wide with rage*
    TRIP: YOU! *Trip closes in on Gav, who doesn't budge* I hope you and your partner had fun in your little fairy tale recently. Because this one isn't going to have a happy ending for you and your partner at IWTMania. As I said before, Marcus is not out here tonight, but he already beat your ass just the other night. And he's filled me in on your weak spots Gav, not that they were that hidden to begin with. For one, the only thing about you thats "hard as fuck" is understanding your fast talking, european hillbilly speak. Slow down Gav. Stop to breath between sentences. Maybe then you won't be so winded and useless during your matches. *Gav visibly reacts to that* The truth hurts doesn't it Gav? You claimed you were sick when Marcus and I last faced you and your partner and you lost. What will your excuse be this time when you lose at the grandest stage of them all? Or even hear tonight for that matter? I would go into the whole "excuses are like assholes" schtick, but you're pretty much an asshole too, so that would just be redundant. Just like you losing, over and over and over again. People say I rely on Marcus for our wins, but whens the last time you had a victory of your own? At least I earned the right to be in the EC match with a victory over a seasoned competitor here in the IWT. What have you earned besides a couple more losses on your record?

    *Trip turns from his opponents and walks to the center of the ring*
    TRIP: You two better get your shit together here tonight because I did not come here to play games. *Crowd: WHAT!?* I came here tonight to prove once again that I am a force to be reckoned with in the IWT. *WHAT!?* I came here tonight to represent the Order of Night! *WHAT!?* I came here tonight to let off some steam and KICK SOME ASS. It could've been anybody in the IWT. The fact that I get to take down this hot headed rookie and one half of the future ex-tag team champs is just a bonus. Now normally this is where I would tell you two to give in to the Order, but I've changed my mind tonight. My rage will fall over you both like the night falls over the land - swift and unstoppable.
    *Trip drops his mic and makes the "bring it" motion to his opponents, ready to fight*
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    ( Gav the chav) here right let me make something clear tonight was about redemption tonight was the night gav was gunna teach this cheeky **** over there a lesson you see if me and you fought in this ring we'd know it was a fair result even if you and your little mate somehow took these titles from us gav would accept that because gav would know it was a fair result what gav won't accept is cheating ****s like this joker over here gav wanted to show him what happens when you fuck with men who fight fairly like me and you but then what happens?

    * gav points towards trip in the Head*

    You! You decide to stick that big huge donkey nose of yours in buisness where it didn't belong in tonight was supposed to be the night gav got rid of this piece of pure shite from this company onxe and for all now me and you we go a long way back we debuted around the same time we've been in the ring a few times together gavs kicked your arse several times and you've somehow managed to assemble your own little crew thats nice but are they a natch for the dazzling chavs? Gav don't think so you have farooq who seems to love the mid card more than mr sackfist he should be up there competing for the iwt belt you have Britanica the slag who seems to have done a runner recently and we have you and marcus Anthony the cheeky ****s who think there gunna dethrone the chavs the only saving grace in your team is alias antonio in my opinion the only one will have any success out of you lot

    *gav backs away from trip who has this crazy look on his face*

    You say I put some of the audience to sleep but did I really? Lets be honest here that was yours and brian Mandelas doing this match only got exciting when gav showed up yes do fuck if I've list now and then I make sure my matches are memorable can't say the same about you though can I? the next time we face off there will be no excuses in fact next you won't even win will you fuck win gav promises that next time we face off the dazzling chavs will be the ones standing tall gav suggests you give in yo the chavs bitch!

    @Delik I think we're done here now
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  13. I wanna do 1 more us they okay?
  14. I think 2 each is enough it keeps it balanced but if you wanna go ahead and do another feel free to do it
  15. OOC: Technically its been 24 hours as well. Up to @Delik now
  16. Voting opened! I even remembered to change it to Voting! :lol1:
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  17. i'm goin to vote for gav just because i don't think he deserves to job to Trip, haha
  18. Liked all of them. Gav is really coming into his own, Brian is a great joke character, but Trip buried you all with his 2nd promo. Going for Trip for sure.
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  19. As in my characters a joke or that I make jokes?
  20. is a comedy character.