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    Go here to vote >>>

    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the Hardcore Championship!

    The rules are as follows:
    -There are NO rules in this match!
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 36 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


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  2. Entrance:
    Show Spoiler

    Farooq comes out to a loud pop from the crowd.
    Show Spoiler

    He walks out with the Hardcore championship over his shoulder onto the stage. He claps hands with the fans as he makes his way down the ramp. He's wearing his black tights with "Farooq" written on each side, black boots and dark green gloves with black linings on the side. In between his waist and tights, there seems to be a piece of paper sticking out. He walks up the steel steps, raising the title high as the crowd continues to cheer for him loudly.
    [​IMG] Farooq some grabs a microphone and holds onto to the title.

    1st Promo:
    Show Spoiler

    Well, we're finally here at Uprising....oh wait!" Farooq said as he grabs the piece of paper that's stuck between his waist and tights. He opens it and begins to read, "My opponent Harriet slept with Aids to win. I'm veteran having many titles so I should win because I have experience. Crowd loves me and hates you" He says as he crumbles up the paper and throws it over his shoulder. "Now that we're done with that generic crap, lets cut down to business shall we?" He says as he chuckles. "Now...I could care less who I'm fighting. Whether they're new, old or returning, I'm still gonna fight, and I'm going to win."

    "Now what can I say about my opponent? She went toe to toe with Joey Bryant, she nearly claimed the X Division title, which I created by the way, and you've just made an impact here in the IWT. Harriet has fought long and hard, and she even said it herself, that she is going to bring relevance to the championship I defended at Wrestlemania with. That, takes guts and she's shown that she has a lot." Farooq says with a smile and sets the championship down in the center of the ring. "Without anymore delay, my opponent, Harriet Vargas." Farooq says clapping his hands, getting the crowd a bit cheerful slowly. Taking a couple of minutes before the crowd's cheering grows louder.
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  3. Entrance:

    Show Spoiler

    Harriet appears at the top of the ramp at 0:25. As usual, the lower part of her face is covered by her skull mask and her hair is hidden by the black hood pulled up over it.
    Her head is tilted to one side as she observes Farooq in the centre of the ring. She scans the crowd briefly and walks down towards the ring, ignoring the friendly pats on the shoulder from fans in the crowd.
    Before entering the ring her hoodie and mask removed and handed to an IWT assistant.

    Promo #1:

    'Such sweet words, and you had the decency to get the generic BS out of the way, so I can be thankful for that at least. If I have to hear a certain 'Talent Relations Agent's name thrown at me again- I swear, I'll start collecting fucking heads. But we're not here to discuss that, right?'

    Harriet looks pointedly at Farooq before nodding her head.

    'Right. We're here for the gold that you've been hiding away for. The title that you've made so irrelevant that our wonderful new GM has had to worry his pretty little head over it. Why would you want an irrelevant title? I hear you ask.'

    'Why do you think? To make it worth giving a shit about.'

    'This isn't about showing what the third generation can do- I could care less about the rest of the third generation right now.
    Because this is about me, having the ability to continue to fight through anything- that is what the Hardcore Championship is all about, right? I've taken some hits recently, I've been given abuse for it- by our GM, nonetheless, but I keep going because without fighting I have nothing.'​
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  4. 2nd Promo:

    Show Spoiler
    "1-760-879-4583." Farooq says as he looks over to her. "Okay? Memorized it? Because that's my phone number, and make sure to call everyday, because then I'll tell you when I care." He says, shrugging a bit. "I could care less what our GM says..." He says before turning to one of the cameras. "Maybe if this Uprising is good people may notice you Trip." He says before turning to face Harriet. "You want a applause, and handshake for pushing yourself and fighting and not caring about any generation, well to damn bad. That's exactly what you're SUPPOSE to be doing. Here's what you get, a congratulations. Congratulations for having the balls to step in the ring with me. Congratulations for stepping into a losing match. Congratulations for giving me another title defense, much more of a challenge than FTJ I should add. And of course congratulations, for being the last opponent I face before becoming IWT Champion."
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  5. 'Maybe that's your problem Farooq, that you don't care. You didn't care enough to hold on to the US title and you don't care enough about this title either.'

    'Am I supposed to appreciate that the glorious Farooq thinks I'm brave? That's not happening- you see that would imply that I fear you. I don't fear you or any other person here. The only thing that causes concern is you keeping a hold of the title. That will be the final nail in it's coffin. Whilst you're an incredible wrestler, you're a shitty champion and we've all seen the evidence.'

    'There are too many cocky assholes like you around this company- thinking that they're above everyone and everything. You're not. You will fall, hard. Perhaps it won't be me doing the honors of handing you your ass, but I'd bet my life on the fact that it's going to happen sooner or later. It could be so much sooner than you think.'

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  6. Promo 3rd(imagine 3 boobs, now that's amazing)

    Show Spoiler

    "Oh I'm cocky? And you're not? You said it yourself, you came in here to bring relevance to the title, that's cocky words as well. You can call me a cocky asshole, because I am one. I do come in expecting to win, to be the man on top. I come in expecting to leave champion and to see you defeated, but let me ask you one thing: does that mean you don't see these things in your own eyes? Does that mean, you don't expect to leave winning? You don't expect to leave with this championship? Because if that's the case, you have doubts about me. And within those doubts, I place my own confidence that I CAN defeat you, and you already lost. You think you can't beat me, or you do think you can beat me. If you don't think you can beat me, then you don't have the heart to hold a championship. If you say you can beat me, then you're just a cocky asshole just like everybody else, so don't you sit here and toss stones. And it's funny, I'm not the best champion yet I can still go toe to toe with the best and leave winning, something I haven't seen you do yet."
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  7. 'I don't doubt myself, not for one second of one day. The minute you doubt is precisely when you get weak.'

    'I'd be a liar if I said I didn't see myself as a champion. But I'm willing to work for it and know that when I do get gold, it will have to be pried from my cold, dead hands.'
    'And you are right- I haven't beat an IWT champion yet, but every hit I have to take will make it so much sweeter when I leave one, maybe be more of you in a bloody heap in this ring. I'm under no illusion that it gets tough, if it's easy it just isn't worth it. I didn't get to be the AIW Women's champion by sitting on my ass, put it that way.'
    'When I get my title am I going to be a complacent champion like you- absolutely not. I'd still be as active and willing to fight as I was the day I started. And that's where we differ. So don't you dare tell me that I'm the one who isn't fit to be a champion.'​
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  8. It's the final promo! (*insert Final countdown beat here*)

    Show Spoiler
    "Oh really? Big talk from somebody who managed to win the X Divi--oh wait...that's me. Don't even start with AIW, this is IWT, not some indy company. If you want to brag about how you won the woman's championship over there, that's fine. with. me. But then you know what I see? I don't see a woman's championship, I see something... irrelevant." He says shrugging his arms a bit. "Oh but it is, this Hardcore championship is something I created when I disposed of EBW, should I brag about that too?" He says laughing, Joey Shock in the crowd is seen crying and running away. "That's right run on home boy. You're saying I'm not active and willing to fight? I've been challenging others, and they've been running. I fought at One Night Stand, and I'm even working two matches tonight. Oh good goly I guess I'm just some pushover, maybe I should be more like you! Yeah, how about I lose every match, unless I'm fighting a new superstar. Go up against every champion or well known wrestler and CHOKE." He says grabbing his neck and falling to the ground. "Ohhh hey guys Harriet!!" He says flailing around before getting up. "How about this, how about you get your words straight before you chunk them at me." He says getting in her face. "I don't care who you think you are, or who you think I am. You want to say I'm not a fighter, you're drowning yourself in lies and it's pitiful. I'm not leaving unless it's with the Hardcore championship and IWT championship tonight, and afterwards, I'll look down at you from the ladder. Maybe and just maybe if you improve enough, I'll allow you, to team with me in the future." He says, going to the ref. "Ring the damn bell, it's on."
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  9. Harriet goes over to the Ref, standing so close that their noses almost touch.
    'Don't you dare ring that bell. This isn't over just yet.'

    'Seems that your listening skills are appauling- that or you just like to put words into my mouth. I said you're a terrible fighter? Now come on- don't be saying shit that isn't true. I said that you're a terrible champion. You have the shame of being the first IWT champion to be stripped of a title, yes?'

    Harriet smirks at Farooq.

    'I may not be winning titles left, right and centre but at least I see the value in them. Unlike you.'

    'Now you can say whatever the fuck you like about my win record here in the IWT, but have you seen me cry about it? No. Have you seen me walk out of IWT? No. Did I get buried? Hell fucking no. Every single time I've stepped up- and it's always been close.

    Harriet steps into Farooq's space, meeting his cold stare with one of her own.

    'Maybe you're not ready to admit that I'm a viable opponent. Well now is the time to change that.'

    She sneers at him before turning to the ref.

    'Now you can ring the bell. Shut it down.'

    Show Spoiler

    Time for voting, please.
    @Delik @Trip in the Head
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  10. Just gonna go eat breakfast and I'll get on it
  11. Voting opened!
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  12. Well done guys
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  13. I wasn't really digging this match-up to begin with, but it really picked up during the 3rd and 4th promo. Good job guys.
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  14. It was interesting to see what Fooq and Majour can do together, wasn't disappointed.
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  15. Your winner, by an average of 8.416666667 to 8.270833333 and STILL Hardcore Champion... Farooq!!

    Full results available here:
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  16. The bell rings, Farooq, pulling himself up using the ropes. Doctors come in, but Farooq pushes them out of the ring as he holds his stomach. "Give me a mic...I can walk!" He yells, the ref handing him the Hardcore title and a mic.

    He holds the Hardcore title, facing his opponent. "Harriet, I'm not done with you damn it!" He yells, picking her up. The crowd gasps, as he looks like he's about to clothesline her, but instead raises her arm up high. The crowd is baffled, Farooq patting her back and leaving the ring. "I can't feel my goddamn legs, and it's all because of her." He says, heading backstage, leaning towards the barricade as he pants. "I'm going to make this short and sweet, Trip you better have watched this match." Farooq stops at the stage, starring at his opponent in ring. "That, is what IWT is. People who fight, people who make sure to put on a show, people who put everything in the ring. Blood, sweat and tears, next time we meet, I expect you to walk to the ring with a championship..." He says, turning his back before raising his arm. "Today, I have everything to lose, my legacy will continue on. Your legacy is still starting, now go on. Keep carving your path, and make your own mark in history." He says, dropping the microphone and heading to the back.
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    *The titantron shows a camera feed following Farooq into the back through the curtain and into his locker room. Shortly after that there is a knock at Farooqs door and he looks up and sees Trip in the Head walk in with a smile on is face. Farooq looks angry but controls himself for the time being*

    TRIP: Well look at you, Mr. Hardcore champion. Nice job out there tonight. Giving the IWT ticket holders what they want, thats for sure. Then they buy more, which is definitely best for business. AND you have a shot at the IWT title later tonight. Did I hear you say you can't feel your legs out there? Maybe we should have the doctors examine you Farooq. But in the end, thats your choice. You win the titles and get injured and I might have to strip you of your titles *chuckles* where have we seen that before right?

    *Trip turns to the camera so Farooq is seen behind him in the shot as he continues*

    TRIP: Now onto the news about the newly resurrected IWT Hardcore championship. Now usually when people think hardcore championship they think about being attacked at any time and anywhere with anything for that belt. Well thats not quite the same anymore. It is true that the title will be able to be defended AT ANY TIME. This means dark matches as well. Yes all you newcomers who can't seem to get a foot hold in IWT. This is your chance. Go after the hardcore belt. If you fail, try again. Don't give up. Ever. Thats IWT to me. If you can hold onto this belt for an extended period of time you will MAKE people take notice of you. *Trip pauses for effect* But here's the stipulations. The champion will have to except any challenge for the belt at their own discretion before they are expected to defend it. BUT, the belt MUST be defended at least once every 2 weeks or the current champ will be stripped of their title. *Trip glances back at Farooq quickly before returning to the camera* Even if the champ must make the challenge to defend the belt against whoever they choose. Defend it or lose it. Anytime or any show. Those are the rules. I would say its more of a hardcore "superstar" belt than a hardcore "match type" belt now. *Trip turns back to Farooq one more time and walks over to him*
    Good luck tonight.

    *Trip turns and exits the room calmly, the camera crew staying behind with Farooq in the dressing room*
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  18. ooc :anyone still doubting my faith in new talent? Harriet Vargas going heads up vs Joey Bryant and now Farooq.

    Where are my world champions Dat Kid? Brother we Majour.
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  19. No faith in me...:tough:
  20. Why is this a storyline tag?