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Who's your winner?

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  1. Dolph'sZiggler

  2. Nick

  3. Chris Kaizer

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and the winner will become the new #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship!

    Dolph'sZiggler vs Nick vs Chris Kaizer

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


  2. D'Z strolls to the ring with a determined confidence in his eyes, wearing a slightly darker black sweater that exudes sex appeal. The crowd seems on D'Z's side tonight, perhaps because of the two dicks he is facing. As he walks to the ring, Ziggler notices a female fan with a "D'Z is Relevant" sign, so he stops to sign her boobs. Her boyfriend, wearing a Joey Bryant t-shirt, just sits and mopes like a little bitch.

    Ziggler slides into the ring as a few fans chant his name and he begins his promo.
    My path to redemption begins here at Uprising. I've lowered myself to the bottom--- OK, not to the very bottom, but as far down as someone of my considerable talents could conceivably go, to prove myself as a competitor to any critics that still remain. Many people call into question my immediate main event standing that I was handed from day 1 in this company, and frank the jockly they had every right to be upset.

    The D'Z that came into IWT in late 2013 was a lazy piece of self-righteous monkey crap who felt entitled to everything I was being handed, including an undeserving match with the face of the company in my debut. I was so blinded by my own abilities that what I failed to realize is everyone in this company has talent from the curtain jerkers to the IWT Creative member jerkers, err-- I mean main eventers.

    Luckily for myself and all of you, that little fuck boy version of D'Z died in the Elimination Chamber match, and I was reborn as the humble, hard working version of D'Z standing before you poised to tear through this division, starting with Chris Kaizer and Nick in

    Ziggler has the crowd excited and cheering him on after burying his former self.
    Chris Kaizer and Nick. Nick... and Chris Kaizer? Is one any more important than the other really? One can't seem to stop running his mouth while the other only opens his for penile intake (NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT!). I mean, really, you think these people are entertained by you refusing to speak Kaizer? I understand the alternative isn't amazing, but you could at least have tried to give this #1 Contender's match some build up for the fans. Hell I busted my ass to sell this Uprising triple threat match. I've been all across the land cutting promos, signing autographs, hugging fat girls. While you just sit around with your borderline passable talent and laissez faire approach Mr. Too Cool for School? Well I call bullshit. You fucking suck dude. I am all for the less is more angle, but you remind me of an even more pathetic version of my former self. So hit the gym, junior, and come back when you understand the simple ins and outs of the business, squirt.

    On to my little Nicholas. Such an angry young lad. I must say I am not a fan of your recent actions. I mean, turning into generic fuck boy bad guy nestling up to the teet of authority? That's going to get you over. You stomp around with your played out Jimmy Page haircut and your $40 JC Penny's suits, threatening people's lives, threatening to break bones and it all amounts to a pimple on a hyena's ass because nobody in this company can possibly be taking you seriously at this point.

    You think breaking bones ends careers? Come on out here and break one of my bones. I implore you to try. But broken bones heal. Hell, you could break both my legs and I could still end your career with my words. Yes, the old adage the pen is mightier than the sword really is true. These people don't come here to see you pretend to be a tough guy and go around attempting to snap bones and end lives. These people want to see the intellectual wit of back and forth verbal sparring that you simply cannot provide my ignorant barbaric friend.

    Crowd chants "We love promos!"
    So again, if your idea of this whole thing is to resort to throwing blows, have at it. I liken that to playing checkers while the best of us are fully equipped for playing chess. Of course feel free to prove me wrong, come on down like a big boy and keep your hands to yourself... if you think you have the ability to keep up where it really counts, jack. No more hiding behind Mrs. Smith's skirt tonight Nicky, you've got to grow up right here in front of our eyes. Shed the stigma of your disastrous career and show the people what you are really made of!

    D'Z goes underneath the ring and grabs a shovel. He then goes over to the commentary table and boots the color commentator from his seat, gets on the headset and announces "I'll be doing the color for my opponents promos if you don't mind". D'Z holds on to the shovel and is ready to beat the shit out of anyone who may try to attack him for any reason.
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  3. OOC- Shit...fucking wrote out a promo to go first.
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  4. Chris Kaizer walks out with a smirk, like always,on his face. He is wearing his new shirt that reads "The REAL Future Of IWT". He slides into the ring and grabs a mic from a staff member.

    Tonight is the last Uprising before IWTMania. Tonight, great stars like Alias Antonio takes on the IWT Champion, Joey "I only beat Aids because he gave it to me as a present" Bryant! The jobber Royal Rumble winner takes on the guy who played Jesus in Dat Kid's instructional video on 'How To Bury'. Earlier tonight, Trip buried Gav and...what's his name again? Roadster? Brain Mandela? Stone Cole ripoff because he wants to be like The Dazzler? Meh, during my nap at ringside, I noticed that, maybe tonight's the night. Maybe finally tonight, I capitalize on my chance at a championship. Tonight, I step into the ring with two men. D'z and...wait, I forgot his name. Uh...Nicky? Francis The Jocky? Let's just call him, Mr.4-8. I need to touch on something before we go continue. What is it with me facing crazy people who kill or commit suicide. First VP and now D'z. Does Creative want me to die or something? Wouldn't surprise me...ANYHOW!

    I wanna touch on Mr.4-18 fist, or Mr.5-8 but I don't count wins against that joke know as Brian Mandela. I don't know much about you. I do know that in your last match though, you said that you are the future of this industry. Come back when your record is or is over .500 before talking about being the future of anything besides a jobber. YOU ARE ALSO CRAZY AS HELL! In your last match, you said you couldn't wait to break someone's leg and arm. You were excited to smell their blood after you busted them open! Really? What is up with you lunatics here? Everyone seems to like hurting them selves really badly or hurting others really badly. Some of you insane imbecilic...maniacs kill. I am vastly worried if YOU ARE even considered the future of this company.

    You say someone back there is holding you back! That person is you, you are holding your self back. You aren't more talented than half of the main eventers. You are a scrub. You may have 3 PPV wins, but those 3...are meaningless if you have 8 losses. 8! You stated that you are starting the revival of your career. No, you aren't. You are just burying your self in more defeats and embarrassments. You are back at square one, have fun, because you are going to be there a long long...long time, my friend. I would be surprised you ever win another match against REAL talent.To me, you don't belong in this match. You belong solely in dark matches. You have a lot more to prove before I,these fans,the people watching at home, or creative takes you seriously. Right now,you are insignificant to IWT, and to me, that will be staying the same for the foreseeable future. Have fun in the J.O.B Squad.

    Now I turn my attention to none other than D'z. Ah, what a wonderful character. You are starting over, you came in here thinking you deserved the Main Event slot right a way! Then, you weren't on that level..yet. In my eyes, you never will be. You went from being in the IWT Championship picture to being stuck with likes of Mr.4-8. That's sad. Really sad. You even killed your self before, and somehow came back. You went all Kurt Cobain. Then you just came back from the dead, had Bruce Buffer, which I may add was your biggest achievement yet, announce your funeral. You say you are going to legitimize D'z. You are off to a really bad start. You have a long way to go if you want to earn your spot at the top. You said that nothing is going to prevent you from fullfilling you potential at this point. You are wrong. I will stop you right here tonight. You have even admitted that you have sucked so far. And I 110% agree with that!

    You say you have unbelievable talent, no you don't. You state you are no longer arrogant. You damn sure are if you think that. You have absolutely no business in this match. You and Mr.4-8. I could name 10 people who are more deserving. You want Sir Lee at Mania really bad, don't you? The thing is though, you have to go through me first. Your track record isn't so well right now, what are you? 1-3? 0-3? It doesn't matter. You are nothing more than conceited,egotistical,unsuccessful,oaf. You are only facing us because you think you have a chance. You could of easily gotten a match against Aids,Dat Kid,Joey Bryant, or Richie Incognito. But no, you want to face Sir Lee. Why? Because you want to work your way back up to top? Naw, I know the real reason. Because down here in the EU division. You have a slight chance of winning. Those guys, besides Incognito, fuck that guy, would bury you so bad we would call you ??? V.2. You think you have God given abilities. The fact of the matter is, you think you are all this and that, when really, you are no better than those vanilla midgets who wrestle for those shitty indy companies.

    Tonight is the night I prove once again why I am the future of this company no matter what anyone says. Win or lose, I will prove something tonight. Believe the future is Joey Bryant or Alias Antonio or Sir Lee, just know...I am right behind them. Sir Lee, I am coming for your title. Be ready

    Chris Kaizer drops the mic as he backs up into the corner
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  8. D'Z on commentary: Well Bob, glad we got that one out of the way. It was tough to sit through, but we made it. Send out Little Nicky and let's get my hand raised. I have an afterparty to attend.

  9. Nick emerges from the curtain and stands still, his arms outstretched to the side, wearing an unzipped jacket and tights. He smiles warmly at the boos the crowd gives him. He begins walking back and forth on the stage, his right hand twitching uncontrollably. After a few seconds, he pauses, and nods his head. Mr. Smith comes out, clapping and smiling at Nick. Smith hands Nick a microphone He begins to move down the ramp, but stops and turns back around. He walks back up the walkway and stands at the stage, wagging his finger at his opponents. He puts the microphone to his mouth as the music ends.

    "We are not afriad of walking these halls, I could just burn this building to the ground and shit on its ashes if that's what it takes to make my impact on the history books of professional wrestling. You see, this business is survival of the fittest - but also the smartest. And the smartest realize... it can become a numbers game. Stables, partnerships and tag teams come and go in the IWT - but they have all managed to do one thing... DOMINATE."

    He clears his throat and shakes out his arm, the crowd faintly boos.

    "That's what WE are here to do. You take the IWT's most intelligent and qualified authority figure and combine him with THE top prospect... you will get nothing but GREATNESS! And it appears that as usual, nobody believes me. So it looks like I'm gonna have to prove myself, and I will gladly do that. So Ziggler, you can come out here and ramble on and on about how you're gonna dominate this division with your metaphors and jobber promos and how people will love you and how you'll be star aaaallll you want... it isn't going to change the fact that you're nothing more than an overrated sack of shit." *As he speaks, the crowd boos but Nick shakes his head and continue to speak.* "Look at where blowing Aids Johnson on the daily got you! It got you down to the mid card - I still think management is being generous by giving you this opportunity. You couldn't cut it in the main event scene, you won't be able to cut it in the European title scene, and you can only DREAM of competing in the X-Division. You don't belong in the IWT because you aren't here for the love of the sport, you're just here for the money and the fame and the glory. Well I can guarantee this. If that's why you're here, you won't be getting ANYTHING that you desire. The rewards come to those who are here because they scratch, they claw, they work! Which is why, Mr. Smith has placed his trust in me."

    He turns to Smith and back to his opponents.

    "I find it amusing how you think I'm hiding behind him, how I am sucking him off. He came to ME. He recruited ME. He sees the talent, and I can see the pure jealousy in you as I say these words. You're jealous, because you're nothing but a vanilla midget - you're a guy who may have some decent talent but can put ANYONE to sleep. I was planning on coming out here immediately after you but you put me to sleep!"

    "Ziggler, Ziggler Ziggler... guys like you, Incognito, George make me SICK! There is nothing I hate more than undeserving, overrated guys like you walking ALL OVER ME! I have worked for months and someone like you can come in, jerk off a few guys and get a main event match! And no matter how hard Aids tried to put you over, it STILL didn't work. That actually made me happy for a moment. Because everyone knows you're a mid-carder at best, and it showed. But the problem is, I got pissed yet again. They put you in the IWT chamber, and now you're getting a European title shot. That makes me ANGRY. And when I get mad, I need to take it out - someone has to be the victim. I'm PISSED because I put in more work in a week than you did in your career and you STILL get more opportunities. I'm gonna take all this anger, all this agression out. I'm taking it out on you, and..."

    He pauses and rolls his eyes.

    "Chris Kaizer. Funny how you call me Mr. 4-8. If I was facing the guys you have faced I would be 12-0! You simply don't belong in this match. Were you facing Aids Johnson? Were you facing Joey Bryant? Did you face Farooq or Trip? You did face Alias Antonio, but you got buried! I at least know I was one of the gravest challenges of his career. If I was facing the likes of Unknown and Edward Coleman week in and week out I would be undefeated. So in order to try and seem relevant or talented, you go and align yourself with the Dazzling Chavs. Pathetic."

    He spits and runs his free hand through his hair.

    "So you're gonna come out here and throw on your little game face and put on a great performance... So you can at least say that you tried. You say you're the future but I don't believe you and nobody else does. I can smell bullshit from a mile away and I think YOU'RE FULL OF IT! So I wanna see what you're really made of - I wanna see how you fair against IWT's future. I wanna see if you can really take a punch, I wanna see if you can withstand the pain I WANNA KNOW what your blood SMELLS like. Because maybe if you can show me that you will have proven yourself... but you won't... Oh and as far as your pals Dazzle and Gav go if they get within five feet of me I will bust them open too."

    He pauses and smirks. He adjusts the jacket as the crowd gives a mixed reaction. He goes to speak again, but in a more serious tone.

    "You see I may not be a traveler of the world but I've seen it all. Guys like you two don't last in this business. I know the difference between the real thing and guys like you too. I'm willing to bet ANYTHING that when one of you gets hit - and I mean REALLY hit, you're gonna fold. You're gonna cover up, and shrink, and disappear. Just like Sir Lee will after I take his European title at IWTMania 2."

    OOC: Apologies on the timing, I'm a busy guy.
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  11. I'm a one promo typea nikka if ya'll are. I say let 'em vote
  12. I don't care, I'm good with whatever you guys want
  13. Gonna cut a little one on your guys promo if that's fine. Didn't get to touch on them.
  14. do what you gotta do playboy
  15. Chris Kaizer looks down at D'z at the announcers table and then looks at Nick

    Funny, funny how people who come in here expecting to be in the main event and fail still get stuck in #1 contender matches. How people just get main event matches because of who they are. I have worked my ass off for this company since I walked in that door. In my eyes, D'z isn't bringing his heart and soul to IWT. He only has one foot in, I have my entire life into this company. You say you busted your ass for this match, no you did not. You got the chances for the main title, to be in the main event. But you are probably regretting that decision right now. It's funny how people who work day in day out for the fans, for creative,for success. Get nothing. Nothing in return. People with 4-8 records getting shots at titles instead of people who have good records.

    D'z, you don't have dedication to this company. You don't put everything you've got into this company. You walked in here thinking you deserved it all, then, once you realized that "Oh, okay, I'm not ready for this, I'm gonna go and do it the old fashioned way". I hate the fact that you thought you deserved the main event spot. Even then, you didn't have any dedication. You thought that you didn't need to be your blood,sweat,and tears into this company like I have. It's funny how I have put more into this company and gotten less than a person who has already seen the main event spotlight. You got a IWT Championship match right off the bat, where's mine? Huh? No where to be seen. Because IWT creative kissed your ass and gave in.

    Nick, you wanna sit there and tell me I haven't faced the level of talent you have? Victoria Parker,Dat Kid,Alias Antonio, the Royal Rumble winner. All great talent. Even though Vp and Alias won their matches against me, we still put on one damn good show. Because we both have dedication to this company. To me, all you have dedication to is breaking peoples' bones. That's all. In my match with Dat Kid, the new WHC, he didn't beat me. I didn't beat him, we put in our all that we wrestled all the way to when the time limit expired. I beat Bruce Knight, because at that time, I think I had more dedication to this company than him. But even though I faced these people who DO put their life into this business, you say I haven't faced talent. I have, talent with dedication. I will admit, that the both of you have talent, but the both of you lack dedication. D'z, that's why you couldn't make it in the main event. That's why Nick is 4-8. No dedication, no blood,sweat, and tears just for this company.

    It's funny how even though I put in all that hard work, I am still stuck here, in the midcard. While people like D'z have wrestled for the IWT championship, in his first match I may add. With no dedication, they have gotten there. Funny how business works, isn't it?
    Chris Kaizer drops the mic
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  16. *The Dazzler watches from backstage.*

    Dazzler: Look at this Jabroni, Nick. Bust The Dazzler open? Please. The Dazzler will bust open a can of whoop ass on that piece of trailer park trash.

    *Dazzler begins humming a beat and starts to sing.*

    The Dazzler's a champion.
    Haters gonna hate.
    Nick's a little bitch.
    Call him Mr. 4 and 8.
  17. You gimmick stealing ****!!!!! :bury::bury::bury::mad2::bury::testify::testify::testify::dafuq::bully:

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    Nick begins breathing faster and heavier as Kaizer continues to speak, and as he finishes he puts the mic to his mouth and screams,

    "SHUT UP! RIGHT NOW! You wanna talk dedication!? It's me! Since DAY ONE I came into this place I have done nothing but scratch, claw, and put in more work than you two will ever put in your lives! You say no blood, no sweat, no tears. Where the HELL have you been? Maybe you should go back and watch my grueling matches with Joey Bryant, Alias Antonio, Trip and more. I'm the first one in the gym and the last one out! While D'Z is out doing whatever he can to make himself seem a little relevant, I'm planning. While you're running your mouth I'm calculating. My mind is ALWAYS on this business, I have busted my ass or it. THAT, is dedication."

    He begins walking towards ringside, glaring at Kaizer. He circles the ring and rolls into it, pops up and stares Kaizer straight in the eyes.

    "Funny how morons like you unintentionally prove my points time and time again. You say the most dedicated man will win this match, then I am the future number 1 contender, because NOBODY is more dedicated than me."
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  19. OOC- Good match guys, guessing D'z isn't doing another promo?