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    I'm gonna make an intro IWT Uprising, so I need 2 things from you guys.

    1. You IWT character, what does he look like. For example: Aids Johnson's real life counterpart would be Scott Hall in the intro. If you want to be in the intro you MUST let me know what your character looks like otherwise you will not be put in.

    2. What theme should IWT Uprising be? I'm looking for something isn't slow tempo. Think about songs that would work well rather than songs that you like. In the end, I'm going to pick the song that, goes well with the idea of IWT Uprising, cuts well in editing, and the public opinion will also factor in. You only get to suggest ONE them and you CAN'T change your idea, so choose carefully.

    Spinz - Alex Shelly
    Dazzle - The Rock 98-99
    Jwab - Scott Atkins
    Nick - Ambrose
    Shadow - Rollins
    Trip - Wolf from American Gladiators
    Senhor Perfect - Mr. Perfect
    Joey Bryant - Magnus
    Danielson - V
    Chris Kaizer - John Oates
    Arab Hammer - Roman Reigns
    Unknown - Eminem
    Aids - Scott Hall
    THG - Corey Graves
    Gav the Chav - Random Chav
    Sackfist - Jeff Jarrett
    Reagan Cole - Wade Barrett
    Ovalhead - Christopher Nowinski

    Theme Suggestions
    Seether - Tonight
    Redman - Time For Some Aksion
    Sammy Adams - I'm The Man
    Teitanblood - Whore Mass
    90's 4 Horseman Theme
    SOAD - Prison Song
    Marilyn Manson - The Fight Song
    Judas Priest - Living After Midnight
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  2. Well, I can tell you that my character is going to be The Rock.

    I'm not an avid music listener, so i can't help you with the theme.
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  3. Scott Adkins is my picture base. I was heavily considering a wrestler but Yuri Boyka FTW. I was also considering Michael Rosenbaum. But yeah...

    even the song in this vid is cool
  4. My counterpart is Dean Ambrose. And theme, hmmm there are quite a few that work. I'd say Seether - Tonight
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  5. My character's real life counter part would be Seth Rollins.

    I'll update my post with my song suggestion when I can think of a good one.
  6. You know I been thinking about that lately. Everyone sees me as a werewolf type I guess so I found this image of Wolf from AG. Seems appropriate lol.
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  7. Joey Bryant=Magnus, can't think of any theme suggestions.
  8. My theme nomination
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  9. "V" or Anonymous

    My suggestion is
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  10. Hey Kid, just as a reminder, I want it to be circa 1998-1999 Rock. Not current Rock.
  11. Chris Kaizer= John Oates Suggestion= Don't give a fuck by Kazier and Tebow
  12. Just to clarify cause i assume this is a football thing.
    Kaizer = John Oates
  13. Uh, actually...uh...it's not, but yes....Chris Kaizer resembles John Oates (or a young Harrison Ford if you can't find good footage)
  14. Song suggestion:
  15. Roman Reigns would be my pic
  16. Wanted you to be Osama Bin Laden
  17. @TheArabHammer

    Let's kick his ass!
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  18. I vote for the late 90s four horseman theme.
  19. I like Danny's suggestion a lot. Good song for intros to any sport really. SOAD is boss too though.
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